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2879-T02 ----- Trace elements (agricultural chemicals) mfg
3483-T02 ----- Tracer igniters for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
2211-T11 ----- Tracing cloth, cotton-mfg
3952-T02 ----- Tracing cloth (drafting material)-mfg
3949-T08 ----- Track and field athletic equipment, except apparel and footwear-mfg
7538-T01 ----- Track engine repair, except industrial
5051-T05 ----- Track spikes-wholesale
4899-T01 ----- Tracking missiles by telemetry and photography on a contract basis
5082-T01 ----- Tracklaying equipment-wholesale
3743-T03 ----- Trackless trolley buses-mfg
3842-T03 ----- Traction apparatus-mfg
7699-T10 ----- Tractor repair
5082-T02 ----- Tractor-mounting equipment-wholesale
5083-T01 ----- Tractors, agricultural-wholesale
3531-T04 ----- Tractors, construction-mfg
5082-T03 ----- Tractors, construction-wholesale
3531-T05 ----- Tractors, crawler-mfg
3537-T02 ----- Tractors, industrial: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals-mfg
5084-T07 ----- Tractors industrial-wholesale
3524-T01 ----- Tractors lawn and garden-mfg
3531-T06 ----- Tractors, tracklaying-mfg
3711-T02 ----- Tractors, truck: for highway use-mfg
5012-T02 ----- Tractors, truck-wholesale
3523-T04 ----- Tractors, wheel: farm type-mfg
8611-T01 ----- Trade associations
2789-T01 ----- Trade binding services-mfg
9611-T01 ----- Trade commissions-government
2721-T02 ----- Trade journals, publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
8249-T01 ----- Trade schools
7389-T16 ----- Trade show arrangement
8631-T01 ----- Trade unions, local or national
6221-T01 ----- Traders, commodity contract
6211-T02 ----- Traders, security
6799-T02 ----- Trading companies, commodity contract
7389-T17 ----- Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
7389-T18 ----- Trading stamp redemption
2754-T03 ----- Trading stamps: gravure printing-mfg
2752-T03 ----- Trading stamps, lithographed-mfg
2769-T01 ----- Trading stamps, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
8748-T03 ----- Traffic consultants
1721-T01 ----- Traffic lane painting-contractors
3669-T01 ----- Traffic signals, electric-mfg
1629-T04 ----- Trail building-general contractors
1629-T05 ----- Trailer camp construction-general contractors
3799-T02 ----- Trailer hitches-mfg
7033-000 ----- Trailer parks and campsites
7033-T01 ----- Trailer parks for transients
3523-T05 ----- Trailers and wagons, farm-mfg
3799-T03 ----- Trailers, boat-mfg
3792-T02 ----- Trailers, camping-mfg
3715-T01 ----- Trailers, fifth-wheel type: for transporting horses-mfg
3799-T04 ----- Trailers for automobiles, except travel and mobile home-mfg
5012-T03 ----- Trailers for passenger automobiles-wholesale
3799-T05 ----- Trailers for transporting horses, except fifth wheel type-mfg
5012-T04 ----- Trailers for trucks, new and used-wholesale
3792-T03 ----- Trailers, house: except as permanent dwellings-mfg
5084-T08 ----- Trailers, industrial-wholesale
3715-T02 ----- Trailers, motor truck-mfg
3537-T03 ----- Trailers, truck: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals-mfg
5599-T01 ----- Trailers, utility-retail
3743-T04 ----- Train cars and equipment, freight or passenger-mfg
3728-T05 ----- Training aids, aircraft: except electronic-mfg
0752-T01 ----- Training horses, except racing
7812-T03 ----- Training motion picture production
0752-T02 ----- Training of pets and other animal specialties
2341-T03 ----- Training pants (underwear) except rubber or rubberized fabric: children's and infants'-mfpm-mfg
7948-T01 ----- Training racehorses
8361-T01 ----- Training schools for delinquents
8331-T01 ----- Training, electrical
