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3052-V01 ----- V-belts, rubber or plastics-mfg
6733-V01 ----- Vacation funds for employees
0751-V01 ----- Vaccinating livestock, except by veterinarians
0752-V01 ----- Vaccinating pets and other animal specialties, except by veterinarians
2836-V01 ----- Vaccines-mfg
3429-V01 ----- Vacuum bottles and jugs-mfg
3714-V01 ----- Vacuum brakes, motor vehicle-mfg
3743-V01 ----- Vacuum brakes, railway-mfg
3052-V02 ----- Vacuum cleaner hose, plastics or rubber-mfg
5722-V01 ----- Vacuum cleaner stores-retail
3635-V02 ----- Vacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: household-mfg
3589-V01 ----- Vacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: industrial and commercial-mfg
5064-V01 ----- Vacuum cleaners, household-wholesale
1796-V01 ----- Vacuum cleaning systems, built-in-contractors
5087-V01 ----- Vacuum cleaning systems-wholesale
3567-V01 ----- Vacuum furnaces and ovens-mfg
3563-V01 ----- Vacuum pumps, except laboratory-mfg
3821-V01 ----- Vacuum pumps, laboratory-mfg
3625-V01 ----- Vacuum relays-mfg
3443-V01 ----- Vacuum tanks, metal plate-mfg
3825-V01 ----- Vacuum tube bridges (electrical measuring instruments-mfg
3671-V01 ----- Vacuum tubes-mfg
3443-V02 ----- Vacuum tunnels, metal plate-mfg
4959-V01 ----- Vacuuming of airport runways
3524-V01 ----- Vacuums, residential lawn-mfg
2771-V01 ----- Valentine cards, except hand painted-mfg
7212-V01 ----- Valet apparel service
7299-V01 ----- Valet parking
3161-V01 ----- Valises, regardless of material-mfg
2861-V01 ----- Valonia extract-mfg
7373-V01 ----- Value-added resellers, computer systems
3714-V02 ----- Valve cores, tire-mfg
3541-V01 ----- Valve grinding machines-mfg
3491-V01 ----- Valves, air ventilating-mfg
5085-V01 ----- Valves and fittings, except plumbers-wholesale
3494-000 ----- Valves and pipe fittings
3492-V01 ----- Valves, automatic control: fluid power-metal-mfg
3491-V02 ----- Valves, automatic control: industrial, except fluid power-mfg
3592-V01 ----- Valves, engine: intake and exhaust-mfg
3069-V01 ----- Valves, hard rubber-mfg
3492-V02 ----- Valves, hydraulic and pneumatic control: fluid power-metal-mfg
3491-V03 ----- Valves, industrial: gate, globe, check, pop safety, and relief-mfg
3491-V04 ----- Valves, nuclear-mfg
3714-V03 ----- Valves, PCV-mfg
3494-V01 ----- Valves, plumbing and heating: metal-mfg
5074-V01 ----- Valves, plumbing and heating-wholesale
3491-V05 ----- Valves, power transfer: except fluid power-mfg
3491-V06 ----- Valves, relief: over 15 lbs. w.s.p.-mfg
3491-V07 ----- Valves, solenoid: except fluid power-mfg
3131-V01 ----- Vamps, leather-mfg
7532-V01 ----- Van conversions, except on a factory basis
3713-V01 ----- Van-type bodies, all purpose-mfg
1094-V01 ----- Vanadium ore mining
3599-V01 ----- Vanes, weather-mfg
2869-V01 ----- Vanillin, synthetic-mfg
2434-V01 ----- Vanities, bathroom, wood: to be installed-mfg
2514-V01 ----- Vanities, household: metal-mfg
3961-V01 ----- Vanity cases, except precious metal and leather-mfg
3172-V01 ----- Vanity cases, leather-mfg
3911-V01 ----- Vanity cases, precious metal-mfg
2511-V01 ----- Vanity dressers-mfg
4119-V01 ----- Vanpool operation
3716-V01 ----- Vans, self-propelled: conversion on a factory basis for recreational use-mfg
5012-V01 ----- Vans-wholesale
3822-V01 ----- Vapor heating controls-mfg
3641-V01 ----- Vapor lamps, electric-mfg
3569-V01 ----- Vapor separators (machinery)-mfg
3634-V01 ----- Vaporizers, electric: household-mfg
3674-V01 ----- Variable capacitance diodes-mfg
2674-V01 ----- Variety bags, uncoated paper-mfpm-mfg
2011-V01 ----- Variety meats edible organs-mitse-mfg
5331-V01 ----- Variety stores, limited price-retail
3676-V01 ----- Varistors-mfg
3991-V01 ----- Varnish brushes-mfg
2851-V01 ----- Varnish removers-mfg
2851-V02 ----- Varnish stains-mfg
