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2992-R01 ----- Re refining lubricating oils and greases-mfpm-mfg
2842-R01 ----- Re-refining drycleaning fluid-mfg
3443-R02 ----- Reactor containment vessels, metal plate-mfg
3612-R02 ----- Reactors, current limiting-mfg
3443-R03 ----- Reactors, nuclear: military and industrial-mfg
3674-R02 ----- Read only memories (ROMS)-mfg
3861-R02 ----- Readers, microfilm-mfg
8699-R01 ----- Reading rooms, religious materials
8299-R01 ----- Reading schools
3273-R01 ----- Ready-mixed concrete, production and distribution-mfg
5621-R01 ----- Ready-to-wear stores, women's-retail
2819-R05 ----- Reagent grade chemicals, inorganic: refined from technical grades-mfg
2869-R01 ----- Reagent grade chemicals, organic: refined from technical grades, except diagnostic and substances-mfg
6531-000 -----Real estate agents and managers
6531-R01 -----Real estate agents, brokers and managers
6531-R02 ----- Real estate appraisers
6531-R03 ----- Real estate auctions
8611-R01 ----- Real estate boards
7389-R10 ----- Real estate for sale by owner
6798-R01 ----- Real estate investment trusts (REIT'S)
6159-R01 ----- Real estate loans
8249-R01 ----- Real estate schools
6361-R01 ----- Real estate title insurance
6519-000 ----- Real property lessors, n.e.c.
6553-R01 ----- Real property subdividers and developers, cemetery lots only
6552-R01 ----- Real property subdividers and developers, except of cemetery lots
6798-R02 ----- Realty investment trusts
6798-R03 ----- Realty trusts
3545-R01 ----- Reamers, machine tool-mfg
5084-R01 ----- Reamers-wholesale
3541-R01 ----- Reaming machines-mfg
3714-R02 ----- Rear axle housings, motor vehicle-mfg
7699-R01 ----- Rebabbitting
2789-R01 ----- Rebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets-mfg
7534-R01 ----- Rebuilding and retreading tires for the trade
3714-R03 ----- Rebuilding motor vehicle gasoline engine sand transmissions on a factory basis-mfg
7694-R01 ----- Rebuilding motors, other than automotive
7534-R02 ----- Rebuilding tires
3541-R02 ----- Rebuilt machine tools, metal cutting types-mfg
3542-R01 ----- Rebuilt machine tools, metal forming types-mfg
5084-R02 ----- Recapping machinery for tires-wholesale
7534-R03 ----- Recapping tires
2782-R01 ----- Receipt books-mfg
3663-R04 ----- Receiver-transmitter units (transceivers)-mfg
3663-R05 ----- Receivers, radio communications-mfg
3651-R03 ----- Receiving sets, radio and television: household-mfg
3671-R02 ----- Receiving type electron tubes-mfg
5063-R01 ----- Receptacles, electrical-wholesale
3471-R01 ----- Rechroming auto bumpers, for the trade-mfg
6321-R01 ----- Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges, accident and health insurance
6331-R01 ----- Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6351-R01 ----- Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges, surety and fidelity insurance
3069-R02 ----- Reclaimed rubber (reworked by manufacturing processes)-mfg
3399-R01 ----- Reclaiming ferrous metals from clay-mfg
5093-R02 ----- Reclaiming iron and steel scrap from slag-wholesale
1629-R03 ----- Reclamation projects construction-general contractors
2512-R01 ----- Recliners, upholstered on wood frames-mfg
3484-R01 ----- Recoil mechanisms for guns, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3489-R01 ----- Recoil mechanisms for guns more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3489-R02 ----- Recoilless rifles-mfg
2493-R01 ----- Reconstituted wood panels-mfg
2493-000 ----- Reconstituted wood products-mfg
2782-R02 ----- Record albums-mfg
3652-R01 ----- Record blanks, phonograph-mfg
5961-R01 ----- Record clubs, mail-order-retail
5735-R02 ----- Record labels-retail
5735-R01 ----- Record stores-retail
3651-R04 ----- Recorders, home tape: cassette, cartridge, and reel-mfg
