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3663-R06 ----- RF power amplifiers, and IF amplifiers: sold separately-mfg
3339-R04 ----- Rhenium refining, primary-mfg
3679-R05 ----- Rheostats, electronic-mfg
3625-R02 ----- Rheostats, industrial control-mfg
1099-R02 ----- Rhodium ore mining
1061-R01 ----- Rhodochrosite mining
0182-R01 ----- Rhubarb grown under cover
2655-R02 ----- Ribbon blocks, fiber-mfpm-mfg
2297-R01 ----- Ribbon, nonwoven (yarn bonded by plastics)mfg
5131-R02 ----- Ribbon, textile-wholesale
2396-R01 ----- Ribbons and bows, cut and sewed-mfg
3955-R01 ----- Ribbons, inked: e.g., typewriter, adding machine, cash register-mfg
5112-R01 ----- Ribbons, inked-wholesale
2241-R01 ----- Ribbons-mitse mfg
0112-000 ----- Rice
2044-R01 ----- Rice bran, flour, and meal-mfg
2043-R01 ----- Rice breakfast foods-mfg
2044-R02 ----- Rice, brewers-mfg
2044-R03 ----- Rice, brown-mfg
2044-R04 ----- Rice cleaning and polishing-mfg
0723-R02 ----- Rice drying
0112-R01 ----- Rice farms
2044-000 ----- Rice milling-mfg
2044-R05 ----- Rice polish-mfg
5149-R01 ----- Rice, polished-wholesale
2046-R01 ----- Rice starch-mfg
2099-R01 ----- Rice, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients-mfg
5153-R01 ----- Rice, unpolished-wholesale
2044-R06 ----- Rice, vitamin and mineral enriched-mfg
2241-R02 ----- Rickrack braid-mfg
3599-R01 ----- Riddles, sand (hand sifting or screening apparatus)-mfg
7999-R07 ----- Riding academies and schools
5699-R02 ----- Riding apparel stores-retail
2329-R01 ----- Riding clothes: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
7997-R03 ----- Riding clubs, membership
3199-R02 ----- Riding crops-mfg
5941-R01 ----- Riding goods and equipment-retail
2339-R01 ----- Riding habits: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
7999-R08 ----- Riding stables
2899-R04 ----- Rifle bore cleaning compounds-mfg
3541-R04 ----- Rifle working machines (machine tools)-mfg
3484-R03 ----- Rifles and parts, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3484-R04 ----- Rifles: BB and pellet-mfg
3841-R03 ----- Rifles for propelling hypodermics into animals-mfg
3484-R05 ----- Rifles, high compression pneumatic: 30mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3484-R06 ----- Rifles: pneumatic, spring loaded, and compressed a-r-except toy-mfg
3489-R03 ----- Rifles, recoilless-mfg
3944-R02 ----- Rifles, toy-mfg
1389-R03 ----- Rig building, repairing, and dismantling: on a contract basis
3469-R03 ----- Rigidizing metal-mfg
3714-R04 ----- Rims, wheel: motor vehicle-mfg
3961-R01 ----- Rings, finger: gold-plated wire-mfg
3255-R03 ----- Rings, glasshouse: clay-mfg
3592-R01 ----- Rings, piston-mfg
3911-R01 ----- Rings, precious metal-mfg
1429-R01 ----- Riprap quarrying, except limestone or granite
4449-R01 ----- River freight transportation, except on the St. Lawrence Seaway
7999-R09 ----- River rafting, operation of
3546-R01 ----- Riveting hammers-mfg
3542-R02 ----- Riveting machines-mfg
3452-R01 ----- Rivets, metal-mfg
3089-R02 ----- Rivets, plastics-mfg
2879-R02 ----- Roach poisons-mfg
7922-R04 ----- Road companies, theatrical
3531-R04 ----- Road construction and maintenance machinery-mfg
5082-R01 ----- Road construction and maintenance machinery-wholesale
1611-R02 ----- Road construction, except elevated-general contractors
2951-R01 ----- Road materials, bituminous: not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
2911-R03 ----- Road materials, bituminous: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3711-R01 ----- Road oilers (motor vehicles)-mfg
2911-R04 ----- Road oils, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
7549-R01 ----- Road service, automotive
4785-R01 ----- Roads, toll: operation of
2095-000 ----- Roasted coffee-mfg
3634-R03 ----- Roasters, electric-mfg
0251-R01 ----- Roasting chickens, raising of
3556-R01 ----- Roasting machinery: coffee, peanut, etc.-mfg
2384-000 ----- Robes and dressing gowns-mfg
5137-R02 ----- Robes and gowns: women's and children's-wholesale
2369-R01 ----- Robes, lounging: children's-mfpm-mfg
2369-R02 ----- Robes, lounging: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2384-R01 ----- Robes, lounging: men's, boys' and women's-mfpm-mfg
