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[36 ----- Electric and Electronic Equipment (except computer equipment)(cont')]

[3652 -000 ----- Phonograph records]

3652-C01 ----- Compact disc, prerecorded: except video
3652-D01 ----- Discs, laser: audio prerecorded
3652-M01 ----- Magnetic tape, audio: prerecorded
3652-P01 ----- Phonograph record blanks
3652-P02 ----- Phonograph records (including preparation of the master)
3652-P03 ----- Prerecorded audio magnetic tape
3652-R01 ----- Record blanks, phonograph
3652-R02 ----- Records, phonograph
3652-T01 ----- Tape, audio magnetic: prerecorded

[3692 -000 ----- Primary batteries, dry and wet]

3692-B01 ----- Batteries, primary: dry or wet
3692-D01 ----- Dry cell batteries, single and multiple cell
3692-P01 ----- Primary batteries, dry and wet

[3663 -000 ----- Radio & TV communications equipment]

3663-A01 ----- Airborne radio communications equipment
3663-A02 ----- Amplifiers: RF power and IF
3663-A03 ----- Antennas, transmitting and communications
3663-B01 ----- Broadcast equipment (including studio), radio and television
3663-C01 ----- Cable television equipment
3663-C02 ----- Cameras, television
3663-C03 ----- Carrier equipment, radio communications
3663-C04 ----- Cellular radio telephones
3663-C05 ----- Citizens, band (CB) radios
3663-C06 ----- Closed circuit television equipment
3663-C07 ----- Communications equipment, mobile and microwave
3663-D01 ----- Digital encoders
3663-E01 ----- Encryption devices
3663-L01 ----- Light communications equipment
3663-M01 ----- Marine radio communications equipment
3663-M02 ----- Microwave communications equipment
3663-M03 ----- Mobile communications equipment
3663-M04 ----- Multiplex equipment, radio
3663-P01 ----- Pagers (one-way)
3663-P02 ----- Phototransmission equipment
3663-R01 ----- Radio and television switching equipment
3663-R02 ----- Radio receiver networks
3663-R03 ----- Radio transmitting and communications antennas and ground equipment
3663-R04 ----- Receiver-transmitter units (transceivers)
3663-R05 ----- Receivers, radio communications
3663-R06 ----- RF power amplifiers, and IF amplifiers: sold separately
3663-S01 ----- Satellites, communications
3663-S02 ----- Space satellite communications equipment
3663-S03 ----- Studio equipment, radio and television broadcasting
3663-T01 ----- Telemetering equipment, electronic
3663-T02 ----- Telephones, cellular radio
3663-T03 ----- Television closed-circuit equipment
3663-T04 ----- Television monitors
3663-T05 ----- Television transmitting antennas and ground equipment
3663-T06 ----- Transceivers
3663-T07 ----- Transmitter-receivers, radio
3663-T08 ----- Transmitting apparatus, radio and television
3663-V01 ----- Video production equipment

[3625 -000 ----- Relays and industrial controls]

3625-A01 ----- Armature relays
3625-B01 ----- Brakes, electromagnetic
3625-C01 ----- Control circuit devices: magnet and solid-state
3625-C02 ----- Control circuit relays, industrial
3625-C03 ----- Control equipment, electric
3625-C04 ----- Controls and control accessories, industrial
3625-C05 ----- Controls for adjustable speed drives
3625-C06 ----- Crane and hoist controls, including metal mill
3625-E01 ----- Electromagnetic brakes and clutches
3625-F01 ----- Flow actuated electrical switches
3625-I01 ----- Industrial controls: pushbutton, selector switches, and pilot
3625-M01 ----- Marine and navy auxiliary controls
3625-M02 ----- Motor control accessories, including overload relays
3625-M03 ----- Motor control centers
3625-M04 ----- Motor controls, electric
3625-M05 ----- Motor starters, contactors, and controllers, industrial
3625-N01 ----- Numerical controls
3625-R01 ----- Relays
3625-R02 ----- Rheostats, industrial control
3625-S01 ----- Solenoid switches, industrial
3625-S02 ----- Starters, electric motor
3625-S03 ----- Switches, flow activated electrical
3625-T01 ----- Timing devices, mechanical and solid-state, except clockwork
3625-T02 ----- Truck controls, industrial battery
3625-V01 ----- Vacuum relays

[3645 -000 ----- Residential lighting fixtures]

3645-B01 ----- Boudoir lamps
3645-C01 ----- Chandeliers, residential
3645-D01 ----- Desk lamps, residential
3645-F01 ----- Floor lamps
3645-F02 ----- Fluorescent lighting fixtures, residential
3645-L01 ----- Lamp shades, metal
3645-L02 ----- Lamps (lighting fixtures), residential: electric
3645-L03 ----- Light shades, metal
3645-L04 ----- Lighting fixtures, residential, electric: e.g., garden, patio, walkway, yard
3645-L05 ----- Lighting fixtures, residential: electric
3645-L06 ----- Lights, yard: electric
3645-S01 ----- Shades, lamp: metal
3645-T01 ----- Table lamps
3645-W01 ----- Wall lamps

