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3949-W01 ----- Wading pools, plastics coated fabric-mfg
3482-W01 ----- Wads, ammunition: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch)or less-mfg
2299-W01 ----- Wads and wadding, textile-mfg
2493-W01 ----- Waferboard-mfg
3674-W01 ----- Wafers (semiconductor devices)-mfg
2052-W01 ----- Wafers, sugar-mfg
2211-W01 ----- Waffle cloth, cotton-mfg
3634-W01 ----- Waffle irons, electric-mfg
5064-W01 ----- Waffle irons, electric-wholesale
2038-W01 ----- Waffles, frozen-mfg
9651-W01 ----- Wage control agencies-government
3523-W01 ----- Wagons and trailers, farm-mfg
3944-W01 ----- Wagons, children's: coaster, express, and play-mfg
3524-W01 ----- Wagons for residential lawn and garden use-mfg
5963-W01 ----- Wagons, ice cream-retail
3069-W01 ----- Wainscoting, rubber-mfg
2431-W01 ----- Wainscots, wood-mfg
2396-W01 ----- Waistbands, trouser-mfg
3944-W02 ----- Walkers, baby (vehicles)-mfg
3842-W01 ----- Walkers-mfg
3534-W01 ----- Walkways, moving-mfg
3272-W01 ----- Wall base, precast terrazzo-mfg
2522-W01 ----- Wall cases, office: except wood-mfg
3259-W01 ----- Wall coping, clay-mfg
3089-W01 ----- Wall coverings, plastics-mfg
3433-W01 ----- Wall heaters, except electric-mfg
3634-W02 ----- Wall heaters, household: electric-mfg
3645-W01 ----- Wall lamps-mfg
3272-W02 ----- Wall squares, concrete-mfg
3253-W01 ----- Wall tile, ceramic-mfg
2493-W02 ----- Wall tile, fiberboard-mfg
5211-W01 ----- Wallboard (composition) dealers-retail
3275-W01 ----- Wallboard, gypsum-mfg
5031-W01 ----- Wallboard-wholesale
2493-W03 ----- Wallboard, wood fiber: cellular fiber or hard pressed-mitse-mfg
5231-W01 ----- Wallcovering stores-retail
2679-W01 ----- Wallcoverings: paper-mfpm-mfg
3069-W02 ----- Wallcoverings, rubber-mfg
3172-W01 ----- Wallets, regardless of material-mfg
2842-W01 ----- Wallpaper cleaners-mfg
2679-W02 ----- Wallpaper, embossed plastics: made on textile backing-mfpm-mfg
2679-W03 ----- Wallpaper-mfpm-mfg
1799-W01 ----- Wallpaper removal-contractors
2621-W01 ----- Wallpaper stock (hanging paper)-mitse-mfg
5231-W02 ----- Wallpaper stores-retail
5198-W01 ----- Wallpaper-wholesale
1741-W01 ----- Walls, retaining: block, stone, or brick-contractors
0173-W01 ----- Walnut groves and farms
0723-W01 ----- Walnut hulling and shelling
3952-W01 ----- Walnut oil, artists-mfg
2076-W01 ----- Walnut oil-mfg
3999-W01 ----- Walnut shell flour-mfg
2673-W01 ----- Wardrobe bags (closet accessories), plastics film or coated paper-mfpm-mfg
3161-W01 ----- Wardrobe bags (luggage)-mfg
2392-W01 ----- Wardrobe bags-mfpm-mfg
7819-W01 ----- Wardrobe rental for motion picture film production
7299-W01 ----- Wardrobe service, except theatrical
2511-W01 ----- Wardrobes, household: wood-mfg
1541-W01 ----- Warehouse construction-general contractors
4221-W01 ----- Warehousing and storage, farm product: other than refrigerated
4222-W01 ----- Warehousing, cold storage or refrigerated
4225-W01 ----- Warehousing, general
4226-W01 ----- Warehousing of goods at foreign trade zones
4226-W02 ----- Warehousing of household goods, without local trucking
4225-W02 ----- Warehousing, self-storage
4226-W03 ----- Warehousing, special: except farm products and cold storage
3812-W01 ----- Warfare counter measures equipment-mfg
5075-000 ----- Warm air heating & air conditioning-wholesale
5075-W01 ----- Warm air heating and cooling equipment-wholesale
3089-W02 ----- Warmers, bottle: plastics, except foam-mfg
2253-W01 ----- Warmup and jogging suits-mitse-mfg
2369-W01 ----- Warmup suits: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2329-W01 ----- Warmup suits: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339-W01 ----- Warmup suits: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3552-W01 ----- Warp and knot tying machines (textile machinery)-mfg
5131-W01 ----- Warp knit fabrics-wholesale
2258-W01 ----- Warp (nat) knit fabrics-mfg
3552-W02 ----- Warping machines (textile machinery)-mfg
