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[36 ----- Electric and Electronic Equipment (except computer equipment)]

3624-000 ----- Carbon and graphite products
3672-000 ----- Cathode ray television picture tubes
3649-000 ----- Commerical audio and video equipment
3646-000 ----- Commercial lighting fixtures
3669-000 ----- Communications equipment, n.e.c.
3643-000 ----- Current-carrying wiring devices
3634-000 ----- Electric housewares and fans
3641-000 ----- Electric lamps
3699-000 ----- Electrical equipment & supplies, n.e.c.
3629-000 ----- Electrical industrial apparatus, n.e.c.
3671-000 ----- Electron tubes
3675-000 ----- Electronic capacitors
3677-000 ----- Electronic coils and transformers
3679-000 ----- Electronic components, n.e.c.
3678-000 ----- Electronic connectors
3676-000 ----- Electronic resistors
3694-000 ----- Engine electrical equipment
3639-000 ----- Household appliances, n.e.c.
3651-000 ----- Household audio and video equipment
3631-000 ----- Household cooking equipment
3633-000 ----- Household laundry equipment
3632-000 ----- Household refrigerators and freezers
3635-000 ----- Household vacuum cleaners
3648-000 ----- Lighting equipment, n.e.c.
3695-000 ----- Magnetic and optical recording media
3621-000 ----- Motors and generators
3644-000 ----- Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices
3652-000 ----- Phonograph records
3692-000 ----- Primary batteries, dry and wet
3663-000 ----- Radio & TV communications equipment
3625-000 ----- Relays and industrial controls
3645-000 ----- Residential lighting fixtures
3674-000 ----- Semiconductors and related devices
3691-000 ----- Storage batteries
3613-000 ----- Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
3661-000 ----- Telephone and telegraph apparatus
3612-000 ----- Transformers
3647-000 ----- Vehicular lighting equipment

[3624-000 ----- Carbon and graphite products]

3624-B01 ----- Brush blocks, carbon or molded graphite
3624-B02 ----- Brushes and brush stock contacts: carbon and graphite-electric
3624-C01 ----- Carbon specialties for electrical use mfg
3624-C02 ----- Carbons, electric
3624-C03 ----- Carbons, lighting
3624-E01 ----- Electrodes for thermal and electrolytic uses, carbon and graphite
3624-F01 ----- Fibers, carbon and graphite
3624-G01 ----- Graphite electrodes and contacts, electric
3624-L01 ----- Lighting carbons
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[3649-000 ----- Commerical audio and video equipment]

3649-A01 ----- Audio equipment, commerical
3649-V01 ----- Video equipment, commerical
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[3672 -000 ----- Cathode ray television picture tubes]

3672-C01 ----- Circuit boards, television and radio: printed
3672-P01 ----- Printed circuit boards
3672-P02 ----- Printed circuits
3672-W01 ----- Wiring boards
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[3646 -000 ----- Commercial lighting fixtures]

3646-C01 ----- Chandeliers, commercial
3646-C02 ----- Commercial lighting fixtures
3646-D01 ----- Desk lamps, commercial
3646-F01 ----- Fluorescent lighting fixtures, commercial
3646-L01 ----- Lighting fixtures, commercial
3646-L03 ----- Luminous panel ceilings

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[3669 -000 ----- Communications equipment, n.e.c.]

3669-B01 ----- Burglar alarm apparatus, electric
3669-F01 ----- Fire alarm apparatus, electric
3669-F02 ----- Fire detection systems, electric
3669-H01 ----- Highway signals, electric
3669-I01 ----- Intercommunications equipment, electronic
3669-M01 ----- Marine horns, electric
3669-P01 ----- Pedestrian traffic control equipment
3669-R01 ----- Railroad signaling devices, electric
3669-S01 ----- Signaling apparatus, electric
3669-S02 ----- Signals: railway, highway, and traffic-electric
3669-S03 ----- Sirens, electric: vehicle, marine, industrial, and air raid
3669-S04 ----- Smoke detectors
3669-T01 ----- Traffic signals, electric
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[3643 -000 ----- Current-carrying wiring devices]

