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[24 ----- Lumber and Wood Products (except furniture)(cont')]

[2439 -000 ----- Structural wood members, n.e.c.]

2439-A01 ----- Arches, laminated lumber
2539-R01 ----- Roof trusser, wood
2439-S01 ----- Structural members, laminated wood: arches, trusses, timbers, and parallel chord ceilings
2439-T01 ----- Timbers, structural: laminated lumber
2439-T02 ----- Trusses, laminated lumber
2439-T03 ----- Trusses, wood

[2449 -000 ----- Wood containers, n.e.c.]

2449-B01 ----- Barrels, wood: coopered
2449-B02 ----- Baskets, fruit and wegetable: e.g., till, berry, climax, round stave
2459-B03 ----- Berry crates, wood: wirebound
2449-B04 ----- Berry cups, veneer and splint
2449-B05 ----- Boxes, wood: wirebound
2449-B06 ----- Buckets, wood: coopered
2449-B07 ----- Butter crates, wood: wirebound
2449-C01 ----- Cases, shipping: wood-wirebound
2449-C02 ----- Casks, wood: coopered
2449-C03 ----- Chicken coops (crates), wood: wirebound for shipping poultry
2449-C04 ----- Climax baskets
2449-C05 ----- Containers made of staves
2449-C06 ----- Containers- veneer and plywood: except nailed and mock coroer boxer
2449-C07 ----- Cooperage
2449-C08 ----- Coopered tubs
2449-C09 ----- Crates: berry, butter, fruit, and vegetable-wood, wire-bound
2449-D01 ----- Drums, plywood
2449-D02 ----- Drums, shipping: wood-wirebound
2449-F01 ----- Firkins and kits, wood: coopered
2449-F02 ----- Fruit baskets, veneer and splint
2449-F03 ----- Fruit crates, wood: wirebound
2449-H01 ----- Hampers, fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint
2449-H02 ----- Hogsheads, wood: coopered
2449-H03 ----- Hot tubs, coopered
2449-K01 ----- Kegs, wood: coopered
2449-K02 ----- Kits, wood: coopered
2449-M01 ----- Market baskets, fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint
2449-P01 ----- Pails, plywood
2449-P02 ----- Pails, wood: coopered
2449-R01 ----- Round stave baskets, for fruits and vegetables
2449-S01 ----- Shipping cases and drums, wood: wirebound
2449-S02 ----- Splint baskets, for fruits and vegetables
2449-T01 ----- Tanks, wood: coopered
2449-T02 ----- Tierces (cooperage)
2449-T03 ----- Till baskets, veneer and splint
2449-T04 ----- Tobacco hogsheads
2449-T05 ----- Tubs, wood: coopered
2449-V01 ----- Vats, wood: coopered
2449-V02 ----- Vegetable baskets, veneer and splint
2449-V03 ----- Vegetable crates, wood: wirebound
2449-V04 ----- Veneer baskets, for fruits and vegetables

[2434 -000 ----- Wood kitchen cabinets]

2434-C01 ----- Cabinets, kitchen: wood-factory made to be installed
2434-C02 ----- Cabinets, wood: to be installed
2434-K01 ----- Kitchen cabinets, wood: to be installed
2434-V01 ----- Vanhties, bathroom, wood: to be insualled

[2448 -000 ----- Wood pallets and skids]

2448-P01 ----- Pallet containers, wood or wood and metal combination
2448-P02 ----- Pallets, wood or wood and metal combination
2448-S01 ----- Skids and pallets, wood or wood and metal combination

[2491 -000 ----- Wood preserving]

2491-B01 ----- Bridges and trestles, wood: treated
2491-C01 ----- Creosoting of wood
2491-C02 ----- Cross-ties, treated
2491-F01 ----- Flooring, wood block: treated
2491-M01 ----- Millwork, treated
2491-M02 ----- Mine props, treated
2491-M03 ----- Mine ties, wood: treated
2491-P01 ----- Piles, foundation and marine construction: treated
2491-P02 ----- Piling, wood: treated
2491-P03 ----- Poles and pole crossarms, treated
2491-P04 ----- Poles, cutting and preserving
2491-P05 ----- Posts, wood: treated
2491-P06 ----- Preserving of wood (creosoting)
2491-R01 ----- Railroad cross bridge and switch ties, treated
2491-R02 ----- Railway crossties, wood: treated
2491-S01 ----- Structural lumber and timber, treated
2491-T01 ----- Ties, railroad cross bridge and switch: treated
2491-T02 ----- Timber, structural: treated
2491-T03 ----- Treating wood products with creosote or other preservatives
2491-T04 ----- Trestles, wood: treated
2491-V01 ----- Vehicle lumber, treated
2491-W01 ----- Wood fence: pickets, poling, rails-treat-ed
2491-W02 ----- Wood products, creosoted

[2499 -000 ----- Wood products, n.e.c.]

