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[39 ----- Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries (cont')]

[3952 -000 ----- Lead pencils and art goods]

3952-A01 ----- Artists, materials, except drafting instruments
3952-B01 ----- Boards, drawing: artists
3952-B02 ----- Boxes, sketching and paint
3952-B03 ----- Bronze, artists,: mixtures, powders, paints, etc.
3952-B04 ----- Brushes, air: artists
3952-B05 ----- Burnishers and cushions, gilders'
3952-C01 ----- Canvas, artists,: prepared on frames
3952-C02 ----- Canvas board, artists
3952-C03 ----- Chalk: e.g., carpenters' blackboard, marking, artists' tailors
3952-C04 ----- Clay, modeling
3952-C05 ----- Cloth, tracing (drafting material)
3952-C06 ----- Colors, artists,: water and oxide ceramic glass
3952-C07 ----- Crayons: chalk, gypsum, charcoal, fusains, pastel, and wax
3952-C08 ----- Cushions and burnishers, gilders
3952-D01 ----- Drafting materials, except instruments
3952-D02 ----- Drawing inks, blacks and colored
3952-D03 ----- Drawing tables and boards, artists
3952-E01 ----- Easels, artists
3952-E02 ----- Enamels, china painting
3952-E03 ----- Eraser guides and shields
3952-F01 ----- Frames for artists canVases
3952-F02 ----- Frisket paper (artists' material)
3952-G01 ----- Gold or bronze mixtures, powders, paints, and sizes: artists
3952-H01 ----- Holders, pencil
3952-I01 ----- India ink
3952-I02 ----- Ink, drawing: black and colored
3952-I03 ----- Instruments, lettering: artists
3952-L01 ----- Lettering instruments, artists
3952-M01 ----- Maulsticks, artists
3952-M02 ----- Modeling clay
3952-P01 ----- Paint, gold or bronze
3952-P02 ----- Paints, artists
3952-P03 ----- Paints for burnt wood or leather work, platinum
3952-P04 ----- Paints for china painting
3952-P05 ----- Palettes, artists
3952-P06 ----- Pantographs for drafting
3952-P07 ----- Paper, frisket (artists, material)
3952-P08 ----- Pastels, artists
3952-P09 ----- Pencil holders
3952-P10 ----- Pencil lead: black, indelible, or colored
3952-P11 ----- Pencils, except mechanical
3952-P12 ----- Pyrography materials
3952-S01 ----- Sizes, artists,: gold and bronze
3952-S02 ----- Sketching boxes, artists
3952-T01 ----- Tailors, chalk
3952-T02 ----- Tracing cloth (drafting material)
3952-W01 ----- Walnut oil, artists
3952-W02 ----- Water colors, artists
3952-W03 ----- Wax, artists

[3999 -000 ----- Manufacturing industries, n.e.c.]

