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0912-S02 ----- Sea herring, catching of
0919-S01 ----- Sea urchins, catching of
5421-S01 ----- Seafood markets-retail
2091-S03 ----- Seafood products, canned and cured-mfg
5812-S03 ----- Seafood restaurants
2092-S01 ----- Seafoods, fresh and frozen-mfg
5142-S01 ----- Seafoods, frozen: packaged-wholesale
5146-S01 ----- Seafoods, not canned or frozen packaged-wholesale
3953-S02 ----- Seal presses, notary, hand-mfg
5169-S04 ----- Sealants-wholesale
2851-S01 ----- Sealers, wood-mfg
2891-S01 ----- Sealing compounds for pipe threads and joints-mfg
2891-S02 ----- Sealing compounds, synthetic rubber and plastics-mfg
2295-S01 ----- Sealing or insulating tape for pipe, fiberglass coated with tar or asphalt-mfg
2891-S03 ----- Sealing wax-mfg
3953-S03 ----- Seals, corporation-mfg
5085-S01 ----- Seals, gaskets, and packing-wholesale
2754-S02 ----- Seals: gravure printing-mfg
3953-S04 ----- Seals, hand (dies)-mfg
3679-S02 ----- Seals, hermetic: for electronic equipment-mfg
2752-S02 ----- Seals, lithographed-mfg
2759-S03 ----- Seals: printing except lithographic or gravure-mfg
3548-S01 ----- Seam welding apparatus, gas and electric-mfg
3812-000 ----- Search and navigation equipment-mfg
3827-S01 ----- Searchlight mirrors and reflectors-mfg
3648-S01 ----- Searchlights-mfg
7011-S01 ----- Seasonal hotels
2099-S05 ----- Seasonings, meat: except sauces-mfg
2033-S04 ----- Seasonings (prepared sauces), tomato-mfg
2035-S07 ----- Seasonings (prepared sauces), vegetable: except tomato and dry-mfg
2211-S05 ----- Seat cover cloth, automobile: cotton-mfg
2399-S03 ----- Seat covers, automobile-mfpm-mfg
5013-S01 ----- Seat covers, automotive-wholesale
2499-S05 ----- Seat covers, rattan-mfg
3728-S01 ----- Seat ejector devices, aircraft-mfg
3751-S02 ----- Seat posts, motorcycle and bicycle-mfg
2399-S04 ----- Seatbelts, automobile and aircraft: except leather-mfg
5013-S02 ----- Seatbelts, automotive-wholesale
3199-S03 ----- Seatbelts, leather-mfg
2531-S03 ----- Seats: automobile, vans, aircraft, railroad, and other public conveyances-mfg
2426-S01 ----- Seats, chair: hardwood-mfg
2514-S01 ----- Seats for metal household furniture-mfg
2531-S04 ----- Seats, railroad-mfg
2499-S06 ----- Seats, toilet: wood-mfg
0919-S02 ----- Seaweed, gathering of
0182-S01 ----- Seaweed grown under cover
2869-S02 ----- Sebacic acid esters-mfg
2869-S03 ----- Sebacic acid-mfg
3341-000 ----- Secondary nonferrous metals-mfg
3341-S01 ----- Secondary refining and smelting of nonferrous metals-mfg
8211-S04 ----- Secondary schools
5932-S01 ----- Secondhand book stores-retail
5932-S02 ----- Secondhand clothing and shoe stores-retail
5932-S03 ----- Secondhand furniture stores-retail
7338-000 ----- Secretarial & court reporting
8244-S01 ----- Secretarial schools
7338-S01 ----- Secretarial service
2511-S02 ----- Secretaries, household: wood-mfg
3448-S01 ----- Sections for prefabricated metal buildings-mfg
2452-S01 ----- Sections for prefabricated wood buildings-mfg
3498-S01 ----- Sections, pipe: fabricated from purchased mmetal pipe-mfg
9651-S01 ----- Securities regulation commissions
6231-000 ----- Security and commodity exchanges
6289-000 ----- Security and commodity services, n.e.c.
