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[35 ----- Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment (cont')]

[3536 -000 ----- Hoists, cranes, and monorails]

3536-B01 ----- Boat lifts
3536-C01 ----- Cranes, overhead traveling
3536-D01 ----- Davits
3536-H01 ----- Hoists, except aircraft loading and automobile wrecker hoists
3536-H02 ----- Hoists, hand
3536-H03 ----- Hoists, overhead
3536-M01 ----- Monorail systems

[3567 -000 ----- Industrial furnaces and ovens]

3567-C01 ----- Calcining kilns (industrial furnaces)
3567-C02 ----- Ceramic kilns and furnaces
3567-C03 ----- Core baking and mold drying ovens
3567-D01 ----- Dielectric heating equipment
3567-D02 ----- Distillation ovens, charcoal and coke
3567-D03 ----- Driers and redriers, industrial process
3567-E01 ----- Enameling ovens
3567-F01 ----- Furnaces, industrial process
3567-H01 ----- Heat treating ovens
3567-H02 ----- Heating equipment, induction
3567-H03 ----- Heating units and devices, industrial: electric
3567-I01 ----- Induction heating equipment
3567-I02 ----- Industrial process furnaces and ovens, except bakery ovens
3567-I03 ----- Infrared ovens, industrial
3567-I04 ----- Incinerators, metal: domestic and commercial
3567-J01 ----- Japanning ovens
3567-K01 ----- Kilns: except cement, chemical, and wood
3567-L01 ----- Lacquering ovens
3567-M01 ----- Metal melting furnaces, industrial
3567-O01 ----- Ovens, industrial process: except bakery
3567-O02 ----- Ovens, sherardizing
3567-P01 ----- Paint baking and drying ovens
3567-R01 ----- Radiant heating systems, industrial process: e.g., dryers, cookers'
3567-R02 ----- Rubber curing ovens
3567-S01 ----- Sherardizing ovens
3567-S02 ----- Smelting ovens
3567-V01 ----- Vacuum furnaces and ovens

[3599 -000 ----- Industrial machinery, n.e.c.]

3599-A01 ----- Air intake filters, internal combustion engine: except motor vehicle
3599-A02 ----- Amusement rides for carnivals
3599-B01 ----- Bellows, industrial: metal
3599-B02 ----- Blocks, swage
3599-B03 ----- Boiler tube cleaners
3599-C01 ----- Carnival amusement rides
3599-C02 ----- Carousels (merry-go-rounds)
3599-C03 ----- Catapults
3599-C04 ----- Chemical milling job shops
3599-C05 ----- Cleaners, boiler tube
3599-C06 ----- Crankshaft and crankshaft machining
3599-C07 ----- Cups, oil and grease: metal
3599-E01 ----- Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
3599-F01 ----- Fan forges
3599-F02 ----- Ferris wheels
3599-F03 ----- Filters, internal combustion engine: oil, gasoline, air intake, except motor vehicle engine
3599-F04 ----- Forges, fan
3599-G01 ----- Gasoline filters, internal combustion engine: except motor vehicle
3599-G02 ----- Grease cups, metal
3599-G03 ----- Grinding castings for the trade
3599-H01 ----- Hose, flexible metallic
3599-L01 ----- Leak detectors, water
3599-M01 ----- Machine shops, jobbing and repair
3599-O01 ----- Oil cups, metal
3599-O02 ----- Oil filters, internal combustion engine: except motor vehicle
3599-P01 ----- Propellers, ship and boat: machined
3599-R01 ----- Riddles, sand (hand sifting or screening apparatus)
3599-S01 ----- Sand riddles (hand sifting or screening apparatus)
3599-S02 ----- Sludge tables
3599-S03 ----- Swage blocks
3599-T01 ----- Tables, sludge
3599-T02 ----- Ties, form: metal
3599-T03 ----- Tubing, flexible metallic
3599-V01 ----- Vanes, weather
3599-W01 ----- Water leak detectors
3599-W02 ----- Weather vanes

[3543 -000 ----- Industrial patterns]

3543-C01 ----- Cores, sand (foundry)
3543-F01 ----- Foundry cores
3543-F02 ----- Foundry patternmaking
3543-P01 ----- Patterns, industrial