3643-A01 ----- Arrestors and coils, lightning
3643-B01 ----- Bus bars (electrical conductors)
3643-C01 ----- Caps and plugs, attachment: electric
3643-C02 ----- Conductor connectors, solderless connectors, sleeves, or soldering lugs
3643-C03 ----- Connectors and terminals for electrical devices
3643-C04 ----- Connectors, conductor: solderless connectors, sleeves, or soldering lugs
3643-C05 ----- Connectors, electric cord
3643-C06 ----- Connectors, solderless (wiring devices)
3643-C07 ----- Contacts, electrical: except carbon and graphite
3643-C08 ----- Convenience outlets, electric
3643-C09 ----- Cord connectors, electric
3643-C10 ----- Current taps, attachment plug and screw-shell types
3643-C11 ----- Cutouts, switch and fuse
3643-D01 ----- Dial light sockets, radio
3643-F01 ----- Fluorescent starters
3643-F02 ----- Fuse cutouts
3643-G01 ----- Ground clamps (electric wiring devices)
3643-L01 ----- Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)
3643-L02 ----- Lightning arrestors and coils
3643-L03 ----- Lightning protection equipment
3643-O01 ----- Outlets, convenience: electric
3643-P01 ----- Plugs, electric
3643-R01 ----- Rail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuits
3643-S01 ----- Snap switches, (electric wiring devices)
3643-S02 ----- Sockets, electric
3643-S03 ----- Solderless connectors (electric wiring devices)
3643-S04 ----- Starters, fluorescent
3643-S05 ----- Starting switches, fluorescent lamp
3643-S06 ----- Switch cutouts
3643-S07 ----- Switches for electric wiring: e.g., snap, tumbler, pressure, pushbutton
3643-T01 ----- Taps, current: attachment plug and screw shell types
3643-T02 ----- Terminals and connectors for electrical devices
3643-T03 ----- Trolley line material, overhead
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[3634 -000 ----- Electric housewares and fans]

