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3728-S03 ----- Stabilizers, aircraft-mfg
3499-S06 ----- Stabilizing bars (cargo), metal-mfg
7948-S02 ----- Stables, racing
7999-S17 ----- Stables, riding
3523-S15 ----- Stackers, hay and grain-mfg
5084-S05 ----- Stackers, industrial-wholesale
3537-S03 ----- Stackers, power (industrial truck stackers)-mfg
3537-S04 ----- Stacking carts-mfg
3537-S05 ----- Stacking machines, automatic-mfg
1542-S05 ----- Stadium construction-general contractors
2531-S05 ----- Stadium seating-mfg
7941-S04 ----- Stadiums (sports promotion)
3999-S13 ----- Stage hardware and equipment, except lighting equipment-mfg
3648-S03 ----- Stage lighting equipment-mfg
2842-S08 ----- Stain removers-mfg
8999-S03 ----- Stained glass artists
3231-S06 ----- Stained glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3398-S02 ----- Stainless steel, brazing (hardening) for the trade-mfg
3312-S08 ----- Stainless steel-mfg
2865-S03 ----- Stains, biological-mfg
2851-S04 ----- Stains: varnish, oil, and wax-mfg
3534-S01 ----- Stair elevators: motor powered-mfg
3446-S02 ----- Stair railings, metal-mfg
2431-S05 ----- Stair railings, wood-mfg
3446-S03 ----- Stair treads, fabricated metal-mfg
3069-S12 ----- Stair treads, rubber-mfg
2431-S06 ----- Staircases and stairs, wood-mfg
3446-S04 ----- Staircases, prefabricated metal-mfg
3446-S05 ----- Stairs, prefabricated metal-mfg
3534-S02 ----- Stairways, moving-mfg
2499-S18 ----- Stakes, surveyors,: wood-mfg
3523-S16 ----- Stalk choppers, shredders-mfg
3261-S03 ----- Stall urinals, vitreous china-mfg
3469-S03 ----- Stamp and cash boxes, stamped metal-mfg
2899-S13 ----- Stamp pad ink-mfg
3953-S06 ----- Stamp pads-mfg
3953-S07 ----- Stamping devices, hand-mfg
2396-S06 ----- Stamping fabrics for embroidering-mfg
2899-S14 ----- Stamping ink-mfg
3469-S04 ----- Stamping metal, for the trade-mfg
3532-S06 ----- Stamping mill mining machinery-mfg
2396-S07 ----- Stamping on finished fabric articles-mfg
3953-S08 ----- Stamps, hand: time, date, postmark, cancelling, shoe, and textile marking-mfg
5961-S01 ----- Stamps, mail-order-retail
5999-S02 ----- Stamps, philatelist-retail: except mail-order
5092-S01 ----- Stamps, philatelist-wholesale
3523-S17 ----- Stanchions and standards, barn-mfg
3949-S16 ----- Stand boards-mfg
3825-S06 ----- Standard cells-mfg
3479-S02 ----- Standardizing of metals and metal products, for the trade-mfg
3825-S07 ----- Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring, except laboratory-mfg
3825-S08 ----- Standing wave ratio measuring equipment-mfg
3443-S09 ----- Standpipes-mfg
3861-S06 ----- Stands, camera and projector-mfg
3537-S06 ----- Stands, ground servicing aircraft-mfg
2542-S05 ----- Stands, merchandise display: except wood-mfg
2541-S03 ----- Stands, merchandise display: wood-mfg
3931-S02 ----- Stands, music-mfg
2511-S05 ----- Stands: telephone, bedside, and smoking-wood-mfg
2819-S37 ----- Stannic and stannous chloride-mfg
3579-S05 ----- Staple removers-mfg
3399-S03 ----- Staples, nonferrous metal (including wire)-mfg
3316-S02 ----- Staples, steel: wire or cut-mfg
5072-S03 ----- Staples-wholesale
3496-S07 ----- Staples, wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3579-S06 ----- Stapling machines, office-mfg
4212-S02 ----- Star routes, local
2046-S01 ----- Starch, instant-mfg
2046-S02 ----- Starch, liquid-mfg
2842-S09 ----- Starch preparations, laundry-mfg
2046-S03 ----- Starches, edible and industrial-mfg
2842-S10 ----- Starches, plastics-mfg
5149-S11 ----- Starches-wholesale
0252-S01 ----- Started pullet farms
7539-S01 ----- Starter and generator repair, automotive