6399-W01 ----- Warranty insurance, automobile
6351-W01 ----- Warranty insurance, home
3272-W03 ----- Wash foundations, precast terrazzo-mfg
2326-W01 ----- Washable service apparel, men's: hospital, professional, barbers, etc.-mfg
2499-W01 ----- Washboards, wood and part wood-mfg
2392-W02 ----- Washcloths-mfpm-mfg
2259-W01 ----- Washcloths-mitse-mfg
2211-W02 ----- Washcloths, woven: made in weaving mills-mfg
1231-W01 ----- Washeries, anthracite
1221-W01 ----- Washeries, bituminous coal or lignite
1629-W01 ----- Washeries construction, mining-general contractors
3532-W01 ----- Washers, aggregate and sand: stationary type-mfg
3565-W01 ----- Washers, bottle: for food products-mfg
5072-W01 ----- Washers, hardware-wholesale
3053-W01 ----- Washers, leather-mfg
3452-W01 ----- Washers, metal-mfg
3861-W01 ----- Washers, photographic print and film-mfg
3089-W03 ----- Washers, plastics-mfg
2844-W01 ----- Washes, cosmetic-mfg
7542-W01 ----- Washing and polishing, automotive
2841-W01 ----- Washing compounds-mfg
3469-W01 ----- Washing machine parts, porcelain enameled-mfg
7629-W01 ----- Washing machine repair
6064-W01 ----- Washing machines, household: electric-wholesale
3633-W01 ----- Washing machines, household: including coin-operated-mfg
3582-W01 ----- Washing machines, laundry: commercial, including coin-operated-mfg
2812-W01 ----- Washing soda (sal soda)-mfg
7342-W01 ----- Washroom sanitation service
2673-W02 ----- Waste bags, plastics film and laminated-mfpm-mfg
5093-W01 ----- Waste bottles and boxes-wholesale
1629-W02 ----- Waste disposal plant construction-general contractors
9511-W01 ----- Waste management program administration-government
4953-W01 ----- Waste materials disposal at sea
5093-W02 ----- Waste rags-wholesale
5093-W03 ----- Waste, rubber-wholesale
2299-W02 ----- Waste, textile mill: processing of-mfg
5093-W04 ----- Waste, textile-wholesale
2655-W01 ----- Wastebaskets, fiber (metal end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
3469-W02 ----- Wastebaskets, stamped metal-mfg
5093-W05 ----- Wastepaper, including paper recycling-wholesale
7631-000 ----- Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
3231-W01 ----- Watch crystals, made from purchased glass-mfg
3915-W01 ----- Watch jewels-mfg
7631-W01 ----- Watch repair shops
3172-W02 ----- Watch straps, except metal-mfg
3961-W01 ----- Watchbands, base metal-mfg
3911-W01 ----- Watchbands, precious metal-mfg
3873-W01 ----- Watchcases-mfg
5094-W01 ----- Watchcases-wholesale
3873-W02 ----- Watches and parts: except crystals and jewels-mfg
5094-W02 ----- Watches and parts-wholesale
3873-000 ----- Watches, clocks, and watchcases-mfg
5944-W01 ----- Watches, including custom made-retail
3221-W01 ----- Water bottles, glass-mfg
3069-W03 ----- Water bottles, rubber-mfg
3431-W01 ----- Water closets: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3088-W01 ----- Water closets, plastics-mfg
3952-W02 ----- Water colors, artists-mfg
3589-W01 ----- Water conditioners, for swimming pools-mfg
5074-W01 ----- Water conditioning equipment-wholesale
9511-W02 ----- Water control and quality agencies-government
3585-W01 ----- Water coolers, electric-mfg
2834-W01 ----- Water decontamination or purification tablets-mfg
2899-W01 ----- Water, distilled-mfg
4971-W01 ----- Water distribution or supply systems for .irrigation
8712-W01 ----- Waterfalls, custom made
3589-W02 ----- Water filters and softeners, household type-mfg
2819-W01 ----- Water glass-mfg
3822-W01 ----- Water heater controls-mfg
5064-W02 ----- Water heaters, electric-wholesale
5074-W02 ----- Water heaters, except electric-wholesale
3639-W01 ----- Water heaters, household: including nonelectric-mfg
1381-W01 ----- Water intake well drilling: on a contract basis
3599-W01 ----- Water leak detectors-mfg
1623-W01 ----- Water main line construction-general contractors
5499-W01 ----- Water, mineral-retail
2851-W01 ----- Water paints-mfg
4489-000 ----- Water passenger transportation, n.e.c.
