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6321-S02 ----- Stock accident and health insurance
6211-S07 ----- Stock brokers and dealers
7948-S03 ----- Stock car racing
2759-S09 ----- Stock certificates, engraved-mfg
2426-S04 ----- Stock, chair: hardwood-turned, shaped or carved-mfg
7922-S03 ----- Stock companies, theatrical
6231-S02 ----- Stock exchanges
2048-S03 ----- Stock feeds, dry-mfg
6331-S01 ----- Stock fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6311-S01 ----- Stock life insurance
6799-S02 ----- Stock Offerings - Technology Stocks
6289-S03 ----- Stock transfer agents
3842-S10 ----- Stockinette, surgical-mfg
2259-S02 ----- Stockinettes-mitse-mfg
2252-S04 ----- Stockings, except women's and misses, full length and knee-length-mfg
2251-S01 ----- Stockings, women's full length and knee-length, except socks-mfg
0211-S01 ----- Stockyards, exclusively for fattening cattle
4789-S03 ----- Stockyards, not primarily for fattening or selling livestock
2121-S01 ----- Stogies-mfg
3433-S06 ----- Stokers, mechanical: domestic and industrial-mfg
5032-S03 ----- Stone, building-wholesale
3272-S13 ----- Stone, cast concrete-mfg
5032-S04 ----- Stone, crushed or broken-wholesale
3281-S03 ----- Stone, cut and shaped-mfg
3423-S13 ----- Stone forks (handtools)-mfg
3532-S07 ----- Stone pulverizers, stationary-mfg
3281-S04 ----- Stone, quarrying and processing of own stone products-mfg
1741-S01 ----- Stone setting-contractors
3559-S07 ----- Stone tumblers-mfg
3559-S08 ----- Stone working machinery-mfg
3423-S14 ----- Stonecutters, handtools-mfg
3291-S09 ----- Stones, abrasive-mfg
5999-S03 ----- Stones, crystalline: rough-retail
3915-S02 ----- Stones: preparation of real and imitation gems for settings-mfg
3299-S03 ----- Stones, synthetic: for gem stones and industrial use-mfg
3269-S03 ----- Stoneware, chemical (pottery products)-mfg
1459-S03 ----- Stoneware clay mining
1741-S02 ----- Stonework erection-contractors
2599-S02 ----- Stools, factory-mfg
2514-S04 ----- Stools, household: metal-mfg
2511-S06 ----- Stools, household: wood-mfg
2599-S03 ----- Stools, metal: with casters-not household or office-mfg
2522-S01 ----- Stools, office: rotating-except wood-mfg
2521-S01 ----- Stools, office: wood-mfg
3272-S14 ----- Stools, precast terrazzo-mfg
3494-S02 ----- Stop cocks, except drain: metal-mfg
3432-S05 ----- Stopcocks (plumbers, supplies)-mfg
2499-S20 ----- Stoppers, cork-mfg
3842-S11 ----- Stoppers, ear-mfg
3255-S02 ----- Stoppers, glasshouse: clay-mfg
3069-S14 ----- Stoppers, rubber-mfg
7219-S01 ----- Storage and repair of fur and other garments for individuals
5063-S04 ----- Storage batteries, industrial-wholesale
3691-S01 ----- Storage batteries-mfg
3621-S05 ----- Storage battery chargers, engine generator type mfg
2511-S07 ----- Storage chests, household: wood-mfg
3572-S01 ----- Storage devices, computer-mfg
2542-S06 ----- Storage fixtures except wood-mfg
2541-S04 ----- Storage fixtures wood-mfg
4222-S01 ----- Storage, frozen or refrigerated goods
4226-S01 ----- Storage, furniture: without local trucking
4225-S01 ----- Storage, general
7219-S02 ----- Storage of furs and other garments for individuals
4226-S02 ----- Storage of goods at foreign trade zones
4214-S01 ----- Storage of household goods: combined with local trucking
4226-S03 ----- Storage of household goods: without local trucking
4922-S01 ----- Storage of natural gas
4221-S01 ----- Storage other than cold storage, farm product
4226-S04 ----- Storage, special: except farm products and cold storage
3272-S15 ----- Storage tanks, concrete-mfg
1791-S02 ----- Storage tanks, metal: erection-contractors
