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[24 ----- Lumber and Wood Products (except furniture)]

2426-000 ----- Hardwood dimension & flooring mills
2435-000 ----- Hardwood veneer and plywood
2411-000 ----- Logging camps & logging contractors
2431-000 ----- Millwork Products
2451-000 ----- Mobile homes
2441-000 ----- Nailed wood boxes and shook
2492-001 ----- Particleboard
2452-000 ----- Prefabricated wood buildings
2493-000 ----- Reconstituted wood products
2421-000 ----- Sawmills and planing mills, general
2436-000 ----- Softwood veneer and plywood
2429-000 ----- Special product sawmills, n.e.c.
2439-000 ----- Structural wood members, n.e.c.
2449-000 ----- Wood containers, n.e.c.
2434-000 ----- Wood kitchen cabinets
2448-000 ----- Wood pallets and skids
2491-000 ----- Wood preserving
2499-000 ----- Wood products, n.e.c.

[2426-000 ----- Hardwood dimension & flooring mills]

2426-B01 ----- Blanks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machinery accessories
2426-B02 ----- Blocks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machinery accessories
2426-B03 ----- Bobbin blocks and blanks, wood
2426-B04 ----- Bowling pin blanks
2426-B05 ----- Brush blocks, wood: turned and shaped
2426-C01 ----- Carvings, furniture: wood
2426-C02 ----- Chair frames for upholstered furniture, wood
2426-C03 ----- Chair seats, hardwood
2426-C04 ----- Chair stock, hardwood: turned, shaped, or carved
2426-D01 ----- Dimension, hardwood
2426-F01 ----- Flooring, hardwood
2426-F02 ----- Frames for upholstered furniture, wood
2426-F03 ----- Furniture dimension stock, hardwood
2426-F04 ----- Furniture frames for upholstering, wood
2426-F05 ----- Furniture squares, hardwood
2426-F06 ----- Furniture turnings and carvings, wood
2426-G01 ----- Gun stocks, wood
2426-H01 ----- Handle blanks, wood
2426-H02 ----- Handle stock, sawed or planed
2426-H03 ----- Hardwood dimension
2426-L01 ----- Ladder round
2426-L02 ----- Ladder rounds or rungs, hardwood
2426-L03 ----- Lumber, hardwood dimension
2426-P01 ----- Parquet flooring, hardwood
2426-P02 ----- Picker stick blanks
2426-R01 ----- Rounds or rungs, ladder and furniture: hardwood
2426-S01 ----- Seats, chair: hardwood
2426-S02 ----- Shuttle blocks: hardwood
2426-S03 ----- Spool blocks and blanks, wood
2426-S04 ----- Stock, chair: hardwood-turned, shaped or carved
2426-T01 ----- Table slides, for extension tables: wood
2426-T02 ----- Turnings, furniture: wood
2426-V01 ----- Vehicle stock, hardwood
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[2435 -000 ----- Hardwood veneer and plywood]

2435-H01 ----- Hardwood plywood composites
2435-H02 ----- Hardwood veneer or plywood
2435-P01 ----- Panels, hasdwood plywood
2435-P02 ----- Plywood- hardwond or hardwood faced
2435-P03 ----- Prefinished hardwood plywood
2435-V01 ----- Veneer mills, hardwood
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[2411 -000 ----- Logging camps & logging contractors]

2411-B01 ----- Bolts, wood: e.g., handle, heading, shingle, stave
2411-B02 ----- Burls, wood
2411-D01 ----- Driving timber
2411-F01 ----- Fuel wood harvesting
2411-H01 ----- Handle bolts, wood: hewn
2411-H02 ----- Heading bolts, wood: hewn
2411-L01 ----- Last blocks, wood: hewn or riven
2411-L02 ----- Logging contractors
2411-L03 ----- Logs
2411-M01 ----- Mine timbers, hewn
2411-P01 ----- Peeler logs
2411-P02 ----- Pickets and paling: round or split
2411-P03 ----- Piling, wood: untreated
2411-P04 ----- Pole cutting contractors
2411-P05 ----- Poles, vvood: untreated
2411-P06 ----- Posts, wood: hewn, round, or split
2411-P07 ----- Pulpwood camps
2411-P08 ----- Pulpwood contractors engaged in cutting
2411-R01 ----- Rails, fence: round or split
2411-S01 ----- Saw logs
2411-S02 ----- Shingle bolts, wood: hewn
2411-S03 ----- Skidding logs
2411-S04 ----- Stave bolts, wood: hewn
2411-S05 ----- Stumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing
2411-S06 ----- Stumps
2411-T01 ----- Timber (product of logging camps)
2411-T02 ----- Timbers, mine: hewn
2411-V01 ----- Veneer logs
2411-W01 ----- Wood chips, produced in the field
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[2431-000 ----- Millwork]