3999-A01 ----- Advertising curtains
3999-A07 ----- Advertising and promotional products-mfg
3999-A02 ----- Airplane models, except toy and hobby models
3999-A03 ----- Amusement machines, coin-operated: except coin-operated phonographs
3999-A04 ----- Artificial and preserved flowers, foliage, fruits, and vines: except glass
3999-A05 ----- Artificial flower arrangements
3999-A06 ----- Atomizers, other than medical
3999-B01 ----- Badges for policemen and firemen-metal
3999-B02 ----- Barber shop equipment
3999-B03 ----- Barbers, clippers, hand and electric
3999-B04 ----- Beach umbrellas
3999-B05 ----- Beaded novelties
3999-B06 ----- Beads, unassembled
3999-B07 ----- Beauty shop equipment
3999-B08 ----- Beekeeping supplies, except wood
3999-B09 ----- Bleaching and dyeing of sponges
3999-B10 ----- Blocks, hat
3999-B11 ----- Bone novelties
3999-B12 ----- Book matches
3999-B13 ----- Boutiquing: for the trade (decorating gift items)
3999-B14 ----- Braids, puffs, switches, wigs, etc.-made of hair or other fiber
3999-B15 ----- Bric-a-brac
3999-B16 ----- Bristles, dressing of
3999-B17 ----- Burnt wood articles
3999-B18 ----- Buttons: Red Cross, union, and identification
3999-C01 ----- Calendars, framed
3999-C02 ----- Candle shades, except glass and metal
3999-C03 ----- Candles
3999-C04 ----- Canes and cane trimmings, except precious metal
3999-C05 ----- Chairs, hydraulic: barber and beauty shop
3999-C06 ----- Chests, money: steel
3999-C07 ----- Chests, musical
3999-C08 ----- Christmas tree ornaments, except electrical and glass
3999-C09 ----- Christmas trees, artificial
3999-C10 ----- Cigar and cigarette holders
3999-C11 ----- Cigar lighters, except precious metal and electric
3999-C12 ----- Cigarette filters, not made in chemical plants
3999-C13 ----- Cigarette lighter flints
3999-C14 ----- Cigarette lighters, except precious metal and electric
3999-C15 ----- Cleaners, pipe and cigarette holder
3999-C16 ----- Clippers, hair: for human use-hand and electric
3999-C17 ----- Coin-operated amusement machine, except phonographs
3999-C18 ----- Comb mounting, except precious metal
3999-C19 ----- Combs, except hard rubber
3999-C20 ----- Curlers, hair: designed for beauty parlors
3999-C21 ----- Curling feathers, for the trade
3999-C22 ----- Curls, artificial hair)
3999-C23 ----- Curtains, advertising
3999-D01 ----- Decalcomania work, except on china or glass: for the trade
3999-D02 ----- Desk pads, except paper
3999-D03 ----- Dispensers, soap
3999-D04 ----- Display forms, except shoe display forms
3999-D05 ----- Doll wigs
3999-D06 ----- Down (feathers)
3999-D07 ----- Dressing of furs: bleaching, blending, currying, scraping, and tanning
3999-D08 ----- Driers, hair: designed for beauty parlors
3999-D09 ----- Dusters, feather
3999-D10 ----- Dyeing feathers, for the trade
3999-D11 ----- Dyeing furs
3999-D12 ----- Dyeing sponges
3999-D13 ----- Dyers' nets
3999-E01 ----- Embroidery kits
3999-E02 ----- Exhibits and slides for classroom use, preparation of
3999-E03 ----- Extinguishers, fire: portable
3999-F01 ----- Feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating-for the trade
3999-F02 ----- Figures, wax: mannikins
3999-F03 ----- Fingerprint equipment, except cameras and optical equipment
3999-F04 ----- Fire extinguishers, portable
3999-F05 ----- Flints, cigarette lighter
3999-F06 ----- Flocking metal products for the trade
3999-F07 ----- Flowers, artificial, except glass
3999-F08 ----- Flowers, preserved
3999-F09 ----- Fly swatters
3999-F10 ----- Foliage, artificial and preserved: except glass
3999-F11 ----- Forms: display, dress, and show-except shoe display forms
3999-F12 ----- Foundations, honeycomb (bookkeepers, supplies)
3999-F13 ----- Frames and handles, handbag and luggage: except precious metal
3999-F14 ----- Frames, lamp shade
3999-F15 ----- Frames, umbrella and parasol
3999-F16 ----- Fruits, artificial and preserved: except glass
3999-F17 ----- Fruits, artificial, except glass
3999-F18 ----- Fur stripping
3999-F19 ----- Furniture, beauty shop and barber shop
3999-F20 ----- Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, and dyed
3999-G01 ----- Games, coin-operated: pinball and other
3999-G02 ----- Garden umbrellas
3999-G03 ----- Garlands, wreaths and sprays; made from tree boughs, cones, etc.
3999-G04 ----- Globes, geographical
3999-G05 ----- Gold stamping for the trade, except books
3999-G06 ----- Grasses, artificial and preserved: except glass
3999-G07 ----- Grenades, hand (fire extinguishers)
3999-G08 ----- Grinding purchased nut shells
3999-H01 ----- Hair clippers for human use, hand and electric
3999-H02 ----- Hair curlers, designed for beauty parlors
3999-H03 ----- Hair, dressing of, for the trade
3999-H04 ----- Hair dryers, designed for beauty parlors
3999-H05 ----- Hair goods: braids, nets, switches, toupees, and wigs
3999-H06 ----- Hair nets
3999-H07 ----- Hairpin mountings
3999-H08 ----- Handbag frames
3999-H09 ----- Handles, umbrella and parasol: except precious metal
3999-H10 ----- Hardware, stage
3999-H11 ----- Hat blocks and display forms
