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There are three major cost-effective online marketing methods that most web site owners use to announce and promote their web sites on the internet.

  1. Submit web site information to search engines and internet directories.
    The first step to announce a web site. It is a long term investment that no web site should ignore. Over 50% of web sites are found by searching in the search engines.

  2. Use free banner exchange or paid banner advertising to advertise on other web sites.
    A faster way to get traffic by using the power of banner advertising.

  3. Exchange reciprocal links with other web sites.
    This method will not only increase traffic from other web sites but also increase your web site link popularity which will help to get higher ranking position in search engines.


Since 1997, 1 2 3 Link has been providing the following essential online marketing services to make promoting web sites as easy as 1-2-3. If you are serious about promoting your web site, you should consider to use our promotion services.

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