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[39 ----- Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries]

3991-000 ----- Brooms and brushes
3995-000 ----- Burial caskets
3955-000 ----- Carbon paper and inked ribbons
3961-000 ----- Costume jewelry
3942-000 ----- Dolls
3965-000 ----- Fasteners, buttons, needles, & pins
3944-000 ----- Games, toys, and children's vehicles
3996-000 ----- Hard surface floor coverings
3915-000 ----- Jewelers' materials & lapidary work
3911-000 ----- Jewelry, precious metal
3952-000 ----- Lead pencils and art goods
3999-000 ----- Manufacturing industries, n.e.c.
3953-000 ----- Marking devices
3931-000 ----- Musical instruments
3951-000 ----- Pens and mechanical pencils
3993-000 ----- Signs and advertising displays
3914-000 ----- Silverware and plated ware
3949-000 ----- Sporting and athletic goods, n.e.c.

[3991-000 ----- Brooms and brushes]

3991-A01 ----- Artists, brushes, hand
3991-B01 ----- Brooms, hand and machine: bamboo, wire, fiber, splint, or other material
3991-B02 ----- Brushes for vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, and other rotary machines
3991-B03 ----- Brushes, household and industrial
3991-H01 ----- Hair pencils (artists, brushes)
3991-H02 ----- Household brooms and brushes
3991-I01 ----- Industrial brooms and brushes
3991-P01 ----- Paint rollers
3991-P02 ----- Paintbrushes
3991-P03 ----- Pencils, hair (artists, brushes)
3991-P04 ----- Push brooms
3991-R01 ----- Rollers, paint
3991-S01 ----- Shaving brushes
3991-S02 ----- Street sweeping brooms, hand and machine
3991-T01 ----- Toilet brushes
3991-T02 ----- Toothbrushes, except electric
3991-V01 ----- Varnish brushes
3991-W01 ----- Whisk brooms
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[3995 -000 ----- Burial caskets]

3995-B01 ----- Burial cases, metal and wood
3995-B02 ----- Burial vaults, fiberglass
3995-C01 ----- Caskets, metal and wood
3995-G01 ----- Grave vaults, metal
3995-V01 ----- Vaults, grave: metal
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[3955 -000 ----- Carbon paper and inked ribbons]

3955-C01 ----- Carbon paper
3955-P01 ----- Paper, carbon: for typewriters, sales books, etc.
3955-R01 ----- Ribbons, inked: e.g., typewriter, adding machine, cash register
3955-S01 ----- Stencil paper for typewriters
3955-S02 ----- Stencil paper, gelatin or spirit process
3955-T01 ----- Typewriter ribbons, cloth or paper
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[3961 -000 ----- Costume jewelry]

3961-C01 ----- Compacts, except precious metal and solid
3961-C02 ----- Costume jewelry, except precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones
3961-C03 ----- Cuff links and studs, except precious metal and gems
3961-J01 ----- Jewelry, costume: except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stone
3961-N01 ----- Novelties, costume: except precious metal and gems
3961-O01 ----- Ornaments, costume: except precious metal and gems
3961-P01 ----- Pearls, artificial
3961-P02 ----- Pins, costume jewelry: except precious metal and gems
3961-R01 ----- Rings, finger: gold-plated wire
3961-R02 ----- Rosaries and other small religious articles, except precious metal
3961-V01 ----- Vanity cases, except precious metal and leather
3961-W01 ----- Watchbands, base metal
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[3942 -000 ----- Dolls]

3942-C01 ----- Clothing, doll
3942-D01 ----- Dolls, doll parts, and doll clothing: except wigs
3942-D02 ----- Dolls, miniature: collectors
3942-D03 ----- Dresses, doll
3942-H01 ----- Hats, doll
3942-S01 ----- Shoes, doll
3942-S02 ----- Stuffed toys (including animals)
3942-T01 ----- Toys, doll
3942-T02 ----- Toys, stuffed
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[3965 -000 ----- Fasteners, buttons, needles, & pins]

3965-B01 ----- Blanks, button
3965-B02 ----- Buckle blanks and molds
3965-B03 ----- Buckles and buckle parts, except shoe buckles
3965-B04 ----- Button backs and parts
3965-B05 ----- Button blanks and molds
3965-B06 ----- Button coloring for the trade
3965-B07 ----- Buttons, except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones
3965-C01 ----- Collar buttons, except precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones
3965-C02 ----- Cuff buttons, except precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones
3965-C03 ----- Curlers, hair: except equipment designed for beauty parlor use
3965-E01 ----- Eyelets, metal: for clothing, fabrics, boots and shoes, and paper
3965-F01 ----- Fasteners: glove, slide, snap, and hook an de ye
3965-H01 ----- Hair curlers, except equipment designed for beauty parlor use
3965-H02 ----- Hairpins, except rubber
3965-H03 ----- Hooks and eyes
3965-H04 ----- Hooks, crochet
3965-N01 ----- Needles, hand and machine
3965-P01 ----- Pins, except jewelry: toilet, safety, hatpins, and hairpins steel or brass
3965-S01 ----- Safety pins
3965-S02 ----- Shirt studs, except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones
3965-S03 ----- Slide fasteners (zippers)
3965-S04 ----- Studs, shirt: except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones
3965-T01 ----- Tape, hook-and-eye and snap fastener
3965-Z01 ----- Zippers (slide fasteners)
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[3944 -000 ----- Games, toys, and children's vehicles]