[3674 -000 ----- Semiconductors and related devices]

3674-C01 ----- Computer logic modules
3674-C02 ----- Controlled rectifiers, solid-state
3674-D01 ----- Diodes, solid-state (germanium, silicon, etc.)
3674-F01 ----- Fuel cells, solid-state
3674-G01 ----- Gunn effect devices
3674-H01 ----- Hall effect devices
3674-H02 ----- Hybrid integrated circuits
3674-I01 ----- Infrared sensors, solid-state
3674-I02 ----- Integrated microcircuits
3674-L01 ----- Laser diodes
3674-L02 ----- Light emitting diodes
3674-L03 ----- Light sensitive devices, solid-state
3674-M01 ----- Magnetic bubble memory device
3674-M02 ----- Magneyohydrodynamic (MHD) devices
3674-M03 ----- Memories, solid-state
3674-M04 ----- Metal oxide silicon (MOS) devices
3674-M05 ----- Microcircuits, integrated (semiconductor)
3674-M06 ----- Microprocessors
3674-M07 ----- Modules, solid-state
3674-M08 ----- Molecular devices, solid-state
3674-M09 ----- Monolithic integrated circuits (solid-state)
3674-O01 ----- Optical isolators
3674-P01 ----- Parametric diodes
3674-P02 ----- Photoconductive cells
3674-P03 ----- Photoelectric cells, solid-state (electronic eye)
3674-P04 ----- Photoelectric magnetic devices
3674-P05 ----- Photovoltaic devices, solid-state
3674-R01 ----- Random access memories (RAMS)
3674-R02 ----- Read only memories (ROMS)
3674-R03 ----- Rectifiers, solid-state
3674-S01 ----- Schottky diodes
3674-S02 ----- Semiconductor circuit networks (solid-state integrated circuits)
3674-S03 ----- Semiconductor devices
3674-S04 ----- Silicon wafers, chemically doped
3674-S05 ----- Solar cells
3674-S06 ----- Solid-state electronic devices
3674-S07 ----- Strain gages, solid-state
3674-S08 ----- Stud bases or mounts for semiconductor devices
3674-S09 ----- Switches, silicon control
3674-T01 ----- Theianionic devices, solid-state
3674-T02 ----- Thermoelectric devices, solid-state
3674-T03 ----- Thin film circuits
3674-T04 ----- Thyristors
3674-T05 ----- Transistors
3674-T06 ----- Tunnel diodes
3674-U01 ----- Ultraviolet sensors, solid-state
3674-V01 ----- Variable capacitance diodes
3674-W01 ----- Wafers (semiconductor devices)
3674-Z01 ----- Zener diodes

[3691 -000 ----- Storage batteries]

3691-A01 ----- Alkaline cell storage batteries
3691-B01 ----- Batteries, rechargeable
3691-B02 ----- Batteries, storage
3691-L01 ----- Lead acid batteries (storage batteries)
3691-N01 ----- Nickel cadmium storage batteries
3691-S01 ----- Storage batteries

[3613 -000 ----- Switchgear and switchboard apparatus]

3613-A01 ----- Air circuit breakers
3613-B01 ----- Bus bar structures
3613-C01 ----- Circuit breakers, air
3613-C02 ----- Circuit breakers, power
3613-C03 ----- Connectors, power
3613-C04 ----- Control panels, electric power distribution
3613-C05 ----- Cubicles (electric switchboard equipment)
3613-C06 ----- Cutouts, distribution
3613-D01 ----- Distribution boards, electric
3613-D02 ----- Distribution cutouts
3613-F01 ----- Fuse clips and blocks, electric
3613-F02 ----- Fuse devices, power: 600 volts and over
3613-F03 ----- Fuse mountings, electric power
3613-F04 ----- Fuses, electric
3613-G01 ----- Generator control and metering panels
3613-K01 ----- Knife switches, electric
3613-M01 ----- Metering panels, electric
3613-P01 ----- Panelboards and distribution boards, electric
3613-P02 ----- Panels, electric control and metering
3613-P03 ----- Power circuit breakers
3613-P04 ----- Power connectors
3613-P05 ----- Power fuses devices, 600 volts and over
3613-P06 ----- Power switchboards
3613-P07 ----- Power switching equipment
3613-R01 ----- Regulators, power
3613-S01 ----- Switchboards and parts, power
3613-S02 ----- Switches, electric power: except snap, pushbutton, tumbler, and solenoid
3613-S03 ----- Switchgear and switchgear accessories
3613-S04 ----- Switching equipment power
3613-T01 ----- Time switches, electrical switch gear apparatus

[3661 -000 ----- Telephone and telegraph apparatus]

