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[26 ----- Paper and Allied Products (cont')]

[2672 -000 ----- Paper coated and laminated, n.e.c.]

2672-B01 ----- Book paper, coated-mfpm
2672-C01 ----- Cellophane adhesive tape mfpm
2672-C02 ----- Cloth-lined paper-mfpm
2672-C03 ----- Condenser paper-mfpm
2672-E01 ----- Enameled paper-mfpm
2672-F01 ----- Fancy paper, coated and glazed: except for packaging-mfpm
2672-F02 ----- Flypaper-mfpm
2672-G01 ----- Gummed paper-mfpm
2672-G02 ----- Gummed tape, cloth and paper base-mfpm
2672-L01 ----- Litmus paper-mfpm
2672-M01 ----- Masking tape mfpm
2672-M02 ----- Metallic covered paper, except for packaging-mfpm
2672-O01 ----- Oiled paper-mfpm
2672-P01 ----- Paper, coated and laminated: except for packaging-mfpm
2672-P02 ----- Pressure sensitive paper and tape, except rubber backed-mfpm
2672-P03 ----- Printing paper, coated-mfpm
2672-R01 ----- Resinous impregnated paper, except for packaging-mfpm
2672-T01 ----- Tape, cellophane adhesive-mfpm
2672-T02 ----- Tape, gummed: cloth and paper base-mfpm
2672-T03 ----- Tape, masking-mfpm
2672-T04 ----- Tape, pressure sensitive: except rubber backed-mfpm
2672-T05 ----- Tar paper: except building or roofing and packaging-mfpm
2672-T06 ----- Thermoplastics coated paper, except for packaging-mfpm
2672-T07 ----- Transfer paper, gold and silver-mfpm
2672-W01 ----- Waxed paper, except for packaging-mfpm

[2671 -000 ----- Paper coated & laminated, packaging]

2671-B01 ----- Bread wrappers, waxed or laminated-mfpm
2671-C01 ----- Coated paper for packaging-mfpm
2671-M01 ----- Metallic covered paper for packaging-mfpm
2671-P01 ----- Paper, coated or laminated: for packaging-mfpm
2671-P02 ----- Plastics film, coated or laminated: for packaging-mfpm
2671-R01 ----- Resinous impregnated paper for packaging-mfpm
2671-T01 ----- Thermoplastics coated paper for packaging-mfpm
2671-W01 ----- Waterproof wrapping paper-mfpm
2671-W02 ----- Waxed paper for packaging-mfpm
2671-W03 ----- Wrapping paper, coated or laminated-mfpm

[2621 -000 ----- Paper mills, (except building paper)]

2621-A01 ----- Absorbent paper-mitse
2621-A02 ----- Asbestos paper and asbestos filled paper-mitse
2621-A03 ----- Asphalt paper: laminated-mitse
2621-A04 ----- Asphalt sheathing-mitse
2621-B01 ----- Bag paper-mitse
2621-B02 ----- Blotting paper-mitse
2621-B03 ----- Bond paper-mitse
2621-B04 ----- Book paper-mitse
2621-B05 ----- Bristols, except bogus-mitse
2621-B06 ----- Building paper: sheathing, insulation, saturating, and dry felts-mitse
2621-C01 ----- Capacitor paper-mitse
2621-C02 ----- Catalog paper-mitse
2621-C03 ----- Cigarette paper-mitse
2621-C04 ----- Cleansing tissue stock-mitse
2621-C05 ----- Condenser paper-mitse
2621-C06 ----- Construction paper-mitse
2621-C07 ----- Cotton fiber paper-mitse
2621-C08 ----- Cover paper-mitse
2621-D01 ----- Dry felts, except textile-mitse
2621-F01 ----- Facial tissue stock-mitse
2621-F02 ----- Felts, building-mitse
2621-F03 ----- Filter paper-mitse
2621-G01 ----- Glassine wrapping paper-mitse
2621-G02 ----- Greaseproof wrapping paper-mitse
2621-G03 ----- Groundwood paper-mitse
2621-H01 ----- Hanging paper (wallpaper stock)-misc
2621-K01 ----- Kraft sheathing paper-mitse
2621-K02 ----- Kraft wrapping paper-mitse
2621-L01 ----- Lining paper-mitse mfg
2621-L02 ----- Lithograph paper-mitse
2621-M01 ----- Manila wrapping paper-mitse
2621-M02 ----- Matrix paper-mitse
2621-M03 ----- Milk filter disks-mitse
2621-N01 ----- Napkin stock, paper-mitse
2621-N02 ----- News tablet paper-mitse
2621-N03 ----- Newsprint-mitse
2621-O01 ----- Offset paper-mitse
2621-P01 ----- Paper, building-mitse
2621-P02 ----- Paper mills-mitse
2621-P03 ----- Paper-mitse
2621-P04 ----- Parchment paper-mitse
2621-P05 ----- Poster paper-mitse
2621-P06 ----- Printing paper-mitse
2621-P07 ----- Publication paper-mitse
2621-R01 ----- Roofing felt stock-mitse
2621-R02 ----- Rope and jute wrapping paper-mitse
2621-R03 ----- Rotogravure paper-mitse
2621-S01 ----- Saturated felts-mitse
2621-S02 ----- Sheathing paper-mitse
2621-S03 ----- Shipping sack paper-mitse.
2621-S04 ----- Siding, insulating paper, impregnated or not-mitse
2621-T01 ----- Tagboard, made in paper mills-mitse
2621-T02 ----- Tar paper, building and roofing-mitse
2621-T03 ----- Text paper-mitse
2621-T04 ----- Thin paper-mitse
2621-T05 ----- Tissue paper-mitse mfg
2621-T06 ----- Toilet tissue stock-mitse
2621-T07 ----- Toweling paper-mitse
2621-W01 ----- Wallpaper stock (hanging paper)-mitse
2621-W02 ----- Wrapping paper-mitse mfg
2621-W03 ----- Writing paper-mitse