2431-A01 ----- Awnings, wood
2431-B01 ----- Baseboards, floor: wood
2431-B02 ----- Blinds (shutters), wood
2431-B03 ----- Brackets, wood
2431-C01 ----- Cornices, wood
2431-D01 ----- Door frames and sash, wood and covered wood
2431-D02 ----- Door jambs, wood
2431-D03 ----- Door screens, wood
2431-D04 ----- Door shutters, wood
2431-D05 ----- Door trim, wood
2431-D06 ----- Door units, prehung: wood and covered wood
2431-D07 ----- Doors, combination screen-storm: wood
2431-D08 ----- Doors, wood and covered wood
2431-F01 ----- Floor baseboards, wood
2431-F02 ----- Frames, door and window: wood
2431-G01 ----- Garage doors, overhead: wood
2431-J01 ----- Jalousies, glass: wood frame
2431-L01 ----- Louver windows and doors, glass with wood frame
2431-M02 ----- Moldings, wood and covered wood: unfinished and prefinished
2431-N01 ----- Newel posts, wood
2431-O01 ----- Ornamental woodwork: e.g., cornices and mantels
2431-P01 ----- Panel work, wood
2431-P02 ----- Planing mills, millwork
2431-P03 ----- Porch columns, wood
2431-P04 ----- Porch work, wood
2431-R01 ----- Railings, stair: wood
2431-S01 ----- Sash, door and window: wood and covered wood
2431-S02 ----- Screens, door and window: wood
2431-S03 ----- Shutters, door and window: wood and covered wood
2431-S04 ----- Silo staves, wood
2431-S05 ----- Stair railings, wood
2431-S06 ----- Staircases and stairs, wood
2431-S07 ----- Storm windows, wood
2431-T01 ----- Trellises, wood
2431-T02 ----- Trim, wood and covered wood
2431-V01 ----- Venetian blind slats, wood
2431-W01 ----- Wainscots, wood
2431-W02 ----- Weather strip, wood
2431-W03 ----- Window frames and sash, wood and covered wood
2431-W04 ----- Window screens, wood
2431-W05 ----- Window trim, wood and covered wood
2431-W06 ----- Window units, wood and covered wood
2431-W07 ----- Windows, louver: wood
2431-W08 ----- Woodwork, interior and ornamental: e.g., windows, doors, sash, and mantels
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[2451 -000 ----- Mobile homes]

2451-B01 ----- Buildings, mobile: commercial use
2451-D01 ----- Dwellings, mobile
2451-M01 ----- Mobile buildings for commercial use (e.g., offices, banks)
2451-M02 ----- Mobile classrooms
2451-M03 ----- Mobile dwellings
2451-M04 ----- Mobile homes, except recreational
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[2441 -000 ----- Nailed wood boxes and shook]

2441-A01 ----- Ammunition boxes, wood
2441-B01 ----- Box cleats, wood
2441-B02 ----- Box shooks
2441-B03 ----- Boxes, cigar: wood and part wood
2441-B04 ----- Boxes, wood: plain or fabric covered, nailed or lock corner
2441-C01 ----- Carrier trays, wood
2441-C02 ----- Cases, packing: wood-nailed or lock corner
2441-C03 ----- Cases, shipping: wood-nailed or lock corner
2441-C04 ----- Chests for tools, wood
2441-C05 ----- Cigar boxes, wood and part wood
2441-E01 ----- Egg cases, wood
2441-F01 ----- Flats, wood: greenhouse
2441-P01 ----- Packing cases, wood: nailed or lock corner
2441-S01 ----- Shipping cases, wood: nailed or lock corner
2441-S02 ----- Shook, box
2441-S03 ----- Slats, trunk: wood
2441-T01 ----- Tool chests, wood
2441-T02 ----- Trays, carrier: wood
2441-T03 ----- Trunk slats, wood
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[2452 -000 ----- Prefabricated wood buildings]

