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8999-W01 ----- Weather forecasters
8999-W02 ----- Weather modification (rain makers)
3442-W01 ----- Weather strip, metal-mfg
3069-W04 ----- Weather strip, sponge rubber-mfg
2431-W02 ----- Weather strip, wood-mfg
1799-W03 ----- Weather stripping-contra tors
3829-W02 ----- Weather tracking equipment-mfg
3599-W02 ----- Weather vanes-mfg
3357-W01 ----- Weatherproof wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
2231-000 ----- Weaving and finishing mills, wool-mfg
2231-W01 ----- Weaving mills, broadwoven fabrics: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2211-000 ----- Weaving mills, cotton-mfg
2211-W03 ----- Weaving mills, cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2241-W01 ----- Weaving mills, narrow fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and manmade fibers-including glass-mfg
2221-000 ----- Weaving mills, synthetics-mfg
2281-W01 ----- Weaving yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
7336-W01 ----- Web page design services
7391-W02 ----- Web site hosting
2499-W02 ----- Webbing: cane, reed, and rattan-mfg
2299-W03 ----- Webbing, jute-mfg
2241-W02 ----- Webbing, woven: except jute-mfg
2241-W03 ----- Webs, strapping-mfg
7299-W02 ----- Wedding chapels, privately operated
2335-W01 ----- Wedding dresses: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
7299-W03 ----- Wedding services
0721-W01 ----- Weed control, crop: after planting
0711-W01 ----- Weed control, crop: before planting
3523-W03 ----- Weeding machines, farm-mfg
2257-W01 ----- Weft knit fabrics-mfg
5131-W02 ----- Weft knit fabrics-wholesale
7389-W02 ----- Weighing foods and other commodities, not connected with transportation
3596-W01 ----- Weighing machines and apparatus, except laboratory-mfg
4785-W01 ----- Weighing services connected with transportation
5999-W02 ----- Weight loss related products-retail
7389-W03 ----- Welcoming service
3315-W01 ----- Welded steel wire fabric, made in wire drawing plants-mfg
3199-W01 ----- Welders, aprons, leather-mfg
3151-W01 ----- Welders, gloves-mfg
3842-W02 ----- Welders, hoods-mfg
3199-W02 ----- Welders, jackets, leggings, and sleeves: leather-mfg
3548-W01 ----- Welding accessories, electric and gas-mfg
3548-W02 ----- Welding and cutting apparatus, gas or electric-mfg
3548-000 ----- Welding apparatus-mfg
1799-W04 ----- Welding contractors, operating at site of construction
2899-W05 ----- Welding fluxes-mfg
5084-W02 ----- Welding machinery and equipment-wholesale
3544-W01 ----- Welding positioners (jigs)-mfg
7692-000 ----- Welding repair
3356-W01 ----- Welding rods-mfg
7692-W01 ----- Welding shops, including automotive
3548-W03 ----- Welding wire, bare and coated-mfg
3443-W02 ----- Weldments-mfg
6371-W01 ----- Welfare pensions
3494-W02 ----- Well adapters, tipless: metal-mfg
3317-W01 ----- Well casing, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3312-W01 ----- Well casings, iron and steel: made in steelworks or rolling mills-mfg
3272-W04 ----- Well curbing, concrete-mfg
1381-W02 ----- Well drilling: gas, oil, and water intake-on a contract basis
1781-W02 ----- Well drilling, water: except oil or gas field water intake-contractors
1389-W01 ----- Well foundation grading, oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
3533-W02 ----- Well logging equipment-mfg
1389-W02 ----- Well logging: on a contract basis
1389-W03 ----- Well plugging and abandoning, oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
5082-W01 ----- Well points (drilling equipment)-wholesale
1389-W04 ----- Well pumping, oil and gas: on a contract basis
