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3292-W01 ----- Wick, asbestos-mfg
2519-W01 ----- Wicker furniture-mfg
2241-W04 ----- Wicking-mfg
5699-W01 ----- Wig, toupee, and wiglet stores-retail
2211-W04 ----- Wignan, cotton-mfg
3999-W02 ----- Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets, except custom made-mfg
5199-W01 ----- Wigs-wholesale
9512-W01 ----- Wildlife conservation agencies-government
0971-W01 ----- Wildlife management
5063-W01 ----- Wiling materials, interior-wholesale
1031-W01 ----- Willemite mining
2519-W02 ----- Willow furniture-mfg
2499-W03 ----- Willow ware, except furniture-mfg
2273-W01 ----- Wilton carpets-mfg
3531-W02 ----- Winches, all types-mfg
5084-W03 ----- Winches-wholesale
9512-W02 ----- Wind and water erosion control agencies-government
3999-W03 ----- Wind chimes-mfg
3827-W01 ----- Wind correctors, military-mfg
3829-W04 ----- Wind direction indicators-mfg
5083-W01 ----- Wind machines (frost protection equipment)-wholesale
3511-W02 ----- Wind powered turbine-generator sets-mfg
3443-W03 ----- Wind tunnels-mfg
2329-W02 ----- Windbreakers: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339-W02 ----- Windbreakers: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3552-W03 ----- Winders (textile machinery)-mfg
2282-W01 ----- Winding yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade fiber continuous filament-mfg
2282-W02 ----- Winding yarn: wool, mohair, or similar animal fibers-mfg
3523-W04 ----- Windmill heads and towers-mfg
3511-W03 ----- Windmills for generating power-mfg
3523-W05 ----- Windmills for pumping water (agricultural machinery)-mfg
1751-W01 ----- Window and door (prefabricated) installation-contractors
2541-W01 ----- Window backs, store and lunchroom: prefabricated-wood-mfg
2842-W04 ----- Window cleaning preparations-mfg
7349-W01 ----- Window cleaning service
3993-W01 ----- Window cutouts and displays-mfg
5031-W02 ----- Window frames, all materials-wholesale
3442-W02 ----- Window frames and sash, metal-mfg
3089-W05 ----- Window frames and sash, plastics-mfg
2431-W03 ----- Window frames and sash, wood and covered wood-mfg
3089-W06 ----- Window frames, plastics-mfg
3211-W01 ----- Window glass, clear and colored-mfg
5039-W01 ----- Window glass-wholesale
3089-W07 ----- Window screening, plastics-mfg
3442-W03 ----- Window screens, metal frame-mfg
2431-W04 ----- Window screens, wood-mfg
2211-W05 ----- Window shade cloth, cotton-mfg
2295-W02 ----- Window shade cloth, impregnated or coated-mfg
1799-W05 ----- Window shade installation-contractors
7699-W01 ----- Window shade repair shops
2591-W01 ----- Window shade rollers and fittings-mfg
5719-W01 ----- Window shade shops-retail
2591-W02 ----- Window shades, except canvas-mfg
3272-W05 ----- Window sills, cast stone-mfg
7549-W01 ----- Window tinting, automotive
2431-W05 ----- Window trim, wood and covered wood-mfg
7389-W04 ----- Window trimming service
2431-W06 ----- Window units, wood and covered wood-mfg
5031-W03 ----- Windows and doors-wholesale
3442-W04 ----- Windows, louver: all metal or metal frame-mfg
3089-W08 ----- Windows, louver: plastics-mfg
2431-W07 ----- Windows, louver: wood-mfg
3231-W02 ----- Windows, stained glass: made from purchased glass-mfg
3089-W09 ----- Windows, storm: plastics-mfg
5211-W02 ----- Windows, storm: wood or metal-retail
3523-W06 ----- Windrowers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3714-W02 ----- Windshield frames, motor vehicle-mfg
3714-W03 ----- Windshield wiper systems, all types-mfg
3231-W03 ----- Windshields, made from purchased glass-mfg
3089-W10 ----- Windshields, plastics-mfg
3949-W02 ----- Windsurfing boards and equipment-mfg
5182-000 ----- Wine and distilled beverages-wholesale
5813-W01 ----- Wine bars
2084-W01 ----- Wine cellars, bonded: engaged in blending wines-mfg
5182-W01 ----- Wine coolers, alcoholic-wholesale
2084-W02 ----- Wine coolers (beverages)-mfg
5921-W01 ----- Wine, packaged-retail
2084-000 ----- Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits-mfg
2084-W03 ----- Wines-mfg
5182-W02 ----- Wines-wholesale
3728-W02 ----- Wing assemblies and parts, aircraft-mfg
3714-W04 ----- Winterfronts, motor vehicle-mfg
2899-W06 ----- Wintergreen oil-mfg
3714-W05 ----- Wipers, windshield: motor vehicle-mfg
5093-W06 ----- Wiping rags, including washing and reconditioning wholesale