2086-W01 ----- Water, pasteurized: bottled or canned-mfg
3321-W01 ----- Water pipe, cast iron-mfg
9511-W03 ----- Water pollution control agencies
1629-W03 ----- Water power project construction-general contractors
3634-W03 ----- Water pulsating devices, electric-mfg
1711-W01 ----- Water pump installation and servicing-contractors
5084-W01 ----- Water pumps, industrial-wholesale
3589-W03 ----- Water purification equipment, household type-mfg
3823-W01 ----- Water quality monitoring and control systems-mfg
2261-W01 ----- Water repellency finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
1623-000 ----- Water, sewer, and utility lines
7389-W01 ----- Water softener service
3589-W04 ----- Water softeners, household type-mfg
5074-W03 ----- Water softeners-wholesale
2834-W02 ----- Water, sterile: for injections-mfg
4941-000 ----- Water supply
4941-W01 ----- Water supply systems, except irrigation
1711-W02 ----- Water system balancing and testing-contractors
3443-W01 ----- Water tanks, metal plate-mfg
4489-W01 ----- Water taxis, operation of
3829-W01 ----- Water temperature gauges, motor vehicle-mfg
4449-000 ----- Water transportation of freight, n.e.c.
4424-W01 ----- Water transportation of freight to noncontiguous territories
4499-000 ----- Water transportation services, n.e.c.
3432-W01 ----- Water traps-mfg
2899-W02 ----- Water treating compounds-mfg
3589-W05 ----- Water treatment equipment, industrial-mfg
1629-W04 ----- Water treatment plant construction-general contractors
3523-W02 ----- Water troughs-mfg
3511-W01 ----- Water turbines-mfg
3494-W01 ----- Water valves, except plumbers, brass goods and fittings, metal-mfg
1781-000 ----- Water well drilling
1781-W01 ----- Water well drilling-contractors
3533-W01 ----- Water well drilling machinery-mfg
3491-W01 ----- Water works valves-mfg
5712-W01 ----- Waterbeds-retail
5021-W01 ----- Waterbeds-wholesale
4491-W01 ----- Waterfront terminal operation
3089-W04 ----- Watering pots, plastics-mfg
0161-W01 ----- Watermelon farms
3824-W01 ----- Watermeters, consumption registering-mfg
2385-W01 ----- Waterproof and water-repellent outer-wear, except vulcanized rubber, oiled and wool-mfpm-mfg
2675-W01 ----- Waterproof cardboard-mfpm-mfg
2385-000 ----- Waterproof outergarments-mfg
5136-W01 ----- Waterproof outergarments, men's and boys'-wholesale
5137-W01 ----- Waterproof outergarments: women's and children's-wholesale
2671-W01 ----- Waterproof wrapping paper-mfpm-mfg
2899-W03 ----- Waterproofing compounds-mfg
1799-W02 ----- Waterproofing-contractors
7999-W01 ----- Waterslides, operation of
1629-W05 ----- Waterway construction-general contractors
3825-W01 ----- Watt-hour and demand meters, combined-mfg
3825-W02 ----- Watt-hour and time switch meters, combined-mfg
3825-W03 ----- Watt-hour meters, electric-mfg
2861-W01 ----- Wattle extract-mfg
3825-W04 ----- Wattmeters-mfg
7999-W02 ----- Wave pools, operation of
3825-W05 ----- Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment-mfg
3699-W01 ----- Waveguide pressurization equipment-mfg
3679-W01 ----- Waveguides and fittings-mfg
3952-W03 ----- Wax, artists-mfg
2899-W04 ----- Wax, core-mfg
3843-W01 ----- Wax, dental-mfg
7999-W03 ----- Wax figure exhibitions
8412-W01 ----- Wax museums, commercial
2911-W01 ----- Wax, paraffin: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2842-W02 ----- Wax removers-mfg
2891-W01 ----- Wax, sealing-mfg
2672-W01 ----- Waxed paper, except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2671-W02 ----- Waxed paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
5169-W01 ----- Waxes, except petroleum-wholesale
2842-W03 ----- Waxes for wood, fabricated leather, and other materials-mfg
2999-W01 ----- Waxes, petroleum: not produced in petrbleum refineries-mfg
7542-W02 ----- Waxing and polishing, automotive
2295-W01 ----- Waxing of cloth-mfg

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