3694-S02 ----- Starter and starter parts, internal combustion engine-mfg
3724-S01 ----- Starters, aircraft: nonelectric-mfg
3625-S02 ----- Starters, electric motor-mfg
3643-S04 ----- Starters, fluorescent-mfg
3621-S03 ----- Starting equipment, for streetcars-mfg
3643-S05 ----- Starting switches, fluorescent lamp-mfg
6022-S01 ----- State banks, commercial
6022-000 ----- State banks, federal reserve
6062-S01 ----- State credit unions, not federally chartered
9411-S01 ----- State education departments
9221-S02 ----- State police
9311-S01 ----- State tax commissions
3679-S05 ----- Static power supply converters for electronic applications-mfg
3822-S02 ----- Static pressure regulators-mfg
3711-S02 ----- Station wagons (motor vehicles)-mfg
3229-S04 ----- Stationers, glassware: inkwells, clip cups, etc.-mfg
3069-S13 ----- Stationers, sundries, rubber-mfg
5112-000 ----- Stationery and office supplies
5112-S03 ----- Stationery and stationery supplies-wholesale
3269-S02 ----- Stationery articles, pottery-mfg
2759-S07 ----- Stationery: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754-S05 ----- Stationery: gravure printing-mfg
2678-S01 ----- Stationery-mfpm-mfg
2678-000 ----- Stationery products
5943-000 ----- Stationery stores
5943-S02 ----- Stationery stores-retail
5143-S01 ----- Stations, cream-wholesale
4013-S01 ----- Stations operated by railway terminal companies
2721-S01 ----- Statistical reports (periodicals), publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3621-S04 ----- Stators for motors-mfg
3299-S02 ----- Statuary: gypsum, clay, papier mache, scagliola, and metal-factory production only-mfg
3281-S02 ----- Statuary, marble-mfg
5199-S06 ----- Statuary-wholesale
2411-S04 ----- Stave bolts, wood: hewn-mfg
2429-S05 ----- Staves, barrel: sawed or split-mfg
3272-S11 ----- Staves, silo: concrete-mfg
3131-S10 ----- Stays, shoe-mfg
5812-S11 ----- Steak Houses
3053-S01 ----- Steam and other packing-mfg
7299-S06 ----- Steam baths
1799-S07 ----- Steam cleaning of building exteriors-contractors
3443-S10 ----- Steam condensers-mfg
3589-S07 ----- Steam cookers, restaurant type-mfg
3511-S02 ----- Steam engines, except locomotives-mfg
1711-S06 ----- Steam fitting-contractors
3494-S01 ----- Steam fittings and specialties, except plumbers, brass goods and fittings, metal-mfg
5074-S04 ----- Steam fittings-wholesale
3511-S03 ----- Steam governors-mfg
3433-S05 ----- Steam heating apparatus, domestic-mfg
4961-S01 ----- Steam heating systems (suppliers of heat)
3443-S11 ----- Steam jet aftercoolers-mfg
3443-S12 ----- Steam jet inter condensers-mfg
3822-S03 ----- Steam pressure controls, residential and commercial type-mfg
3569-S06 ----- Steam separators (machinery)-mfg
4961-000 ----- Steam supply
4961-S02 ----- Steam supply systems, including geothermal
3589-S08 ----- Steam tables-mfg
3491-S01 ----- Steam traps, over 15 lbs. w.s.p.-mfg
3511-S04 ----- Steam turbine generator set units, complete-mfg
3511-S05 ----- Steam turbines-mfg
4499-S03 ----- Steamship leasing
4729-S01 ----- Steamship ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
2869-S15 ----- Stearic acid esters-mfg
2899-S15 ----- Stearic acid-mfg
2869-S16 ----- Stearic acid salts-mfg
2077-S02 ----- Stearin, animal: inedible-mfg
3295-S06 ----- Steatite, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1499-S13 ----- Steatite mining
3264-S02 ----- Steatite porcelain insulators-mfg
3399-S04 ----- Steel balls-mfg
3316-S03 ----- Steel bars, sheets, and strip: cold-rolled-not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3325-S01 ----- Steel castings, except investment-mfg
3325-S02 ----- Steel foundries, except investment-mfg
3325-000 ----- Steel foundries, n.e.c.