2499-A01 ----- Applicators, wood
2499-B01 ----- Bakers, equipment, wood
2499-B02 ----- Baskets, except fruit, vegetable, fish, and bait: (e.g., rattan, reed, straw)
2499-B03 ----- Battery separators, wood
2499-B04 ----- Bearings, wood
2499-B05 ----- Beekeeping supplies, wood
2499-B06 ----- Bentwood (steam bent) products, except furniture
2499-B07 ----- Blocks, tackle: wood
2499-B08 ----- Blocks, tailors, pressing: wood
2499-B09 ----- Boards, bulletin: wood and cork
2499-B10 ----- Boards: clip, ironing, meat, and pastry-wood
2499-B11 ----- Boot and shoe lasts, regardless of material
2499-B12 ----- Bottle corks
2499-B13 ----- Bottle covers: willow, rattan, and reed
2499-B14 ----- Bowls, wood: turned and shaped
2499-B15 ----- Briquettes, sawdust or bagasse: nonpetroleum binder
2499-B16 ----- Bulletin boards, wood and cork
2499-B17 ----- Bungs, wood
2499-B18 ----- Buoys, cork
2499-B19 ----- Bushings, wood
2499-C01 ----- Cane, chair: woven of reed or rattan
2499-C02 ----- Carpets, cork
2499-C03 ----- Carved and turned wood (except furniture)
2499-C04 ----- Clipboards, wood
2499-C05 ----- Cloth winding reels, wood
2499-C06 ----- Clothes dryers (clothes horses), wood
2499-C07 ----- Clothes drying frames, wood
2499-C08 ----- Clothes horses, wood
2499-C09 ----- Clothes poles, wood
2499-C10 ----- Clothes-pins, wood
2499-C11 ----- Clubs, police: wood
2499-C12 ----- Cooling towers, wood or wood and sheet metal combination
2499-C13 ----- Cork products
2499-C14 ----- Corks, bottle
2499-C15 ----- Covers, bottle and demijohn: willow, rattan, and reed
2499-C16 ----- Curtain stretchers, wood
2499-D01 ----- Demijohn covers: willow, rattan and reed
2499-D02 ----- Dishes, wood
2499-D03 ----- Display forms for boots and shoes, regardless of material
2499-D04 ----- Dowels, wood
2499-D05 ----- Dryers, clothes (clothes horses): wood
2499-E01 ----- Extension planks, wood
2499-F01 ----- Faucets, wood
2499-F02 ----- Fellies, wood
2499-F03 ----- Fencing, wood: except rough pickets, poles, and rails
2499-F04 ----- Firewood and fuel wood containing fuel binder
2499-F05 ----- Flagpoles, wood
2499-F06 ----- Flour, wood
2499-F07 ----- Forms, display: for boots and shoes-regardless of material
2499-F08 ----- Frames, clothes drying: wood
2499-F09 ----- Frames: medallion, mirror, photograph, and picture-wood or metal
2499-F10 ----- Furniture inlays (veneers)
2499-G01 ----- Garment hangers, wood
2499-G02 ----- Gavels, wood
2499-G03 ----- Grain measures, wood: turned and shaped
2499-H01 ----- Hammers, meat: wood
2499-H02 ----- Hampers, laundry: rattan, reed, splint, veneer, and willow
2499-H03 ----- Handles, wood: turned and shaped
2499-H04 ----- Hangers, garment: wood
2499-H05 ----- Household woodenware
2499-H06 ----- Hubs, wood
2499-I01 ----- Inlays for furniture (veneers)
2499-I02 ----- Insulating materials, cork
2499-I03 ----- Ironing boards, wood
2499-J01 ----- Jacks, ladder: wood
2499-K01 ----- Kitchen woodenware
2499-K02 ----- Knobs, wood
2499-L01 ----- Ladder jacks, wood
2499-L02 ----- Ladders, wood
2499-L03 ----- Last sole patterns, regardless of material
2499-L04 ----- Lasts, boot and shoe: regardless of material
2499-L05 ----- Letters, wood