[3537 -000 ----- Industrial trucks and tractors]

3537-A01 ----- Adapters for multiweapon rack loading on aircraft
3537-A02 ----- Aircraft engine cradles
3537-A03 ----- Aircraft loading hoists
3537-B01 ----- Boat cradles
3537-B02 ----- Bomb lifts
3537-B03 ----- Bomb trucks
3537-C01 ----- Cabs for industrial trucks and tractors
3537-C02 ----- Cars, industrial: except automotive cars and trucks and mining cars
3537-C03 ----- Containers, air cargo: metal
3537-C04 ----- Cranes, mobile industrial truck
3537-D01 ----- Die and strip handlers
3537-D02 ----- Docks, loading: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic
3537-D03 ----- Dollies (hand or power trucks), industrial: except mining
3537-D04 ----- Drum cradles
3537-E01 ----- Engine stands and racks, metal
3537-F01 ----- Forklift trucks
3537-H01 ----- Hoists, aircraft loading
3537-H02 ----- Hoppers, end dump
3537-H03 ----- Hospital dollies
3537-I01 ----- Industrial truck cranes
3537-I02 ----- Industrial trucks and tractors
3537-L01 ----- Laundry containers on wheels
3537-L02 ----- Lift trucks, industrial: fork, platform, straddle, etc.
3537-M01 ----- Mobile straddle carriers
3537-P01 ----- Pallet assemblies for landing mats
3537-P02 ----- Pallet loaders and unloaders
3537-P03 ----- Palletizers and depalletizers
3537-P04 ----- Pallets, metal
3537-P05 ----- Platforms, cargo: metal
3537-R01 ----- Ramps, aircraft-loading
3537-R02 ----- Ramps, loading: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic
3537-S01 ----- Skid boxes, metal
3537-S02 ----- Skids, metal
3537-S03 ----- Stackers, power (industrial truck stackers)
3537-S04 ----- Stacking carts
3537-S05 ----- Stacking machines, automatic
3537-S06 ----- Stands, ground servicing aircraft
3537-S07 ----- Straddle carriers, mobile
3537-T01 ----- Tables, lift: hydraulic
3537-T02 ----- Tractors, industrial: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals
3537-T03 ----- Trailers, truck: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals
3537-T04 ----- Truck trailers for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals
3537-T05 ----- Trucks, industrial (except mining): for freight, baggage, etc.
3537-T06 ----- Tunnel kiln cars

[3519 -000 ----- Internal combustion engines, n.e.c.]

3519-D01 ----- Diesel and semidiesel engines: for stationary, marine, traction, etc.
3519-D02 ----- Diesel engine parts
3519-E01 ----- Engines and engine parts, internal combustion-military tank
3519-E02 ----- Engines: diesel and semidiesel and dual fuel-except aircraft
3519-E03 ----- Engines, internal combustion: except aircraft and nondiesel automotive
3519-G01 ----- Gas and diesel engine rebuilding, on a factory basis
3519-G02 ----- Governors, diesel engine
3519-G03 ----- Governors, pump: for gas engines
3519-I01 ----- Internal combustion engines, except aircraft and nondiesel automotive
3519-M01 ----- Marine engines: diesel, semidiesel, and other internal combustion
3519-O01 ----- Outboard motors, except electric
3519-S01 ----- Semidiesel engines for stationary, marine, traction, or other uses
3519-T01 ----- Tank engines and engine parts, internal combustion: military

[3524 -000 ----- Lawn and garden equipment] (1)

3524-B01 ----- Blowers, residential lawn
3524-C01 ----- Carts for lawn and garden use mfg
3524-C02 ----- Cultivators (garden tractor equipment)
3524-G01 ----- Grass catchers, lawnmower
3524-H01 ----- Hedge trimmers, power
3524-L01 ----- Lawn edgers, power
3524-L02 ----- Lawn rollers, residential
3524-L03 ----- Lawnmowers, hand and power: residential
3524-L04 ----- Loaders (garden tractor equipment)
3524-M01 ----- Mulchers, residential lawn and garden
3524-P01 ----- Plows (garden tractor equipment)
3524-R01 ----- Rototillers (garden machinery)
3524-S01 ----- Seeders, residential lawn and garden
3524-S02 ----- Snowblowers and throwers, residential
3524-T01 ----- Tractors lawn and garden
3524-T02 ----- Trimmers, hedge: power
3524-V01 ----- Vacuums, residential lawn
3524-W01 ----- Wagons for residential lawn and garden use

