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[34 ----- Fabricated Metal Products (cont')]

[3443 - 000 ----- Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)]

3443-A01 ----- Absorbers, gas
3443-A02 ----- Accumulators (industrial pressure vessels)
3443-A03 ----- Acetylene cylinders
3443-A04 ----- Aftercooler shells
3443-A05 ----- Aftercoolers, steam jet
3443-A06 ----- Air preheaters, nonrotating: plate type
3443-A07 ----- Air receiver tanks, metal plate
3443-A08 ----- Airlocks
3443-A09 ----- Annealing boxes, pots, and covers
3443-A10 ----- Atomic waste casks
3443-A11 ----- Autoclaves, industrial
3443-B01 ----- Baffles
3443-B02 ----- Bails, ladle
3443-B03 ----- Barometric condensers
3443-B04 ----- Bins, prefabricated metal plate
3443-B05 ----- Boiler casings: metal plate
3443-B06 ----- Boiler shop products: industrial boilers, smokestacks, and steel tanks
3443-B07 ----- Boilers: industrial, power, and marine
3443-B08 ----- Boxes annealing
3443-B09 ----- Boxes, condenser: metal plate
3443-B10 ----- Breechings, metal plate
3443-B11 ----- Bubble towers
3443-B12 ----- Buoys, metal
3443-C01 ----- Cable trays, metal plate
3443-C02 ----- Caissons, metal plate
3443-C03 ----- Cars for hot metal
3443-C04 ----- Casing, boiler: metal plate
3443-C05 ----- Casings, scroll
3443-C06 ----- Chutes, metal plate
3443-C07 ----- Columns, fractionating: metal plate
3443-C08 ----- Condenser boxes, metal plate
3443-C09 ----- Condensers, barometric
3443-C10 ----- Condensers, steam
3443-C11 ----- Containers, shipping: metal plate (bombs, etc. ) except missile casings
3443-C12 ----- Cooling towers, metal plate
3443-C13 ----- Covers, annealing
3443-C14 ----- Covers, floating: metal plate
3443-C15 ----- Cryogenic tanks, for liquids and gases: metal plate
3443-C16 ----- Culverts, metal plate
3443-C17 ----- Cuploas, metal plate
3443-C18 ----- Cyclones, industrial: metal plate
3443-C19 ----- Cylinders, pressure: metal plate
3443-D01 ----- Digesters, process: metal plate
3443-D02 ----- Ducting, metal plate
3443-E01 ----- Economizers (boilers)
3443-E02 ----- Evaporators (process vessels), metal plate
3443-E03 ----- Exchangers, heat: industrial, scientific, and nuclear
3443-F01 ----- Farm storage tanks, metal plate
3443-F02 ----- Fermenters (process vessels), metal plate
3443-F03 ----- Floating covers, metal plate
3443-F04 ----- Flumes, metal plate
3443-F05 ----- Forms, collapsible: for tunnels
3443-F06 ----- Fractionating columns, metal plate
3443-F07 ----- Fractionating towers, metal plate
3443-F08 ----- Fuel tanks, metal plate
3443-F09 ----- Fumigating chambers, metal plate
3443-G01 ----- Gas absorbers
3443-G02 ----- Gas holders, metal plate
3443-G03 ----- Gas tanks, metal plate
3443-H01 ----- Heat exchangers: industrial, scientific, and nuclear
3443-H02 ----- Heat transfer drives (finned tubing)
3443-H03 ----- High vacuum coaters, metal plate
3443-H04 ----- Hoods, industrial: metal plate
3443-H05 ----- Hooks, crane: laminated plate
3443-H06 ----- Hoppers, metal plate
3443-H07 ----- Housing cabinets for radium, metal plate
3443-H08 ----- Housings, pressure
3443-H09 ----- Hydropneumatic tanks, metal plate
3443-I01 ----- Intercooler shells