7218-W01 ----- Wiping towel supply service
3355-W01 ----- Wire, aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
5063-W02 ----- Wire and cables, interior-wholesale
3496-W01 ----- Wire and wire products mfpm: except insulated wire, and nails and spikes-mfg
3315-W02 ----- Wire carts: household, grocery, and industrial-made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3357-W02 ----- Wire cloth, nonferrous: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3315-W03 ----- Wire cloth, steel: made in wire drawing plants-mfg
3496-W02 ----- Wire, concrete reinforcing: made from purchased wire-mfg
3351-W01 ----- Wire, copper and copper alloy: made in brass mills-mfg
5039-W02 ----- Wire fence, gates, and accessories-wholesale
3315-W04 ----- Wire, ferrous: made in wire drawing plants-mfg
3316-W01 ----- Wire, flat: cold-rolled strip-not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3315-W05 ----- Wire garment hangers, steel: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
5063-W03 ----- Wire, insulated-wholesale
3357-W03 ----- Wire, nonferrous: bare, insulated, or armored-mfpm-mfg
3356-W02 ----- Wire, nonferrous except copper and aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
5051-W01 ----- Wire, not insulated-wholesale
4822-W01 ----- Wire or cable telegraph
3315-W06 ----- Wire products, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3312-W03 ----- Wire products, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
5051-W02 ----- Wire rods-wholesale
2298-W01 ----- Wire rope centers-mfg
5063-W04 ----- Wire rope or cable, insulated-wholesale
5051-W03 ----- Wire rope or cable, not insulated-wholesale
3357-W04 ----- Wire screening, nonferrous: made in wire drawing plants-mfg
5051-W04 ----- Wire screening-wholesale
3495-000 ----- Wire springs: made from purchased wire-mfg
3315-W07 ----- Wire, steel: insulated or armored-mfg
4813-W01 ----- Wire telephone
3496-W03 ----- Wire winding of purchased wire-mfg
3549-W01 ----- Wiredrawing and fabricating machinery and equipment, except dies-mfg
3544-W02 ----- Wiredrawing and straightening dies-mfg
3672-W01 ----- Wiring boards-mfg
5063-W05 ----- Wiring devices-wholesale
3714-W06 ----- Wiring harness sets motor vehicles: except ignition-mfg
5063-W06 ----- Wiring supplies-wholesale
1061-W01 ----- Wolframite mining
5632-000 ----- Women's accessory & specialty stores-wholesale
5137-000 ----- Women's and children's clothing-wholsale
2341-000 ----- Women's and children's underwear-mfg
2335-000 ----- Women's and misses' dresses-mfg
2339-000 ----- Women's and misses' outerwear, n.e.c.-mfg
2337-000 ----- Women's and misses' suits and coats-mfg
9441-W01 ----- Women's bureaus
3144-000 ----- Women's footwear, (except athletic)-mfg
3171-000 ----- Women's handbags and purses-mfg
2251-000 ----- Women's hosiery, (except socks)-mfg
2331-000 ----- Women's & misses' blouses & shirts-mfg
5621-000 ----- Women's ready-to-wear stores-retail
2861-W02 ----- Wood alcohol, natural-mfg
5199-W02 ----- Wood carvings-wholesale
2421-W01 ----- Wood chips produced at mill-mfg
2411-W01 ----- Wood chips, produced in the field-mfg
5099-W01 ----- Wood chips-wholesale
2449-000 ----- Wood containers, n.e.c.-mfg
2861-W03 ----- Wood creosote-mfg
5989-W01 ----- Wood dealers, fuel-retail
2861-W04 ----- Wood distillates-mfg
3559-W03 ----- Wood drying kilns-mfg
2499-W04 ----- Wood, except furniture: turned and carved-mfg
2491-W01 ----- Wood fence: pickets, poling, rails-treated-mfg
2851-W02 ----- Wood fillers and sealers-mfg
1752-W01 ----- Wood flooring-contractors
2499-W05 ----- Wood flour-mfg
3131-W02 ----- Wood heel blocks, for sale as such-mfg
3131-W03 ----- Wood heels, finished (shoe findings)-mfg
2511-000 ----- Wood household furniture-mfg
2434-000 ----- Wood kitchen cabinets-mfg
2521-000 ----- Wood office furniture-mfg
2861-W05 ----- Wood oils, product of hardwood distillation-mfg
2448-000 ----- Wood pallets and skids-mfg
2541-000 ----- Wood partitions and fixtures-mfg
2899-W07 ----- Wood, plastic-mfg
2491-000 ----- Wood preserving-mfg
2491-W02 ----- Wood products, creosoted-mfg
2499-000 ----- Wood products, n.e.c.-mfg
2611-W01 ----- Wood pulp-mfg
3452-W02 ----- Wood screws, metal-mfg
5031-W04 ----- Wood siding-wholesale
2851-W03 ----- Wood stains-mfg
