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[34 ----- Fabricated Metal Products]

3483-000 ----- Ammunition, (except for small arms, n.e.c.)
3446-000 ----- Architectural metal work
3465-000 ----- Automotive stampings
3452-000 ----- Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers
3466-000 ----- Crowns and closures
3421-000 ----- Cutlery
3499-000 ----- Fabricated metal products, n.e.c.
3498-000 ----- Fabricated pipe and fittings
3443-000 ----- Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)
3441-000 ----- Fabricated structural metal
3492-000 ----- Fluid power valves & hose fittings
3423-000 ----- Hand and edge tools, n.e.c.
3425-000 ----- Hand saws and saw blades
3429-000 ----- Hardware, n.e.c.
3433-000 ----- Heating equipment, (except electric)
3491-000 ----- Industrial valves
3462-000 ----- Iron and steel forgings
3412-000 ----- Metal barrels, drums, and pails
3411-000 ----- Metal cans
3479-000 ----- Metal coating and allied services
3442-000 ----- Metal doors, sash, and trim
3497-000 ----- Metal foil and leaf
3431-000 ----- Metal sanitary ware
3469-000 ----- Metal stampings, n.e.c.
3496-000 ----- Misc. fabricated wire products, made from purchased wire
3449-000 ----- Miscellaneous metal work
3463-000 ----- Nonferrous forgings: not made in hot-rolling mills
3489-000 ----- Ordnance and accessories, n.e.c.
3471-000 ----- Plating and polishing, for the trade
3432-000 ----- Plumbing fittings and brass goods
3448-000 ----- Prefabricated metal buildings
3451-000 ----- Screw machine products
3444-000 ----- Sheet metal work
3484-000 ----- Small arms
3482-000 ----- Small arms ammunition
3493-000 ----- Steel springs, (except wire)
3494-000 ----- Valves and pipe fittings
3495-000 ----- Wire springs: made from purchased wire

[3483-000 ----- Ammunition, (except for small arms, n.e.c.)]

3483-A01 ----- Adapters, bombcluster
3483-A02 ----- Ammunition and component parts, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-A03 ----- Ammunition loading and assembling plants
3483-A04 ----- Arming and fusing devices for missiles
3483-A05 ----- Artillery ammunition and component parts, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-B01 ----- Bag loading plants, ammunition
3483-B02 ----- Bomb loading and assembling plants
3483-B03 ----- Bombcluster adapters
3483-B04 ----- Bombs and parts
3483-B05 ----- Boosters and bursters
3483-C01 ----- Canisters, ammunition
3483-C02 ----- Caps, bomb
3483-C03 ----- Chemical warfare projectiles and components
3483-D01 ----- Depth charges and parts (ordnance)
3483-D02 ----- Detonators for ammunition more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-D03 ----- Detonators: mine, bomb, depth charge, and chemical warfare projectile
3483-F01 ----- Fin assemblies, mortar: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-F02 ----- Fin assemblies, torpedo and bomb
3483-F03 ----- Forgings, projectile: machined-for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1 18 inch)
3483-F04 ----- Fuses for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-F05 ----- Fuses: mine, torpedo, bomb, depth charge, and chemical warfare projectile
3483-G01 ----- Grenades and parts
3483-I01 ----- Igniters, tracer: for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-J01 ----- Jet propulsion projectiles, complete
3483-L01 ----- Loading and assembling bombs, powder bags, and shells: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-M01 ----- Mines and parts (ordnance)
3483-M02 ----- Missile warheads
3483-M03 ----- Mortar shells, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-P01 ----- Powder bag loading
3483-P02 ----- Primers for ammunition, more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-P03 ----- Projectile forgings, machined: for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-P04 ----- Projectiles, chemical warfare
3483-P05 ----- Projectiles, jet propulsion: complete
3483-R01 ----- Rockets (ammunition)
3483-S01 ----- Shell loading and assembly plants, for ammunition more than 30 mm.
3483-S02 ----- Shells, artillery: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
3483-T01 ----- Torpedoes and parts (ordnance)
3483-T02 ----- Tracer igniters for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)
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[3446 - 000 ----- Architectural metal work]