[2631 -000 ----- Paperboard mills]

2631-B01 ----- Binders, board-mitse
2631-B02 ----- Bottle cap board-mitse
2631-B03 ----- Boxboard-mitse
2631-B04 ----- Bristols, bogus-mitse
2631-C01 ----- Cardboard-mitse
2631-C02 ----- Chipboard (paperboard)-mitse
2631-C03 ----- Clay coated board-mitse
2631-C04 ----- Container board-mitse
2631-F01 ----- Folding boxboards-mitse
2631-J01 ----- Jute liner board-mitse
2631-K01 ----- Kraft liner board-mitse
2631-L01 ----- Leatherboard-mitse
2631-L02 ----- Liner board, kraft and jute-mitse
2631-M01 ----- Manila lined board-mitse
2631-M02 ----- Matrix board-mitse
2631-M03 ----- Milk carton board-mitse
2631-N01 ----- Newsboard-mitse
2631-P01 ----- Paperboard, except building board-mitse
2631-P02 ----- Paperboard mills, except building board mills
2631-P03 ----- Patent coated paperboard-mitse
2631-P04 ----- Pressboard-mitse
2631-S01 ----- Setup boxboard-mitse
2631-S02 ----- Shoe board-mitse mfg
2631-S03 ----- Special food board-mitse
2631-S04 ----- Stencil board-mitse
2631-S05 ----- Strawboard, except building board-misc
2631-T01 ----- Tagboard-mitse
2631-W01 ----- Wet machine board-mitse

[2611 -000 ----- Pulp mills]

2611-D01 ----- Deinking of newsprint
2611-F01 ----- Fiber pulp: made from wood, rags, wastepaper, linters, straw, and bagasse
2611-P01 ----- Pulp, fiber: made from wood, rags, wastepaper, linters, straw, and bagasse
2611-P02 ----- Pulp mills
2611-P03 ----- Pulp: soda, sulfate, sulfite, ground wood, rayon, and semichemical
2611-R01 ----- Rayon pulp
2611-W01 ----- Wood pulp

[2656 -000 ----- Sanitary food containers]

2656-C01 ----- Containers, food, sanitary: except folding-mfpm
2656-C02 ----- Cups, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm
2656-D01 ----- Dishes, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm
2656-D02 ----- Drinking cups, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm
2656-D03 ----- Drinking straws, except glass or plastics-mfpm
2656-F01 ----- Food containers, nonfolding paperboard, sanitary-mfpm
2656-F02 ----- Food containers, sanitary: except folding-mfpm
2656-F03 ----- Frozen food containers, nonfolding paperboard-mfpm
2656-I01 ----- Ice cream containers, nonfolding paperboard-mfpm
2656-M01 ----- Milk cartons, paperboard-mfpm
2656-P01 ----- Plates, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm
2656-S01 ----- Sanitary paper food containers, liquid tight-mfpm
2656-S02 ----- Soda straws, except glass or plastics-mfpm
2656-S03 ----- Spoons, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm
2656-S04 ----- Straws, soda: except glass or plastics
2656-U01 ----- Utensils, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pull-mfpm

[2676 -000 ----- Sanitary paper products]

2676-C01 ----- Cards, jacquard-mfpm
2676-C02 ----- Cleansing tissues-mfpm
2676-D01 ----- Diapers, disposable-mfpm
2676-F01 ----- Facial tissues-mfpm
2676-H01 ----- Handkerchiefs, paper-mfpm
2676-N01 ----- Napkins, paper-mfpm
2676-N02 ----- Napkins, sanitary-mfpm
2676-P01 ----- Paper napkins, mfpm
2676-S01 ----- Sanitary napkins-mfpm
2676-T01 ----- Tampons-mfpm
2676-T02 ----- Tissues, cleansing: mfpm
2676-T03 ----- Toilet paper-mfpm
2676-T04 ----- Towels, paper-mfpm

[2652 -000 ----- Set-up paperboard boxes]

2652-B01 ----- Boxes, newsboard: metal edged-mfpm
2652-B02 ----- Boxes, setup paperboard-mfpm
2652-F01 ----- Filing boxes, paperboard-mfpm

[2678 -000 ----- Stationery products]

2678-B01 ----- Books, memorandum: except printed-mfpm
2678-C01 ----- Correspondence-type tablets-mfpm
2678-D01 ----- Desk pads, paper-mfpm
2678-F01 ----- Fillers for looseleaf devices, except printed forms-mfpm
2678-L01 ----- Looseleaf fillers and ream paper in filler sizes, except printed-mfpm
2678-M01 ----- Memorandum books, except printed-mfpm
2678-N01 ----- Newsprint tablets and pads-mfpm
2678-N02 ----- Notebooks, including mechanically bound by wire, plastics, etc.-mfpm
2678-P01 ----- Pads, desk: paper-mfpm
2678-P02 ----- Papeteries-mfpm
2678-S01 ----- Stationery-mfpm
2678-T01 ----- Tablets and pads, book and writing-mfpm
2678-W01 ----- Writing paper and envelopes, boxed sets-mfpm
2678-W02 ----- Writing tablets, mfpm


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