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[35 ----- Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment]

3563-000 ----- Air and gas compressors
3581-000 ----- Automatic merchandising machines
3562-000 ----- Ball and roller bearings
3564-000 ----- Blowers and fans
3578-000 ----- Calculating and accounting equipment
3592-000 ----- Carburetors, pistons, rings, valves
3582-000 ----- Commercial laundry equipment
3577-000 ----- Computer peripheral equipment, n.e.c.
3572-000 ----- Computer storage devices
3575-000 ----- Computer terminals
3531-000 ----- Construction machinery
3535-000 ----- Conveyors and conveying equipment
3571-000 ----- Electronic computers
3534-000 ----- Elevators and moving stairways
3523-000 ----- Farm machinery and equipment
3593-000 ----- Fluid power cylinders & actuators
3594-000 ----- Fluid power pumps and motors
3556-000 ----- Food products machinery
3569-000 ----- General industrial machinery, n.e.c.
3536-000 ----- Hoists, cranes, and monorails.
3567-000 ----- Industrial furnaces and ovens
3599-000 ----- Industrial machinery, n.e.c.
3543-000 ----- Industrial patterns
3537-000 ----- Industrial trucks and tractors
3519-000 ----- Internal combustion engines, n.e.c.
3524-000 ----- Lawn and garden equipment
3545-000 ----- Machine tool accessories
3541-000 ----- Machine tools, metal cutting types
3542-000 ----- Machine tools, metal forming types
3586-000 ----- Measuring and dispensing pumps
3549-000 ----- Metalworking machinery, n.e.c.
3532-000 ----- Mining machinery
3579-000 ----- Office machines, n.e.c.
3533-000 ----- Oil and gas field machinery
3565-000 ----- Packaging Machinery
3554-000 ----- Paper industries machinery.
3546-000 ----- Power driven hand tools
3568-000 ----- Power transmission equipment, n.e.c.
3555-000 ----- Printing trades machinery
3561-000 ----- Pumps and pumping equipment
3585-000 ----- Refrigeration and heating equipment
3547-000 ----- Rolling mill machinery
3596-000 ----- Scales and balances, (except laboratory)
3589-000 ----- Service industry machinery, n.e.c.
3544-000 ----- Special dies, tools, jigs & fixtures
3559-000 ----- Special industry machinery, n.e.c.
3566-000 ----- Speed changers, drives, and gears
3552-000 ----- Textile machinery
3511-000 ----- Turbines and turbine generator sets
3548-000 ----- Welding apparatus
3553-000 ----- Woodworking machinery

[3563-000 ----- Air and gas compressors]

3563-C01 ----- Compressors, air and gas: for general industrial use
3563-D01 ----- Dusting outfits for metal, paints, and chemicals (portable or vehicular)
3563-P01 ----- Paint sprayers
3563-R01 ----- Robots for spraying, painting-industrial
3563-S01 ----- Sprayers, hand: except agricultural
3563-S02 ----- Spraying outfits for metals, paints, and chemicals (compressor units)
3563-T01 ----- Tire inflators, hand or compressor operated
3563-V01 ----- Vacuum pumps, except laboratory
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[3581-000 ----- Automatic merchandising machines]

3581-C01 ----- Coin-operated merchandise vending machines
3581-L01 ----- Locks, coin-operated
3581-M01 ----- Mechanisms for coin-operated machines
3581-M02 ----- Merchandising machines, automatic
3581-V01 ----- Vending machines for merchandise: coin-operated
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[3562-000 ----- Ball and roller bearings]

3562-B01 ----- Ball bearings and parts
3562-B02 ----- Bearings, ball and roller
3562-F01 ----- Flange units for ball or roller bearings
3562-P01 ----- Pillow block units for ball or roller bearings
3562-P02 ----- Pillow blocks, with ball or roller bearings
3562-R01 ----- Races, ball and roller bearing
3562-R02 ----- Roller bearings and parts
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[3564-000 ----- Blowers and fans]

3564-A01 ----- Air cleaning systems
3564-A02 ----- Air purification and dust collection equipment
3564-A03 ----- Aircurtains (blower)
3564-A04 ----- Attic fans
3564-B01 ----- Blower filter units (furnace blowers)
3564-B02 ----- Blowers, commercial and industrial
3564-D01 ----- Dust and fume collecting equipment, industrial
3564-D02 ----- Dust collection equipment
3564-E01 ----- Electrostatic precipitators
3564-E02 ----- Exhaust fans, except household and kitchen
3564-F01 ----- Fans, except household
3564-F02 ----- Filters, air: for furnaces and air-conditioning equipment
3564-F03 ----- Furnace blowers (blower filter units)
3564-P01 ----- Precipitators, electrostatic
3564-T01 ----- Turboblowers, industrial
3564-V01 ----- Ventilating, blowing, and exhaust fans: except household and kitchen
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[3578-000 ----- Calculating and accounting equipment]