3944-A01 ----- Airplane models, toy and hobby
3944-A02 ----- Airplanes, toy
3944-A03 ----- Automobiles and trucks, toy
3944-A04 ----- Automobiles, children's pedal driven
3944-B01 ----- Banks, toy
3944-B02 ----- Baskets, toy
3944-B03 ----- Bells, toy
3944-B04 ----- Bingo boards (games)
3944-B05 ----- Blocks, toy
3944-C01 ----- Carriages, baby
3944-C02 ----- Carriages, doll
3944-C03 ----- Cars, play (children's vehicles)
3944-C04 ----- Carts, doll
3944-C05 ----- Checkers and checkerboards
3944-C06 ----- Chessmen and chessboards
3944-C07 ----- Craft and hobby kits and sets
3944-C08 ----- Cycles, sidewalk: children's
3944-D01 ----- Darts and dart games
3944-D02 ----- Dice and dice cups
3944-D03 ----- Dishes, toy
3944-D04 ----- Doll carriages and carts
3944-D05 ----- Dominoes
3944-D06 ----- Drums, toy
3944-E01 ----- Electronic game machines, except coin-operated
3944-E02 ----- Electronic toys
3944-E03 ----- Engines, miniature
3944-E04 ----- Erector sets, toy
3944-E05 ----- Express wagons, children's
3944-G01 ----- Games for children and adults: puzzles, bingo, marbles, poker chips, and chess
3944-G02 ----- Gocarts, children's
3944-G03 ----- Guns, toy
3944-H01 ----- Hobby horses
3944-H02 ----- Horns, toy
3944-K01 ----- Kites
3944-M01 ----- Magic lanterns (toys)
3944-M02 ----- Models, toy and hobby: e.g., airplane, boat, ship, railroad equipment
3944-M03 ----- Musical instruments, toy
3944-P01 ----- Paint sets, children's
3944-P02 ----- Pistols, toy
3944-P03 ----- Poker chips
3944-R01 ----- Railroad models: toy and hobby
3944-R02 ----- Rifles, toy
3944-R03 ----- Rocking horses
3944-S01 ----- Science kits: microscopes, chemistry sets, and natural science sets
3944-S02 ----- Scooters, children's
3944-S03 ----- Sleds, children's
3944-S04 ----- Strollers, baby (vehicles)
3944-S05 ----- Structural toy sets
3944-S06 ----- Sulkies, baby (vehicles)
3944-T01 ----- Tenders, baby (vehicles)
3944-T02 ----- Toys: except dolls, bicycles, rubber toys, and stuffed toys
3944-T03 ----- Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical
3944-T04 ----- Tricycles, children's
3944-V01 ----- Vehicles except bicycles, children's
3944-V02 ----- Video game machines, except coin-operated
3944-W01 ----- Wagons, children's: coaster, express, and play
3944-W02 ----- Walkers, baby (vehicles)
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[3996 -000 ----- Hard surface floor coverings]

3996-A01 ----- Asphalted felt-base floor coverings
3996-C01 ----- Carpets, asphalted-felt-base (linoleum)
3996-F01 ----- Floor coverings, asphalted-felt-base (linoleum)
3996-H01 ----- Hard surfaced floor coverings, except rubber and cork
3996-L01 ----- Linoleum
3996-T01 ----- Tile, floor: supported plastics
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[3915 -000 ----- Jewelers' materials & lapidary work]

3915-D01 ----- Diamond cutting and polishing
3915-D02 ----- Diamond points for phonograph needles
3915-D03 ----- Drilling of pearls
3915-F01 ----- Findings, jewelers
3915-G01 ----- Gems, real and imitation: preparation for setting
3915-J01 ----- Jewel bearings, synthetic
3915-J02 ----- Jewel cutting, drilling, polishing, recutting, or setting
3915-J03 ----- Jewel preparing: for instruments, tools, watches, and jewelry
3915-J04 ----- Jewelers, findings and materials
3915-J05 ----- Jewelry parts, unassembled
3915-J06 ----- Jewelry polishing for the trade
3915-J07 ----- Jewelry soldering for the trade
3915-L01 ----- Lapidary work, contract and other
3915-M01 ----- Machine chain, platinum or karat gold
3915-P01 ----- Pearls: drilling, sawing, or peeling of
3915-P02 ----- Pin stems (jewelry findings)
3915-S01 ----- Soldering for the jewelry trade
3915-S02 ----- Stones: preparation of real and imitation gems for settings
3915-W01 ----- Watch jewels
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[3911 -000 ----- Jewelry, precious metal]

3911-C01 ----- Cases: cigar, cigarette, and vanity precious metal
3911-C02 ----- Cigar cases, precious metal
3911-C03 ----- Cigar lighters, precious metal or based metal clad with precious metal
3911-C04 ----- Cigarette cases, precious metal
3911-C05 ----- Cigarette lighters, precious metal
3911-C06 ----- Collar buttons, precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones
3911-C07 ----- Compacts, precious metal
3911-C08 ----- Cuff buttons, precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones
3911-H01 ----- Handbags, precious metal
3911-H02 ----- Handles, umbrella and parasol: gold and silver
3911-J01 ----- Jewel settings and mountings, precious metal
3911-J02 ----- Jewelry, made of precious metal or precious or semiprecious stones
3911-J03 ----- Jewelry, natural or cultured pearls
3911-M01 ----- Medals of precious or semiprecious metals
3911-M02 ----- Mountings, gold and silver: for pens, leather goods, and umbrellas
3911-P01 ----- Pins, precious metal
3911-R01 ----- Rings, precious metal
3911-R02 ----- Rosaries and other small religious articles, precious metal
3911-S01 ----- Shirt studs, precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones
3911-T01 ----- Trimmings, precious metal: e.g., for canes, umbrellas
3911-U01 ----- Umbrella handles and trimmings, precious metal
3911-V01 ----- Vanity cases, precious metal
3911-W01 ----- Watchbands, precious metal

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