3446-A01 ----- Acoustical suspension systems, metal
3446-A02 ----- Architectural metal work, ferrous and nonferrous
3446-B01 ----- Balconies, metal
3446-B02 ----- Bank fixtures, ornamental metal
3446-B03 ----- Bannisters, railings, guards, etc.: made from metal pipe
3446-B04 ----- Brasswork, ornamental: structural
3446-C01 ----- Chain ladders, metal
3446-C02 ----- Channels, furring
3446-E01 ----- Elevator guide rails, metal
3446-F01 ----- Fences and posts, ornamental iron and steel
3446-F02 ----- Fire escapes, metal
3446-F03 ----- Flagpoles, metal
3446-F04 ----- Flooring, open steel (grating)
3446-F05 ----- Furring channels
3446-G01 ----- Gates, ornamental metal
3446-G02 ----- Gratings (open steel flooring)
3446-G03 ----- Gratings, tread: fabricated metal
3446-G04 ----- Grillework, ornamental metal
3446-G05 ----- Guards, bannisters, railings, etc.: made from metal pipe
3446-L01 ----- Ladders, chain: metal
3446-L02 ----- Ladders, for permanent installation: metal
3446-L03 ----- Lamp posts, metal
3446-L04 ----- Lintels, light gauge steel
3446-O01 ----- Ornamental and architectural metalwork
3446-P01 ----- Partitions and grillework, ornamental metal
3446-P02 ----- Pipe bannisters, railings, and guards
3446-P03 ----- Purlins, light gauge steel
3446-R01 ----- Railings, bannisters, guards, etc.: made from metal pipe
3446-R02 ----- Railings, prefabricated metal
3446-R03 ----- Registers, air: metal
3446-S01 ----- Scaffolds, metal (mobile or stationary)
3446-S02 ----- Stair railings, metal
3446-S03 ----- Stair treads, fabricated metal
3446-S04 ----- Staircases, prefabricated metal
3446-S05 ----- Stairs, prefabricated metal
3446-T01 ----- Treads, stair: fabricated metal
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[3465 - 000 ----- Automotive stampings]

3465-A01 ----- Automotive stampings: e.g., fenders, tops, hub caps, body parts, trim
3465-B01 ----- Body parts, automotive: stamped
3465-F01 ----- Fenders, stamped and pressed
3465-H01 ----- Hub caps, automotive: stamped
3465-M01 ----- Moldings and trim, automotive: stamped
3465-T01 ----- Tops, automobile: stamped metal
3465-T02 ----- Trim and body parts, automobile: stamped metal
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[3452 - 000 ----- Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers]

3452-B01 ----- Bolts, metal
3452-C01 ----- Cotter pins, metal
3452-D01 ----- Dowel pins, metal
3452-G01 ----- Gate hooks
3452-H01 ----- Hooks, gate
3452-H02 ----- Hooks, screw
3452-L01 ----- Lock washers
3452-M01 ----- Machine keys
3452-N01 ----- Nuts, metal
3452-R01 ----- Rivets, metal
3452-S01 ----- Screw eyes, metal
3452-S02 ----- Screw hooks
3452-S03 ----- Screws, metal
3452-S04 ----- Spring pins, metal
3452-S05 ----- Spring washers, metal
3452-T01 ----- Toggle bolts, metal
3452-W01 ----- Washers, metal
3452-W02 ----- Wood screws, metal
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[3466 - 000 ----- Crowns and closures]

3466-B01 ----- Bottle caps and tops, stamped metal
3466-C01 ----- Caps and tops, bottle: stamped metal
3466-C02 ----- Closures, stamped metal
3466-C03 ----- Crowns, jar: stamped metal
3466-J01 ----- Jar crowns and tops, stamped metal
3466-T01 ----- Tops, jar: stamped metal
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[3421 - 000 ----- Cutlery]