3578-A01 ----- Accounting machines, operator paced
3578-A02 ----- Adding machines
3578-A03 ----- Automatic teller machines (ATM)
3578-B01 ----- Billing machines
3578-B02 ----- Bookkeeping machines
3578-C01 ----- Calculating machines, operator paced
3578-C02 ----- Cash registers, including adding machines with cash drawers
3578-C03 ----- Change making machines
3578-C04 ----- Coin counters
3578-F01 ----- Funds transfer devices
3578-P01 ----- Point of sale devices
3578-R01 ----- Registers, credit account
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[3592-000 ----- Carburetors, pistons, rings, valves]

3592-C01 ----- Carburetors, all types
3592-P01 ----- Pistons and piston rings
3592-R01 ----- Rings, piston
3592-V01 ----- Valves, engine: intake and exhaust
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[3582-000 ----- Commercial laundry equipment]

3582-D01 ----- Dry cleaning equipment and machinery, commercial
3582-D02 ----- Dryers, commercial laundry, including coin-operated
3582-D03 ----- Dryers, laundry: commercial, including coin-operated
3582-E01 ----- Extractors and driers, commercial laundry
3582-F01 ----- Feather cleansing and sterilizing machinery
3582-I01 ----- Ironers, commercial laundry and drycleaning
3582-L01 ----- Laundry machinery and equipment, commercial, including coin-operated
3582-P01 ----- Presses, finishing: commercial laundry and drycleaning
3582-P02 ----- Pressing machines, commercial laundry and drycleaning
3582-R01 ----- Rug cleaning, drying, and napping machines: commercial laundry
3582-W01 ----- Washing machines, laundry: commercial, including coin-operated
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[3577-000 ----- Computer peripheral equipment, n.e.c.]

3577-C01 ----- Card punching and sorting machines
3577-C02 ----- Card-type conversion equipment, computer peripheral equipment
3577-C03 ----- Computer output to microfilm units, computer peripheral equipment
3577-C04 ----- Computer paper tape punchers and devices, computer peripheral equipment
3577-C05 ----- Power supplies, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3577-D01 ----- Decoders, computer peripheral equipment
3577-D02 ----- Disk pack inspectors, computer peripheral equipment
3577-D03 ----- Document entry conversion devices, computer peripheral equipment
3577-E01 ----- Electronic computer subassembly for film reader and phototheodolite
3577-G01 ----- Graphic displays, except graphic terminals: computer peripheral equipment
3577-I01 ----- Input/output equipment, computer: except terminals
3577-K01 ----- Key-disk or diskette equipment, computer peripheral equipment
3577-K02 ----- Key-tape equipment: reel, cassette, or cartridge
3577-K03 ----- Keying equipment, computer peripheral equipment
3577-K04 ----- Keypunch/verify cards, computer peripheral equipment
3577-M01 ----- Magnetic ink recognition devices, computer peripheral equipment
3577-M02 ----- Media-to-media data conversion equipment, computer peripheral equipment
3577-O01 ----- Optical readers and scanners
3577-O02 ----- Optical scanning devices, computer peripheral equipment
3577-P01 ----- Plotter controllers, computer peripheral equipment
3577-P02 ----- Plotters, computer
3577-P03 ----- Printers, computer
3577-P04 ----- Printers, including strip (computer peripheral equipment)
3577-P05 ----- Punch card equipment: card readers, tabulators, collators, sorters, and interpreters
3577-P06 ----- Punched card readers, sorters, and tabulators
3577-P07 ----- Punching machines, card
3577-S01 ----- Sorters, punch card
3577-S02 ----- Sorting machines, card
3577-T01 ----- Tape cleaners, magnetic: computer peripheral equipment
3577-T02 ----- Tape print units, computer peripheral equipment
3577-V01 ----- Verifiers
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[3572-000 ----- Computer storage devices]

3572-A01 ----- Auxiliary computer storage units
3572-C01 ----- Computer storage units
3572-D01 ----- Disk drives, computer
3572-D02 ----- Drives, computer: disk and drum
3572-D03 ----- Drum drives, computer
3572-K01 ----- Key to tape or disk devices
3572-M01 ----- Magnetic storage devices for computers
3572-O01 ----- Optical storage devices for computers
3572-R01 ----- Recorders, tape: for computers
3572-S01 ----- Storage devices, computer
3572-T01 ----- Tape recorders for data computers
3572-T02 ----- Tape storage units, computer
3572-T03 ----- Tape transports, magnetic
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[3575-000 ----- Computer terminals]

3575-C01 ----- Cathode ray tube (CRT) teleprinter, multistation
3575-C02 ----- Computer terminals
3575-M01 ----- Multistation CRT/teleprinters
3575-T01 ----- Teleprinters (computer terminals)
3575-T02 ----- Terminals, computer
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[3531-000 ----- Construction machinery]

