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2841-000 ----- Soap and other detergents
5169-S05 ----- Soap, chips, and powder: laundry-wholesale
3261-S02 ----- Soap dishes, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3999-S10 ----- Soap dispensers-mfg
2841-S02 ----- Soap: granulated, liquid, cake, flaked, and chip-mfg
2844-S04 ----- Soap impregnated papers and paper washcloths-mfg
2842-S04 ----- Soap, saddle-mfg
5122-S01 ----- Soap, toilet-wholesale
2869-S05 ----- Soaps, naphthenic acid-mfg
1499-S12 ----- Soapstone quarrying
7997-S02 ----- Soccer clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7941-S01 ----- Soccer clubs, professional or semiprofessional
3949-S11 ----- Soccer equipment, except apparel-mfg
8399-S01 ----- Social change associations
8641-S02 ----- Social clubs, membership
7299-S05 ----- Social escort service
8322-S05 ----- Social service centers
8399-000 ----- Social services, n.e.c.
8399-S02 ----- Social service information exchanges: e.g., alcoholism, drug addiction
8732-S01 ----- Sociological research, commercial
8733-S02 ----- Sociological research, non-commercial
3643-S02 ----- Sockets, electric-mfg
3679-S03 ----- Sockets, electronic tube-mfg
3545-S04 ----- Sockets (machine tool accessories)-mfg
2252-S02 ----- Socks-mfg
3142-S03 ----- Socks, slipper: made from purchased socks-mfg
2252-S03 ----- Socks, slipper-mitse-mfg
3842-S05 ----- Socks, stump-mfg
0181-S03 ----- Sod farms
0782-S03 ----- Sod laying
5261-S02 ----- Sod-retail
2819-S09 ----- Soda alum-mfg
1474-S02 ----- Soda ash mining
2812-S02 ----- Soda ash, not produced at mines-mfg
2812-S03 ----- Soda, caustic-mfg
5046-S03 ----- Soda fountain fixtures, except refrigerated-wholesale
5078-S02 ----- Soda fountain fixtures, refrigerated-wholesale
5812-S07 ----- Soda fountains
3585-S04 ----- Soda fountains, parts, and accessories-mfg
2656-S02 ----- Soda straws, except glass or plastics-mfpm-mfg
2869-S06 ----- Sodium acetate-mfg
2869-S07 ----- Sodium alginate-mfg
2819-S10 ----- Sodium aluminate-mfg
2819-S11 ----- Sodium aluminum sulfate-mfg
2819-S12 ----- Sodium antimoniate-mfg
2879-S02 ----- Sodium arsenite (formulated)-mfg
2819-S13 ----- Sodium arsenite, technical-mfg
2869-S08 ----- Sodium benzoate-mfg
2812-S04 ----- Sodium bicarbonate, not produced at mines-mfg
2819-S14 ----- Sodium bichromate and chromate-mfg
2819-S15 ----- Sodium borates-mfg
2819-S16 ----- Sodium borohydride-mfg
2819-S17 ----- Sodium bromide, not produced at mines-mfg
2812-S05 ----- Sodium carbonate (soda ash), not produced at mines-mfg
2819-S18 ----- Sodium chlorate-mfg
2899-S07 ----- Sodium chloride, refined-mfg
2834-S02 ----- Sodium chloride solution for injection, U.S.P.-mfg
2819-S19 ----- Sodium compounds, inorganic-mfg
1474-S03 ----- Sodium compounds mining, except common salt
2819-S20 ----- Sodium cyanide-mfg
2869-S09 ----- Sodium glutamate-mfg
2819-S21 ----- Sodium hydrosulfite-mfg
2812-S06 ----- Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)-mfg
2842-S05 ----- Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach)-mfg
2819-S22 ----- Sodium, metallic-mfg
2819-S23 ----- Sodium molybdate-mfg
2869-S10 ----- Sodium pentachlorophenate-mfg
2819-S24 ----- Sodium perborate-mfg
2819-S25 ----- Sodium peroxide-mfg
2819-S26 ----- Sodium phosphate-mfg
2819-S27 ----- Sodium polyphosphate-mfg
2834-S03 ----- Sodium salicylate tablets-mfg
2843-S01 ----- Sodium salts of sulfonated oils, fats, or greases-mfg
2819-S28 ----- Sodium silicate-mfg
2819-S29 ----- Sodium silicofluoride-mfg
2819-S30 ----- Sodium stannate-mfg
2819-S31 ----- Sodium sulfate-bulk or tablets-mfg
2869-S11 ----- Sodium sulfoxalate formaldehyde-mfg
2819-S32 ----- Sodium tetraborate, not produced at mines-mfg
2819-S33 ----- Sodium thiosulfate-mfg
2819-S34 ----- Sodium tungstate-mfg
2819-S35 ----- Sodium uranate-mfg
2515-S01 ----- Sofas, convertible-mfg
2512-S01 ----- Sofas, upholstered on wood frames, except convertible beds-mfg
3089-S13 ----- Soffit, plastics (siding)-mfg
5812-S08 ----- Soft drink stands
2086-S01 ----- Soft drinks, bottled or canned-mfg
5149-S07 ----- Soft drinks-wholesale
2298-S02 ----- Soft fiber cordage and twine-mfg
2843-S02 ----- Softeners (textile assistants)-mfg
7372-S01 ----- Software, computer: prepackaged
5045-S01 ----- Software, computer-wholesale
7371-S01 ----- Software programming, custom
7371-S02 ----- Software systems analysis and design, custom
2861-S01 ----- Softwood distillates-mfg
2436-S01 ----- Softwood plywood composites-mfg
2436-000 ----- Softwood veneer and plywood
2436-S02 ----- Softwood veneer or plywood-mfg
1629-S03 ----- Soil compacting service-contractors