2499-L06 ----- Life preservers, cork
2499-M01 ----- Mallets, wood
2499-M02 ----- Market baskets, except fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint
2499-M03 ----- Marquetry, wood
2499-M04 ----- Mashers, potato: wood
2499-M05 ----- Masts, wood
2499-M06 ----- Mauls, wood
2499-M07 ----- Moldings, picture frame: finished
2499-N01 ----- Novelties, wood fiber
2499-O01 ----- Oars, wood
2499-P01 ----- Pads, table: rattan, reed, and willow
2499-P02 ----- Paint sticks, wood
2499-P03 ----- Pastry boards, wood
2499-P04 ----- Patterns, last sole: regardless of material
2499-P05 ----- Pencil slats
2499-P06 ----- Photograph frames, wood or metal
2499-P07 ----- Picture frame moldings, finished
2499-P08 ----- Picture frames, wood or metal
2499-P09 ----- Plugs, wood
2499-P10 ----- Poles, wood: e.g., clothesline, tent, flag
2499-P12 ----- Potato mashers, wood
2499-P13 ----- Pressed logs of sawdust and other wood particles, nonpetroleum binder
2499-P14 ----- Pressing blocks, tailors,: wood
2499-P15 ----- Pulleys, wood
2499-R01 ----- Racks, for drying clothes: wood
2499-R02 ----- Rattan ware, except furniture
2499-R03 ----- Reed ware, except furniture
2499-R04 ----- Reels, cloth winding: wood
2499-R05 ----- Reels, for drying clothes: wood
2499-R06 ----- Reels, plywood
2499-R07 ----- Rollers, wood
2499-R08 ----- Rolling pins, wood
2499-R09 ----- Rules and rulers: wood, except slide
2499-R10 ----- Recylced wood products-mfg
2499-S01 ----- Saddle trees, wood
2499-S02 ----- Sawdust, reground
2499-S03 ----- Scaffolds, wood
2499-S04 ----- Scoops, wood
2499-S05 ----- Seat covers, rattan
2499-S06 ----- Seats, toilet: wood
2499-S07 ----- Separators, battery: wood
2499-S08 ----- Shoe display forms-regardless of material
2499-S09 ----- Shoe stretchers, regardless of material
2499-S10 ----- Shoe trees, regardless of material
2499-S11 ----- Signboards, wood
2499-S12 ----- Skewers, wood
2499-S13 ----- Snow fence
2499-S14 ----- Spars, wood
2499-S15 ----- Spigots, wood
2499-S16 ----- Spokes, wood
2499-S17 ----- Spools, except for textile machinery: wood
2499-S18 ----- Stakes, surveyors,: wood
2499-S19 ----- Stepladders, wood
2499-S20 ----- Stoppers, cork
2499-S21 ----- Stretchers, curtain: wood
2499-S22 ----- Surveyors, stakes, wood
2499-T01 ----- Tackle blocks, wood
2499-T02 ----- Tailors, pressing blocks, wood
2499-T03 ----- Tent poles, wood
2499-T04 ----- Tile, cork
2499-T05 ----- Toilet seats, wood
2499-T06 ----- Tool handles, wood: turned and shaped
2499-T07 ----- Toothpicks, wood
2499-T08 ----- Towers, cooling: wood or wood and sheet metal combination
2499-T09 ----- Trays: wood, wicker, and bagasse
2499-T10 ----- Trophy bases, wood
2499-T11 ----- Turned and carved wood (except furniture)
2499-V01 ----- Vats, wood: except coopered
2499-V02 ----- Veneer work, inlaid
2499-W01 ----- Washboards, wood and part wood
2499-W02 ----- Webbing: cane, reed, and rattan
2499-W03 ----- Willow ware, except furniture
2499-W04 ----- Wood, except furniture: turned and carved
2499-W05 ----- Wood flour
2499-W06 ----- Woodenware, kitchen and household
2499-Y01 ----- Yardsticks, wood


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