3531-A01 ----- Aerial work platforms, hydraulic or electric truck or carrier mounted
3531-A02 ----- Aggregate spreaders
3531-A03 ----- Asphalt plants, including travel-mix type
3531-A04 ----- Automobile wrecker hoists
3531-B01 ----- Backfillers, self-propelled
3531-B02 ----- Backhoes
3531-B03 ----- Ballast distributors (railway track equipment)
3531-B04 ----- Batching plants, bituminous
3531-B05 ----- Batching plants, for aggregate concrete and bulk cement
3531-B06 ----- Bituminous batching plants
3531-B07 ----- Blades for graders, scrapers, dozers, and snowplows
3531-B08 ----- Breakers, paving
3531-B09 ----- Bucket and scarifier teeth
3531-B10 ----- Buckets, excavating: e.g., clamshell, concrete, dragline, drag scraper, shovel
3531-B11 ----- Bulldozers, construction
3531-C01 ----- Cabs, construction machinery
3531-C02 ----- Capstans, ship
3531-C03 ----- Carriers, crane
3531-C04 ----- Cement silos (batch plant)
3531-C05 ----- Chip spreaders, self-propelled
3531-C06 ----- Chippers, commercial: brush, limb, and log
3531-C07 ----- Compactors, soil: vibratory
3531-C08 ----- Concrete buggies, powered
3531-C09 ----- Concrete grouting equipment
3531-C10 ----- Concrete gunning equipment
3531-C11 ----- Concrete mixers and finishing machinery
3531-C12 ----- Concrete plants
3531-C13 ----- Construction machinery, except mining
3531-C14 ----- Crane carriers
3531-C15 ----- Cranes, construction
3531-C16 ----- Cranes except industrial plant
3531-C17 ----- Crushers, mineral: portable
3531-D01 ----- Derricks, except oil and gas field
3531-D02 ----- Distributors (construction machinery)
3531-D03 ----- Ditchers, ladder: vertical boom or wheel
3531-D04 ----- Dozers, tractor mounted: material moving
3531-D05 ----- Draglines, powered
3531-D06 ----- Drags, road (construction and road maintenance equipment)
3531-D07 ----- Dredging machinery
3531-E01 ----- Excavators: e.g., cable, clamshell, crane, derrick, dragline, power shovel
3531-E02 ----- Extractors, piling
3531-F01 ----- Finishers and spreaders, construction
3531-F02 ----- Finishers, concrete and bituminous: powered
3531-G01 ----- Grader attachments, elevating
3531-G02 ----- Graders, road (construction machinery
3531-G03 ----- Grapples: rock, wood, etc.
3531-G04 ----- Grinders, stone: portable
3531-H01 ----- Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), portable
3531-H02 ----- Hammers, pile driving
3531-J01 ----- Jacks, mud
3531-L01 ----- Ladder ditchers, vertical boom or wheel
3531-L02 ----- Line markers, self-propelled
3531-L03 ----- Loaders, shovel
3531-L04 ----- Locomotive cranes
3531-L05 ----- Log splitters
3531-L06 ----- Logging equipment
3531-M01 ----- Mixers: e.g., concrete, ore, sand, slag, plaster, mortar, bituminous
3531-M02 ----- Mortar mixers
3531-M03 ----- Mud jacks
3531-P01 ----- Pavers
3531-P02 ----- Paving breakers
3531-P03 ----- Pile-driving equipment
3531-P04 ----- Piling extractors
3531-P05 ----- Planers, bituminous
3531-P06 ----- Plaster mixers
3531-P07 ----- Plows, construction: excavating and grading
3531-P08 ----- Post hole diggers, powered
3531-P09 ----- Power cranes, draglines, and shovels
3531-P10 ----- Pulverizers, stone: portable
3531-R01 ----- Rail laying and tamping equipment
3531-R02 ----- Railway track equipment: e.g., rail layers, ballast distributors
3531-R03 ----- Rakes, land clearing: mechanical
3531-R04 ----- Road construction and maintenance machinery
3531-R05 ----- Rock crushing machinery, portable
3531-R06 ----- Rollers, road
3531-R07 ----- Rollers, sheepsfoot and vibratory
3531-S01 ----- Sand mixers
3531-S02 ----- Scarifiers, road
3531-S03 ----- Scrapers, construction
3531-S04 ----- Screeds and screeding machines
3531-S05 ----- Screeners, portable
3531-S06 ----- Ship capstans
3531-S07 ----- Ship cranes and derricks
3531-S08 ----- Ship winches
3531-S09 ----- Shovel loaders
3531-S10 ----- Shovels, power
3531-S11 ----- Silos, cement (batch plant)
3531-S12 ----- Slag mixers
3531-S13 ----- Snowplow attachments
3531-S14 ----- Soil compactors: vibratory
3531-S15 ----- Spreaders and finishers, construction
3531-S16 ----- Subgraders, construction equi pment
3531-S17 ----- Subsoiler attachments, tractor mounted
3531-S18 ----- Surfacers, concrete grinding
3531-T01 ----- Tampers, powered
3531-T02 ----- Tamping equipment, rail
3531-T03 ----- Teeth, bucket and scarifier
3531-T04 ----- Tractors, construction
3531-T05 ----- Tractors, crawler
3531-T06 ----- Tractors, tracklaying
3531-T07 ----- Trenching machines
3531-T08 ----- Trucks, off-highway
3531-V01 ----- Vibrators for concrete construction
3531-W01 ----- Wellpoint systems
3531-W02 ----- Winches, all types
3531-W03 ----- Work platforms, elevated

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