6211-S02 ----- Security brokers
6211-000 ----- Security brokers and dealers
2759-S04 ----- Security certificates, engraved-mfg
6289-S01 ----- Security custodians
6211-S03 ----- Security dealers
6231-S01 ----- Security exchanges
6211-S04 ----- Security flotation companies
7381-S01 ----- Security guard service
6289-S02 ----- Security holders protective committees
5999-S06 ----- Security products-retail
6799-S01 ----- Security speculators for own account
7382-S01 ----- Security systems devices, burglar and fire alarm: monitoring and maintenance
7382-000 ----- Security systems services
6211-S05 ----- Security traders
6211-S06 ----- Security underwriters
1499-S06 ----- Sedge peat mining
3532-S03 ----- Sedimentation machinery, mineral-mfg
0711-S01 ----- Seed bed preparation
0723-S01 ----- Seed cleaning
8734-S01 ----- Seed testing laboratories
3523-S01 ----- Seeders (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3524-S01 ----- Seeders, residential lawn and garden-mfg
0721-S01 ----- Seeding crops, with or without fertilizing
0782-S01 ----- Seeding highway strips
0782-S02 ----- Seeding lawns
0721-S02 ----- Seeding of sprouts and twigs
5261-S01 ----- Seeds, bulbs, and nursery stock-retail
5191-S01 ----- Seeds: field, garden, and flower-wholesale
0181-S01 ----- Seeds, flower and vegetable: growing of
2068-S01 ----- Seeds: salted, roasted, cooked, or canned-mfg
2211-S06 ----- Seersuckers, cotton-mfg
3259-S01 ----- Segment block, clay-mfg
3731-S03 ----- Seiners, building and repairing-mfg
1382-S01 ----- Seismograph surveys, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
3829-S04 ----- Seismographs-mfg
3829-S05 ----- Seismometers-mfg
3829-S06 ----- Seismoscopes-mfg
1499-S07 ----- Selenite mining
3339-S01 ----- Selenium refining, primary-mfg
3341-S02 ----- Selenium refining, secondary-mfg
3716-S01 ----- Self-contained motor homes: made on purchased chassis-mfg
8361-S01 ----- Self-help group homes for persons with social or personal problems
8322-S01 ----- Self-help organizations for alcoholics and gamblers
2045-S01 ----- Self-rising flour-mfpm-mfg
7215-S01 ----- Self-service laundry and drycleaning
6531-S01 ----- Selling agents for real estate
6531-S02 ----- Selling agents for property
5159-S01 ----- Semen, bovine-wholesale
1222-S01 ----- Semianthracite mining-underground
1221-S02 ----- Semianthracite surface mining
1221-S03 ----- Semibituminous coal surface mining
1222-S02 ----- Semibituminous coal underground mining
3674-S02 ----- Semiconductor circuit networks (solid-state integrated circuits)-mfg
3674-S03 ----- Semiconductor devices-mfg
5065-S01 ----- Semiconductor devices-wholesale
3559-S02 ----- Semiconductor manufacturing machinery-mfg
3825-S01 ----- Semiconductor test equipment-mfg
3674-000 ----- Semiconductors and related devices-mfg
3519-S01 ----- Semidiesel engines for stationary, marine, traction, or other uses-mfg
8211-S05 ----- Seminaries, below university grade
8221-S01 ----- Seminaries, theological
1499-S08 ----- Semiprecious stones mining
3321-S02 ----- Semisteel castings-mfg
3321-S03 ----- Semisteel foundries-mfg
3715-S01 ----- Semitrailers for missile transportation-mfg
3715-S02 ----- Semitrailers for truck tractors-mfg
2041-S01 ----- Semolina (flour)-mfg
8322-S02 ----- Senior citizens associations
3861-S02 ----- Sensitometers, photographic-mfg
3845-S01 ----- Sentinel, cardiac-mfg
3532-S04 ----- Separating machinery, mineral-mfg
3069-S01 ----- Separators, battery: rubber-mfg
2499-S07 ----- Separators, battery: wood-mfg
3523-S02 ----- Separators, cream: farm-mfg
3556-S02 ----- Separators, cream: industrial-mfg
3569-S03 ----- Separators for steam, gas, vapor, and air(machinery)-mfg
3523-S03 ----- Separators, grain and berry: farm-mfg
3443-S02 ----- Separators, industrial process: metal plate-mfg
7699-S06 ----- Septic tank cleaning service
