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[36 ----- Electric and Electronic Equipment (except computer equipment)(cont')]

[3675 -000 ----- Electronic capacitors]

3675-C01 ----- Capacitors, electronic: fixed and variable
3675-C02 ----- Condensers, electronic

[3677 -000 ----- Electronic coils and transformers]

3677-B01 ----- Baluns
3677-C01 ----- Coil windings, electronic
3677-C02 ----- Coils, chokes and other inductors, electronic
3677-C03 ----- Constant impedance transformers
3677-C04 ----- Coupling transformers
3677-F01 ----- Flyback transformers
3677-I01 ----- Inductors, electronic
3677-T01 ----- Transformers, electronic types
3677-T02 ----- Transformers: power supply electronic type

[3679 -000 ----- Electronic components, n.e.c.]

3679-A01 ----- Antennas, receiving: automobile, home, and portable
3679-A02 ----- Antennas, satellite: home type
3679-A03 ----- Attenuators
3679-C01 ----- Commutators, electronic
3679-C02 ----- Cores, magnetic
3679-C03 ----- Cryogenic cooling devices (e.g., cryostats)for infrared detectors and masers
3679-C04 ----- Crystals and crystal assemblies, radio
3679-D01 ----- Delay lines
3679-H01 ----- Harness assemblies for electronic use: wire and cable
3679-H02 ----- Headphones, radio
3679-H03 ----- Heads, recording for speech and musical equipment
3679-H04 ----- Hermetic seals for electronic equipment
3679-I01 ----- Impedance conversion units, high frequency
3679-L01 ----- Liquid crystal displays
3679-L02 ----- Loads, electronic
3679-M01 ----- Microwave components
3679-O01 ----- Oscillators, except laboratory type
3679-P01 ----- Parametric amplifiers
3679-P02 ----- Passive repeaters
3679-P03 ----- Phonograph needle cartridges
3679-P04 ----- Phonograph needles
3679-P05 ----- Piezoelectric crystals
3679-P06 ----- Power supplies, static, and variable frequency
3679-P07 ----- Pulse forming networks
3679-Q01 ----- Quartz crystals for electronic application
3679-R01 ----- Recording and playback heads, magnetic
3679-R02 ----- Recording heads for speech and musical equipment
3679-R03 ----- Rectifiers, electronic: except solid-state
3679-R04 ----- Resonsant reed devices, electronic
3679-R05 ----- Rheostats, electronic
3679-S01 ----- Satellite home antennas
3679-S02 ----- Seals, hermetic: for electronic equipment
3679-S03 ----- Sockets, electronic tube
3679-S04 ----- Solenoids for electronic applications
3679-S05 ----- Static power supply converters for electronic applications
3679-S06 ----- Step positioners for transmitting equipment
3679-S07 ----- Styli, phonograph record cutting
3679-S08 ----- Switches, electronic
3679-S09 ----- Switches, stepping
3679-T01 ----- Transducers for use in measuring and testing instruments and equipments
3679-T02 ----- Tube retainers, electronic
3679-T03 ----- Tube spacers, mica
3679-T04 ----- Tube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes
3679-V01 ----- Video triggers, except remote control television devices
3679-V02 ----- Voice controls
3679-W01 ----- Waveguides and fittings

[3678 -000 ----- Electronic connectors]

3678-C01 ----- Connectors, electronic: e.g., coaxial, cylindrical, rack and panel, printed circuit

[3676 -000 ----- Electronic resistors]

3676-R01 ----- Resistor networks
3676-R02 ----- Resistors, electronic
3676-T01 ----- Thermistors, except temperature sensors
3676-V01 ----- Varistors

[3694 -000 ----- Engine electrical equipment]

3694-A01 ----- Alternators, motor vehicle
3694-A02 ----- Armatures, motor vehicle
3694-B01 ----- Battery cable wiring sets for internal combustion engines
3694-B02 ----- Battery charging generators for internal combustion engines
3694-B03 ----- Breaker point sets, internal combustion engine
3694-C01 ----- Coils, ignition: internal combustion engines
3694-D01 ----- Distributors, motor vehicle engine
3694-G01 ----- Generators, aircraft and motor vehicle
3694-H01 ----- Harness wiring sets for internal combustion engines
3694-I01 ----- Ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines
3694-I02 ----- Ignition cable sets or wire assemblies for internal combustion engines
3694-I03 ----- Ignition systems, high frequency
3694-M01 ----- Motors, starting: motor vehicle and aircraft
3694-R01 ----- Regulators, voltage: motor vehicle
3694-S01 ----- Spark plugs for internal combustion engines
3694-S02 ----- Starter and starter parts, internal combustion engine
3694-V01 ----- Voltage regulators, motor vehicle

[3639 -000 ----- Household appliances, n.e.c.]