3443-J01 ----- Jackets, industrial: metal plate
3443-K01 ----- Kettles (process vessels), metal plate
3443-K02 ----- Knockouts, free water: metal plate
3443-L01 ----- Ladle bails
3443-L02 ----- Ladles, metal plate
3443-L03 ----- Liners, industrial: metal plate
3443-L04 ----- Liquid oxygen tanks, metal plate
3443-M01 ----- Melting pots, for metal
3443-M02 ----- Missile silos and components, metal plate
3443-M03 ----- Mixers for hot metal
3443-N01 ----- Nuclear core structurals, metal plate
3443-N02 ----- Nuclear reactors, military and industrial
3443-N03 ----- Nuclear shielding, metal plate
3443-O01 ----- Oil storage tanks, metal plate
3443-P01 ----- Penstocks, metal plate
3443-P02 ----- Perforating on heavy metal
3443-P03 ----- Pile shells, metal plate
3443-P04 ----- Pipe, large diameter: metal plate-made by plate fabricators
3443-P05 ----- Plate work, fabricated: cutting, punching, bending, and shaping
3443-P06 ----- Pots: annealing, melting, and smelting
3443-P07 ----- Power boilers, industrial and marine
3443-P08 ----- Precipitators (process vessels), metal plate
3443-P09 ----- Pressure vessels, industrial: metal plate made in boiler shops
3443-P10 ----- Pressurizers and auxiliary equipment, nuclear: metal plate mfg
3443-P11 ----- Process vessels, industrial: metal plate
3443-R01 ----- Racks, trash: metal plate
3443-R02 ----- Reactor containment vessels, metal plate
3443-R03 ----- Reactors, nuclear: military and industrial
3443-R04 ----- Retorts, industrial
3443-R05 ----- Retorts, smelting
3443-R06 ----- Rocket transportation casings
3443-S01 ----- Scroll casings
3443-S02 ----- Separators, industrial process: metal plate
3443-S03 ----- Septic tanks, metal plate
3443-S04 ----- Skid tanks, metal plate
3443-S05 ----- Smelting pots and retorts
3443-S06 ----- Smokestacks, boiler plate
3443-S07 ----- Space simulation chambers, metal plate
3443-S08 ----- Spheres, for liquids or gas: metal plate
3443-S09 ----- Standpipes
3443-S10 ----- Steam condensers
3443-S11 ----- Steam jet aftercoolers
3443-S12 ----- Steam jet inter condensers
3443-S13 ----- Sterilizing chambers, metal plate
3443-S14 ----- Stills, pressure: metal plate
3443-S15 ----- Storage tanks, metal plate
3443-S16 ----- Surge tanks, metal plate
3443-T01 ----- Tank towers, metal plate
3443-T02 ----- Tanks for tank trucks, metal plate
3443-T03 ----- Tanks, metal plate: lined
3443-T04 ----- Tanks, standard and custom fabricated: metal plate-made in boiler shops
3443-T05 ----- Towers: bubble, cooling, fractionating-metal plate
3443-T06 ----- Towers, tank: metal plate
3443-T07 ----- Trash racks, metal plate
3443-T08 ----- Troughs, industrial: metal plate
3443-T09 ----- Truss plates, metal
3443-T10 ----- Tunnel lining, metal plate
3443-T11 ----- Tunnels, vacuum: metal plate
3443-T12 ----- Tunnels, wind
3443-V01 ----- Vacuum tanks, metal plate
3443-V02 ----- Vacuum tunnels, metal plate
3443-V03 ----- Vats, metal plate
3443-V04 ----- Vessels, pressure: industrial-metal plate(made in boiler shops)
3443-V05 ----- Vessels, process and storage: metal plate(made in boiler shops)
3443-W01 ----- Water tanks, metal plate
3443-W02 ----- Weldments
3443-W03 ----- Wind tunnels