3999-H15 ----- Health related products
3999-H12 ----- Holders, cigar and cigarette
3999-H13 ----- Honeycomb foundations (beekeepers, supplies)
3999-H14 ----- Hosiery kits, sewing and mending
3999-I01 ----- Identification plates
3999-I02 ----- Identification tags, except paper
3999-I03 ----- Insignia, military: except textile
3999-K01 ----- Kits, hosiery: sewing and mending
3999-L01 ----- Lamp shade frames
3999-L02 ----- Lamp shades: except metal and glass
3999-L03 ----- Lighters, cigar and cigarette: except precious metal and electric
3999-M01 ----- Mannikins and display forms
3999-M02 ----- Marionettes (puppets)
3999-M03 ----- Massage machines, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops
3999-M04 ----- Matches and match books
3999-M11 ----- Medial equipment-mfg
3999-M05 ----- Military insignia, except textile
3999-M06 ----- Models, except toy and hobby
3999-M07 ----- Mosaics: ivory, shell, horn, and bone
3999-M08 ----- Mountings, comb and hairpin: except precious metal
3999-M09 ----- Music boxes
3999-M10 ----- Musical chests
3999-N01 ----- Nets, hair
3999-N02 ----- Novelties: bone, beaded, and shell
3999-O01 ----- Ornaments, Christmas tree: except glass and electric
3999-O02 ----- Ostrich feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating for the trade
3999-P01 ----- Pads, permanent waving
3999-P02 ----- Painting instrument dials, for the trade
3999-P03 ----- Parasols and frames: handles, parts, and trimmings-except precious metal
3999-P04 ----- Patterns, shoe
3999-P05 ----- Pelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing
3999-P06 ----- Permanent wave equipment and machines
3999-P07 ----- Picture plaques, laminated
3999-P08 ----- Pinball machines
3999-P09 ----- Pipe cleaners
3999-P10 ----- Pipes, pipestems, and bits: tobacco Except hard rubber
3999-P11 ----- Plaques, picture: laminated
3999-P12 ----- Plumes, feather
3999-P13 ----- Pocketbook frames
3999-P14 ----- Preparation of slides and exhibits, for classroom use
3999-P15 ----- Printing eyeglass frames for the trade
3999-P16 ----- Puppets
3999-R01 ----- Railroad models, except toy and hobby models
3999-R02 ----- Renovating feathers, for the trade
3999-S01 ----- Scenery for theaters, opera houses, halls and schools
3999-S02 ----- Serving kits, novelty: other than sewing cases and cabinets
3999-S03 ----- Shades, lamp and candle: except glass and metal
3999-S04 ----- Shell novelties
3999-S05 ----- Ship models, except toy and hobby models
3999-S06 ----- Shoe patterns
3999-S07 ----- Slides and exhibits for classroom use, preparation of
3999-S08 ----- Slot machines
3999-S09 ----- Smokers, bee (beekeepers, supplies)
3999-S10 ----- Soap dispensers
3999-S11 ----- Sponges, bleaching and dyeing of
3999-S12 ----- Sprays, garlands and wreaths: made from tree boughs, cones, etc.
3999-S13 ----- Stage hardware and equipment, except lighting equipment
3999-S14 ----- Stereographs, photographic
3999-S15 ----- Sterilizers, beauty and barber shop
3999-S16 ----- Straw goods
3999-S17 ----- Stringing beads for the trade
3999-S18 ----- Swatters, fly
3999-S19 ----- Switches (hair)
3999-T01 ----- Tanning and currying furs
3999-T02 ----- Tape measures
3999-T03 ----- Tear gas devices and equipment
3999-T04 ----- Theatrical scenery
3999-T05 ----- Tinsel
3999-T06 ----- Tobacco pipes, pipestems, and bits: except hard rubber
3999-T07 ----- Toupees
3999-T08 ----- Transformations, hair
3999-T09 ----- Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material
3999-T10 ----- Trees, Christmas, artificial
3999-T11 ----- Trimmings, feather
3999-T12 ----- Trimmings for canes, umbrellas, etc.: except precious metal
3999-U01 ----- Umbrellas and parts, except precious metal
3999-U02 ----- Umbrellas: beach, garden, and wagon
3999-V01 ----- Veils made of hair
3999-V02 ----- Vibrators, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops
3999-W01 ----- Walnut shell flour
3999-W02 ----- Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets, except custom made
3999-W03 ----- Wind chimes
3999-W04 ----- Wool pulling
3999-W05 ----- Wreaths, artificial

[3953 -000 ----- Marking devices]

3953-B01 ----- Branding irons, for marking purposes
3953-D01 ----- Date stamps, hand: with rubber or metal type mfg
3953-D02 ----- Dies, hand seal
3953-F01 ----- Figures (marking devices), metal
3953-H01 ----- Hand stamps, stencils, and brands
3953-I01 ----- Irons, marking or branding
3953-L01 ----- Letters (marking devices), metal
3953-N01 ----- Numbering stamps, with rubber type: hand
3953-P01 ----- Pads, inking and stamping
3953-P02 ----- Paper stencils
3953-P03 ----- Printing dies, rubber
3953-S01 ----- Screens, textile printing
3953-S02 ----- Seal presses, notary, hand
3953-S03 ----- Seals, corporation
3953-S04 ----- Seals, hand (dies)
3953-S05 ----- Shoe stamps, steel
3953-S06 ----- Stamp pads
3953-S07 ----- Stamping devices, hand
3953-S08 ----- Stamps, hand: time, date, postmark, cancelling, shoe, and textile marking
3953-S09 ----- Stencils for use in painting and marking: e.g., metal, cardboard
3953-T01 ----- Textile marking stamps, hand