3639-B01 ----- Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, household
3639-D01 ----- Dishwashing machines, household
3639-F01 ----- Floor waxers and polishers, household: electric
3639-F02 ----- Food waste disposal units, household
3639-G01 ----- Garbage disposal units, household
3639-H01 ----- Hot water heaters, household: including nonelectric
3639-S01 ----- Sewing machines and attachments, household
3639-T01 ----- Trash compactors, household
3639-W01 ----- Water heaters, household: including nonelectric

[3651 -000 ----- Household audio and video equipment]

3651-A01 ----- Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrument
3651-A02 ----- Audio recorders and players: automotive and household
3651-C01 ----- Clock radio and telephone combinations
3651-C02 ----- Clock radios
3651-C03 ----- Coin-operated phonographs
3651-D01 ----- Disc players, compact
3651-E01 ----- Electronic kits for home assembly: radio and television receiving sets, and phonograph equipment
3651-F01 ----- FM and AM tuners
3651-H01 ----- Home tape recorders: cassette, cartridge, and reel
3651-J01 ----- Juke boxes
3651-L01 ----- Loudspeakers, electrodynamic and magnetic
3651-M01 ----- Microphones
3651-M02 ----- Music distribution apparatus, except records or tape
3651-M03 ----- Musical instrument amplifiers
3651-P01 ----- Phonograph and radio combinations
3651-P02 ----- Phonograph turntables
3651-P03 ----- Phonographs, including coin-operated
3651-P04 ----- Pickup heads, phonograph
3651-P05 ----- Pillows, stereo
3651-P06 ----- Public address systems
3651-R01 ----- Radio and phonograph combinations
3651-R02 ----- Radio receiving sets
3651-R03 ----- Receiving sets, radio and television: household
3651-R04 ----- Recorders, home tape: cassette, cartridge, and reel
3651-R05 ----- Recording machines, music and speech: except dictation and telephone answering machines
3651-S01 ----- Speaker systems
3651-T01 ----- Tape players, household
3651-T02 ----- Tape recorders, household
3651-T03 ----- Television receiving sets
3651-T04 ----- Tuners, FM and AM
3651-T05 ----- Turntables, for phonographs
3651-V01 ----- Video camera-audio recorders, house-hold
3651-V02 ----- Video cassette recorders/players
3651-V03 ----- Video triggers (remote control television devices)

[3631 -000 ----- Household cooking equipment]

3631-B01 ----- Barbecues, grills, and braziers for outdoor cooking
3631-B02 ----- Braziers, barbecue
3631-C01 ----- Convection ovens, household: including portable
3631-G01 ----- Gas ranges, domestic
3631-M01 ----- Microwave ovens, household: including portable
3631-O01 ----- Ovens, household: excluding portable appliances other than microwave and convection
3631-R01 ----- Ranges, cooking: household
3631-R02 ----- Ranges, household cooking: electric and gas
3631-S01 ----- Stoves, disk
3631-S02 ----- Stoves, household: cooking

[3633 -000 ----- Household laundry equipment]

3633-D01 ----- Dry-cleaning and laundry machines, household: including coin-operated
3633-D02 ----- Dryers, laundry: household, including coin-operated
3633-I01 ----- Ironers and mangles, household, except portable irons
3633-L01 ----- Laundry machinery, household, including coin-operated
3633-W01 ----- Washing machines, household: including coin-operated
3633-W02 ----- Wringers, domestic laundry

[3632 -000 ----- Household refrigerators and freezers]

3632-C01 ----- Cabinets, household refrigerator
3632-F01 ----- Freezers, home and farm
3632-I01 ----- Ice boxes, household
3632-R01 ----- Refrigerator cabinets, household
3632-R02 ----- Refrigerators, mechanical and absorption: ho use h o l d

[3635 -000 ----- Household vacuum cleaners]

3635-C01 ----- Cleaners, electric: vacuum-household
3635-S01 ----- Sweepers, electric: vacuum-household
3635-V02 ----- Vacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: household

[3648 -000 ----- Lighting equipment, n.e.c.]