2517-000 ----- Wood TV and radio cabinets-mfg
2429-W01 ----- Wood wool (excelsior)-mfg
5719-W02 ----- Woodburning stoves-retail
2499-W06 ----- Woodenware, kitchen and household-mfg
3931-W01 ----- Woodwind and brass wind musical instrument-mfg
2431-W08 ----- Woodwork, interior and ornamental: e.g., windows, doors, sash, and mantels-mfg
3553-000 ----- Woodworking machinery-mfg
5084-W04 ----- Woodworking machinery-wholesale
3553-W01 ----- Woodworking machines-mfg
4221-W02 ----- Wool and mohair warehousing
3552-W04 ----- Wool and worsted finishing machines-mfg
2231-W02 ----- Wool broad woven fabrics-mfg
2299-W04 ----- Wool felts, pressed or needle loom-mfg
2231-W03 ----- Wool felts, woven-mfg
2299-W05 ----- Wool grease, mohair, and similar fibers-mfg
3296-W01 ----- Wool, mineral: made of rock, slag and silica minerals-mfg
2241-W05 ----- Wool narrow woven goods-mfg
0214-W01 ----- Wool production
3999-W04 ----- Wool pulling-mfg
5159-W01 ----- Wool, raw-wholesale
2299-W06 ----- Wool scouring and carbonizing-mfg
2299-W07 ----- Wool shoddy-mfg
3291-W05 ----- Wool, steel-mfg
5159-W02 ----- Wool tops and noils-wholesale
2299-W08 ----- Wool tops, combing and converting-mfg
2299-W09 ----- Wool waste processing-mfg
2283-000 ----- Wool yarn mills-mfg
2282-W03 ----- Wool yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling-mfg
5131-W03 ----- Woolen and worsted piece goods-wholesale
5199-W03 ----- Woolen and worsted yarns-wholesale
2035-W01 ----- Worcestershire sauce-mfg
3579-W01 ----- Word processing equipment-mfg
7338-W01 ----- Word processing service (typing)
2599-W01 ----- Work benches, factory-mfg
2599-W02 ----- Work benches, industrial-mfg
5136-W02 ----- Work clothing, men's and boys'-wholesale
7218-W02 ----- Work clothing supply service, industrial
8331-W01 ----- Work experience centers
2326-W02 ----- Work garments, waterproof, men's and boys''; except raincoats-mfpm-mfg
2259-W02 ----- Work gloves and mittens-mitse-mfg
3069-W06 ----- Work gloves and mittens: rubber-mfg
3151-W02 ----- Work gloves, leather-mfg
3089-W11 ----- Work gloves, plastics-mfg
2326-W03 ----- Work jackets-mfg
2326-W04 ----- Work pants, except jeans and dungarees: men's and boys'-mfg
3531-W03 ----- Work platforms, elevated-mfg
2326-W05 ----- Work shirts: men's and boys'-mfg
3143-W01 ----- Work shoes, men's-mfg
6331-W01 ----- Workers, compensation insurance
6153-W01 ----- Working capital financing
9441-W02 ----- Workman, s compensation offices-government
2326-W06 ----- Workpants, except jeans and dungarees: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
3821-W01 ----- Worktables, laboratory-mfg
7391-W01 ----- World wide web servers (webservers)
0279-W01 ----- Worm farms
5199-W04 ----- Worms-wholesale
5131-W04 ----- Worsted and woolen piece goods, woven-wholesale
2299-W10 ----- Worsted combing-mfg
2231-W04 ----- Worsted fabrics, broadwoven-mfg
2273-000 ----- Woven carpets and rugs-mfg
3496-W04 ----- Woven wire products, made from purchased wire-mfg
2429-W02 ----- Wrappers, excelsior-mfg
2754-W01 ----- Wrappers: gravure printing-mfg
2752-W01 ----- Wrappers, lithographed-mfg
2759-W01 ----- Wrappers, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
3565-W02 ----- Wrapping machines-mfg
5113-W01 ----- Wrapping paper and products-wholesale
2671-W03 ----- Wrapping paper, coated or laminated-mfpm-mfg
2621-W02 ----- Wrapping paper-mitse mfg
3999-W05 ----- Wreaths, artificial-mfg
7549-W02 ----- Wrecker service (towing), automotive
1795-000 ----- Wrecking and demolition work
1795-W01 ----- Wrecking of buildings or other structures, except marine-contractors
3423-W02 ----- Wrenches (handtools)-mfg
3633-W02 ----- Wringers, domestic laundry-mfg
3589-W06 ----- Wringers, mop-mfg
2253-W02 ----- Wristlets-mitse-mfg
8999-W03 ----- Writers
2899-W08 ----- Writing ink and fluids-mfg
5112-W01 ----- Writing ink-wholesale
2678-W01 ----- Writing paper and envelopes, boxed sets-mfpm-mfg
2621-W03 ----- Writing paper-mitse-mfg
5943-W01 ----- Writing supplies-retail
2678-W02 ----- Writing tablets, mfpm-mfg
3317-W02 ----- Wrought pipe and tubes: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3312-W04 ----- Wrought pipe and tubing, made in steelworks or rolling mills-mfg
1061-W02 ----- Wulfenite mining
1499-W02 ----- Wurtzilite mining

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