[3545 -000 ----- Machine tool accessories]

3545-A01 ----- Angle rings
3545-A02 ----- Arbors (machine tool accessories)
3545-B01 ----- Bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.
3545-B02 ----- Blanks, cutting tool
3545-B03 ----- Blanks, tips and inserts: cutting tools
3545-B04 ----- Boring machine attachments (machine tool accessories)
3545-B05 ----- Broaches (machine tool accessories)
3545-C01 ----- Calipers and dividers
3545-C02 ----- Cams (machine tool accessories)
3545-C03 ----- Chasers (machine tool accessories)
3545-C04 ----- Chucks: drill, lathe, and magnetic (machine tool accessories)
3545-C05 ----- Clamps, machine tool
3545-C06 ----- Collars (machine tool accessories)
3545-C07 ----- Collets (machine tool accessories)
3545-C08 ----- Comparators (machinists, precision tools)
3545-C09 ----- Counterbores, metalworking
3545-C10 ----- Countersinks and countersink drill combinations (machine tool accessories)
3545-C11 ----- Cutters, milling
3545-C12 ----- Cutting tools and bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.
3545-D01 ----- Diamond cutting tools for turning, boring, burnishing, etc.
3545-D02 ----- Diamond dressing and wheel crushing attachments
3545-D03 ----- Dies, thread cutting
3545-D04 ----- Dressers, abrasive wheel: diamond point and other
3545-D05 ----- Drill bits, metalworking
3545-D06 ----- Drill bushings (drilling jig)
3545-D07 ----- Drilling machine attachments and accessories (machine tool accessories)
3545-D08 ----- Drills (machine tool accessories)
3545-D09 ----- Drivers, drill and cutters (machine tool accessories)
3545-F01 ----- Files, machine tool
3545-G01 ----- Gauge blocks
3545-G02 ----- Gauges, except optical (machine tool accessories)
3545-H01 ----- Hobs
3545-H02 ----- Honing heads
3545-H03 ----- Hopper feed devices
3545-I01 ----- Inserts, cutting tool
3545-K01 ----- Knives, shear
3545-L01 ----- Lathe attachments and cutting tools (machine tool accessories)
3545-L02 ----- Letter pins (gauging and measuring)
3545-M01 ----- Machine knives, metalworking
3545-M02 ----- Machine tool attachments and accessories
3545-M03 ----- Mandrels
3545-M04 ----- Measuring tools and machines, machinists, metalworking type
3545-M05 ----- Micrometers
3545-M06 ----- Milling machine attachments (machine tool accessories)
3545-P01 ----- Precision tools, machinists
3545-P02 ----- Pushers
3545-R01 ----- Reamers, machine tool
3545-R02 ----- Rotary tables, indexing
3545-S01 ----- Scales, measuring (machinists' precision tools)
3545-S02 ----- Shaping tools (machine tool accessories)
3545-S03 ----- Shear knives
3545-S04 ----- Sockets (machine tool accessories)
3545-T01 ----- Tables, rotary: indexing
3545-T02 ----- Taps, machine tool
3545-T03 ----- Thread cutting dies
3545-T04 ----- Thread gauges (machinists, precision tools)
3545-T05 ----- Threading toolholders
3545-T06 ----- Threading tools (machine tool accessbries)
3545-T07 ----- Tips, cutting tool
3545-T08 ----- Toolholders
3545-T09 ----- Tools and accessories for machine tools
3545-V01 ----- Verniers (machinists, precision tools)
3545-V02 ----- Vises, machine (machine tool accessories)
3545-W01 ----- Wheel turning equipment, diamond point and other (machine tool accessories)

[3541 -000 ----- Machine tools, metal cutting types]