3443-S15 ----- Storage tanks, metal plate-mfg
1542-S06 ----- Store construction-general contractors
1751-S01 ----- Store fixture installation-contractors
1791-S03 ----- Store front installation, metal-contractors
3469-S05 ----- Store fronts, porcelain enameled-mfg
3442-S05 ----- Store fronts, prefabricated: metal, except porcelain enameled-mfg
2541-S05 ----- Store fronts, prefabricated: wood-mfg
3442-S06 ----- Storm doors and windows, metal-mfg
5211-S03 ----- Storm windows and sash, wood or metal-retail
2431-S07 ----- Storm windows, wood-mfg
2082-S01 ----- Stout (alcoholic beverage)-mfg
3444-S06 ----- Stove boards, sheet met;al-mfg
3259-S04 ----- Stove lining, clay-mfg
3469-S06 ----- Stove parts, porcelain enameled-mfg
3444-S07 ----- Stove pipe and flues, sheet metal-mfg
2842-S11 ----- Stove polish-mfg
7699-S12 ----- Stove repair shops
5722-S02 ----- Stoves and related electric and gas appliances-retail
3589-S09 ----- Stoves, commercial-mfg
5074-S05 ----- Stoves, cooking: except electric-wholesale
5064-S03 ----- Stoves, cooking or heating, household: electric wholesale
3631-S01 ----- Stoves, disk-mfg
3631-S02 ----- Stoves, household: cooking-mfg
3433-S07 ----- Stoves, household: heating-except electric-mfg
3433-S08 ----- Stoves, wood and coal burning-mfg
5074-S06 ----- Stoves, wood burning-wholesale
3537-S07 ----- Straddle carriers, mobile-mfg
3421-S09 ----- Straight razors-mfg
3547-S02 ----- Straightening machinery (rolling mill equipment) mfg
3674-S07 ----- Strain gages, solid-state-mfg
3494-S03 ----- Strainers, line: for use in piping systems-metal-mfg
3714-S05 ----- Strainers, oil: motor vehicle-mfg
3569-S07 ----- Strainers, pipeline-mfg
3496-S08 ----- Strand, uninsulated wire: made from purchased wire mfg
2493-S01 ----- Strandboard, oriented-mfg
2399-S06 ----- Strap assemblies, tie down: aircraft-except leather-mfg
3111-S09 ----- Strap leather-mfg
3499-S08 ----- Strapping, metal-mfg
3423-S15 ----- Strapping tools, steel-mfg
2241-S05 ----- Strapping webs-mfg
3199-S07 ----- Straps, except watch straps: leather-mfg
2396-S08 ----- Straps, shoulder: for women's underwear-mfpm-mfg
3172-S02 ----- Straps, watch: except precious metal-mfg
3999-S16 ----- Straw goods-mfg
2823-S01 ----- Straw, rayon-mfg
5191-S02 ----- Straw-wholesale
0171-S01 ----- Strawberry farms
2631-S05 ----- Strawboard, except building board-misc-mfg
2353-S01 ----- Strawhats-mfg
3229-S06 ----- Straws, glass-mfg
2656-S04 ----- Straws, soda: except glass or plastics-mfg
3711-S03 ----- Street flushers (motor vehicles)-mfg
3648-S04 ----- Street lighting fixtures, except traffic signals-mfg
3612-S04 ----- Street lighting transformers-mfg
1611-S02 ----- Street maintenance or repair-contractors
1611-S03 ----- Street paving-contractors
4953-S02 ----- Street refuse systems
3711-S04 ----- Street sprinklers and sweepers (motor vehicles)mfg
3991-S02 ----- Street sweeping brooms, hand and machine-mfg
4111-S01 ----- Streetcar operation
3743-S02 ----- Streetcars and car equipment-mfg
3829-S11 ----- Stress, strain, and flaw detecting and measuring equipment-mfg
2211-S14 ----- Stretch fabrics, cotton-mfg
2499-S21 ----- Stretchers, curtain: wood-mfg
3842-S12 ----- Stretchers-mfg
3542-S08 ----- Stretching machines-mfg
3949-S18 ----- Striking (punching) bags-mfg
3931-S03 ----- Stringed musical instruments and parts-mfg
3999-S17 ----- Stringing beads for the trade-mfg
3931-S04 ----- Strings, musical instrument-mfg
3931-S05 ----- Strings, piano-mfg
3949-S19 ----- Strings, tennis racket-mfg
3351-S04 ----- Strip, copper and copper alloy-mfg
2761-S02 ----- Strip forms (manifold business forms)-mfg
3356-S04 ----- Strip: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and their alloys-mfg