3825-R07 ----- Recorders, oscillographic-mfg
3572-R01 ----- Recorders, tape: for computers-mfg
3679-R01 ----- Recording and playback heads, magnetic-mfg
3679-R02 ----- Recording heads for speech and musical equipment-mfg
5084-R03 ----- Recording instruments and accessories-wholesale
3651-R05 ----- Recording machines, music and speech: except dictation and telephone answering machines-mfg
7389-R04 ----- Recording studios on a contract or fee basis
3652-R02 ----- Records, phonograph-mfg
3341-R01 ----- Recovering and refining of nonferrous metals-mfg
2299-R04 ----- Recovering textile fibers from clippings and rags-mfg
3399-R02 ----- Recovery of iron ore from open hearth slag-mfg
3341-R02 ----- Recovery of silver from used photographic film-mfg
7997-R02 ----- Recreation and sports clubs, membership: except physical fitness
5561-000 ----- Recreation & utility trailer dealers-retail
7032-R01 ----- Recreational camps
7011-R01 ----- Recreational hotels
9512-R01 ----- Recreational program administration-government
5561-R01 ----- Recreational vehicle dealers-retail
7033-R01 ----- Recreational vehicle parks
5561-R02 ----- Recreational vehicle parts and accessories-retail
5012-R01 ----- Recreational vehicles-wholesale
3612-R03 ----- Rectifier transformers-mfg
3629-R01 ----- Rectifiers (electrical apparatus)-mfg
3679-R03 ----- Rectifiers, electronic: except solid-state-mfg
5065-R03 ----- Rectifiers, electronic-wholesale
3674-R03 ----- Rectifiers, solid-state-mfg
2499-R10 ----- Recylced wood products-mfg
2816-R01 ----- Red lead pigments-mfg
2899-R03 ----- Red oil (oleic acid)-mfg
7389-R05 ----- Redemption of trading stamps
9532-R01 ----- Redevelopment land agencies-government
3826-R01 ----- Redox (oxidation reduction potential) instruments-mfg
1381-R01 ----- Redrilling oil and gas wells on a contract basis
2141-R01 ----- Redrying and stemming of tobacco-mfg
3494-R01 ----- Reducer returns, pipe: metal-mfg
3566-R01 ----- Reducers, speed-mfg
7991-R01 ----- Reducing facilities, physical fitness, without lodging
3566-R02 ----- Reduction gears and gear units for turbines, except automotive and aircraft-mfg
2519-R02 ----- Reed furniture-mfg
1499-R01 ----- Reed peat mining
2499-R03 ----- Reed ware, except furniture-mfg
3931-R01 ----- Reedboards, organ-mfg
3931-R02 ----- Reeds for musical instruments-mfg
3552-R01 ----- Reeds, loom-mfg
3569-R01 ----- Reels and racks, firehose-mfg
3499-R01 ----- Reels, cable: metal-mfg
2499-R04 ----- Reels, cloth winding: wood-mfg
3861-R03 ----- Reels, film-mfg
3949-R02 ----- Reels, fishing-mfg
2499-R05 ----- Reels, for drying clothes: wood-mfg
2499-R06 ----- Reels, plywood-mfg
2655-R01 ----- Reels, textile: fiber-mfpm-mfg
1741-R01 ----- Refactory brick construction-contractors
8111-R01 ----- Referees in bankruptcy
8322-R01 ----- Referral services for personal and social problems
4613-000 ----- Refined petroleum pipe lines
2062-R01 ----- Refineries, cane sugar-mfg
2911-R01 ----- Refineries, petroleum-mfg
2911-R02 ----- Refinery gas produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3339-R01 ----- Refining of lead, primary-mfg
3339-R02 ----- Refining of nonferrous metal, primary: except copper and aluminum-mfg
3341-R03 ----- Refining of nonferrous metals and alloys, secondary-mfg
3339-R03 ----- Refining of zinc, primary-mfg
2231-R02 ----- Refinishing and sponging cloths: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers, for the trade-mfg
2261-R01 ----- Refinishing and sponging cotton broadwoven fabrics for the trade-mfg
2262-R01 ----- Refinishing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3825-R08 ----- Reflectometers, sliding shorts-mfg
3231-R01 ----- Reflector glass beads, for highway signs and other reflectors: made from purchased glass-mfg
3647-R01 ----- Reflectors, clearance: vehicular-mfg