1389-W05 ----- Well servicing, oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
2892-W01 ----- Well shooting torpedoes (explosives)-mfg
3533-W03 ----- Well surveying machinery-mfg
3531-W01 ----- Wellpoint systems-mfg
3444-W01 ----- Wells, light: sheet metal-mfg
3131-W01 ----- Welting, leather (cut stock and findings)-mfg
3111-W01 ----- Welting leather-mfg
2399-W01 ----- Welts-mfpm-mfg
3111-W02 ----- Wet blues-mfg
2046-000 ----- Wet corn milling-mfg
5149-W01 ----- Wet corn milling products-wholesale
2631-W01 ----- Wet machine board-mitse-mfg
3069-W05 ----- Wet suits, rubber-mfg
2843-W01 ----- Wetting agents-mfg
2077-W01 ----- Whale oil, refined-mfg
1629-W06 ----- Wharf construction-general contractors
2511-W02 ----- Whatnot shelves, wood-mfg
0111-W01 ----- Wheat farms
2043-W01 ----- Wheat flakes-mfg
2041-W02 ----- Wheat flour-mfg
2041-W03 ----- Wheat germ-mfg
2046-W01 ----- Wheat gluten-mfg
2041-W01 ----- Wheat mill feed-mfg
2046-W02 ----- Wheat starch-mfg
5153-W01 ----- Wheat-wholesale
3825-W06 ----- Wheatstone bridges (electrical measuring instruments)-mfg
7539-W01 ----- Wheel alignment, automotive
3559-W01 ----- Wheel balancing equipment, automotive-mfg
3842-W03 ----- Wheel chairs-mfg
3559-W02 ----- Wheel mounting and balancing equipment, automotive-mfg
3812-W02 ----- Wheel position indicators and transmitters, aircraft-mfg
3423-W01 ----- Wheel pullers, handtools-mfg
3545-W01 ----- Wheel turning equipment, diamond point and other (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3799-W01 ----- Wheelbarrows-mfg
3843-W02 ----- Wheels, abrasive: dental-mfg
3291-W01 ----- Wheels, abrasive: except dental-mfg
3728-W01 ----- Wheels, aircraft-mfg
3462-W01 ----- Wheels, car and locomotive: forged-not made in rolling mills-mfg
3312-W02 ----- Wheels, car and locomotive: iron and steel-mitse-mfg
3291-W02 ----- Wheels, diamond abrasive-mfg
3291-W03 ----- Wheels, grinding: artificial-mfg
3714-W01 ----- Wheels, motor vehicle-mfg
5013-W01 ----- Wheels, motor vehicle: new-wholesale
3499-W01 ----- Wheels, stamped metal, disc type: wheelbarrow, stroller, lawnmower-mfg
1499-W01 ----- Whetstone quarrying
3291-W04 ----- Whetstones, artificial-mfg
2021-W01 ----- Whey butter-mfg
2023-W01 ----- Whey: concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated, and powdered-mfg
2022-W01 ----- Whey, raw: liquid-mfg
2353-W01 ----- Whimseys and miniatures (millinery)-mfg
2026-W01 ----- Whipped cream-mfg
2023-W02 ----- Whipped topping, dry mix-mfg
2026-W02 ----- Whipped topping, except frozen or dry mix-mfg
2038-W02 ----- Whipped topping, frozen-mfg
3634-W04 ----- Whippers, household: electric-mfg
3199-W03 ----- Whips, horse-mfg
3199-W04 ----- Whipstocks-mfg
3842-W04 ----- Whirlpool baths, hydrotherapy equipment-mfg
5999-W01 ----- Whirlpool baths-retail
3991-W01 ----- Whisk brooms-mfg
2085-W01 ----- Whiskey: bourbon, rye, scotch type, and corn-mfg
4226-W04 ----- Whiskey warehousing
2816-W01 ----- White lead pigments-mfg
3369-W01 ----- White metal castings, except die-castings: lead, antimony, and tin-mfg
3861-W02 ----- Whiteprint (diazo) paper and cloth, sensitized-mfg
3861-W03 ----- Whiteprint (diazotype) reproduction machines and equipment-mfg
5044-W01 ----- Whiteprinting equipment-wholesale
3263-W01 ----- Whiteware, fine type semivitreous tableware and kitchenware-mfg
1721-W01 ----- Whitewashing-contractors
0912-W01 ----- Whiting, catching of
2816-W02 ----- Whiting-mfg
1422-W01 ----- Whiting mining, crushed and broken-quarrying
3829-W03 ----- Whole body counters, nuclear-mfg
4725-W01 ----- Wholesale tour operator

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