2452-B01 ----- Buildings, prefabricated and portable: wood
2452-C01 ----- Chicken coops, prefabricated: wood
2452-C02 ----- Corn cribs, prefabricated: wood
2452-F01 ----- Farm buildings, prefabricated or portable: wood
2452-F02 ----- Floors, prefabricated: wood
2452-G01 ----- Geodesic domes, prefabricated: wood
2452-H01 ----- Houses, portable: prefabricated wood-except mobile homes
2452-L01 ----- Log cabins, prefabricated: wood
2452-M01 ----- Marinas, prefabricated: wood
2452-P01 ----- Panels for prefabricated wood buildings
2452-P02 ----- Portable buildings, prefabricated wood
2452-P03 ----- Prefabricated buildings, wood
2452-S01 ----- Sections for prefabricated wood buildings
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[2493 -000 ----- Reconstituted wood products]

2493-B01 ----- Board, bagasse
2493-B02 ----- Board, particle
2493-F01 ----- Flakeboard
2493-H01 ----- Hardboard
2493-I01 ----- Insulating siding, board-mitse
2493-I02 ----- Insulation board, cellular fiber or hard pressed (without gypsum)-misc
2493-L01 ----- Lath, fiber
2493-M01 ----- MDF (medium density fiberboard)
2493-M02 ----- Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
2493-O01 ----- Oriented strandboard
2493-P01 ----- Particleboard
2493-R01 ----- Reconstituted wood panels
2493-S01 ----- Strandboard, oriented
2493-T01 ----- Tile, wall: fiberboard-mitse mfg
2493-W01 ----- Waferboard
2493-W02 ----- Wall tile, fiberboard
2493-W03 ----- Wallboard, wood fiber: cellular fiber or hard pressed-mitse
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[2421 -000 ----- Sawmills and planing mills, general]

2421-B01 ----- Box lumber
2421-C01 ----- Cants, resawed (lumber)
2421-C02 ----- Ceiling lumber, dressed
2421-C03 ----- Chipper mills
2421-C04 ----- Custom sawmills
2421-C05 ----- Cut stock, softwood
2421-F01 ----- Flitches (veneer stock), made in sawmills
2421-F02 ----- Flooring (dressed lumber), softwood
2421-F03 ----- Fuelwood, from mill waste
2421-F04 ----- Furniture dimension stock, softwood
2421-K01 ----- Kiln drying of lumber
2421-L01 ----- Lath, made in sawmills and lath mills
2421-L02 ----- Lumber, kiln drying of
2421-L03 ----- Lumber: rough, sawed, or planed
2421-L04 ----- Lumber stackiog or sticking
2421-P01 ----- Planing!mills, independent: except millwork
2421-R01 ----- Railroad ties, sawed
2421-R02 ----- Resawing lumber into smaller dimensions
2421-S01 ----- Sawdust and shavings
2421-S02 ----- Sawmills, custom
2421-S03 ----- Sawmills, except special product mills.mfg
2421-S04 ----- Siding, dressed lumber
2421-S05 ----- Silo stock, wood: sawed
2421-S06 ----- Snow fence lath
2421-S07 ----- Stud mills
2421-T01 ----- Ties, railroad: sawed
2421-T02 ----- Tobacco hogshead stock
2421-W01 ----- Wood chips produced at mill
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[2436 -000 ----- Softwood veneer and plywood]

2436-P01 ----- Panels, softwood plywood
2436-P02 ----- Plywood, softwood
2436-S01 ----- Softwood plywood composites
2436-S02 ----- Softwood veneer or plywood
2436-V01 ----- Veneer mills, softwood
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[2429 -000 ----- Special product sawmills, n.e.c.]

2429-B01 ----- Barrel heading and staves, sawed or split
2429-C01 ----- Cooperage stock mills
2429-C02 ----- Cooperage stock: staves, heading, and hoops-sawed or split
2429-E01 ----- Excelsior, including pads and wrappers: wood
2429-H01 ----- Heading, barrel (cooperage stock): sawed or split
2429-H02 ----- Hoops, wood: for tight or slack cooperage-sawed or split
2429-P01 ----- Pads, excelsior: wood
2429-S01 ----- Sawmills, special product: except lumber and veneer mills
2429-S02 ----- Shakes (hand split shingles)
2429-S03 ----- Shingle mills, wood
2429-S04 ----- Shingles wood: sawed or hand split
2429-S05 ----- Staves, barrel: sawed or split
2429-W01 ----- Wood wool (excelsior)
2429-W02 ----- Wrappers, excelsior

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