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3844-X01 ----- X-ray apparatus and tubes: medical, industrial, research, and control-mfg
3861-X01 ----- X-ray film-mfg
3844-X02 ----- X-ray generators-mfg
8734-X01 ----- X-ray inspection service, industrial
8071-X01 ----- X-ray laboratories, including dental (not manufacturing)
5047-X01 ----- X-ray machines and parts, medical-wholesale
3861-X02 ----- X-ray plates, sensitized-mfg
3825-X01 ----- X-Y recorders (plotters), except computer peripheral equipment-mfg
2879-X01 ----- Xanthone (formulated)-mfg
2865-X01 ----- Xylene, made in chemical plants-mfg
3931-X01 ----- Xylophones and parts-mfg
3494-Y01 ----- Y bends and branches, pipe: metal-mfg
4493-Y01 ----- Yacht basins, operation of
7389-Y01 ----- Yacht brokers
7997-Y01 ----- Yacht clubs, membership
0139-Y01 ----- Yam farms
5949-Y01 ----- Yard goods stores-retail
5131-Y01 ----- Yard goods-wholesale
3423-Y01 ----- Yardsticks, metal-mfg
2499-Y01 ----- Yardsticks, wood-mfg
2282-Y01 ----- Yarn, animal fiber: twisting, winding, and spooling-mfg
3292-Y01 ----- Yarn, asbestos-mfg
2231-Y01 ----- Yarn bleaching, dyeing, and finishing: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2269-Y01 ----- Yarn bleaching, dyeing, and other finishing: except wool-mfg
2281-Y01 ----- Yarn, carpet and rug animal fiber pinning, twisting and spooling-mfg
2823-Y01 ----- Yarn, cellulosic: made in chemical plants-mfg
2281-Y02 ----- Yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
2211-Y01 ----- Yarn: dyed fabrics, cotton-mfg
2241-Y01 ----- Yarn; elastic: fabric covered-mfg
3229-Y01 ----- Yarn, fiberglass: made in glass plants-mfg
2299-Y01 ----- Yarn: flax, jute, hemp, and ramie-mfg
2299-Y02 ----- Yarn: metallic, ceramic, or paper fibers-mfg
2281-000 ----- Yarn mills, (except wool)-mfg
5949-Y02 ----- Yarn shops: yarn knitting-retail
2299-Y03 ----- Yarn, specialty and novelty-mfg
2281-Y03 ----- Yarn spinning: cotton, silk, and manmade staple-mfg
2281-Y04 ----- Yarn, spun: cotton, silk, manmade fiber, wool, and animal fiber-mfg
3552-Y01 ----- Yarn texturizing machines-mfg
2823-Y02 ----- Yarn, viscose mfg
2241-Y02 ----- Yarns, fabric covered rubber-mfg
2295-Y01 ----- Yarns, plastics coated: made from purchased yarns-mfg
5199-Y01 ----- Yarns-wholesale
2741-Y01 ----- Yearbooks: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
2099-Y01 ----- Yeast-mfg
5149-Y01 ----- Yeast-wholesale
7319-Y01 ----- Yellow pages
7999-Y01 ----- Yoga instruction
2026-Y01 ----- Yogurt, except frozen-mfg
2024-Y01 ----- Yogurt, frozen-mfg
2023-Y01 ----- Yogurt mix-mfg
5143-Y01 ----- Yogurt-wholesale
8641-Y01 ----- Youth associations, except hotel units
8322-Y01 ----- Youth centers
8322-Y02 ----- Youth self-help organizations
2824-Z01 ----- Zein fibers-mfg
3674-Z01 ----- Zener diodes-mfg
3356-Z01 ----- Zinc and zinc alloy bars, plates, pipe, rods, sheets, tubing, and wire-mfg
3369-Z01 ----- Zinc castings, except die-castings-mfg
2819-Z01 ----- Zinc chloride-mfg
3364-Z01 ----- Zinc die-castings-mfg
3339-Z01 ----- Zinc dust, primary-mfg
3341-Z01 ----- Zinc dust, reclaimed-mfg
3497-Z01 ----- Zinc foil, not made in rolling mills-mfg
2834-Z01 ----- Zinc ointment-mfg
1031-Z01 ----- Zinc ore mining
5052-Z01 ----- Zinc ore-wholesale
2851-Z01 ----- Zinc oxide in oil, paint-mfg
2816-Z01 ----- Zinc oxide pigments-mfg
2816-Z02 ----- Zinc pigments: zinc yellow and zinc sulfide-mfg
3356-Z02 ----- Zinc rolling, drawing, and extruding-mfg
3339-Z02 ----- Zinc slabs, ingots, and refinery shapes: primary-mfg
3341-Z02 ----- Zinc smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
5051-Z01 ----- Zinc-wholesale
1031-Z02 ----- Zinc-blende (sphalerite) mining
1031-Z03 ----- Zincite mining
3559-Z01 ----- Zipper making machinery-mfg
2241-Z01 ----- Zipper tape-mfg
3965-Z01 ----- Zippers (slide fasteners)-mfg
5131-Z01 ----- Zippers-wholesale
3356-Z03 ----- Zirconium and zirconium alloy bars, rods, billets, sheets, strip, and tubing-mfg
3339-Z03 ----- Zirconium metal sponge and granules-mfg
1099-Z01 ----- Zirconium ore mining
3931-Z01 ----- Zithers and parts-mfg
9532-Z01 ----- Zoning boards and commissions
8422-Z01 ----- Zoological gardens
2052-Z01 ----- Zwieback-mfg

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