2851-V03 ----- Varnishes-mfg
5198-V01 ----- Varnishes-wholesale
3479-V01 ----- Varnishing of metal products, for the trade-mfg
2295-V01 ----- Varnishing of textiles-mfg
3281-V01 ----- Vases, cut stone-mfg
3229-V01 ----- Vases, glass-mfg
3299-V01 ----- Vases, gypsum or papier-mache: factory production only-mfg
3269-V01 ----- Vases, pottery (china, earthenware, and stoneware)-mfg
2262-V01 ----- Vat dyeing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2865-V01 ----- Vat dyes, synthetic-mfg
3443-V03 ----- Vats, metal plate-mfg
3444-V01 ----- Vats, sheet metal-mfg
2449-V01 ----- Vats, wood: coopered-mfg
2499-V01 ----- Vats, wood: except coopered-mfg
7922-V01 ----- Vaudeville companies
3499-V01 ----- Vault doors and linings, metal-mfg
5044-V01 ----- Vaults and safes-wholesale
3499-V02 ----- Vaults, except burial vaults: metal-mfg
3272-V01 ----- Vaults, grave: concrete and precast terrazzo-mfg
3995-V01 ----- Vaults, grave: metal-mfg
2011-V02 ----- Veal-mitse-mfg
5431-V01 ----- Vegetable and fruit stands-retail
2449-V02 ----- Vegetable baskets, veneer and splint-mfg
0181-V01 ----- Vegetable bedding plants, growing of
5199-V01 ----- Vegetable cake and meal-wholesale
2079-V01 ----- Vegetable cooking and salad oils, except corn oil: refined-mfg
5149-V01 ----- Vegetable cooking oil-wholesale
2449-V03 ----- Vegetable crates, wood: wirebound-mfg
0723-V01 ----- Vegetable drying
0161-V01 ----- Vegetable farms
2034-V01 ----- Vegetable flour, meal, and powders-mfg
2833-V01 ----- Vegetable gelatin (agar-agar)-mfg
3523-V01 ----- Vegetable grading, cleaning and sorting machines: farm-mfg
2033-V01 ----- Vegetable juices: canned, bottled and bulk-mfg
5431-V02 ----- Vegetable markets and stands-retail
3556-V01 ----- Vegetable oil processing machinery-mfg
2833-V02 ----- Vegetable oils, medicinal grade: refined and concentrated-mfg
2076-000 ----- Vegetable oil mills, n.e.c.
2899-V01 ----- Vegetable oils, vulcanized or sulfurized-mfg
2033-V02 ----- Vegetable pie mixes-mfg
0723-V02 ----- Vegetable precooling, not in connection with transportation
2033-V03 ----- Vegetable purees-mfg
2035-V01 ----- Vegetable sauces, except tomato-mfg
0723-V03 ----- Vegetable sorting, grading, and packing
2076-V01 ----- Vegetable tallow-mfg
0723-V04 ----- Vegetable vacuum cooling
0161-000 ----- Vegetables and melons
2033-V04 ----- Vegetables, canned-mfg
2034-V02 ----- Vegetables, dried or dehydrated-mfg
5148-V01 ----- Vegetables, fresh-wholesale
0182-V01 ----- Vegetables grown under cover
0722-V01 ----- Vegetables, machine harvesting of
2099-V01 ----- Vegetables peeled for the trade-mfg
2035-V02 ----- Vegetables, pickled and brined-mfg
2037-V01 ----- Vegetables, quick frozen and coldpack(frozen)-mfg
2034-V03 ----- Vegetables, sulphured-mfg
5812-V01 ----- Vegetarian restaurants
3429-V02 ----- Vehicle hardware: aircraft, automobile, railroad, etc.-mfg
2491-V01 ----- Vehicle lumber, treated-mfg
2426-V01 ----- Vehicle stock, hardwood-mfg
3824-V01 ----- Vehicle tank meters-mfg
5092-V01 ----- Vehicles, children's-wholesale
3944-V01 ----- Vehicles except bicycles, children's-mfg
3711-V01 ----- Vehicles, motor: including amphibian-mfg
3647-000 ----- Vehicular lighting equipment
2396-V01 ----- Veils and veiling, hat-mfg
3999-V01 ----- Veils made of hair-mfg
3111-V01 ----- Vellum leather-mfg
2211-V01 ----- Velours-mfg
2211-V02 ----- Velveteens-mfg
2221-V01 ----- Velvets, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
5962-V01 ----- Vending machine sale of products
3581-V01 ----- Vending machines for merchandise: coin-operated-mfg
7359-V01 ----- Vending machines, rental only
5046-V01 ----- Vending machines-wholesale
2449-V04 ----- Veneer baskets, for fruits and vegetables-mfg
2411-V01 ----- Veneer logs-mfg
3553-V01 ----- Veneer mill machines-mfg
2435-V01 ----- Veneer mills, hardwood-mfg
