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5812-T02 ----- Thai restaurants
6512-T01 ----- Theater buildings (ownership and operation)
5021-T01 ----- Theater seats-wholesale
7833-T01 ----- Theater, motion picture: drive in
5812-T03 ----- Theaters, dinner
7832-T01 ----- Theaters, motion picture: except drive in
7922-T03 ----- Theatrical booking agencies, except motion picture
7829-T01 ----- Theatrical booking agencies, motion picture
7922-T04 ----- Theatrical companies
2389-T01 ----- Theatrical costumes-mfg
7922-T05 ----- Theatrical employment agencies
7922-T06 ----- Theatrical equipment rental
2531-T01 ----- Theatrical furniture-mfg
7922-T07 ----- Theatrical lighting on a contract basis
7922-000 ----- Theatrical producers and services
7922-T08 ----- Theatrical production, except motion picture
3999-T04 ----- Theatrical scenery-mfg
7922-T09 ----- Theatrical ticket agencies
3674-T01 ----- Theianionic devices, solid-state-mfg
7996-T01 ----- Theme parks, amusement
2833-T01 ----- Theobromine-mfg
3829-T07 ----- Theodolites, surveying-mfg
8221-T01 ----- Theological seminaries
3844-T01 ----- Therapeutic X-ray apparatus and tubes: medical, industrial, and research-mfg
5047-T01 ----- Therapy equipment-wholesale
3826-T01 ----- Thermal analysis instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3826-T02 ----- Thermal conductivity instruments and sensors-mfg
3823-T03 ----- Thermal conductivity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3676-T01 ----- Thermistors, except temperature sensors-mfg
3823-T04 ----- Thermistors, industrial process type-mfg
3829-T08 ----- Thermocouples, except industrial process, aircraft type, and glass vacuum-mfg
3823-T05 ----- Thermocouples, industrial process type-mfg
3822-T03 ----- Thermocouples, vacuum: glass-mfg
3674-T02 ----- Thermoelectric devices, solid-state-mfg
3629-T01 ----- Thermoelectric generators-mfg
2759-T03 ----- Thermography, except lithographed or gravure-mfg
3826-T03 ----- Thermogravimetric analyzers-mfg
3829-T09 ----- Thermohydrometers-mfg
3069-T04 ----- Thermometer cases, rubber-mfg
3823-T06 ----- Thermometers, filled system: industrial process type mfg
3829-T10 ----- Thermometers, liquid-in-glass and bimetal types-mfg
2672-T06 ----- Thermoplastics coated paper, except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2671-T01 ----- Thermoplastics coated paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
3083-T01 ----- Thermoplastics laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet, except flexible packaging-mfg
3083-T02 ----- Thermosetting laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet, except flexible packaging-mfg
7699-T07 ----- Thermostat repair
3491-T01 ----- Thermostatic traps, heating: metal-mfg
3822-T04 ----- Thermostats: air-conditioning, refrigeration, comfort heating, appliance-mfg
3714-T02 ----- Thermostats, motor vehicle-mfg
3829-T11 ----- Thickness gauging instruments, ultrasonic-mfg
3259-T02 ----- Thimbles, chimney: clay-mfg
3429-T02 ----- Thimbles, wire rope mfg
3674-T03 ----- Thin film circuits-mfg
2621-T04 ----- Thin paper-mitse-mfg
2843-T04 ----- Thin water (admixture)-mfg
2851-T02 ----- Thinner, lacquer-mfg
2851-T03 ----- Thinners, paint: prepared-mfg
0721-T01 ----- Thinning of crops, mechanical and chemical
2819-T02 ----- Thiocyanates, inorganic-mfg
2879-T01 ----- Thiocyanates, organic (formulated)-mfg
2869-T11 ----- Thioglycolic acid, for permanent wave lotions-mfg
2822-T01 ----- Thiol rubbers-mfg
3714-T03 ----- Third axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles-mfg
1099-T01 ----- Thorium ore mining
2035-T01 ----- Thousand Island dressing-mfg
3292-T04 ----- Thread, asbestos-mfg
3545-T03 ----- Thread cutting dies-mfg
2241-T03 ----- Thread, elastic: fabric covered-mfg
2284-T02 ----- Thread: except flax, hemp, and ramie-mfg
5131-T04 ----- Thread, except industrial-wholesale
2241-T04 ----- Thread, fabric covered rubber-mfg
3545-T04 ----- Thread gauges (machinists, precision tools)-mfg
2299-T03 ----- Thread: linen, hemp, and ramie-mfg
3552-T06 ----- Thread making machines (spinning machinery), textile-mfg
2284-000 ----- Thread mills-mfg
