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[26 ----- Paper and Allied Products]

2673-000 ----- Bags: plastics, laminated, & coated
2674-000 ----- Bags: uncoated paper & multiwall
2679-000 ----- Converted paper products, n.e.c.
2653-000 ----- Corrugated and solid fiber boxes
2675-000 ----- Die-cut paper and board
2677-000 ----- Envelopes
2655-000 ----- Fiber cans, drums & similar products
2657-000 ----- Folding paperboard boxes
2672-000 ----- Paper coated and laminated, n.e.c.
2671-000 ----- Paper coated & laminated, packaging
2621-000 ----- Paper mills, (except building paper)
2631-000 ----- Paperboard mills
2611-000 ----- Pulp mills
2656-000 ----- Sanitary food containers
2676-000 ----- Sanitary paper products
2652-000 ----- Set-up paperboard boxes
2678-000 ----- Stationery products

[2673-000 ----- Bags: plastics, laminated, & coated]

2673-F01 ----- Flour bags, except fabric-mfpm
2673-F02 ----- Frozen food bags-mfpm
2673-G01 ----- Garment storage bags, coated paper or plastics film-mfpm
2673-M01 ----- Merchandise bags, plastics-mfpm
2673-P01 ----- Pliofilm bags-mfpm
2673-T01 ----- Trash bags, plastics film, foil, and coated paper-mfpm
2673-W01 ----- Wardrobe bags (closet accessories), plastics film or coated paper-mfpm
2673-W02 ----- Waste bags, plastics film and laminated-mfpm
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[2674-000 ----- Bags: uncoated paper & multiwall]

2674-B01 ----- Bags, paper: uncoated-mfpm
2674-C01 ----- Cement bags-mfpm
2674-G01 ----- Glassine bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
2674-G02 ----- Grocers, bags and sacks, uncoated paper-mfpm
2674-M01 ----- Merchandise bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
2674-M02 ----- Multiwall bags, paper-mfpm
2674-S01 ----- Sacks, multiwall or heavy-duty shipping: sack-mfpm
2674-S02 ----- Shipping bags or sacks, including multiwall and heavy duty-mfpm
2674-S03 ----- Shipping sacks, paper-mfpm
2674-S04 ----- Shopping bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
2674-V01 ----- Variety bags, uncoated paper-mfpm
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[2679-000 ----- Converted paper products, n.e.c.]

2679-A01 ----- Adding machine rolls, paper-mfpm
2679-B01 ----- Batts, insulating: paper-mfpm
2679-B02 ----- Blankets, insulating: paper-mfpm
2679-B03 ----- Building paper, laminated-mfpm
2679-C01 ----- Cigarette paper, book-mfpm
2679-C02 ----- Conduits, fiber (pressed pulp)-mfpm
2679-C03 ----- Confetti-mfpm
2679-C04 ----- Crepe paper-mfpm
2679-C05 ----- Cups, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm
2679-D01 ----- Dishes, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm
2679-D02 ----- Doilies, paper-mfpm
2679-E01 ----- Egg cartons, molded pulp-mfpm
2679-E02 ----- Egg case filler flats, molded pulp-mfpm
2679-E03 ----- Excelsior, paper-mfpm
2679-F01 ----- False faces, papier-mache-mfpm
2679-F02 ----- Fills, insulating: paper-mfpm
2679-F03 ----- Filter paper, converted-mfpm
2679-F04 ----- Foil board-mfpm
2679-F05 ----- Fuel cell forms, cardboard-mfpm
2679-G01 ----- Gift wrap paper-mfpm
2679-H01 ----- Halloween lanterns,
2679-H02 ----- Hats, paper-mfpm
2679-H03 ----- Honeycomb core and board-mfpm
2679-I01 ----- Insulating batts, fills, and blankets:paper-mfpm
2679-I02 ----- Insulation, cellulose-mfpm
2679-L01 ----- Laminated building paper-mfpm
2679-L02 ----- Lanterns, halloween: papier mach-mfpm
2679-M01 ----- Masks, papier-mache-mfpm
2679-N01 ----- Novelties, paper-mfpm
2679-P01 ----- Pallet spacers, fiber-mfpm
2679-P02 ----- Paper, building: laminated-mfpm
2679-P03 ----- Paper, corrugated-mfpm
2679-P04 ----- Paper, crepe and crepe paper products-mfpm
2679-P05 ----- Papier-mache articles, except statuary and art goods-mfpm
2679-P06 ----- Pin tickets, paper-mfpm
2679-P07 ----- Pipe and fittings, molded pulp-mfpm
2679-P08 ----- Plates, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm
2679-P09 ----- Pressed products from wood pulp-mfpm
2679-P10 ----- Pulp products, pressed and molded: except statuary-mfpm
2679-R01 ----- Rolls, paper: adding machine, telegraph tape, etc.-mfpm
2679-S01 ----- Spoons, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm
2679-T01 ----- Tags, paper: unprinted-mfpm
2679-T02 ----- Tape, telegraph: paper-mfpm
2679-T03 ----- Telegraph tape, paper-mfpm
2679-T04 ----- Teletypewriter paper, rolls with carbon-mfpm
2679-T05 ----- Tickets, pin: paper-mfpm
2679-U01 ----- Utensils, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm
2679-W01 ----- Wallcoverings: paper-mfpm
2679-W02 ----- Wallpaper, embossed plastics: made on textile backing-mfpm
2679-W03 ----- Wallpaper-mfpm
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[2653-000 ----- Corrugated and solid fiber boxes]