2436-V01 ----- Veneer mills, softwood-mfg
5031-V01 ----- Veneer-wholesale
2499-V02 ----- Veneer work, inlaid-mfg
7349-V01 ----- Venetian blind cleaning, including work done on owners' premises
3553-V02 ----- Venetian blind machines (woodworking machinery)-mfg
7699-V01 ----- Venetian blind repair shops
5719-V01 ----- Venetian blind shops-retail
2431-V01 ----- Venetian blind slats, wood-mfg
2241-V01 ----- Venetian blind tapes-mfg
2591-V01 ----- Venetian blinds-mfg
2836-V02 ----- Venoms-mfg
3564-V01 ----- Ventilating, blowing, and exhaust fans: except household and kitchen-mfg
5015-V01 ----- Ventilating equipment and supplies-wholesale
3634-V02 ----- Ventilating fans, electric: household-kitchen-mfg
1711-V01 ----- Ventilating work, with or without sheet metalwork-contractors
4741-V01 ----- Ventilation of railroad cars
3444-V02 ----- Ventilators, sheet metal-mfg
6799-V01 ----- Venture capital companies
1429-V01 ----- Verde' antique, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-V01 ----- Verde' antique, dimension-quarrying
3577-V01 ----- Verifiers-mfg
2098-V01 ----- Vermicelli-mfg
3295-V01 ----- Vermiculite, exfoliated-mfg
1499-V01 ----- Vermiculite mining
2834-V01 ----- Vermifuges-mfg
2816-V01 ----- Vermilion pigments-mfg
3545-V01 ----- Verniers (machinists, precision tools)-mfg
3541-V02 ----- Vertical turning and boring machines(metalworking-mfg
3443-V04 ----- Vessels, pressure: industrial-metal plate(made in boiler shops)-mfg
3443-V05 ----- Vessels, process and storage: metal plate(made in boiler shops)-mfg
2389-V01 ----- Vestments, academic and clerical-mfpm-mfg
2337-V01 ----- Vests, except tailored: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2386-V01 ----- Vests, leather or sheep lined-mfg
2329-V01 ----- Vests, nontailored including sweater-men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339-V01 ----- Vests, not tailored: women's, misses, and juniors-mfpm-mfg
2311-V01 ----- Vests, tailored: men's and boys'-mfg
9451-V01 ----- Veterans, affairs offices
8641-V01 ----- Veterans, organizations
0741-V01 ----- Veterinarians for livestock
0742-V01 ----- Veterinarians for pets and other animal specialties
3841-V01 ----- Veterinarians, instruments and apparatus-mfg
2834-V02 ----- Veterinary pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
0741-V02 ----- Veterinary services for livestock
0742-V02 ----- Veterinary services for pets and other animal specialties
0742-000 ----- Veterinary services, specialties
8734-V01 ----- Veterinary testing laboratories
1622-V01 ----- Viaduct construction-general contractors
3221-V01 ----- Vials, glass: made in glassmaking establishments-mfg
3231-V01 ----- Vials, made from purchased glass-mfg
3089-V01 ----- Vials, plastics-mfg
3931-V01 ----- Vibraphones-mfg
3829-V01 ----- Vibration meters, analyzers, and calibrators-mfg
3999-V02 ----- Vibrators, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops-mfg
3531-V01 ----- Vibrators for concrete construction-mfg
3612-V01 ----- Vibrators, interrupter-mfg
5731-V01 ----- Video camera stores-retail
3651-V01 ----- Video camera-audio recorders, house-hold-mfg
3651-V02 ----- Video cassette recorders/players-mfg
5064-V02 ----- Video disc players-wholesale
7841-V01 ----- Video disk rental to the general public
3649-V01 ----- Video equipment, commerical-mfg
7993-V01 ----- Video game arcades
3944-V02 ----- Video game machines, except coin-operated-mfg
7221-V01 ----- Video photography, portrait
3663-V01 ----- Video production equipment-mfg
7539-V01 ----- Video recorder and player rental and leasing
7622-V01 ----- Video recorder or player repair
3695-V01 ----- Video recording tape, blank-mfg
7819-V01 ----- Video tape or disk reproduction
7812-V01 ----- Video tape production
5731-V02 ----- Video tape recorder stores-retail
7841-V02 ----- Video tape rental to the general public