[3441 - 000 ----- Fabricated structural metal]

3441-B01 ----- Barge sections, prefabricated metal
3441-B02 ----- Boat sections, prefabricated metal
3441-B03 ----- Bridge sections, highway: prefabricated metal
3441-D01 ----- Dam gates, metal plate
3441-E01 ----- Expansion joints (structural shapes): iron and steel
3441-F01 ----- Fabricated structural steel
3441-F02 ----- Floor jacks, metal
3441-F03 ----- Floor posts, adjustable: metal
3441-G01 ----- Gates, dam: metal plate
3441-H01 ----- Highway bridge sections, prefabricated metal
3441-J01 ----- Joists, open web steel: long span series
3441-R01 ----- Radio and television tower sections, prefabricated metal
3441-R02 ----- Railway bridge sections, prefabricated metal
3441-S01 ----- Ship sections, prefabricated metal
3441-S02 ----- Steel joists, open web: long-span series
3441-S03 ----- Steel railroad car racks (for transporting motor vehicles fabricated)
3441-S04 ----- Structural steel, fabricated
3441-T01 ----- Television tower sections, prefabricated metal
3441-T02 ----- Tower sections, transmission: prefabricated metal
3441-T03 ----- Transmission towers

[3492 - 000 ----- Fluid power valves & hose fittings]

3492-C01 ----- Control valves, fluid power: metal
3492-E01 ----- Electrohydraulic servo valves, fluid power: metal
3492-F01 ----- Fluid power valves and fittings
3492-H01 ----- Hose fittings and assemblies, fluid power: metal
3492-H02 ----- Hydraulic hose assemblies
3492-H03 ----- Hydraulic valves, including aircraft: fluid power-metal
3492-P01 ----- Pneumatic hose assemblies
3492-P02 ----- Pneumatic valves, including aircraft: fluid power-metal
3492-P03 ----- Pressure control valves, fluid power: metal
3492-S01 ----- Solenoid valves, fluid power: metal
3492-T01 ----- Tube and hose fittings and assemblies, fluid power: metal
3492-T02 ----- Tube fittings and assemblies, fluid power: metal
3492-V01 ----- Valves, automatic control: fluid power-metal
3492-V02 ----- Valves, hydraulic and pneumatic control: fluid power-metal

[3423 - 000 ----- Hand and edge tools, n.e.c.]