3542-T01 ----- Thread rolling machines-mfg
3069-T05 ----- Thread, rubber: except fabric covered-mfg
5131-T05 ----- Thread, sewing, except industrial-wholesale
3541-T02 ----- Threading machines (machine tools)-mfg
3545-T05 ----- Threading toolholders-mfg
3545-T06 ----- Threading tools (machine tool accessbries)-mfg
5084-T04 ----- Threading tools-wholesale
9722-T01 ----- Threshing service
3272-T03 ----- Thresholds, precast terrazzo mfg
2282-000 ----- Throwing and winding mills-mfg
2282-T02 ----- Throwing, winding, or spooling of yarn: silk, wool and manmade fiber continuous filament-mfg
3829-T12 ----- Thrust power indicators, aircraft engine-mfg
3674-T04 ----- Thyristors-mfg
2834-T02 ----- Thyroid preparations-mfg
7922-T10 ----- Ticket agencies, theatrical
3579-T01 ----- Ticket counting machines-mfg
4729-T01 ----- Ticket offices, transportation: not operated by transportation companies
7999-T04 ----- Ticket sales offices for sporting events, contract
2754-T02 ----- Tickets: gravure printing-mfg
2752-T02 ----- Tickets, lithographed-mfg
2679-T05 ----- Tickets, pin: paper-mfpm-mfg
2759-T04 ----- Tickets, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2211-T08 ----- Tickings-mitse mfg
3312-T04 ----- Tie plates, iron and steel-mfg
3714-T04 ----- Tie rods, motor vehicle-mfg
6611-T01 ----- Tie shops-retail
2241-T05 ----- Tie tapes, woven or braided-mfg
3315-T02 ----- Tie wires, made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
2449-T02 ----- Tierces (cooperage)-mfg
3496-T01 ----- Ties, bale: made from purchased wire-mfg
3599-T02 ----- Ties, form: metal-mfg
2323-T01 ----- Ties, handsewn-mfpm-mfg
5136-T01 ----- Ties, men's and boys'-wholesale
2253-T05 ----- Ties-mitse-mfg
3272-T04 ----- Ties, railroad: concrete-mfg
2491-T01 ----- Ties, railroad cross bridge and switch: treated-mfg
2421-T01 ----- Ties, railroad: sawed-mfg
2339-T01 ----- Ties: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2252-T01 ----- Tights, except women's-mfg
2251-T01 ----- Tights, women's-mfg
3296-T01 ----- Tile, acoustical: mineral wool-mfg
5211-T01 ----- Tile and brick dealers-retail
3253-T01 ----- Tile, ceramic wall and floor-mfg
3253-T02 ----- Tile, clay floor and wall: enameled-mfg
5032-T02 ----- Tile, clay or other ceramic: except refractory-wholesale
3255-T02 ----- Tile, clay refractory-mfg
3251-T01 ----- Tile, clay: structural-mfg
2499-T04 ----- Tile, cork-mfg
3259-T03 ----- Tile, filter undeldrain: clay-mfg
3469-T04 ----- Tile, floor and wall: stamped metal-mfg
3292-T05 ----- Tile, floor: asphalt-mfg
3996-T01 ----- Tile, floor: supported plastics-mfg
3275-T01 ----- Tile, gypsum-mfg
1752-T01 ----- Tile installation, asphalt-contractors
1743-T02 ----- Tile installation, ceramic contractors
1799-T03 ----- Tile installation, wall: plastics contractors
3559-T02 ----- Tile making machines-mfg
3272-T05 ----- Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete-mfg
3259-T04 ----- Tile, roofing and drain: clay-mfg
3069-T06 ----- Tile, rubber-mfg
3299-T01 ----- Tile, sand lime-mfg
1743-T03 ----- Tile setting, ceramic-contractors
3259-T05 ----- Tile, sewer: clay-mfg
5032-T03 ----- Tile, structural clay-wholesale
3292-T06 ----- Tile, vinyl asbestos-mfg
2493-T01 ----- Tile, wall: fiberboard-mitse mfg
2449-T03 ----- Till baskets, veneer and splint-mfg
2411-T01 ----- Timber (product of logging camps)-mfg
5099-T02 ----- Timber products, rough-wholesale
1629-T02 ----- Timber removal, underwater contractors
2491-T02 ----- Timber, structural: treated-mfg
0811-T01 ----- Timber tracts
0851-T01 ----- Timber valuation
2411-T02 ----- Timbers, mine: hewn-mfg
2439-T01 ----- Timbers, structural: laminated lumber-mfg
3825-T04 ----- Time code generators-mfg
3823-T07 ----- Time cycle and program controllers, industrial process type-mfg
3821-T01 ----- Time interval measuring equipment, electric (laboratory type)-mfg
3429-T03 ----- Time locks-mfg
3822-T05 ----- Time program controls, air-conditioning systems-mfg
2675-T02 ----- Time recording cards, die-cut from pur-chased paperboard-mfg
7374-T02 ----- Time sharing, computer
3613-T01 ----- Time switches, electrical switch gear apparatus-mfg
5063-T01 ----- Time switches-wholesale