5051-S04 ----- Strip, metal-wholesale
1231-S02 ----- Strip mining, anthracite: except on a contract basis
1221-S04 ----- Strip mining, bituminous coal: except on a contract basis
1481-S02 ----- Strip mining for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
1221-S05 ----- Strip mining, lignite: except on a contract basis
1081-S03 ----- Strip mining, metal: on a contract basis
3316-S04 ----- Strip steel, cold-rolled: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
1241-S04 ----- Stripping services: bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
3312-S10 ----- Strips, galvanized iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3312-S11 ----- Strips, iron and steel: made in steel works or hot-rolling mills-mfg
3069-S15 ----- Strips, liner: rubber-mfg
2823-S02 ----- Strips, rayon-mfg
2823-S03 ----- Strips, viscose-mfg
3825-S09 ----- Stroboscopes-mfg
3641-S01 ----- Strobotrons-mfg
3944-S04 ----- Strollers, baby (vehicles)-mfg
1479-S04 ----- Strontianite mining
2819-S38 ----- Strontium carbonate, precipitated, and oxide-mfg
1479-S05 ----- Strontium mineral mining
2819-S39 ----- Strontium nitrate-mfg
3199-S08 ----- Strops, razor-mfg
5039-S02 ----- Structural assemblies, prefabricated: nonwood-wholesale
5031-S02 ----- Structural assemblies, prefabricated: wood-wholesale
3259-000 ----- Structural clay products, n.e.c.-mfg
5211-S04 ----- Structural clay products-retail
3211-S05 ----- Structural glass, flat-mfg
2491-S01 ----- Structural lumber and timber, treated-mfg
2439-S01 ----- Structural members, laminated wood: arches, trusses, timbers, and parallel chord ceilings-mfg
3547-S03 ----- Structural mills (rolling mill machinery-mfg
3312-S12 ----- Structural shapes, iron and steel-mfg
5051-S05 ----- Structural shapes, iron and steel-wholesale
3355-S02 ----- Structural shapes, rolled aluminum-mfg
1791-S04 ----- Structural steel erection-contractors
3441-S04 ----- Structural steel, fabricated-mfg
3251-S03 ----- Structural tile, clay-mfg
3944-S05 ----- Structural toy sets-mfg
2439-000 ----- Structural wood members, n.e.c.-mfg
2833-S02 ----- Strychnine and derivatives-mfg
1771-S02 ----- Stucco construction-contractors
3299-S04 ----- Stucco-mfg
5032-S05 ----- Stucco wholesale
3674-S08 ----- Stud bases or mounts for semiconductor devices-mfg
2421-S07 ----- Stud mills-mfg
8299-S02 ----- Student exchange programs
6111-S01 ----- Student Loan Marketing Association
3663-S03 ----- Studio equipment, radio and television broadcasting-mfg
7819-S01 ----- Studio property rental for motion picture film production
7911-S02 ----- Studios, dance
7221-P04 ----- Studios, portrait photography
3444-S08 ----- Studs, sheet metal-mfg
3965-S04 ----- Studs, shirt: except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
9121-S01 ----- Study commissions, legislative
3942-S02 ----- Stuffed toys (including animals)-mfg
3556-S05 ----- Stuffers, sausage-mfg
2411-S05 ----- Stumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing-mfg
2411-S06 ----- Stumps-mfg
3679-S07 ----- Styli, phonograph record cutting-mfg
7389-S12 ----- Styling of fashions, apparel, furniture, and textiles
7389-S13 ----- Styling wigs for the trade
3951-S01 ----- Stylographic pens-mfg
2892-S05 ----- Styphnic acid-mfg
2865-S05 ----- Styrene-mfg
2865-S06 ----- Styrene monomer-mfg
2821-S04 ----- Styrene resins-mfg
2821-S05 ----- Styrene-acrylonitrile resins-mfg
2822-S04 ----- Styrene-butadiene rubbers (50 percent or less styrene content)-mfg
2822-S05 ----- Styrene-chloroprene rubbers-mfg
2822-S06 ----- Styrene-isoprene rubbers-mfg

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