3423-A01 ----- Adzes
3423-A02 ----- Agricultural edge tools, hand
3423-A03 ----- Agricultural handtools: hoes, rakes, spades, hay forks, etc.
3423-A04 ----- Augers (edge tools)
3423-A05 ----- Awls
3423-A06 ----- Axes
3423-B01 ----- Baling hooks
3423-B02 ----- Ballast forks
3423-B03 ----- Bars, prying (handtools)
3423-B04 ----- Bearing pullers, handtools
3423-B05 ----- Bits (edge tools for woodworking)
3423-B06 ----- Blow torches
3423-B07 ----- Bush hooks
3423-C01 ----- C-clamps
3423-C02 ----- Can openers, except electric
3423-C03 ----- Cane knives
3423-C04 ----- Cant hooks (handtools)
3423-C05 ----- Carpenters, handtools, except saws
3423-C06 ----- Caulking guns
3423-C07 ----- Caulking tools, hand
3423-C08 ----- Chisels
3423-C09 ----- Clamps, hand
3423-C10 ----- Corn knives
3423-C11 ----- Counterbores and countersinking bits, woodworking
3423-C12 ----- Countersinks
3423-C13 ----- Cutters, glass
3423-C14 ----- Cutting dies: except metal cutting
3423-C15 ----- Cutting dies, paper industry
3423-D01 ----- Dies, cutting: except metal cutting
3423-D02 ----- Drawknives
3423-D03 ----- Drill bits, woodworking
3423-D04 ----- Drills, hand: except power
3423-E01 ----- Edge tools for woodworking: augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.
3423-E02 ----- Engravers, tools, hand
3423-F01 ----- Fence stretchers (handtools)
3423-F02 ----- Files, including recutting and resharpening
3423-F03 ----- Forks: garden, hay and manure, stone and ballast
3423-G01 ----- Garden handtools
3423-G02 ----- Gear pullers, handtools
3423-G03 ----- Gimlets (edge tools)
3423-G04 ----- Gouges, woodworking
3423-G05 ----- Grass hooks
3423-G06 ----- Guns, caulking
3423-H01 ----- Hammers (handtools)
3423-H02 ----- Hatchets
3423-H03 ----- Hay forks
3423-H04 ----- Hay knives
3423-H05 ----- Hoes, garden and masons'
3423-H06 ----- Hooks: bush, grass, baling, and husking
3423-H07 ----- Husking hooks
3423-I01 ----- Ironworkers, handtools
3423-J01 ----- Jacks: lifting, screw, and ratchet (handtools)
3423-J02 ----- Jewelers, handtools
3423-K01 ----- Knives, agricultural and industrial
3423-K02 ----- Knives, machine; except metal cutting
3423-L01 ----- Leaf skimmers and swimming pool rakes
3423-L02 ----- Levels, carpenters
3423-M01 ----- Machetes
3423-M02 ----- Machine knives, except metal cutting
3423-M03 ----- Mallets, printers
3423-M04 ----- Masons, handtools
3423-M05 ----- Mattocks (handtools)
3423-M06 ----- Mauls, metal (handtools)
3423-M07 ----- Mechanics, handtools
3423-M08 ----- Mitre boxes, metal
3423-N01 ----- Nozzles, fire fighting
3423-P01 ----- Peavies (handtools)
3423-P02 ----- Picks (handtools)
3423-P03 ----- Planes, woodworking: hand
3423-P04 ----- Pliers (handtools)
3423-P05 ----- Plumbers, handtools
3423-P06 ----- Post hole diggers, hand
3423-P07 ----- Pruning tools
3423-P08 ----- Prying bars (handtools)
3423-P09 ----- Pullers: wheel, gear, and bearing (handtools)
3423-P10 ----- Punches (handtools)
3423-P11 ----- Putty knives
3423-R01 ----- Rakes, handtools
3423-R02 ----- Rasps, including recutting and resharpening
3423-R03 ----- Rules and rulers: metal, except slide-
3423-S01 ----- Scoops, hand: metal
3423-S02 ----- Scrapers, woodworking: hand
3423-S03 ----- Screw drivers
3423-S04 ----- Scythes
3423-S05 ----- Shovels, hand
3423-S06 ----- Sickles, hand
3423-S07 ----- Sledges (handtools)
3423-S08 ----- Soldering guns and tools, hand: electric
3423-S09 ----- Soldering iron tips and tiplets
3423-S10 ----- Soldering irons and coppers
3423-S11 ----- Spades, hand
3423-S12 ----- Squares, carpenter
3423-S13 ----- Stone forks (handtools)
3423-S14 ----- Stonecutters, handtools
3423-S15 ----- Strapping tools, steel
3423-T01 ----- Test plugs: plumbers, handtools
3423-T02 ----- Tinners' handtools, except snips
3423-T03 ----- Tongs, oyster
3423-T04 ----- Tools and equipment for use with sporting arms
3423-T05 ----- Tools, edge: woodworking-augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.
3423-T06 ----- Tools, hand: except power-driven tools and saws
3423-T07 ----- Trowels
3423-V01 ----- Vises, carpenters
3423-V02 ----- Vises, except machine
3423-W01 ----- Wheel pullers, handtools
3423-W02 ----- Wrenches (handtools)
3423-Y01 ----- Yardsticks, metal

[3425 - 000 ----- Hand saws and saw blades]

3425-B01 ----- Blades, saw: for hand or power saws
3425-C01 ----- Chain type saw blades
3425-S01 ----- Saw blades, for hand or power saws
3425-S02 ----- Saws, hand: metalworking or woodworking


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