3229-R01 ----- Reflectors for lighting equipment, glass: pressed or blown-mfg
3648-R01 ----- Reflectors for lighting equipment: metal-mfg
3827-R01 ----- Reflectors, optical-mfg
3827-R02 ----- Reflectors, searchlight-mfg
0851-R01 ----- Reforestation
9223-R01 ----- Reformatories-government
3823-R01 ----- Refractometers, industrial process type-mfg
3826-R02 ----- Refractometers, laboratory-mfg
3297-R02 ----- Refractories, castable: nonclay-mfg
3255-R01 ----- Refractories, clay-mfg
3297-R03 ----- Refractories, graphite: carbon bond or ceramic bond-mfg
3297-R04 ----- Refractories, nonclay-mfg
3255-R02 ----- Refractory cement and mortars, clay-mfg
3297-R05 ----- Refractory cement, nonclay-mfg
5085-R01 ----- Refractory material-wholesale
5812-R01 ----- Refreshment stands
4222-R01 ----- Refrigerated warehousing
1711-R01 ----- Refrigeration and freezer work-contractors
3585-000 ----- Refrigeration and heating equipment-mfg
3585-R01 ----- Refrigeration compressors-mfg
3822-R01 ----- Refrigeration controls, pressure-mfg
5078-000 ----- Refrigeration equipment and supplies-wholesale
3585-R02 ----- Refrigeration machinery and equipment, industrial-mfg
7623-R01 ----- Refrigeration repair service, electric
7623-000 ----- Refrigeration service and repair
3822-R02 ----- Refrigeration thermostats-mfg
3822-R03 ----- Refrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls-mfg
3632-R01 ----- Refrigerator cabinets, household-mfg
3229-R02 ----- Refrigerator dishes and jars, glass-mfg
3469-R02 ----- Refrigerator parts, porcelain enameled-mfg
7623-R02 ----- Refrigerator repair service, electric
5722-R02 ----- Refrigerators and related electric and gas appliances-retail
5078-R01 ----- Refrigerators, commercial: reach in and walk-in-wholesale
5064-R04 ----- Refrigerators, household: electric and gas-wholesale
3632-R02 ----- Refrigerators, mechanical and absorption: ho use h o l d-mfg
3728-R01 ----- Refueling equipment, airplane: for use in flight-mfg
8322-R02 ----- Refugee services
4212-R01 ----- Refuse, local collecting and transporting: without disposal
4953-R02 ----- Refuse systems
2389-R01 ----- Regalia-mfpm-mfg
2823-R03 ----- Regenerated cellulose fibers-mfg
6099-R01 ----- Regional clearing house associations
8399-R01 ----- Regional planning organizations, for social services
8049-R01 ----- Registered nurses, offices of: except home care services
3446-R03 ----- Registers, air: metal-mfg
3579-R01 ----- Registers, autographic-mfg
3578-R01 ----- Registers, credit account-mfg
3829-R04 ----- Registers, fare: for streetcars, buses, etc.-mfg
3824-R01 ----- Registers, linear tallying-mfg
7361-R01 ----- Registries, nurses,
3541-R03 ----- Regrinding machines, crankshaft-mfg
9621-000 ----- Regulation, admin. of transportation
9631-000 ----- Regulation, admin. of utilities
9641-R01 ----- Regulation and inspection of agricultural products-government
9641-000 ----- Regulation of agricultural marketing
9631-R01 ----- Regulation of utilities
9651-000 ----- Regulation misc. commercial sectors
3612-R04 ----- Regulators, feeder voltage (electric transformers)-mfg
3613-R01 ----- Regulators, power-mfg
3612-R05 ----- Regulators, transmission and distribution voltage-mfg
3694-R01 ----- Regulators, voltage: motor vehicle-mfg
8093-R01 ----- Rehabilitation centers, outpatient (medical treatment)
8361-R01 ----- Rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental
8331-R01 ----- Rehabilitation counseling and training, vocational
8069-R01 ----- Rehabilitation hospitals: drug addiction and alcoholism
5051-R02 ----- Reinforcement mesh, wire-wholesale
3496-R02 ----- Reinforcing mesh concrete: made from purchased wire-mfg
6321-R02 ----- Reinsurance carriers, accident and health
6311-R01 ----- Reinsurance carriers, life
6311-R02 ----- Reinsurance, life
3625-000 ----- Relays and industrial controls-mfg