3944-T03 ----- Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical-mfg
7999-T07 ----- Trampoline operation
4119-T01 ----- Tramways, aerial: except amusement and scenic
2834-T04 ----- Tranquilizers and mental drug preparations-mfg
3663-T06 ----- Transceivers-mfg
3845-T01 ----- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)-mfg
3679-T01 ----- Transducers for use in measuring and testing instruments and equipments-mfg
3829-T15 ----- Transducers, pressure-mfg
6289-T01 ----- Transfer agents, securities
2672-T07 ----- Transfer paper, gold and silver-mfpm-mfg
2752-T04 ----- Transferring designs (lithographing)-mfg
2752-T05 ----- Transfers, decalcomania and dry: lithographed-mfg
3999-T08 ----- Transformations, hair-mfg
3612-000 ----- Transformers
5063-T02 ----- Transformers, electric: except electronic-wholesale
3612-T02 ----- Transformers, electric power-mfg
3677-T01 ----- Transformers, electronic types-mfg
5065-T05 ----- Transformers, electronic-wholesale
3612-T03 ----- Transformers, for electronic meters-mfg
3612-T04 ----- Transformers, ignition: for use on domestic fuel burners-mfg
3612-T05 ----- Transformers, instrument: except portable-mfg
3825-T05 ----- Transformers, instrument: portable-mfg
3677-T02 ----- Transformers: power supply electronic type-mfg
3612-T06 ----- Transformers, reactor-mfg
3548-T01 ----- Transformers (separate) for arc-welders-mfg
7221-T01 ----- Transient photographers
3674-T05 ----- Transistors-mfg
5065-T06 ----- Transistors-wholesale
7319-T02 ----- Transit advertising
9621-T01 ----- Transit systems and authorities-nonoperating
3829-T16 ----- Transits, surveying-mfg
7389-T19 ----- Translation service
4923-T01 ----- Transmission and distribution of natural gas
3612-T07 ----- Transmission and distribution voltage regulators-mfg
3199-T02 ----- Transmission belting, leather-mfg
5063-T03 ----- Transmission equipment, electrical-wholesale
2992-T01 ----- Transmission fluid-mfpm-mfg
3714-T07 ----- Transmission housings and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
1623-T04 ----- Transmission line construction-general contractors
4911-T01 ----- Transmission of electric power
4922-T01 ----- Transmission of natural gas
7537-T01 ----- Transmission repair, automotive
3441-T03 ----- Transmission towers-mfg
3728-T06 ----- Transmissions, aircraft-mfg
7537-T02 ----- Transmissions, automotive: installation, repair, or sale and installation
3594-T01 ----- Transmissions, hydrostatic drives-mfg
3714-T08 ----- Transmissions, motor vehicle-mfg
3663-T07 ----- Transmitter-receivers, radio-mfg
3823-T08 ----- Transmitters of process variables, standard signal conversion-mfg
5065-T07 ----- Transmitters-wholesale
3663-T08 ----- Transmitting apparatus, radio and television-mfg
3671-T02 ----- Transmitting electron tubes-mfg
3523-T06 ----- Transplanters-mfg
4731-T03 ----- Transport clearinghouse
3731-T04 ----- Transport vessels, passenger and troop: building and repairing-mfg
4731-T04 ----- Transportation brokerage
9621-T02 ----- Transportation departments-government
5088-T02 ----- Transportation equipment and supplies, except motor vehicles-wholesale
3799-000 ----- Transportation equipment, n.e.c.-mfg
4449-T01 ----- Transportation of freight on bays and sounds of the oceans
4011-T01 ----- Transportation, railroad: line-haul
4731-T05 ----- Transportation rate services
9621-T03 ----- Transportation regulatory agencies-government
2754-T04 ----- Transportation schedules, gravure printing-mfg
2752-T06 ----- Transportation schedules, lithographed-mfg
2759-T05 ----- Transportation schedules, printing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
4789-000 ----- Transportation services, n.e.c.