3541-A01 ----- Automatic chucking machines
3541-A02 ----- Automatic screw machines
3541-B01 ----- Boring, drilling, and milling machine combinations
3541-B02 ----- Boring machine tools, metalworking
3541-B03 ----- Boring mills
3541-B04 ----- Broaching machines
3541-B05 ----- Brushing machines (metalworking machinery)
3541-B06 ----- Buffing and polishing machines (machine tools)
3541-B07 ----- Burnishing machines (machine tools)
3541-C01 ----- Centering machines
3541-C02 ----- Chamfering machines
3541-C03 ----- Chemical milling machines
3541-C04 ----- Chucking machines, automatic
3541-C05 ----- Countersinking machines
3541-C06 ----- Crankshaft re-grinding machines
3541-C07 ----- Cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)
3541-C08 ----- Cutting machines, pipe (machine tools)
3541-C09 ----- Cylinder reboring machines
3541-D01 ----- Deburring machines
3541-D02 ----- Diesinking machines
3541-D03 ----- Drill presses (machine tools)
3541-D04 ----- Drilling machine tools (metal cutting)
3541-D05 ----- Duplicator, machine tools
3541-E01 ----- Electrical discharge erosion machines
3541-E02 ----- Electrical discharge grinding machines
3541-E03 ----- Electrochemical milling machines
3541-E04 ----- Electrolytic metal cutting machine tools
3541-E05 ----- Electron Discharge metal cutting machine tools
3541-F01 ----- Facing machines
3541-F02 ----- Filing machines, metal (machine tools)
3541-F03 ----- Flange facing machines
3541-G01 ----- Gear chamfering machines (machine tools)
3541-G02 ----- Gear cutting and finishing machines
3541-G03 ----- Gear tooth grinding machines (machine tools)
3541-G04 ----- Grinding machines, metalworking
3541-G05 ----- Grooving machines (machine tools)
3541-H01 ----- Home workshop machine tools, metalworking
3541-H02 ----- Honing and lapping machines
3541-J01 ----- Jig boring machines
3541-J02 ----- Jig grinding machines
3541-K01 ----- Keyseating machines (machine tools)
3541-L01 ----- Lapping machines
3541-L02 ----- Lathes, metal cutting
3541-L03 ----- Lathes, metal polishing
3541-M01 ----- Machine tool replacement and repair parts, metal cutting types
3541-M02 ----- Machine tools, metal cutting: e.g., exotic, chemical, explosive
3541-M03 ----- Metal polishing lathes
3541-M04 ----- Milling machines (machine tools)
3541-N01 ----- Numerically controlled metal cutting machine tools
3541-P01 ----- Pipe cutting and threading machines (machine tools)
3541-P02 ----- Planers, metal cutting
3541-P03 ----- Plasma process metal cutting machines, except welding machines
3541-P04 ----- Pointing, chamfering, and burring machines
3541-P05 ----- Polishing and buffing machines (machiney tools)
3541-P06 ----- Polishing machines (machine tools)
3541-R01 ----- Reaming machines
3541-R02 ----- Rebuilt machine tools, metal cutting types
3541-R03 ----- Regrinding machines, crankshaft
3541-R04 ----- Rifle working machines (machine tools)
3541-R05 ----- Robots for drilling and cutting-machine type, metalworking
3541-R06 ----- Robots for grinding, polishing, and deburring-metalworking
3541-S01 ----- Sawing and cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)
3541-S02 ----- Saws, power: metal cutting
3541-S03 ----- Screw and nut slotting machines
3541-S04 ----- Screw machines, automatic
3541-S05 ----- Shapers and slotters, metal cutting
3541-S06 ----- Shaving machines (metalworking)
3541-S07 ----- Slotting machines (machine tools)
3541-T01 ----- Tapping machines
3541-T02 ----- Threading machines (machine tools)
3541-T03 ----- Tools, machine: metal cutting types
3541-T04 ----- Turning machines (lathes)
3541-T05 ----- Turret lathes, metal cutting
3541-U01 ----- Ultrasonic assisted grinding machines(metalworking)
3541-U02 ----- Ultrasonic metal cutting machine tools
3541-V01 ----- Valve grinding machines
3541-V02 ----- Vertical turning and boring machines(metalworking


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