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[39 ----- Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries (cont')]

[3931-000 ----- Musical instruments]

3931-A01 ----- Accordions and parts
3931-A02 ----- Autophones (organs with perforated music rolls)
3931-B01 ----- Banjos and parts
3931-B02 ----- Bassoons
3931-B03 ----- Bells (musical instruments)
3931-B04 ----- Blowers, pipe organ
3931-B05 ----- Bridges, piano
3931-B06 ----- Bugles and parts (musical instruments)
3931-C01 ----- Calliopes (steam organs)
3931-C02 ----- Carillon bells
3931-C03 ----- Cellos and parts
3931-C04 ----- Chimes and parts (musical instruments)
3931-C05 ----- Clarinets and parts
3931-C06 ----- Concertinas and parts
3931-C07 ----- Cornets and parts
3931-C08 ----- Cymbals and parts
3931-D01 ----- Drummers, traps
3931-D02 ----- Drums, parts, and accessories (musical instruments)
3931-E01 ----- Electric musical instruments
3931-E02 ----- Electronic musical instruments
3931-F01 ----- Flutes and parts
3931-F02 ----- Frames, piano-back
3931-F03 ----- Fretted instruments and parts
3931-G01 ----- Guitars and parts, electric and nonelectric
3931-H01 ----- Hammers, piano
3931-H02 ----- Harmonicas
3931-H03 ----- Harps and parts
3931-H04 ----- Harpsichords
3931-H05 ----- Heads, banjo and drum
3931-I01 ----- Instruments, musical
3931-K01 ----- Keyboards, piano or organ
3931-K02 ----- Knobs, organ
3931-M01 ----- Mandolins and parts
3931-M02 ----- Marimbas
3931-M03 ----- Mouthpieces for musical instruments
3931-M04 ----- Music rolls, perforated
3931-M05 ----- Music stands
3931-M06 ----- Musical instrument accessories: e.g., reeds, mouth pieces, stands, traps
3931-M07 ----- Musical instruments, including electric and electronic
3931-O01 ----- Oboes
3931-O02 ----- Ocarinas
3931-O03 ----- Ocyophones
3931-O04 ----- Organ parts and materials, except organ hardware
3931-O05 ----- Organs, all types: e.g., pipe, reed, hand, street, barrel, electronic, player
3931-P01 ----- Percussion musical instruments
3931-P02 ----- Piano parts and materials, except piano hardware
3931-P03 ----- Pianos, all types: e.g., vertical, grand, spinet, player, coin-operated
3931-P04 ----- Piccolos and parts
3931-P05 ----- Pipes, organ
3931-R01 ----- Reedboards, organ
3931-R02 ----- Reeds for musical instruments
3931-S01 ----- Saxophones and parts
3931-S02 ----- Stands, music
3931-S03 ----- Stringed musical instruments and parts
3931-S04 ----- Strings, musical instrument
3931-S05 ----- Strings, piano
3931-S06 ----- Synthesizers, music
3931-T01 ----- Traps, drummers
3931-T02 ----- Trombones and parts
3931-T03 ----- Trumpets and parts
3931-U01 ----- Ukuleles and parts
3931-V01 ----- Vibraphones
3931-V02 ----- Violas and parts
3931-V03 ----- Violins and parts
3931-W01 ----- Woodwind and brass wind musical instrument
3931-X01 ----- Xylophones and parts
3931-Z01 ----- Zithers and parts

[3951-000 ----- Pens and mechanical pencils]

3951-B01 ----- Ballpoint pens
3951-C01 ----- Cartridges, refill: for ballpoint pens
3951-F01 ----- Felt tip markers
3951-F02 ----- Fountain pens and fountain pen desk sets
3951-M01 ----- Markers, soft tip: e.g., felt, fabric, plastics
3951-M02 ----- Meter pens
3951-N01 ----- Nibs (pen points): gold, steel, or other metal
3951-P01 ----- Pencils and pencil parts, mechanical
3951-P02 ----- Penholders and parts
3951-P03 ----- Penpoints: gold, steel, or other metal
3951-P04 ----- Pens and pen parts: fountain, stylographic, and ballpoint
3951-S01 ----- Stylographic pens