3949-T09 ----- Trap racks (clay targets)-mfg
1429-T01 ----- Trap rock, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-T01 ----- Trap rock, dimension-quarrying
0971-T01 ----- Trapping carried on as a business enterprise
3496-T03 ----- Traps, animal and fish: made from purchased wire-mfg
3931-T01 ----- Traps, drummers-mfg
3432-T01 ----- Traps, water-mfg
7999-T08 ----- Trapshooting facilities, except membership clubs
2673-T01 ----- Trash bags, plastics film, foil, and coated paper-mfpm-mfg
3639-T01 ----- Trash compactors, household-mfg
3089-T07 ----- Trash containers, plastics-mfg
3443-T07 ----- Trash racks, metal plate-mfg
4724-T02 ----- Travel agencies
4724-T03 ----- Travel bureaus
3792-T04 ----- Travel trailer chassis-mfg
3792-000 ----- Travel trailers and campers-mfg
5561-T01 ----- Travel trailers, automobile: new and used-retail
8322-T02 ----- Traveler's aid centers
6099-T02 ----- Travelers' check issuance
6411-T01 ----- Travel insurance
3161-T01 ----- Traveling bags, regardless of material-mfg
3671-T03 ----- Traveling wave tubes-mfg
1422-T01 ----- Travertine, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-T02 ----- Travertine, dimension-quarrying
2298-T01 ----- Trawl twine-mfg
3731-T05 ----- Trawlers, building and repairing-mfg
2599-T02 ----- Tray trucks, restaurant-mfg
2441-T02 ----- Trays, carrier: wood-mfg
3229-T07 ----- Trays, glass-mfg
3272-T07 ----- Trays, laundry: concrete-mfg
3496-T04 ----- Trays, made from purchased wire-mfg
3861-T04 ----- Trays, photographic printing and processing-mfg
3089-T08 ----- Trays, plastics: except foam-mfg
3069-T11 ----- Trays, rubber-mfg
3914-T04 ----- Trays: silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated-mfg
3634-T04 ----- Trays, warming: electric-mfg
2499-T09 ----- Trays: wood, wicker, and bagasse-mfg
3011-T04 ----- Tread rubber (camelback)-mfg
3949-T10 ----- Treadmills-mfg
3446-T01 ----- Treads, stair: fabricated metal-mfg
3069-T12 ----- Treads, stair: rubber-mfg
9311-T02 ----- Treasurers, offices-government
7218-T02 ----- Treated mats, rugs, mops, dust tool covers, and cloth supply service
3999-T09 ----- Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material-mfg
2491-T03 ----- Treating wood products with creosote or other preservatives-mfg
0811-T02 ----- Tree farms
0173-T01 ----- Tree nut groves and farms
0831-T02 ----- Tree seed gathering, extracting, and selling
3523-T07 ----- Tree shakers (nuts, soft fruits, and citrus)-mfg
0783-T01 ----- Tree trimming for public utility lines
3999-T10 ----- Trees, christmas, artificial-mfg
0173-000 ----- Tree nuts
0721-T02 ----- Trees, orchard: cultivation of
0721-T03 ----- Trees, orchard: planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
0783-T02 ----- Trees, ornamental: planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
2431-T01 ----- Trellises, wood-mfg
1629-T06 ----- Trenching-contractors
3531-T07 ----- Trenching machines-mfg
1622-T01 ----- Trestle construction-general contractors
2491-T04 ----- Trestles, wood: treated-mfg
2823-T02 ----- Triacetate fibers-mfg
2869-T12 ----- Trichloroethylene-mfg
2869-T13 ----- Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid-mfg
2869-T14 ----- Trichlorotrifluoroethane tetrachlorodifluoroethane isopropyl alcohol-mfg
2258-T02 ----- Tricot fabrics-mfg
2869-T15 ----- Tricresyl phosphate-mfg
3944-T04 ----- Tricycles, children's-mfg
2869-T16 ----- Tridecyl alcohol-mfg
3465-T02 ----- Trim and body parts, automobile: stamped metal-mfg
1751-T01 ----- Trim and finish-contractors
3442-T01 ----- Trim and molding, except automobile: metal-mfg
5031-T01 ----- Trim, sheet metal-wholesale
2431-T02 ----- Trim, wood and covered wood-mfg
2869-T17 ----- Trimethyltrithiophosphite (rocket propellants)-mfg
3421-T05 ----- Trimmers, hedge: except power-mfg
3524-T02 ----- Trimmers, hedge: power-mfg
2299-T08 ----- Trimming felts, except woven-mfg
5131-T06 ----- Trimmings, apparel-wholesale
2396-T02 ----- Trimmings, fabric: auto, furniture, millinery, dress, coat, and suit-mfpm-mfg
3999-T11 ----- Trimmings, feather-mfg
3999-T12 ----- Trimmings for canes, umbrellas, etc.: except precious metal-mfg
2371-T01 ----- Trimmings, fur-mfg
2396-T03 ----- Trimmings, hat: men's-mfg
3911-T01 ----- Trimmings, precious metal: e.g., for canes, umbrellas-mfg
3131-T06 ----- Trimmings, shoe: leather-mfg
2241-T06 ----- Trimmings, textile-mitse-mfg
3429-T04 ----- Trimmings, trunk: metal-mfg
2892-T04 ----- Trinitrotoluene (TNT)-mfg
2013-T01 ----- Tripe-mfpm-mfg
2869-T18 ----- Triphenyl phosphate-mfg