1711-S01 ----- Septic tank installation-contractors
3272-S01 ----- Septic tanks, concrete-mfg
3443-S03 ----- Septic tanks, metal plate-mfg
3089-S06 ----- Septic tanks, plastics-mfg
5039-S01 ----- Septic tanks-wholesale
3822-S01 ----- Sequencing controls for electric heat-mfg
2221-S03 ----- Serges, manmade fiber-mfg
2231-S01 ----- Serges of wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
3629-S01 ----- Series capacitors, except electronic-mfg
2836-S01 ----- Serobacterins-mfg
1429-S02 ----- Serpentine, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-S03 ----- Serpentine, dimension-quarrying
2836-S02 ----- Serums, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
8221-S02 ----- Service academies (college)
1799-S03 ----- Service and repair of broadcasting stations contractors
2339-S02 ----- Service apparel, washable: e.g., nurses, maids, waitresses, laboratory uniforms: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm
2326-S01 ----- Service apparel, washable: men's-mfpm-mfg
7374-S01 ----- Service bureaus, computer
5063-S02 ----- Service entrance equipment, electrical-wholesale
5087-000 ----- Service establishment equipment-wholesale
3589-000 ----- Service industry machinery, n.e.c.-mfg
8322-S03 ----- Service leagues
7299-S03 ----- Service machine operation coin-operated
7349-S01 ----- Service station cleaning and degreasing service
1542-S02 ----- Service station construction-general contractors
5013-S03 ----- Service station equipment, automobile-wholesale
1799-S04 ----- Service station equipment installation, maintenance, and repair-contractors
5541-S01 ----- Service stations, gasoline-retail
1381-S01 ----- Service well drilling: on a contract basis
7819-000 ----- Services allied to motion pictures
8999-000 ----- Services, n.e.c.
3589-S03 ----- Servicing machines, coin-operated: except drycleaning and laundry-mfg
1389-S02 ----- Servicing oil and gas wells on a contract basis
1781-S01 ----- Servicing water wells-contractors
2514-S02 ----- Serving carts, household: metal-mfg
3999-S02 ----- Serving kits, novelty: other than sewing cases and cabinets-mfg
3621-S01 ----- Servomotors-mfg
8322-S04 ----- Settlement houses
2631-S01 ----- Setup boxboard-mitse-mfg
2652-000 ----- Set-up paperboard boxes-mfg
5113-S01 ----- Setup paperboard boxes-wholesale
1623-S01 ----- Sewage collection and disposal line construction-general contractors
3589-S04 ----- Sewage treatment equipment-mfg
1629-S01 ----- Sewage treatment plant construction-general contractors
7699-S07 ----- Sewer cleaning and rodding
3589-S05 ----- Sewer cleaning equipment, power-mfg
1623-S02 ----- Sewer construction-general contractors
1711-S02 ----- Sewer hookups and connections for buildings-contractors
3259-S02 ----- Sewer liner brick, vitrified clay-mfg
3259-S03 ----- Sewer pipe and fittings, clay-mfg
3321-S04 ----- Sewer pipe, cast iron-mfg
5032-S02 ----- Sewer pipe, clay-wholesale
3272-S02 ----- Sewer pipe, concrete-mfg
4952-S01 ----- Sewerage systems
5131-S01 ----- Sewing accessories-wholesale
3172-S01 ----- Sewing cases, regardless of material-mfg
2517-S01 ----- Sewing machine cabinets and cases, wood-mfg
7699-S08 ----- Sewing machine repair shops
5722-S01 ----- Sewing machine stores-retail
3639-S01 ----- Sewing machines and attachments, household-mfg
3559-S03 ----- Sewing machines and attachments, industrial-mfg
5064-S01 ----- Sewing machines, household: electric-wholesale
5084-S02 ----- Sewing machines, industrial-wholesale
5949-000 ----- Sewing, needlework, and piece goods-wholesale
5949-S01 ----- Sewing supplies-retail
2284-S01 ----- Sewing thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
5131-S02 ----- Sewing thread, except industrial-wholesale
3812-S01 ----- Sextants, except survey-mfg
3829-S07 ----- Sextants, surveying-mfg

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