[3993-000 ----- Signs and advertising displays]

3993-A01 ----- Advertising displays, except printed
3993-A02 ----- Advertising specialties-mfpm
3993-C01 ----- Cutouts and displays, window and lobby
3993-D01 ----- Displays advertising: except printed
3993-D02 ----- Displays, paint process
3993-E01 ----- Electrical signs and advertising displays
3993-L01 ----- Letters for signs, metal
3993-N01 ----- Nameplates, metal: except e.g., engraved, etched, chased
3993-N02 ----- Neon signs
3993-N03 ----- Novelties, advertising
3993-S01 ----- Scoreboards, electric
3993-S02 ----- Signs, not made in custom sign painting shops
3993-W01 ----- Window cutouts and displays

[3914-000 ----- Silverware and plated ware]

3914-C01 ----- Carving sets, with metal handles and blades
3914-C02 ----- Cutlery, with metal handles and blades
3914-E01 ----- Ecclesiastical ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
3914-F01 ----- Flatware, table: with metal handles and blades
3914-F02 ----- Forks, table: all metal
3914-H01 ----- Hollowware, silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated
3914-K01 ----- Knives: silver, silver-plated, and stainless steel
3914-L01 ----- Loving cups, silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
3914-P01 ----- Pewter ware
3914-P02 ----- Plated ware: flatware, hollow ware, toiletware, ecclesiastical ware, etc.
3914-S01 ----- Silver ware: nickel silver, silver plated, solid silver, and sterling
3914-S02 ----- Silversmithing
3914-S03 ----- Spoons: silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated
3914-T01 ----- Table and kitchen cutlery, all metal
3914-T02 ----- Table cutlery, all metal
3914-T03 ----- Toilet ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
3914-T04 ----- Trays: silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated
3914-T05 ----- Trophies: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated

[3949-000 ----- Sporting and athletic goods, n.e.c.]

