Engineered Wood Flooring Technology Parameters
Catalog Structure & Material Density & Moisture Rate Coating

Engineered Solid Wood Flooring of 3-Layer

Surface: 3mm

Medium Board: 9mm Pine or Fir

Base Board: 2mm Poplar Slice



  1. Hymmen Equipments and Rolling Coating Technology;

  2. Using ultraviolet radiation solidifying HPC (High Performance Coatings)

  3. Lacquer of amous Brand such as Treffert, Klumpp Crown etc.

  4. Luster Degree 30 degrees - 40 degrees
    Slender wrinkles and Varnish on surface

  5. In accordance with CENTC134SC2

Engineered Solid Wood Flooring of Multi-Layer (agglutinated)

Veneer: 0.5mm Saple. Balsamo. Teak jati.

Plywood: 11mm Veneer

Back veneer: 0.5mm Poplar Slice



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