3827-T03 ----- Triplet magnifying instruments, optical-mfg
3861-T05 ----- Tripods, camera and projector-mfg
3291-T01 ----- Tripoli-mfg
1499-T02 ----- Tripoli mining
3612-T08 ----- Tripping transformers-mfg
3841-T03 ----- Trocars-mfg
3743-T05 ----- Trolley buses, trackless-mfg
3643-T03 ----- Trolley line material, overhead-mfg
4111-T01 ----- Trolley operation, except amusement and scenic
3931-T02 ----- Trombones and parts-mfg
1474-T01 ----- Trona mining
3499-T04 ----- Trophies, metal: except silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
3914-T05 ----- Trophies: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
5094-T01 ----- Trophies-wholesale
2499-T10 ----- Trophy bases, wood-mfg
5999-T05 ----- Trophy shops-retail
0273-T01 ----- Tropical aquarium fish farms
0179-T01 ----- Tropical fruit farms
3699-T02 ----- Trouble lights-mfpm-mfg
3444-T01 ----- Troughs, elevator: sheet metal-mfg
3443-T08 ----- Troughs, industrial: metal plate-mfg
3523-T08 ----- Troughs, water-mfg
3634-T05 ----- Trouser pressers, electric-mfg
2211-T12 ----- Trouserings, cotton-mfg
2231-T01 ----- Trouserings: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
5136-T02 ----- Trousers, men's and boys'-wholesale
2253-T06 ----- Trousers-mitse-mfg
2325-T01 ----- Trousers (separate): men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
0273-T02 ----- Trout farms
3423-T07 ----- Trowels-mfg
1541-T01 ----- Truck and automobile assembly plant construction-general contractors
3713-000 ----- Truck and bus bodies-mfg
3713-T02 ----- Truck beds-mfg
3713-T03 ----- Truck bodies, motor vehicle-mfg
3713-T04 ----- Truck cabs for motor vehicles-mfg
3792-T05 ----- Truck campers (slide-in campers)-mfg
3625-T02 ----- Truck controls, industrial battery-mfg
8249-T02 ----- Truck driving schools
0161-T02 ----- Truck farms
6159-T01 ----- Truck finance leasing
7513-T01 ----- Truck leasing, except industrial trucks and finance leasing: without drivers
7513-T02 ----- Truck leasing, without drivers: except finance (equity) leasing
7513-000 ----- Truck rental and leasing
7359-T04 ----- Truck rental and leasing, industrial
7513-T03 ----- Truck rental, except industrial: without drivers
4212-T01 ----- Truck rental for local use, with drivers
7212-T01 ----- Truck route laundry and drycleaning, not operated by laundries or cleaners
5541-T01 ----- Truck stops-retail
5014-T04 ----- Truck tires and tubes-wholesale
3713-T05 ----- Truck tops-mfg
3711-T03 ----- Truck tractors for highway use-mfg
5012-T05 ----- Truck tractors-wholesale
3537-T04 ----- Truck trailers for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals-mfg
3715-T03 ----- Truck trailers-mfg
5012-T06 ----- Truck trailers-wholesale
4731-T06 ----- Truck transportation brokers
7542-T01 ----- Truck washing
3273-T01 ----- Truck-mixed concrete-mfg
4213-T01 ----- Trucking, except local
4214-T01 ----- Trucking, local: combined with storage
4212-T02 ----- Trucking, local: without storage
4212-T03 ----- Trucking logs
4213-T02 ----- Trucking rental with drivers, except for local use
4231-T02 ----- Trucking terminals, freight: with or without maintenance facilities
4212-T04 ----- Trucking timber
3537-T05 ----- Trucks, industrial (except mining): for freight, baggage, etc.-mfg
5084-T09 ----- Trucks, industrial-wholesale
3711-T04 ----- Trucks, motor: except off-highway-mfg
3531-T08 ----- Trucks, off-highway-mfg
5012-T07 ----- Trucks-wholesale
0182-T02 ----- Truffles grown under cover
3931-T03 ----- Trumpets and parts-mfg
3429-T05 ----- Trunk hardware, including locks-mfg
2441-T03 ----- Trunk slats, wood-mfg
5948-T01 ----- Trunks, luggage-retail
3161-T02 ----- Trunks, regardless of material-mfg
3443-T09 ----- Truss plates, metal-mfg
2439-T02 ----- Trusses, laminated lumber-mfg
3842-T04 ----- Trusses: orthopedic and surgical-mfg
2439-T03 ----- Trusses, wood-mfg
6022-T01 ----- Trust companies (accepting deposits), commercial: State
6091-T01 ----- Trust companies, nondeposit
6021-T01 ----- Trust companies with deposits, commercial: national
6153-T01 ----- Trust deeds, purchase and sale of
6733-T01 ----- Trustees: except for educational, religious, or charitable trusts
6732-T01 ----- Trusts, charitable: management of
6732-T02 ----- Trusts, educational: management of
6733-T02 ----- Trusts except educational, religious, and charitable: management of
6733-000 ----- Trusts, n.e.c.
6733-T03 ----- Trusts, personal investment: management of
6732-T03 ----- Trusts, religious: management of

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