7389-T12 ----- Time-share condominium exchanges
6531-T01 ----- Time-sharing real estate: sales, leasing, and rentals
3579-T02 ----- Time-stamps containing clock mechanisms-mfg
3579-T04 ----- Timeclocks and time recording devices-mfg
3873-T01 ----- Timers for industrial use, clockwork mechanism only-mfg
3625-T01 ----- Timing devices, mechanical and solid-state, except clockwork-mfg
3621-T01 ----- Timing motors, synchronous: electric-mfg
0139-T01 ----- Timothy farms
3356-T01 ----- Tin and tin alloy bars, pipe, rods, sheets, strip, and tubing-mfg
5051-T02 ----- Tin and tin base metals, shapes, forms, etc.-wholesale
3339-T03 ----- Tin base alloys, primary-mfg
3411-T01 ----- Tin cans-mfg
2819-T03 ----- Tin chloride-mfg
2819-T04 ----- Tin compounds, inorganic-mfg
3497-T01 ----- Tin foil, not made in rolling mills-mfg
1099-T02 ----- Tin ore mining
2819-T05 ----- Tin oxide-mfg
5051-T03 ----- Tin plate bars-wholesale
5051-T04 ----- Tin plate-wholesale
3339-T04 ----- Tin refining, primary-mfg
3356-T02 ----- Tin rolling and drawing-mfg
2819-T06 ----- Tin salts-mfg
3341-T01 ----- Tin smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
3312-T05 ----- Tin-free steel-mfg
2834-T03 ----- Tinctures, pharmaceutical-mfg
3423-T02 ----- Tinners' handtools, except snips-mfg
3421-T04 ----- Tinners'' snips-mfg
3312-T06 ----- Tinplate-mfg
3999-T05 ----- Tinsel-mfg
1761-T01 ----- Tinsmithing, in connection with construction work Contractors
7699-T08 ----- Tinsmithing repair, except construction
1799-T04 ----- Tinting glass-contractors
2899-T01 ----- Tints and dyes, household-mfg
5719-T01 ----- Tinware stores-retail
2396-T01 ----- Tip printing and stamping on fabric articles-mfg
1629-T03 ----- Tipple construction-general contractors
3545-T07 ----- Tips, cutting tool-mfg
3131-T02 ----- Tips, shoe: regardless of material-mfg
5014-T01 ----- Tire and tube repair materials-wholesale
5531-T01 ----- Tire (automobile) dealers-retail
5531-T02 ----- Tire, battery, and accessory dealers-retail
3496-T02 ----- Tire chains, made from purchased wire-mfg
2296-T01 ----- Tire cord-mfg
2399-T01 ----- Tire covers-mfpm-mfg
5531-T03 ----- Tire dealers, automotive-retail
2296-T02 ----- Tire fabric-mfg
3559-T03 ----- Tire grooving machines-mfg
3563-T01 ----- Tire inflators, hand or compressor operated-mfg
7534-T01 ----- Tire recapping
7534-T02 ----- Tire repair shops
7534-000 ----- Tire retreading and repair shops
3559-T04 ----- Tire retreading machinery and equipment-mfg
3559-T05 ----- Tire shredding machinery-mfg
7534-T03 ----- Tire studding and restudding
3011-T01 ----- Tire sundries and tire repair materials, rubber-mfg
3714-T05 ----- Tire valve cores-mfg
5014-T02 ----- Tires and tubes, new-wholesale
3011-T02 ----- Tires, cushion or solid rubber-mfg
3011-000 ----- Tires and inner tubes
5014-000 ----- Tires and tubes-wholesale
3089-T02 ----- Tires, plastics-mfg
5014-T03 ----- Tires, used-wholesale
3011-T03 ----- Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, with or without metal core-mfg
3089-T03 ----- Tissue dispensers, plastics-mfg
2621-T05 ----- Tissue paper-mitse mfg
2676-T02 ----- Tissues, cleansing: mfpm-mfg
3264-T01 ----- Titania porcelain insulators-mfg
1099-T03 ----- Titaniferous-magnetite mining, valued chiefly for titanium content
3356-T03 ----- Titanium and titanium alloy bars, rods, billets, sheets, strip, and tubing-mfg
3369-T01 ----- Titanium castings, except die-castings-mfg
3364-T01 ----- Titanium die-castings-mfg
3463-T01 ----- Titanium forgings, not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3356-T04 ----- Titanium from sponge-mfg
3339-T05 ----- Titanium metal sponge and granules-mfg
1099-T04 ----- Titanium ore mining
2816-T01 ----- Titanium pigments-mfg
6541-T01 ----- Title abstract companies
6541-000 ----- Title abstract offices
6541-T02 ----- Title and trust companies
6361-T01 ----- Title insurance
6541-T03 ----- Title reconveyance companies
6541-T04 ----- Title search companies
3861-T02 ----- Titlers, motion picture film-mfg
7819-T02 ----- Titling of motion picture film
3826-T04 ----- Titrimeters-mfg

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