3634-A01 ----- Air purifiers, portable
3634-B01 ----- Bedcoverings, electric
3634-B02 ----- Blankets, electric
3634-B03 ----- Blenders, electric
3634-B04 ----- Blowers, portable: electric
3634-B05 ----- Bottle warmers, household: electric
3634-B06 ----- Broilers, electric
3634-C01 ----- Can openers, electric
3634-C02 ----- Casseroles, electric
3634-C03 ----- Chafing dishes, electric
3634-C04 ----- Cigar lighters, electric
3634-C05 ----- Cigarette lighters, electric
3634-C06 ----- Coffee makers, household: electric
3634-C07 ----- Cooking appliances, household: electric, except convection and microwave ovens (1)
3634-C08 ----- Corn poppers, electric
3634-C09 ----- Crock pots, electric
3634-C10 ----- Curling irons, electric
3634-D01 ----- Deep fat fryers, household: electric
3634-D02 ----- Dehumidifiers, electric: portable
3634-D03 ----- Desk fans, electric
3634-D04 ----- Driers: hand, face, and hair-electric
3634-D05 ----- Dry shavers (electric razors)
3634-E01 ----- Egg cookers, electric
3634-E02 ----- Electric space heaters
3634-F01 ----- Fans, household: electric, except attic fans
3634-F02 ----- Fans, household: kitchen-except attic
3634-F03 ----- Floor fans, electric
3634-F04 ----- Food mixers, household: electric
3634-F05 ----- Fryers, household: electric
3634-G01 ----- Griddles and grills, household: electric
3634-H01 ----- Hair curlers, electric
3634-H02 ----- Hair dryers, electric: except equipment designed for beauty parlor use
3634-H03 ----- Hassock fans, electric
3634-H04 ----- Heaters, immersion: household-electric
3634-H05 ----- Heaters, space: electric
3634-H06 ----- Heaters, tape
3634-H07 ----- Heating pads, electric
3634-H08 ----- Heating units, baseboard or wall: electric(radiant heating element)
3634-H09 ----- Heating units for electric appliances
3634-H10 ----- Hotplates, electric
3634-H11 ----- Humidifiers, electric: portable
3634-I01 ----- Ice crushers, electric
3634-I02 ----- Immersion heaters, household: electric
3634-I03 ----- Irons, domestic: electric
3634-J01 ----- Juice extractors, electric
3634-K01 ----- Knives, electric
3634-M01 ----- Massage machines, electric: except designed for beauty and barber shop
3634-O01 ----- Ovens, household: portable: except microwave and convection ovens
3634-P01 ----- Percolators, electric
3634-P02 ----- Popcorn poppers for home use: electric
3634-P03 ----- Propeller fans, window-type (household)
3634-R01 ----- Radiators, electric
3634-R02 ----- Razors, electric
3634-R03 ----- Roasters, electric
3634-R04 ----- Room heaters, space: electric
3634-S01 ----- Sandwich toasters and grills, household: electric
3634-S02 ----- Sauna heaters, electric
3634-S03 ----- Scissors, electric
3634-S04 ----- Shoe polishers, electric
3634-T01 ----- Tea kettles, electric
3634-T02 ----- Toasters, household: electric
3634-T03 ----- Toothbrushes, electric
3634-T04 ----- Trays, warming: electric
3634-T05 ----- Trouser pressers, electric
3634-U01 ----- Unit heaters, household: electric
3634-U02 ----- Urns, electric: household
3634-V01 ----- Vaporizers, electric: household
3634-V02 ----- Ventilating fans, electric: household-kitchen
3634-W01 ----- Waffle irons, electric
3634-W02 ----- Wall heaters, household: electric
3634-W03 ----- Water pulsating devices, electric
3634-W04 ----- Whippers, household: electric

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[3641 -000 ----- Electric lamps]

3641-B01 ----- Bulbs, electric light: complete
3641-E01 ----- Electric lamp (bulb) parts
3641-E02 ----- Electric lamps
3641-E03 ----- Electric light bulbs, complete
3641-E04 ----- Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp
3641-E05 ----- Electrotherapeutic lamp units for ultraviolet and infrared radiation
3641-F01 ----- Filaments for electric lamps
3641-F02 ----- Flashlight bulbs, photographic
3641-F03 ----- Fluorescent lamp electrodes, cold cathode
3641-F04 ----- Fluorescent lamps, electric
3641-G01 ----- Glow lamp bulbs
3641-H01 ----- Health lamps, infrared and ultraviolet-radiation
3641-I01 ----- Incandescent filament lamp bulbs, complete
3641-I02 ----- Infrared lamp bulbs
3641-L01 ----- lamp (bulb) parts, electric
3641-L02 ----- Lamp bulbs and tubes, electric: incandescent filament, fluorescent, and vapor
3641-L03 ----- Lamp bulbs and tubes, health: infrared and ultraviolet radiation
3641-L04 ----- Lamps, glow
3641-L05 ----- Lamps, sealed beam
3641-L06 ----- Lead-in wires, electric lamp: made from purchased wire
3641-L07 ----- Light bulbs, electric: complete
3641-P01 ----- Photoflash and photoflood lamp bulbs and tubes
3641-S01 ----- Strobotrons
3641-U01 ----- Ultraviolet lamps
3641-V01 ----- Vapor lamps, electric
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[3699 -000 ----- Electrical equipment & supplies, n.e.c.]