3531-S14 ----- Soil compactors: vibratory-mfg
2879-S03 ----- Soil conditioners-mfg
9512-S01 ----- Soil conservation services-government
3321-S05 ----- Soil pipe, cast iron-mfg
0711-000 ----- Soil preparation services
3523-S10 ----- Soil pulverizers and packers (agriculturaln machinery)-mfg
2899-S08 ----- Soil testing kits-mfg
5261-S03 ----- Soil, top-retail
3674-S05 ----- Solar cells-mfg
3433-S02 ----- Solar energy collectors, liquid or gas-mfg
3433-S03 ----- Solar heaters-mfg
1711-S04 ----- Solar heating apparatus-contractors
5074-S03 ----- Solar heating panels and equipment-wholesale
3511-S01 ----- Solar powered turbine-generator sets-mfg
1742-S01 ----- Solar reflecting insulation film-contractors
3829-S08 ----- Solarimeters-mfg
3341-S06 ----- Solder (base metal), pig and ingot: secondary-mfg
3356-S03 ----- Solder wire, bar: acid core and rosin core-mfg
3548-S02 ----- Soldering equipment, except soldering irons-mfg
2899-S09 ----- Soldering fluxes-mfg
3915-S01 ----- Soldering for the jewelry trade-mfg
3423-S08 ----- Soldering guns and tools, hand: electric-mfg
3423-S09 ----- Soldering iron tips and tiplets-mfg
3423-S10 ----- Soldering irons and coppers-mfg
3643-S03 ----- Solderless connectors (electric wiring devices)-mfg
3111-S06 ----- Sole leather-mfg
3625-S01 ----- Solenoid switches, industrial-mfg
3492-S01 ----- Solenoid valves, fluid power: metal-mfg
3679-S04 ----- Solenoids for electronic applications-mfg
3131-S09 ----- Soles, boot and shoe: except rubber, composition, plastics, and fiber-mfg
3089-S14 ----- Soles, boot and shoe: plastics-mfg
3069-S07 ----- Soles, boot and shoe: rubber, composition, and fiber-mfg
5087-S04 ----- Soles, shoe wholesale
2819-S36 ----- Solid fuel propellants, inorganic-mfg
2869-S12 ----- Solid fuel propellants, organic-mfg
3674-S06 ----- Solid-state electronic devices-mfg
3089-S15 ----- Soling strips, boot and shoe: plastics-mfg
3069-S08 ----- Soling strips, boot and shoe: rubber, composition, and fiber-mfg
3295-S04 ----- Solite, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
2843-S03 ----- Soluble oils and greases-mfg
2834-S04 ----- Solutions, pharmaceutical-mfg
2865-S02 ----- Solvent naphtha, made in chemical plants-mfg
2899-S10 ----- Solvents, carbon-mfg
2842-S06 ----- Solvents, degreasing-mfg
2842-S07 ----- Solvents, drain pipe-mfg
2869-S13 ----- Solvents, organic-mfg
2911-S01 ----- Solvents, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
7389-S09 ----- Solvents recovery service on a contract or fee basis
3812-S02 ----- Sonabuoys-mfg
3812-S03 ----- Sonar fish finders-mfg
3812-S04 ----- Sonar systems and equipment-mfg
8999-S02 ----- Song writers
2869-S14 ----- Sorbitol-mfg
0119-S02 ----- Sorghum farms, except for syrup
2041-S02 ----- Sorghum grain flour-mfg
2099-S07 ----- Sorghum, including custom refining-mfg
8641-S03 ----- Sororities, except residential
7041-S01 ----- Sorority residential houses
3579-S04 ----- Sorters, filing: office-mfg
3577-S01 ----- Sorters, punch card-mfg
0723-S02 ----- Sorting, grading, and packing of fruits and vegetables
3577-S02 ----- Sorting machines, card-mfg
3523-S11 ----- Sorting machines for agricultural products-mfg
2542-S04 ----- Sorting racks, mail: except wood-mfg
5812-S09 ----- Soul Food
7389-S17 ----- Sound design services
1731-S01 ----- Sound equipment installation-contractors
3861-S04 ----- Sound recording and reproducing equipment, motion picture-mfg
5142-S02 ----- Soup, frozen-wholesale
2034-S01 ----- Soup mixes-mfg
2034-S02 ----- Soup powders-mfg
2034-S03 ----- Soups, dehydrated-mfg
5149-S08 ----- Soups, except frozen-wholesale
2032-S01 ----- Soups, except seafood: canned-mfg
2091-S06 ----- Soups, fish and seafood: canned-mfg
2092-S05 ----- Soups, fish and seafood: frozen-mfg
2038-S01 ----- Soups, frozen: except seafood-mfg
2026-S01 ----- Sour cream-mfg
2759-S06 ----- Souvenir cards: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754-S04 ----- Souvenir cards: gravure printing-mfg
2752-S03 ----- Souvenir cards, lithographed-mfg
5947-S01 ----- Souvenir shops-retail
2035-S08 ----- Soy sauce-mfg
2851-S03 ----- Soyate driers-mfg
2079-S03 ----- Soybean cooking and salad oil-mfg
0116-S01 ----- Soybean farms
2824-S02 ----- Soybean fibers (manmade textile materials)-mfg
2075-S01 ----- Soybean flour and grits-mfg
2075-S02 ----- Soybean oil, cake, and meal-mfg
2075-S03 ----- Soybean oil, deodorized-mfg
2075-000 ----- Soybean oil mills
2821-S03 ----- Soybean plastics-mfg
2075-S04 ----- Soybean protein concentrates-mfg
2075-S05 ----- Soybean protein isolates-mfg
0116-000 ----- Soybeans
5153-S01 ----- Soybeans-wholesale

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