2253-R01 ----- Robes, lounging-mitse-mfg
5136-R02 ----- Robes, men's and boys'-wholesale
3535-R01 ----- Robotic conveyors for general industrial use mfg
3541-R05 ----- Robots for drilling and cutting-machine type, metalworking-mfg
3569-R02 ----- Robots for general industrial use-mfg
3541-R06 ----- Robots for grinding, polishing, and deburring-metalworking-mfg
3542-R03 ----- Robots for metal forming: e.g., pressing, hammering, extruding-mfg
3563-R01 ----- Robots for spraying, painting-industrial-mfg
3548-R02 ----- Robots for welding, soldering, or brazing-mfg
3559-R01 ----- Robots, plastics: for molding and forming-mfg
5999-R02 ----- Rock and stone specimens-retail
3531-R05 ----- Rock crushing machinery, portable-mfg
3532-R01 ----- Rock crushing machinery, stationary-mfg
3532-R02 ----- Rock drills, portable-mfg
3275-R01 ----- Rock, gypsum-mfg
1629-R06 ----- Rock removal, underwater-contractors
1479-R01 ----- Rock salt mining
2512-R02 ----- Rockers, upholstered on wood frames-mfg
2511-R02 ----- Rockers, wood: except upholstered-mfg
2869-R02 ----- Rocket engine fuel, organic-mfg
3489-R04 ----- Rocket launchers, hand-held-mfg
3724-R02 ----- Rocket motors, aircraft-mfg
3764-R02 ----- Rocket motors, guided missile-mfg
3443-R06 ----- Rocket transportation casings-mfg
3483-R01 ----- Rockets (ammunition)-mfg
3761-R02 ----- Rockets (guided missiles), space and military: complete-mfg
2899-R05 ----- Rockets, pyrotechnic-mfg
3944-R03 ----- Rocking horses-mfg
3269-R01 ----- Rockingham earthenware-mfg
3547-R01 ----- Rod mills (rolling mill equipment)-mfg
2879-R03 ----- Rodent poisons-mfg
2879-R04 ----- Rodenticides-mfg
7999-R10 ----- Rodeo animal rental
7999-R11 ----- Rodeos, operation of
3354-R01 ----- Rods, aluminum: extruded-mfg
3355-R02 ----- Rods, aluminum: rolled-mfg
3949-R03 ----- Rods and rod parts, fishing-mfg
3351-R02 ----- Rods, copper and copper alloy-mfg
2591-R01 ----- Rods, curtain and drapery-mfg
3496-R03 ----- Rods, gas welding: made from purchased wire-mfg
3069-R03 ----- Rods, hard rubber-mfg
3312-R05 ----- Rods, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3083-R01 ----- Rods, laminated plastics-mfg
3356-R01 ----- Rods: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, and their alloys-mfg
5051-R03 ----- Rods, metal-wholesale
3829-R06 ----- Rods, surveyors-mfg
3082-R01 ----- Rods, unsupported plastics-mfg
3069-R04 ----- Roll coverings: rubber for paper mill; industrial, steel mills, printers-mfg
3562-R02 ----- Roller bearings and parts-mfg
3069-R05 ----- Roller covers, printers,: rubber-mfg
3111-R02 ----- Roller leather-mfg
3547-R02 ----- Roller levelers (rolling mill machinery)-mfg
2261-R02 ----- Roller printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262-R02 ----- Roller printing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3949-R04 ----- Roller skates-mfg
7999-R12 ----- Roller skating rink operation
2591-R02 ----- Rollers and fittings, window shade-mfg
3523-R02 ----- Rollers and levelers, land (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3991-R01 ----- Rollers, paint-mfg
3531-R06 ----- Rollers, road-mfg
3531-R07 ----- Rollers, sheepsfoot and vibratory-mfg
2499-R07 ----- Rollers, wood-mfg
3442-R01 ----- Rolling doors for industrial buildings and warehouses, metal-mfg
3351-R03 ----- Rolling, drawing, and extruding of copper and copper alloys-mfg
3542-R04 ----- Rolling machines, thread and spline-mfg
3547-R03 ----- Rolling mill machinery and equipment-mfg
3321-R03 ----- Rolling mill rolls, iron: not machined-mfg
3325-R01 ----- Rolling mill rolls, steel: not machined-mfg
2499-R08 ----- Rolling pins, wood-mfg
2051-R01 ----- Rolls, bread-type, including frozen-mfg
3547-R04 ----- Rolls for rolling mill machinery, machined-mfg
2679-R01 ----- Rolls, paper: adding machine, telegraph tape, etc.-mfpm-mfg
3321-R04 ----- Rolls, rolling mill: iron-not machined-mfg
3325-R02 ----- Rolls, rolling mill: steel-not machined-mfg
3069-R06 ----- Rolls, solid or covered rubber-mfg
2051-R02 ----- Rolls, sweet, except frozen-mfg
0161-R01 ----- Romaine farms
2369-R03 ----- Rompers: infants'-mfpm-mfg
3841-R04 ----- Rongeurs, bone-mfg
