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Services Price (US$) Period
Type A. 1-2-FREE Link Exchange: FREE Basic Listing Domain name web site only. Reciprocal Link Required. 1 year. Will be renewed each year as long as the reciprocal link existed.
Type B. Extensive Annual Listing $20 1 year
  • Top 5 List option
$50 1 year
  • Keyword Search Banner Listing
$50 1 year
  • Short Description (up to 40 words)
$5 per 10 words after the 40 words 1 year
1 2 3 Submit URL 800+
(Bonus: 50% off on Extensive Annual Listing)
$49 for one time or $99 for 3 times submission One time Fee
1-2-FREE Global Banner Exchange Free or $20 per 4,000 impressions. As long as the banner exists on your web site.
123Link Web Hosting
Virtual Domain Web Hosting
$99 1 year
Professional Banner Design $50 for static banner
$100 for animated banner
One time Fee
Rotated Banner Program Price (US$) Impression
Minimum Order $20 4,000
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  • Category targeting:
Fixed Location Banner Price (US$) Period
Home Page or Search Pages $200 1 month
Type A Banner
1 Banner at 3 main category pages
$100 1 month
Type B and C Banner
1 Banner at 5 category name A-Z pages
$80 1 month
  • Fixed top banner space at the 1st Global Directory web site.
  • You select any web page(s) to place your banner at the top. We display your banner at the bottom for FREE.
  • 468x60 banner size.
  • 10% Discount Rate for more than 3 months order
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