3825-R09 ----- Relays, instrument: all types-mfg
3625-R01 ----- Relays-mfg
5063-R02 ----- Relays-wholesale
8322-R03 ----- Relief services, temporary
5942-R01 ----- Religious book stores-retail
5999-R01 ----- Religious goods stores (other than books)-retail
8661-R01 ----- Religious instruction, provided by religious organizations
7812-R01 ----- Religious motion picture production
8661-R02 ----- Religious organizations
6732-R01 ----- Religious trusts, management of
2035-R01 ----- Relishes, fruit and vegetable-mfg
2834-R01 ----- Remedies, human and animal-mfg
7299-R02----- Reminder Services
5949-R01 ----- Remnant stores-retail
1541-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
1542-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses-general contractors
1522-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, single-family-general contractors
7375-R01 ----- Remote data base information retrieval services
1389-R01 ----- Removal of condensate gasoline from field gathering lines: on a contract basis
1241-R01 ----- Removal of overburden for anthracite: on a contract basis
1241-R02 ----- Removal of overburden for bituminous coal: on a contract basis
1081-R01 ----- Removal of overburden for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481-R01 ----- Removal of overburden for nonmetallic minerals except fuels: on a contract basis
2077-R01 ----- Rendering plants, inedible grease and tallow-mfg
7699-R02 ----- Reneedling work
5199-R02 ----- Rennet-wholesale
1541-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
1542-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses-general contractors
1522-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, single-family-general contractors
3999-R02 ----- Renovating feathers, for the trade-mfg
9651-R01 ----- Rent control agencies-government
6531-R04 ----- Rental agents for real estate
7359-R01 ----- Rental and leasing of dishes, silverware, and tables
7359-R02 ----- Rental and servicing of electronic equipment, except computers
7514-R01 ----- Rental of automobiles, without drivers
7999-R02 ----- Rental of beach chairs and accessories
7999-R03 ----- Rental of bicycles
8231-R01 ----- Rental of books
7359-R03 ----- Rental of coin-operated machines
4222-R02 ----- Rental of cold storage lockers
7374-R01 ----- Rental of computer time
7377-R01 ----- Rental of computers, except finance leasing or by the manufacturer
7353-R01 ----- Rental of construction equipment
7021-R01 ----- Rental of furnished rooms
7359-R04 ----- Rental of furniture
7999-R04 ----- Rental of golf carts
4119-R01 ----- Rental of hearses and limousines, with drivers
7819-R01 ----- Rental of motion picture equipment
7822-R01 ----- Rental of motion picture film
7359-R05 ----- Rental of oil field equipment
4119-R02 ----- Rental of passenger automobiles, with drivers
4741-R03 ----- Rental of railroad cars
7999-R05 ----- Rental of rowboats and canoes
7999-R06 ----- Rental of saddle horses
7922-R02 ----- Rental of theatrical scenery
7359-R06 ----- Rental of tools
7519-R01 ----- Rental of trailers
4212-R02 ----- Rental of trucks with drivers
7513-R01 ----- Rental of trucks, without drivers
7519-R02 ----- Renting automobile utility trailers
7519-R03 ----- Renting travel, camping, or recreational trailers
2211-R02 ----- Rep, cotton-mfg
5014-R01 ----- Repair materials, tire and tube-wholesale
7692-R01 ----- Repair of cracked castings (welding service)
7641-R01 ----- Repair of furniture upholstery
7219-R01 ----- Repair of furs and other garments for individuals
7699-R03 ----- Repair of optical instruments
7699-R04 ----- Repair of photographic equipment
1761-R01 ----- Repair of roofs-contractors
7699-R05 ----- Repair of service station equipment
7699-R06 ----- Repair of speedometers
7699-000 ----- Repair services, n.e.c.