2952-R01 ----- Roof cement: asphalt, fibrous, and plastics-mfpm-mfg
2952-R02 ----- Roof coatings and cements: liquid and plastics-mfpm-mfg
3444-R03 ----- Roof deck, sheet metal-mfg
1761-R02 ----- Roof spraying, painting, or coating-contractors
2439-R01 ----- Roof trusses, wood-mfg
1761-000 ----- Roofing and sheet metal work
3292-R01 ----- Roofing, asbestos felt roll-mfg
5033-R01 ----- Roofing, asphalt and sheet metal-wholesale
2952-R03 ----- Roofing, asphalt or tar saturated felt: built-up, roll, and shingle-mfpm-mfg
2621-R01 ----- Roofing felt stock-mitse-mfg
2952-R04 ----- Roofing felts, cements, and coatings: asphalt, tar, and composition-mfpm-mfg
3295-R01 ----- Roofing granules-mfg
5211-R01 ----- Roofing material dealers-retail
2952-R05 ----- Roofing pitch, coal tar: not made in byproduct coke ovens-mfg
3444-R04 ----- Roofing, sheet metal-mfg
5033-000 ----- Roofing, siding, & insulation-wholesale
3069-R07 ----- Roofing, single ply membrane: rubber-mfg
3281-R01 ----- Roofing, slate-mfg
3272-R01 ----- Roofing tile and slabs, concrete-mfg
3259-R01 ----- Roofing tile, clay-mfg
1761-R03 ----- Roofing work, including repairing-contractors
3585-R03 ----- Room coolers, portable-mfg
2511-R03 ----- Room dividers, household: wood-mfg
3433-R03 ----- Room heaters, except electric-mfg
3634-R04 ----- Room heaters, space: electric-mfg
3822-R04 ----- Room thermostats-mfg
7021-000 ----- Rooming and boarding houses
7021-R02 ----- Rooming houses, except organization
7041-R02 ----- Rooming houses, fraternity and sorority
7041-R03 ----- Rooming houses operated by organizations for members only
2086-R01 ----- Root beer, bottled or canned-mfg
2046-R02 ----- Root starch, edible-mfg
3552-R02 ----- Rope and cordage machines-mfg
2621-R02 ----- Rope and jute wrapping paper-mitse-mfg
3292-R02 ----- Rope, asbestos-mfg
2298-R01 ----- Rope, except asbestos and wire-mfg
5085-R02 ----- Rope, except wire rope-wholesale
3429-R02 ----- Rope fittings-mfg
3496-R04 ----- Rope, uninsulated wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
5051-R04 ----- Rope, wire: not insulated-wholesale
3961-R02 ----- Rosaries and other small religious articles, except precious metal-mfg
3911-R02 ----- Rosaries and other small religious articles, precious metal-mfg
1094-R02 ----- Roscoelite (vanadium hydromica) mining
0181-R01 ----- Rose growers
2821-R03 ----- Rosin modified resins-mfg
2861-R01 ----- Rosin, produced by distillation of pine gum or pine wood-mfg
2899-R06 ----- Rosin sizes-mfg
5169-R02 ----- Rosin-wholesale
3621-R03 ----- Rotary converters (electrical equipment)-mfg
3523-R03 ----- Rotary hoes (agricultural machinery)-mfg
2754-R01 ----- Rotary photogravure printing-mfg
3549-R01 ----- Rotary slitters (metalworking machines)-mfg
3545-R02 ----- Rotary tables, indexing-mfg
3824-R02 ----- Rotary type meters, consumption registering-mfg
3351-R04 ----- Rotating bands, copper and copper alloy-mfg
2879-R05 ----- Rotenone bearing preparations-mfg
2879-R06 ----- Rotenone concentrates-mfg
3728-R03 ----- Roto-blades for helicopters-mfg
2621-R03 ----- Rotogravure paper-mitse-mfg
2754-R02 ----- Rotogravure printing-mfg
2796-R01 ----- Rotogravure printing plates and cylinders-mfg
3621-R04 ----- Rotor retainers and housings-mfg
3621-R05 ----- Rotors for motors-mfg
3524-R01 ----- Rototillers (garden machinery)-mfg
2844-R01 ----- Rouge, cosmetic-mfg
3291-R01 ----- Rouge, polishing-mfg
3523-R04 ----- Roughage mills (agricultural machinery)-mfg
2449-R01 ----- Round stave baskets, for fruits and vegetables-mfg
2426-R01 ----- Rounds or rungs, ladder and furniture: hardwood-mfg
3312-R06 ----- Rounds, tube-mfg
5099-R01 ----- Roundwood-wholesale
1389-R04 ----- Roustabout service: on a contract basis
3553-R01 ----- Routing machines, woodworking-mfg
2299-R05 ----- Roves, flax and jute-mfg
3552-R03 ----- Roving machines (textile machinery)-mfg
7999-R13 ----- Rowboat rental
3732-R01 ----- Rowboats, building and repairing-mfg
1521-R05 ----- Rowhouse (single-family) construction-general contractors
3949-R05 ----- Rowing machines-mfg
6792-R01 ----- Royalty companies, oil
6289-R01 ----- Royalty owners protective associations

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