3648-A01 ----- Arc lamps, except electrotherapeutic
3648-A02 ----- Arc lighting fixtures
3648-A03 ----- Area and sports luminaries
3648-D01 ----- Decorative area lighting fixtures, except residential
3648-F01 ----- Flashlights
3648-F02 ----- Floodlights
3648-F03 ----- Fountain lighting fixtures
3648-G01 ----- Gas lighting fixtures
3648-I02 ----- Infrared lamp fixtures
3648-L01 ----- Lanterns: electric, gas, carbide, kerosene, and gasoline
3648-L02 ----- Lighting fixtures, airport: runway, approach, taxi, and ramp
3648-L03 ----- Lighting fixtures, residential, except electric
3648-L04 ----- Lamp fixtures, infrared
3648-M01 ----- Miners, lamps
3648-R01 ----- Reflectors for lighting equipment: metal
3648-S01 ----- Searchlights
3648-S02 ----- Spotlights, except vehicular
3648-S03 ----- Stage lighting equipment
3648-S04 ----- Street lighting fixtures, except traffic signals
3648-S05 ----- Swimming pool lighting fixtures
3648-U01 ----- Ultraviolet lamp fixtures
3648-U02 ----- Underwater lighting fixtures

[3695 -000 ----- Magnetic and optical recording media]

3695-A01 ----- Audio range tapes, blank
3695-C01 ----- Computer software tape and disks, blank: rigid and floppy
3695-I01 ----- Instrumentation type tape, blank
3695-M01 ----- Magnetic recording tape, blank: reels, cassettes, and disks
3695-O01 ----- Optical disks and tape, blank
3695-T01 ----- Tape, magnetic recording: blank
3695-V01 ----- Video recording tape, blank

[3621 -000 ----- Motors and generators]

3621-A01 ----- Armatures, industrial
3621-C01 ----- Coils for motors and generators
3621-C02 ----- Collector rings for motors and generators
3621-C03 ----- Commutators, electric motor
3621-C04 ----- Condensers, synchronous: electric
3621-C05 ----- Control equipment for buses and trucks
3621-C06 ----- Converters, phase and rotary: electrical equipment
3621-D01 ----- Dynamos, electric: except automotive
3621-D02 ----- Dynamotors
3621-E01 ----- Exciter assemblies, motor and generator
3621-F01 ----- Frequency converters (electric generators)
3621-G01 ----- Generating apparatus and parts, electrical: except internal combustion engine and arc-welding
3621-G02 ----- Generator sets: gasoline, diesel, and dual fuel
3621-G03 ----- Generators and sets, electric: except internal combustion engine, welding, and turbogenerators
3621-G04 ----- Generators for gas-electric and oil-electric vehicles
3621-G05 ----- Generators for storage battery chargers, except internal combustion engine and aircraft
3621-I01 ----- Inverters, rotating: electrical
3621-M01 ----- Motor generator sets, except automotive and turbogenerators
3621-M02 ----- Motor housings
3621-M03 ----- Motors, electric: except engine starting motors and gear motors
3621-P01 ----- Phase converters (electrical equipment)
3621-P02 ----- Power generators
3621-R01 ----- Railway, x motors and control equipment, electric
3621-R02 ----- Resolvers
3621-R03 ----- Rotary converters (electrical equipment)
3621-R04 ----- Rotor retainers and housings
3621-R05 ----- Rotors for motors
3621-S01 ----- Servomotors
3621-S02 ----- Sliprings for motors and generators
3621-S03 ----- Starting equipment, for streetcars
3621-S04 ----- Stators for motors
3621-S05 ----- Storage battery chargers, engine generator type mfg
3621-S06 ----- Synchronous condensers and timing motors, electric
3621-S07 ----- Synchros
3621-T01 ----- Timing motors, synchronous: electric
3621-T02 ----- Torque motors, electric

[3644 -000 ----- Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices]

3644-B01 ----- Boxes, electric wiring: junction, outlet, switch, and fuse mfg
3644-C01 ----- Conduits and fittings, electrical
3644-F01 ----- Face plates (wiring devices)
3644-F02 ----- Fish wire (electrical wiring tool)
3644-H01 ----- Hardware, pole line
3644-I01 ----- Insulators, electrical: except glass and ceramic
3644-O01 ----- Outlet boxes (electric wiring devices)
3644-P01 ----- Plates, face (wiring devices)
3644-P02 ----- Pole line hardware
3644-R01 ----- Raceways
3644-S01 ----- Snubbers for CATV systems
3644-S02 ----- Switch boxes, electric


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