3661-A01 ----- Autotransformers for telephone switchboards
3661-C01 ----- Carrier equipment, telephone and telegraph
3661-C02 ----- Communications equipment and parts, telephone and telegraph
3661-C03 ----- Communications headgear, telephone
3661-D01 ----- Data sets, telephone and telegraph
3661-F01 ----- Facsimile equipment
3661-H01 ----- Headsets, telephone
3661-M01 ----- Message concentrators
3661-M02 ----- Modems
3661-M03 ----- Multiplex equipment, telephone and telegraph
3661-P01 ----- PBX equipment, manual and automatic
3661-R01 ----- Repeater equipment, telephone and telegraph
3661-S01 ----- Switchboards, telephone and telegraph
3661-S02 ----- Switching equipment, telephone
3661-T01 ----- Telegraph and telephone carrier and repeater equipment
3661-T02 ----- Telegraph office switching equipment
3661-T03 ----- Telegraph station equipment and parts, wire
3661-T04 ----- Telephone answering machines
3661-T05 ----- Telephone central office equipment, dial and manual
3661-T06 ----- Telephone dialing devices, automatic
3661-T07 ----- Telephone sets, except cellular radio telephone
3661-T08 ----- Telephone station equipment and parts, wire
3661-T09 ----- Telephones, sound powered (no battery)
3661-T10 ----- Telephones, underwater
3661-T11 ----- Toll switching equipment, telephone

[3612 -000 ----- Transformers]

3612-A01 ----- Airport lighting transformers
3612-A02 ----- Autotransformers, electric (power transformers)
3612-A03 ----- Autotransformers for switchboards, except telephone switchboards
3612-B01 ----- Ballasts for lighting fixtures
3612-B02 ----- Boosters, feeder voltage (electric transformers)
3612-C01 ----- Control transformers
3612-C02 ----- Current limiting reactors, electrical
3612-D01 ----- Distribution transformers, electric
3612-D02 ----- Doorbell transformers, electric
3612-E01 ----- Electric furnace transformers
3612-F01 ----- Feeder voltage regulators and boosters(electric transformers)
3612-F02 ----- Fluorescent ballasts (transformers)
3612-F03 ----- Fluorescent lighting transformers
3612-G01 ----- Generator voltage regulators, electric induction and step type
3612-I01 ----- Ignition transformers
3612-I02 ----- Instrument transformers, except portable
3612-I03 ----- Isolation transformers
3612-L01 ----- Lighting transformers, fluorescent
3612-L02 ----- Lighting transformers, street and airport
3612-L03 ----- Line voltage regulators
3612-L04 ----- Luminous tube transformers
3612-M01 ----- Machine tool transformers
3612-P01 ----- Power transformers, electric
3612-R01 ----- Ratio transformers
3612-R02 ----- Reactors, current limiting
3612-R03 ----- Rectifier transformers
3612-R04 ----- Regulators, feeder voltage (electric transformers)
3612-R05 ----- Regulators, transmission and distribution voltage
3612-S01 ----- Saturable reactors
3612-S02 ----- Signaling transformers, electric
3612-S03 ----- Specialty transformers
3612-S04 ----- Street lighting transformers
3612-T01 ----- Toy transformers
3612-T02 ----- Transformers, electric power
3612-T03 ----- Transformers, for electronic meters
3612-T04 ----- Transformers, ignition: for use on domestic fuel burners
3612-T05 ----- Transformers, instrument: except portable
3612-T06 ----- Transformers, reactor
3612-T07 ----- Transmission and distribution voltage regulators
3612-T08 ----- Tripping transformers
3612-V01 ----- Vibrators, interrupter
3612-V02 ----- Voltage regulating transformers, electric power
3612-V03 ----- Voltage regulators, transmission and distribution

[3647 -000 ----- Vehicular lighting equipment]

3647-A01 ----- Aircraft lighting fixtures
3647-A02 ----- Automotive lighting fixtures
3647-B01 ----- Bicycle lamps
3647-B02 ----- Boat and ship lighting fixtures
3647-C01 ----- Clearance lamps and reflectors, motor vehicle
3647-D01 ----- Dome lights, motor vehicle
3647-F01 ----- Flasher lights, automobile
3647-F02 ----- Fog lights, motor vehicle
3647-H01 ----- Headlights (fixtures), vehicular
3647-L01 ----- Lamps, marker and clearance: motor vehicle
3647-L02 ----- Lighting fixtures, motor vehicle
3647-L03 ----- Lighting fixtures, vehicular
3647-L04 ----- Locomotive and railroad car lights
3647-M01 ----- Marker lamps, motor vehicle
3647-M02 ----- Motorcycle lamps
3647-P01 ----- Parking lights, automotive
3647-R01 ----- Reflectors, clearance: vehicular
3647-S01 ----- Spotlights, motor vehicle
3647-T01 ----- Tail lights, motor vehicle


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