3949-A01 ----- Ammunition belts, sporting type: of all materials
3949-A02 ----- Archery equipment
3949-A03 ----- Arrows, archery
3949-A04 ----- Athletic and sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and ammunition
3949-B01 ----- Badminton equipment
3949-B02 ----- Bagatelle tables
3949-B03 ----- Bags, golf
3949-B04 ----- Bags, rosin
3949-B05 ----- Bags, striking (punching)
3949-B06 ----- Bait, fishing: artificial
3949-B07 ----- Balls: baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, pool, and bowling
3949-B08 ----- Baseball equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear
3949-B09 ----- Bases, baseball
3949-B10 ----- Basketballs and basketball equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear
3949-B11 ----- Baskets, fish and bait
3949-B12 ----- Bats, game: e.g., baseball, softball, cricket
3949-B13 ----- Belts, ammunition (sporting goods: of all materials)
3949-B14 ----- Belts, cartridge: sporting type
3949-B15 ----- Billiard and pool balls, cues, cue tips, and tables
3949-B16 ----- Billiard chalk
3949-B17 ----- Bobsleds
3949-B18 ----- Boomerangs
3949-B19 ----- Bowling alleys and accessories
3949-B20 ----- Bowling pin machines, automatic
3949-B21 ----- Bowling pins
3949-B22 ----- Bows, archery
3949-B23 ----- Boxing equipment
3949-B24 ----- Bridges, billiard and pool
3949-B25 ----- Buckets, fish and bait
3949-C01 ----- Caddy carts
3949-C02 ----- Cartridge belts, sporting type mfg
3949-C03 ----- Carts, caddy
3949-C04 ----- Carts, golf: hand
3949-C05 ----- Cases, gun and rod (sporting equipment)
3949-C06 ----- Chalk, billiard
3949-C07 ----- Clubs: golf, Indian, etc. (sporting goods)
3949-C08 ----- Creels, fish
3949-C09 ----- Cricket equipment
3949-C10 ----- Croquet sets
3949-C11 ----- Cues and cue tips, billiard and pool
3949-D01 ----- Decoys, duck and other game birds
3949-D02 ----- Dumbbells
3949-E01 ----- Exercise cycles
3949-E02 ----- Exercising machines
3949-F01 ----- Fencing equipment (sporting goods)
3949-F02 ----- Fishing tackle (except lines, nets, and seines)
3949-F03 ----- Flies, artificial: for fishing
3949-F04 ----- Floats for fish lines
3949-F05 ----- Footballs and football equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear
3949-G01 ----- Game calls
3949-G02 ----- Gloves, sport and athletic: e.g., boxing, baseball, racketball, handball
3949-G03 ----- Golf carts, hand
3949-G04 ----- Golfing equipment: e.g., caddy carts and bags, clubs, tees, balls
3949-G05 ----- Guards: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse
3949-G06 ----- Gun cases (sporting equipment)
3949-G07 ----- Gymnasium and playground equipment
3949-H01 ----- Helmets, athletic
3949-H02 ----- Hockey equipment, except uniforms and footwear
3949-H03 ----- Hooks, fishing
3949-I01 ----- Ice skates
3949-I02 ----- Indian clubs
3949-J01 ----- Jogging machines
3949-L01 ----- Lacrosse equipment
3949-M01 ----- Mallets, sports: e.g., polo, croquet
3949-M02 ----- Masks, sports: e.g., baseball, fencing, hockey
3949-N01 ----- Nets: e.g., badminton, basketball, tennis-not made in weaving mills
3949-P01 ----- Pads, athletic: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse
3949-P02 ----- Pigeons, clay (targets)
3949-P03 ----- Pinsetters for bowling, automatic
3949-P04 ----- Playground equipment
3949-P05 ----- Polo equipment, except apparel and footswear
3949-P06 ----- Pool balls, pockets, tables, and equipment
3949-P07 ----- Protectors, sports: e.g., baseball, basketball, hockey
3949-R01 ----- Rackets and frames, 8ports: e.g., tennis, badminton, squash, racketball, lacrosse
3949-R02 ----- Reels, fishing
3949-R03 ----- Rods and rod parts, fishing
3949-R04 ----- Roller skates
3949-R05 ----- Rowing machines
3949-S01 ----- Sailboards
3949-S02 ----- Scoops, crab and fish
3949-S03 ----- Scuba diving equipment, except clothing
3949-S04 ----- Shafts, golf club
3949-S05 ----- Sinkers (fishing tackle)
3949-S06 ----- Skateboards
3949-S07 ----- Skates and parts, ice and roller
3949-S08 ----- Skin diving equipment, except clothing
3949-S09 ----- Skis and skiing equipment, except apparel
3949-S10 ----- Snowshoes
3949-S11 ----- Soccer equipment, except apparel
3949-S12 ----- Spearguns
3949-S13 ----- Spears, fishing
3949-S14 ----- Sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and ammunition
3949-S15 ----- Squash equipment, except apparel
3949-S16 ----- Stand boards
3949-S17 ----- Sticks, sports: e.g., hockey, lacrosse
3949-S18 ----- Striking (punching) bags
3949-S19 ----- Strings, tennis racket
3949-S20 ----- Surfboards
3949-S21 ----- Swimming pools, plastics
3949-S22 ----- Swivels (fishing equipment)
3949-T01 ----- Tables: billiard, pool, bagatelle, and ping pong
3949-T02 ----- Tackle, fishing: except nets, seines, and line
3949-T03 ----- Target shooting equipment, except small arms and ammunition
3949-T04 ----- Targets, archery arid rifle shooting
3949-T05 ----- Targets, clay
3949-T06 ----- Tennis goods: e.g., balls, frames, rackets
3949-T07 ----- Toboggans
3949-T08 ----- Track and field athletic equipment, except apparel and footwear
3949-T09 ----- Trap racks (clay targets)
3949-T10 ----- Treadmills
3949-W01 ----- Wading pools, plastics coated fabric
3949-W02 ----- Windsurfing boards and equipment