5735-V01 ----- Video tape stores-retail
7822-V01 ----- Video tapes, recorded-wholesale
3679-V01 ----- Video triggers, except remote control television devices-mfg
3651-V03 ----- Video triggers (remote control television devices)-mfg
2013-V01 ----- Vienna sausage-mfpm-mfg
5812-V02 ----- Vietnamese restaurants
2221-V02 ----- Vinal broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3523-V02 ----- Vine pullers-mfg
2099-V02 ----- Vinegar-mfg
2035-V03 ----- Vinegar pickles and relishes-mfg
0721-V01 ----- Vineyard cultivation services
0762-V01 ----- Vineyard management and maintenance, with or without crop services
0172-V01 ----- Vineyards
2869-V02 ----- Vinyl acetate-mfg
3081-V01 ----- Vinyl and vinyl copolymer film and sheet, unsupported-mfg
3292-V01 ----- Vinyl asbestos tile-mfg
2296-V01 ----- Vinyl coated fabrics-mfg
2851-V04 ----- Vinyl coatings, strippable-mfg
2824-V01 ----- Vinyl fibers-mfg
1752-V01 ----- Vinyl floor tile and sheet installation-contractors
2851-V05 ----- Vinyl plastisol-mfg
2821-V01 ----- Vinyl resins-mfg
2824-V02 ----- Vinylidene chloride fibers-mfg
2221-V03 ----- Vinyon broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3931-V02 ----- Violas and parts-mfg
3931-V03 ----- Violins and parts-mfg
2835-V01 ----- Viral test diagnostic reagents-mfg
7371-S05 ----- Virtual Reality, computer software
2836-V03 ----- Viruses-mfg
2823-V01 ----- Viscose fibers, bands, strips, and yarn-mfg
3829-V02 ----- Viscosimeters, except industrial process type-mfg
3823-V01 ----- Viscosimeters, industrial process type-mfg
3423-V01 ----- Vises, carpenters-mfg
3423-V02 ----- Vises, except machine-mfg
3545-V02 ----- Vises, machine (machine tool accessories)-mfg
2754-V01 ----- Visiting cards: gravure printing-mfg
2752-V01 ----- Visiting cards, lithographed-mfg
2759-V01 ----- Visiting cards, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
8082-V01 ----- Visiting nurse associations
2396-V02 ----- Visors, cap-mfg
2044-V01 ----- Vitamin and mineral enriched rice-mfg
5499-V01 ----- Vitamin food stores-retail
2834-V03 ----- Vitamin preparations-mfg
2833-V03 ----- Vitamins, natural and synthetic: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
5122-V01 ----- Vitamins-wholesale
3262-000 ----- Vitreous china food utensils-mfg
3261-000 ----- Vitreous plumbing fixtures-mfg
8249-V01 ----- Vocational apprenticeship training
8299-V01 ----- Vocational counseling, except rehabilitation counseling
8211-V01 ----- Vocational high schools
8331-V01 ----- Vocational rehabilitation agencies
8331-V02 ----- Vocational rehabilitation counseling
8249-V02 ----- Vocational schools: except high schools, data processing, or business
8331-V03 ----- Vocational training agencies, except schools
2085-V01 ----- Vodka-mfg
3679-V02 ----- Voice controls-mfg
4813-V01 ----- Voice telephone communications, except radio telephone
2655-V01 ----- Voids and pans, fiber and cardboard-mfpm-mfg
2211-V03 ----- Voiles, cotton-mfg
2221-V04 ----- Voiles, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
1499-V02 ----- Volcanic ash mining
1429-V02 ----- Volcanic rock, crushed and broken quarrying
1411-V02 ----- Volcanic rock, dimension quarrying
3825-V02 ----- Volt-ohm milliammeters-mfg
3612-V02 ----- Voltage regulating transformers, electric power-mfg
3694-V01 ----- Voltage regulators, motor vehicle-mfg
3612-V03 ----- Voltage regulators, transmission and distribution-mfg
3825-V03 ----- Voltmeters-mfg
3523-V03 ----- Volume guns (irrigation equipment)-mfg
3579-V01 ----- Voting machines-mfg
5087-V02 ----- Voting machines-wholesale
2655-V02 ----- Vulcanized fiber boxes-mfpm-mfg
3089-V02 ----- Vulcanized fiber plate, sheet, rods and tubes-mfg
2822-V01 ----- Vulcanized oils-mfg
7534-V01 ----- Vulcanizing tires and tubes

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