3324-000 ----- Steel investment foundries
3441-S02 ----- Steel joists, open web: long-span series-mfg
2759-S08 ----- Steel line engraving, for the printing trade-mfg
3317-000 ----- Steel pipe and tubes
3441-S03 ----- Steel railroad car racks (for transporting motor vehicles fabricated)-mfg
3547-S01 ----- Steel rolling machinery-mfg
3291-S06 ----- Steel shot abrasives-mfg
3493-000 ----- Steel springs, (except wire)
3493-S02 ----- Steel springs, except wire-mfg
2296-S01 ----- Steel tire cord and tire cord fabrics-mfg
5051-S03 ----- Steel-wholesale
3315-000 ----- Steel wire and related products
3315-S02 ----- Steel wire cages, made in wire drawing plants-mfg
3291-S07 ----- Steel wool-mfg
1791-S01 ----- Steel work, structural-contractors
3312-S09 ----- Steel works producing bars, rods, plates, sheets, structural shapes, etc.-mfg
1799-S08 ----- Steelwork, ornamental-contractors
1799-S09 ----- Steeplejacks
2046-S04 ----- Steepwater concentrate-mfg
3714-S04 ----- Steering mechanisms, motor vehicle-mfg
2141-S01 ----- Stemming and redrying of tobacco-mfg
3229-S05 ----- Stemware, glass-mfg
2675-S01 ----- Stencil board-mfpm-mfg
2631-S04 ----- Stencil board-mitse-mfg
2675-S02 ----- Stencil cards for addressing machines-mfpm-mfg
2899-S16 ----- Stencil correction compounds-mfg
3955-S01 ----- Stencil paper for typewriters-mfg
3955-S02 ----- Stencil paper, gelatin or spirit process-mfg
3953-S09 ----- Stencils for use in painting and marking: e.g., metal, cardboard-mfg
7338-S02 ----- Stenographers, public
7338-S03 ----- Stenographic service
3679-S06 ----- Step positioners for transmitting equipment-mfg
2254-S05 ----- Step-ins-mitse-mfg
3499-S07 ----- Stepladders, metal-mfg
2499-S19 ----- Stepladders, wood-mfg
3272-S12 ----- Steps, prefabricated concrete-mfg
2517-S02 ----- Stereo cabinets, wood-mfg
5064-S02 ----- Stereo equipment-wholesale
2822-S03 ----- Stereo regular elastomers-mfg
3999-S14 ----- Stereographs, photographic-mfg
7622-S01 ----- Stereophonic equipment repair
3861-S07 ----- Stereopticons-mfg
3829-S10 ----- Stereotopographs-mfg
2796-S01 ----- Stereotype plates-mfg
2796-S02 ----- Stereotyping for the trade-mfg
3555-S02 ----- Stereotyping machines-mfg
3999-S15 ----- Sterilizers, beauty and barber shop-mfg
3843-S01 ----- Sterilizers, dental-mfg
3842-S09 ----- Sterilizers, hospital and surgical-mfg
3821-S03 ----- Sterilizers, laboratory-mfg
3443-S13 ----- Sterilizing chambers, metal plate-mfg
3841-S07 ----- Stethoscopes and stethographs-mfg
4491-S02 ----- Stevedoring
2013-S07 ----- Stew, beef and lamb-mfpm-mfg
2091-S07 ----- Stews, fish and seafood: canned-mfg
2092-S06 ----- Stews, fish and seafood: frozen-mfg
3291-S08 ----- Sticks, abrasive-mfg
3555-S03 ----- Sticks, printers-mfg
3949-S17 ----- Sticks, sports: e.g., hockey, lacrosse-mfg
2865-S04 ----- Stilbene dyes-mfg
7336-S03 ----- Still film producers
3443-S14 ----- Stills, pressure: metal plate-mfg
3199-S06 ----- Stirrups, wood and metal-mfg
2395-S02 ----- Stitching, decorative and novelty: for the trade-mfg

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