3699-A01 ----- Accelerating waveguide structures
3699-A02 ----- Amplifiers; magnetic, pulse, and maser
3699-A03 ----- Appliance cords for e.g., electric irons, grills, waffle irons-mfpm
3699-A04 ----- Atom smashers (particle accelerators)
3699-B01 ----- Bells, electric
3699-B02 ----- Betatrons
3699-C01 ----- Chimes, electric
3699-C02 ----- Christmas tree lighting sets, electric
3699-C03 ----- Cleaning equipment, ultrasonic: except medical and dental
3699-C04 ----- Clothing, electrically heated
3699-C05 ----- Cyclotrons
3699-D01 ----- Door opening and closing devices, electrical
3699-D02 ----- Dynamotrons
3699-E01 ----- Electric fence chargers
3699-E02 ----- Electron beam metal cutting, forming, and welding machines
3699-E03 ----- Electron linear accelerators
3699-E04 ----- Electrostatic particle accelerators
3699-E05 ----- Extension cords, made from purchased insulated wire
3699-F01 ----- Fence chargers, electric
3699-F02 ----- Flight simulators (training aids), electronic
3699-F03 ----- Flytraps, electrical
3699-G01 ----- Gongs, electric
3699-G02 ----- Grids, electric
3699-L01 ----- Lamps, insect: electric
3699-L02 ----- Laser welding, drilling and cutting equipment
3699-L03 ----- Linear accelerators
3699-L04 ----- Logs, fireplace: electric
3699-M01 ----- Maser amplifiers
3699-O01 ----- Ornaments, Christmas tree: electric
3699-O02 ----- Outboard motors, electric
3699-P01 ----- Particle accelerators, high voltage
3699-T01 ----- Teaching machines and aids, electronic
3699-T02 ----- Trouble lights-mfpm
3699-U01 ----- Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, except medical and dental
3699-U02 ----- Ultrasonic generators sold separately for inclusion in tools and equipment
3699-U03 ----- Ultrasonic welding machines and equipment
3699-W01 ----- Waveguide pressurization equipment
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[3629 -000 ----- Electrical industrial apparatus, n.e.c.]

3629-B01 ----- Battery chargers, rectifying or nonrotating
3629-C01 ----- Capacitors, a.c.: for motors and fluorescent lamp ballasts
3629-C02 ----- Capacitors, except electronic: fixed and variable
3629-C03 ----- Chargers, battery: rectifying or nonrotating
3629-C04 ----- Condensers, except electronic: fixed and variable
3629-C05 ----- Condensers for motors and generators
3629-C06 ----- Current collector wheels for trolley rigging
3629-E01 ----- Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)
3629-F01 ----- Fuel cells, electrochemical generators
3629-I01 ----- Inverters, nonrotating: electrical
3629-M01 ----- Mercury arc rectifiers (electrical apparatus)
3629-P01 ----- Power conversion units, a.c. to d.c.: static-electric
3629-R01 ----- Rectifiers (electrical apparatus)
3629-S01 ----- Series capacitors, except electronic
3629-T01 ----- Thermoelectric generators
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[3671 -000 ----- Electron tubes]

3671-C01 ----- Cathode ray tubes
3671-E01 ----- Electron beam (beta ray) generator tubes
3671-E02 ----- Electron tube parts, except glass blanks:bases, getters, and guns
3671-E03 ----- Electron tubes
3671-G01 ----- Gas and vapor tubes
3671-G02 ----- Geiger Mueller tubes
3671-K01 ----- Klystron tubes
3671-L01 ----- Light sensing and emitting tubes
3671-M01 ----- Magnetron tubes
3671-P01 ----- Photomultiplier tubes
3671-P02 ----- Picture tube reprocessing
3671-P03 ----- Planar triode tubes
3671-R01 ----- Radio electron tubes
3671-R02 ----- Receiving type electron tubes
3671-T01 ----- Television tubes
3671-T02 ----- Transmitting electron tubes
3671-T03 ----- Traveling wave tubes
3671-T04 ----- Tubes, cathode ray
3671-T05 ----- Tubes, electron
3671-T06 ----- Tubes for operating above the X-ray spectrum (with shorter wavelength)
3671-T07 ----- Tubes, klystron
3671-T08 ----- Tubes, television receiving type: cathode ray
3671-V01 ----- Vacuum tubes

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