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3021-000 ----- Rubber and plastics footwear-mfg
2891-R01 ----- Rubber cement-mfg
1455-R01 ----- Rubber clay mining
5199-R03 ----- Rubber, crude-wholesale
3567-R02 ----- Rubber curing ovens-mfg
3061-R01 ----- Rubber goods, mechanical: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
5085-R03 ----- Rubber goods, mechanical-wholesale
5122-R03 ----- Rubber goods, medical-wholesale
3069-R08 ----- Rubber heels, soles, and soling strips-mfg
3052-000 ----- Rubber & plastics hose & belting-mfg
0831-R01 ----- Rubber plantations
2869-R03 ----- Rubber processing chemicals, organic: accelerators and antioxidants-mfg
2899-R07 ----- Rubber processing preparations-mfg
3559-R02 ----- Rubber products machinery-mfg
3069-R09 ----- Rubber, reclaimed and reworked by manufacturing processes-mfg
5093-R03 ----- Rubber scrap-wholesale
2891-R02 ----- Rubber sealing compounds, synthetic-mfg
5999-R03 ----- Rubber stamp stores-retail
2822-R01 ----- Rubber, synthetic-mfg
2241-R03 ----- Rubber thread and yarns, fabric covered-mfg
3559-R03 ----- Rubber working machinery-mfg
3069-R10 ----- Rubber-covered motor mounting rings(rubber bonded)mfg
3069-R11 ----- Rubberbands-mfg
3069-R12 ----- Rubberized fabrics-mfg
1499-R02 ----- Rubbing stone quarrying
3291-R02 ----- Rubbing stones, artificial-mfg
4953-R03 ----- Rubbish collection and disposal
1411-R01 ----- Rubble mining
2819-R06 ----- Rubidium metal-mfg
1499-R03 ----- Ruby mining
3728-R04 ----- Rudders, aircraft-mfg
2395-R01 ----- Ruffling, for the trade-mfg
3069-R13 ----- Rug backing compounds, latex-mfg
7389-R09 ----- Rug binding for the trade
3582-R01 ----- Rug cleaning, drying, and napping machines: commercial laundry-mfg
7217-R02 ----- Rug cleaning, dyeing, and repairing plants
7699-R08 ----- Rug repair shops, not combined with cleaning
5713-R01 ----- Rug stores-retail
2842-R02 ----- Rug, upholstery, and drycleaning detergents and spotters-mfg
2299-R06 ----- Rugbacking, jute or other fiber-mfg
2273-R02 ----- Rugs, except rubber or plastics-mfg
5023-R01 ----- Rugs-wholesale
3423-R03 ----- Rules and rulers: metal, except slide-
2499-R09 ----- Rules and rulers: wood, except slide-
3555-R01 ----- Rules, printers-mfg
3829-R07 ----- Rules, slide-mfg
2782-R03 ----- Ruling of paper-mfg
2085-R01 ----- Rum-mfg
5812-R05 ----- Rumanian restaurants
1389-R05 ----- Running, cutting, and pulling Casings, tubes, and rods: oil and gas field
6111-R01 ----- Rural Electrification Administration
2052-R01 ----- Rusk-mfg
2035-R02 ----- Russian dressing-mfg
2992-R02 ----- Rust arresting compounds, animal and vegetable oil base-mfpm-mfg
3479-R02 ----- Rust proofing (hot dipping) of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
2842-R03 ----- Rust removers-mfg
2899-R08 ----- Rust resisting compounds-mfg
5169-R03 ----- Rustproofing chemicals-wholesale
7549-R02 ----- Rustproofing service, automotive
1099-R03 ----- Ruthenium ore mining
1099-R04 ----- Rutile mining
0119-R01 ----- Rye farms
2041-R01 ----- Rye flour-mfg

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