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2892-T02 ----- TNT (trinitroyoluene)-mfg
5064-T03 ----- Toasters, electric-wholesale
3634-T02 ----- Toasters, household: electric-mfg
0132-000 ----- Tobacco
5194-000 ----- Tobacco and tobacco products-wholesale
5159-T01 ----- Tobacco auctioning and warehousing-wholesale
2211-T09 ----- Tobacco cloths-mitse-mfg
3523-T01 ----- Tobacco curers-mfg
5194-T01 ----- Tobacco, except leaf-wholesale
0132-T01 ----- Tobacco farms
0723-T01 ----- Tobacco grading
3523-T02 ----- Tobacco harvesters-mfg
2421-T02 ----- Tobacco hogshead stock-mfg
2449-T04 ----- Tobacco hogsheads-mfg
3229-T06 ----- Tobacco jars, glass-mfg
5159-T02 ----- Tobacco, leaf (including exporters)-wholesale
3069-T07 ----- Tobacco pipe mouthpieces, hard rubber-mfg
5993-T03 ----- Tobacco pipes-retail
3999-T06 ----- Tobacco pipes, pipestems, and bits: except hard rubber-mfg
3172-T01 ----- Tobacco pouches, regardless of material-mfg
3559-T06 ----- Tobacco products machinery-mfg
5194-T02 ----- Tobacco products, manufactured-wholesale
7389-T13 ----- Tobacco sheeting service on a contract or fee basis
2141-T01 ----- Tobacco, stemming and redrying of-mfg
5993-T01 ----- Tobacco stores-retail
2141-T02 ----- Tobacco thrashing (mechanical stemming)-mfg
4221-T01 ----- Tobacco warehousing and storage
5993-T02 ----- Tobacconists-retail
2131-T01 ----- Tobacoo chewing, smoking, and snuff-mfg
3949-T07 ----- Toboggans-mfg
3131-T03 ----- Toe caps, leather or metal-mfg
2099-T02 ----- Tofu, except frozen desserts-mfg
2024-T01 ----- Tofu frozen desserts-mfg
3452-T01 ----- Toggle bolts, metal-mfg
3089-T04 ----- Toggle bolts, plastics-mfg
5122-T01 ----- Toilet articles-wholesale
3991-T01 ----- Toilet brushes-mfg
2844-T02 ----- Toilet creams, powders, and waters-mfg
3431-T01 ----- Toilet fixtures: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3088-T01 ----- Toilet fixtures, plastics-mfg
3261-T02 ----- Toilet fixtures, vitreous china-mfg
3172-T02 ----- Toilet kits and cases, regardless of material-mfg
2676-T03 ----- Toilet paper-mfpm-mfg
2844-T03 ----- Toilet preparations-mfg
5122-T02 ----- Toilet preparations-wholesale
2499-T05 ----- Toilet seats, wood-mfg
5122-T03 ----- Toilet soap-wholesale
2621-T06 ----- Toilet tissue stock-mitse-mfg
3499-T03 ----- Toilet ware, metal: except silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
3914-T03 ----- Toilet ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
5122-T04 ----- Toiletries-wholesale
7359-T02 ----- Toilets, portable: rental and leasing
3829-T13 ----- Toll booths, automatic-mfg
4785-T01 ----- Toll bridge operation
4785-T02 ----- Toll roads, operation of
3661-T11 ----- Toll switching equipment, telephone-mfg
2865-T02 ----- Toluene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2865-T03 ----- Toluidines-mfg
0161-T01 ----- Tomato farms
3523-T03 ----- Tomato harvesters-mfg
2033-T01 ----- Tomato juice and cocktails, canned-mfg
2033-T02 ----- Tomato paste-mfg
2033-T03 ----- Tomato puree-mfg
2033-T04 ----- Tomato sauce-mfg
0182-T01 ----- Tomatoes grown under cover
3281-T02 ----- Tombstones, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering to order-mfg
3272-T06 ----- Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete-mfg
5999-T04 ----- Tombstones-retail
5999-T07 ----- Toner, office equipment supplies-retail
3861-T03 ----- Toners, prepared photographic, packaged-mfg
2865-T04 ----- Toners (reduced or full strength organic colors)-mfg
3423-T03 ----- Tongs, oyster-mfg
3842-T02 ----- Tongue depressors-mfg
3131-T04 ----- Tongues, boot and shoe: leather-mfg
2844-T04 ----- Tonics, hair-mfg
3841-T02 ----- Tonometers, medical-mfg
3469-T05 ----- Tool boxes, stamped metal-mfg
2441-T01 ----- Tool chests, wood-mfg
7389-T14 ----- Tool designers
3089-T05 ----- Tool handles, plastics-mfg
2499-T06 ----- Tool handles, wood: turned and shaped-mfg
7359-T03 ----- Tool rental and leasing
7699-T09 ----- Tool sharpening and repair shops
2599-T01 ----- Tool stands, factory-mfg
3312-T07 ----- Tool steel-mfg
5084-T05 ----- Toolholders (e.g., chucks, turrets)-wholesale
3545-T08 ----- Toolholders-mfg
3545-T09 ----- Tools and accessories for machine tools-mfg
5013-T02 ----- Tools and equipment, automotive-wholesale
3423-T04 ----- Tools and equipment for use with sporting arms-mfg
3843-T02 ----- Tools, dentists-mfg
3533-T01 ----- Tools: drilling, etc.-for artesian, gas, and oil wells-mfg