2653-B01 ----- Boxes-mfpm
2653-C01 ----- Containers-mfpm
2653-D01 ----- Display items-mfpm
2653-H01 ----- Hampers, shipping-mfpm
2653-P01 ----- Pads-mfpm
2653-P02 ----- Pallets-mfpm
2653-P03 ----- Partitions-mfpm
2653-S01 ----- Sheets-mfpm
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[2675-000 ----- Die-cut paper and board]

2675-B01 ----- Board, chip: pasted-mfpm
2675-B02 ----- Bottle caps and tops, die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard
2675-C01 ----- Caps and tops, bottle: die cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfpm
2675-C02 ----- Card cutting-mfpm
2675-C03 ----- Cardboard foundations and cutouts-mfpm
2675-C04 ----- Cardboard panels and cutouts-mfpm
2675-C05 ----- Cardboard: pasted, laminated, lined, and surface coated-mfpm
2675-C06 ----- Cards, cut and designed: unprinted-mfpm
2675-C07 ----- Cards, index: die-cut-mfpm
2675-C08 ----- Cards, jewelers-mfpm
2675-C09 ----- Cards, plain paper: die-cut or rotary-cut from purchased materials
2675-C10 ----- Cards, tabulating and time recording die-cut from purchased paperboard
2675-C11 ----- Chipboard, pasted-mfpm
2675-C12 ----- Cutouts, paper and paperboard: die-cut from purchased material
2675-C13 ----- Cutting of cards-mfpm
2675-D01 ----- Die-cut paper and paperboard-mfpm
2675-E01 ----- Egg cartons, die cut paper and paperboard-mfpm
2675-E02 ----- Egg case fillers and flats, die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard
2675-F01 ----- Filing folders-mfpm
2675-F02 ----- Fillers and flats, egg case: die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfpm
2675-F03 ----- Foundations, cardboard-mfpm
2675-I01 ----- Index and other cut cards-mfpm
2675-J01 ----- Jacquard cards-mfpm
2675-J02 ----- Jewelers, cards-mfpm
2675-L01 ----- Lace, paper: die cut from purchased materials
2675-L02 ----- Laminated cardboard-mfpm
2675-L03 ----- Letters, cardboard-mfpm
2675-L04 ----- Library cards, paperboard-mfpm
2675-L05 ----- Liners for freight car doors: reinforced with metal strip-mfpm
2675-M01 ----- Manila folders-mfpm
2675-M02 ----- Milk filter disks, die-cut from purchased paper
2675-N01 ----- Nevwsboard, pasted-mfpm
2675-P01 ----- Panels, cardboard: mfpm
2675-P02 ----- Paper die-cut, from purchased materials
2675-P03 ----- Paperboard die-cut, from purchased materials
2675-P04 ----- Paperboard: pasted, lined, laminated, or surface coated-mfpm
2675-P05 ----- Photograph folders, mats, and mounts-mfpm
2675-S01 ----- Stencil board-mfpm
2675-S02 ----- Stencil cards for addressing machines-mfpm
2675-T01 ----- Tabulating cards, printed or unprinted: die-cut from purchased paperboard
2675-T02 ----- Time recording cards, die-cut from pur-chased paperboard
2675-T03 ----- Tops, bottle; die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard
2675-W01 ----- Waterproof cardboard-mfpm
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[2677-000 ----- Envelopes]

2677-E01 ----- Envelopes, printed or unprinted: paper, glassine, cellophane, and pliofilm-mfpm
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[2655-000 ----- Fiber cans, drums & similar products]

2655-A01 ----- Ammunition cans or tubes, paperboard laminated with metal foil-mfpm
2655-B01 ----- Bobbins, fiber-mfpm
2655-B02 ----- Bottles, paper fiber-mfpm
2655-B03 ----- Boxes, vulcanized fiber-mfpm
2655-C01 ----- Candelabra tubes, fiber-mfpm
2655-C02 ----- Cans, composite: foil-fiber and other combinations-mfpm
2655-C03 ----- Cans, fiber (metal end or all-fiber)-mfpm
2655-C04 ----- Cases, mailing: paper fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
2655-C05 ----- Cones, fiber: for winding yarn, string, ribbons, or cloth-mfpm
2655-C06 ----- Containers, laminated phenolic and vulcanized fiber-mfpm
2655-C07 ----- Containers, liquid tight fiber (except sanitary food containers)-mfpm
2655-C08 ----- Cores, fiber (metal end or all-fiber)-mfpm
2655-D01 ----- Drums, fiber (metal end or all fiber-mfpm
2655-H01 ----- Hampers, shipping: vulcanized fiber-mfpm
2655-M01 ----- Mailing cases and tubes, paper fiber(metal end or all-fiber)-mfpm
2655-P01 ----- Pans and voids, fiber or cardboard-mfpm
2655-R01 ----- Reels, textile: fiber-mfpm
2655-R02 ----- Ribbon blocks, fiber-mfpm
2655-S01 ----- Shipping hampers, vulcanized fiber-mfpm
2655-S02 ----- Spools, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
2655-T01 ----- Textile reels, fiber-mfpm
2655-T02 ----- Textile spinning bobbins, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm
2655-T03 ----- Tubes, fiber or paper (with or without metal ends)-mfpm
2655-T04 ----- Tubes, for chemical arid electrical uses: impregnated paper or fiber-mfpm
2655-V01 ----- Voids and pans, fiber and cardboard-mfpm
2655-V02 ----- Vulcanized fiber boxes-mfpm
2655-W01 ----- Wastebaskets, fiber (metal end or all-fiber)-mfpm

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