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Fixed Location Banner Program
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Fixed Location Banner Price (US$) Period
1 2 3 Link, 1st Global Directory Home Page or 1st Global Directory Search Page $200 1 month
Type A Banner
1 Banner at 3 main category pages
$100 1 month
Type B and C Banner
1 Banner at 5 category name A-Z pages
$80 1 month
  • Fixed top banner space at the 1st Global Directory web site.
  • You select any web page(s) to place your banner at the top. We display your banner at the bottom for FREE.
  • 468x60 banner size.
  • 10% Discount Rate for more than 3 months order.

Please notify us at least one week before the date when you want the banner to run.

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If this form does not return a confirmation page for a long time, just click the Stop button and click the Submit button again. We will only charge you for one order if we receive duplicated order forms.

If you have questions, please email us. Thank you for your order!

(We will report any fraud or misuse of credit cards to the relevant authorities.)