3423-T05 ----- Tools, edge: woodworking-augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.-mfg
3423-T06 ----- Tools, hand: except power-driven tools and saws-mfg
3546-T01 ----- Tools, hand: power-driven-wood working or metal working-mfg
3541-T03 ----- Tools, machine: metal cutting types-mfg
5084-T06 ----- Tools, machinists' precision-wholesale
5251-T01 ----- Tools, power and hand-retail
3634-T03 ----- Toothbrushes, electric-mfg
5064-T04 ----- Toothbrushes, electric-wholesale
3991-T02 ----- Toothbrushes, except electric-mfg
5122-T05 ----- Toothbrushes, except electric-wholesale
2844-T05 ----- Toothpastes and powders-mfg
2499-T07 ----- Toothpicks, wood-mfg
7531-000 ----- Top and body repair shops
7532-000 ----- Top & body repair & paint shops
3069-T08 ----- Top lift sheets, rubber-mfg
3131-T05 ----- Top lifts, boot and shoe-mfg
7532-T01 ----- Top repair, automotive
3069-T09 ----- Top roll covering, for textile mill maChinery: rubber-mfg
1459-T01 ----- Topaz (nongem) mining
2311-T02 ----- Topcoats: men's and boys'-mfg
5145-T01 ----- Toppings, soda fountain-wholesale
3465-T01 ----- Tops, automobile: stamped metal-mfg
2675-T03 ----- Tops, bottle; die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfg
3259-T06 ----- Tops, chimney: clay-mfg
2299-T04 ----- Tops, combing and converting-mfg
3466-T01 ----- Tops, jar: stamped metal-mfg
2299-T05 ----- Tops, manmade fiber-mfg
3714-T06 ----- Tops, motor vehicle: except stamped metal-mfg
3089-T06 ----- Tops, plastics (e.g., dispenser, shaker)-mfg
3713-T01 ----- Tops, truck-mfg
5169-T01 ----- Tops, wool-wholesale
2899-T02 ----- Torches (fireworks)-mfg
3489-T03 ----- Torpedo tubes (ordnance)-mfg
3483-T01 ----- Torpedoes and parts (ordnance)-mfg
2899-T03 ----- Torpedoes, railroad-mfg
2892-T03 ----- Torpedoes, well shooting (explosives)-mfg
3566-T01 ----- Torque converters, except motor vehicle-mfg
3621-T02 ----- Torque motors, electric-mfg
3493-T01 ----- Torsion bar springs-mfg
3829-T14 ----- Torsion testing equipment-mfg
2032-T02 ----- Tortillas, canned-mfg
2099-T03 ----- Tortillas, fresh or refrigerated-mfg
3824-T06 ----- Totalizing meters, consumption registering, except aircraft-mfg
3999-T07 ----- Toupees-mfg
4725-T04 ----- Tour operation (travel)
4724-T01 ----- Tourist agencies for the arrangement of transportation, lodging, and car rental
7999-T05 ----- Tourist attractions, natural wonder: commercial
7011-T01 ----- Tourist cabins
7011-T02 ----- Tourist camps
7011-T03 ----- Tourist courts
7999-T06 ----- Tourist guides
7389-T15 ----- Tourist information bureaus
4725-T05 ----- Tours, except sightseeing buses, boats, and airplanes
3728-T04 ----- Tow targets, aircraft-mfg
2299-T06 ----- Tow to top mills-mfg
7521-T01 ----- Tow-in parking lots
3731-T03 ----- Towboats, building and repairing-mfg
3261-T03 ----- Towel bar holders, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
7213-T02 ----- Towel supply service, except wiping
7218-T01 ----- Towel supply service, wiping
2844-T06 ----- Towelettes, premoistened-mfg
2621-T07 ----- Toweling paper-mitse-mfg
2211-T10 ----- Towels and toweling, cotton: made in weaving mills-mfg
2299-T07 ----- Towels and towelings, linen and linen and-cotton mixtures-mitse-mfg
2392-T05 ----- Towels, fabric and nonwoven textiles-mfpm-mfg
2259-T01 ----- Towels-mitse-mfg
2676-T04 ----- Towels, paper-mfpm-mfg
5113-T01 ----- Towels, paper-wholesale
3441-T02 ----- Tower sections, transmission: prefabricated metal-mfg
3443-T05 ----- Towers: bubble, cooling, fractionating-metal plate-mfg
2499-T08 ----- Towers, cooling: wood or wood and sheet metal combination-mfg
3443-T06 ----- Towers, tank: metal plate-mfg
4492-000 ----- Towing and tugboat service
3799-T01 ----- Towing bars and systems-mfg
7549-T01 ----- Towing service, automotive
4492-T01 ----- Towing services, marine
1521-T01 ----- Townhouse construction-general contractors
2836-T01 ----- Toxins-mfg
2836-T02 ----- Toxoids, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
5945-T01 ----- Toy and game stores-retail
3612-T01 ----- Toy transformers-mfg
5092-000 ----- Toys and hobby goods and supplies-wholesale
3942-T01 ----- Toys, doll-mfg
3944-T02 ----- Toys: except dolls, bicycles, rubber toys, and stuffed toys-mfg
5092-T01 ----- Toys (including electronic)-wholesale
3069-T10 ----- Toys, rubber: except dolls-mfg
3942-T02 ----- Toys, stuffed-mfg