3421-B01 ----- Barbers, scissors
3421-B02 ----- Blades, knife and razor
3421-B03 ----- Butchers, knives
3421-C01 ----- Carving sets: except all metal
3421-C02 ----- Cleavers
3421-C03 ----- Clippers, fingernail and toenail
3421-C04 ----- Cutlery, except table cutlery with handles of metal
3421-F01 ----- Fishing knives
3421-F02 ----- Forks, table: except all metal
3421-H01 ----- Hedge shears and trimmers, except power
3421-H02 ----- Hunting knives
3421-K01 ----- Kitchen cutlery
3421-K02 ----- Knife blades
3421-K03 ----- Knife blanks
3421-K04 ----- Knives: butchers, hunting, pocket, table-except all metal table and electric
3421-K05 ----- Knives, table: metal, except all metal
3421-P01 ----- Pocket knives
3421-P02 ----- Potato peelers, hand
3421-R01 ----- Razor blades
3421-R02 ----- Razors: safety and straight
3421-S01 ----- Safety razor blades
3421-S03 ----- Scissors: barbers, manicure, pedicure, tailors, and household
3421-S04 ----- Scissors, hand
3421-S05 ----- Shears, hand
3421-S06 ----- Shears, hedge: except power
3421-S07 ----- Shears, metal cutting: hand
3421-S08 ----- Snips, tinners'
3421-S09 ----- Straight razors
3421-S10 ----- Swords
3421-T01 ----- Table cutlery, except table cutlery with handles of metal
3421-T02 ----- Tailors, scissors
3421-T03 ----- Tailors, shears, hand
3421-T05 ----- Trimmers, hedge: except power
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[3499 - 000 ----- Fabricated metal products, n.e.c.]
3499-A01 ----- Aerosol valves, metal
3499-A02 ----- Ammunition boxes, metal
3499-A03 ----- Aquarium accessories, metal
3499-A04 ----- Automobile seat frames, metal
3499-B01 ----- Bank chests, metal
3499-B02 ----- Barricades, metal
3499-B03 ----- Book ends, metal
3499-B04 ----- Boxes, ammunition: metal
3499-B05 ----- Boxes for packing and shipping, metal
3499-C01 ----- Chair frames, metal
3499-C02 ----- Chests, fire or burglary resistive: metal
3499-C03 ----- Chests, safe deposit: metal
3499-C04 ----- Collapsible tubes for viscous products, metal
3499-D01 ----- Doors, safe and vault: metal
3499-D02 ----- Drain plugs, magnetic: metal
3499-D03 ----- Drill stands, metal
3499-F01 ----- Ferrules, metal
3499-F02 ----- Fountains, metal (except drinking)
3499-F03 ----- Frames, chair: metal
3499-F04 ----- Freezers, ice cream: household-metal
3499-F05 ----- Friction material, made from powdered metal
3499-F06 ----- Furniture parts, metal
3499-H01 ----- Hoops, metal: other than wire
3499-I01 ----- Ice cream freezers, household, nonelectric: metal
3499-I02 ----- Ironing boards, metal
3499-L01 ----- Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metal
3499-L02 ----- Ladders, metal: portable
3499-L03 ----- Linings, safe and vault: metal
3499-L04 ----- Locks, safe and vault: metal
3499-M01 ----- Machine bases, metal
3499-M02 ----- Magnets, permanent: metallic
3499-M03 ----- Marine horns, compressed air or steam: metal
3499-M04 ----- Money chests, metal
3499-N01 ----- Novelties and specialties, metal: except advertising novelties
3499-N02 ----- Nozzles, spray: aerosol paint, and insecticides-mEg
3499-P01 ----- Plugs, drain: magnetic-metal
3499-P02 ----- Powder metal products, custom molding
3499-R01 ----- Reels, cable: metal
3499-S01 ----- Safe deposit boxes and chests, metal-n
3499-S02 ----- Safe doors and linings, metal
3499-S03 ----- Safes, metal
3499-S04 ----- Shims, metal
3499-S05 ----- Spray nozzles, aerosol
3499-S06 ----- Stabilizing bars (cargo), metal
3499-S07 ----- Stepladders, metal
3499-S08 ----- Strapping, metal
3499-T01 ----- Tablets, metal
3499-T02 ----- Target drones for use by ships, metal
3499-T03 ----- Toilet ware, metal: except silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
3499-T04 ----- Trophies, metal: except silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated
3499-T05 ----- Tubes, collapsible: for viscous products-tin, lead, and aluminum
3499-V01 ----- Vault doors and linings, metal
3499-V02 ----- Vaults, except burial vaults: metal
3499-W01 ----- Wheels, stamped metal, disc type: wheelbarrow, stroller, lawnmower
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[3498 - 000 ----- Fabricated pipe and fittings]

3498-B01 ----- Bends, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-C01 ----- Coils, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-C02 ----- Couplings, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-F01 ----- Fabricated pipe and fittings: threading, bending, etc.-of purchased pipe mfg
3498-M01 ----- Manifolds, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-N01 ----- Nipples, metal pipe: except pressure and soil pipe
3498-P01 ----- Pipe and fittings, fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-P02 ----- Pipe couplings: fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-P03 ----- Pipe, fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-P04 ----- Pipe headers, welded: fabricated from purchased metal pipe
3498-P05 ----- Piping systems, metal: for pulp, paper, and chemical industries
3498-S01 ----- Sections, pipe: fabricated from purchased mmetal pipe
3498-T01 ----- Tube fabricating (contract bending and shaping). metal

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