7538-R01 ----- Repair shops, automotive: general
7217-R01 ----- Repairing and cleaning plants, rug and carpet
2789-R02 ----- Repairing books (bookbinding)-mfg
1541-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
1542-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses-general contractors
1522-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, single-family-general contractors
1389-R02 ----- Repairing lease tanks, oil field: on a contract basis
3661-R01 ----- Repeater equipment, telephone and telegraph-mfg
7922-R03 ----- Repertory or stock companies, theatrical
5065-R04 ----- Replacement parts, electronic-wholesale
7389-R06 ----- Repossession service
6099-R02 ----- Representative offices of foreign banks, excluding agents and branches
8422-R01 ----- Reptile exhibits
7379-R01 ----- Requirements analysis, computer hardware
2421-R02 ----- Resawing lumber into smaller dimensions-mfg
8731-R01 ----- Research and development of computer and related hardware
3721-R01 ----- Research and development on aircraft by the manufacturer-mfg
3724-R01 ----- Research and development on aircraft engines and engine parts by the manufacturer-mfg
3728-R02 ----- Research and development on aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment by the manufacturer-mfg
3769-R01 ----- Research and development on guided missile and space vehicle components, by the manufacturer-mfg
3764-R01 ----- Research and development on guided missile and space vehicle engines, by the manufacturer-mfg
3761-R01 ----- Research and development on guided missiles and space vehicles, by the manufacturer-mfg
8731-R02 ----- Research and development, physical and biological: commercial
8732-R01 ----- Research: economic, sociological, and educational-commercial
8733-R01 ----- Research, noncommercial
2833-R01 ----- Reserpines-mfg
7389-R07 ----- Reservation service, hotel
1629-R04 ----- Reservoir construction-general contractors
7041-R01 ----- Residence clubs operated by organizations for members only
6514-R01 ----- Residential building, operators of (four or fewer housing units)
8361-000 ----- Residential care
1522-R04 ----- Residential construction, except single-family-general contractors
1522-000 ----- Residential construction, n.e.c.
1521-R04 ----- Residential construction, single-family-general contractors
8811-R01 ----- Residential farms, noncommercial
6513-R01 ----- Residential hotels, operators of
3645-000 ----- Residential lighting fixtures-mfg
1752-R01 ----- Resilient floor laying-contractors
2295-R01 ----- Resin coated fabrics-mfg
2851-R01 ----- Resinate driers-mfg
2672-R01 ----- Resinous impregnated paper, except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2671-R01 ----- Resinous impregnated paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2821-R01 ----- Resins, phenolic-mfg
5162-R01 ----- Resins, plastics-wholesale
5162-R02 ----- Resins, synthetic: except rubber-wholesale
2821-R02 ----- Resins, synthetic-mfg
5169-R01 ----- Resins, synthetic rubber-wholesale
3825-R10 ----- Resistance measuring equipment-mfg
3823-R02 ----- Resistance thermometers and bulbs, industrial process type mfg
3548-R01 ----- Resistance welders, electric-mfg
3676-R01 ----- Resistor networks-mfg
3676-R02 ----- Resistors, electronic-mfg
5065-R05 ----- Resistors, electronic-wholesale
3621-R02 ----- Resolvers-mfg
3679-R04 ----- Resonsant reed devices, electronic-mfg
2865-R01 ----- Resorcinol-mfg
7011-R02 ----- Resort hotels
3842-R02 ----- Respirators-mfg
3845-R01 ----- Respiratory analysis equipment, electromedical-mfg
3842-R03 ----- Respiratory protection equipment, personal-mfg
8093-R02 ----- Respiratory therapy clinics
8059-R01 ----- Rest homes with health care
8361-R02 ----- Rest homes, with health care incidental
7342-R01 ----- Rest room cleaning service
7299-R01 ----- Rest room operation
1542-R04 ----- Restaurant construction-general contractors
2599-R01 ----- Restaurant furniture-mfg
8249-R02 ----- Restaurant operation schools
7389-R08 ----- Restaurant reservation service
3444-R02 ----- Restaurant sheet metalwork-mfg
5812-R02 ----- Restaurants
5812-R03 ----- Restaurants, carry-out
5812-000 ----- Restaurants, caterers & eating places
5812-R04 ----- Restaurants, fast food
3829-R05 ----- Restitution apparatus, phoyogrammetrical-mfg
7699-R07 ----- Restoration and repair of anitiques, except furniture and automobiles
7641-R02 ----- Restoration and repair of antique furniture
3842-R04 ----- Restraints, patient-mfg
7361-R02 ----- Resume database services
7338-R01 ----- Resume writing service
1611-R01 ----- Resurfacing streets and highways-contractors
5461-000 ----- Retail bakeries
6512-R01 ----- Retail establishments, property operation only
5261-000 ----- Retail nurseries and garden stores
1741-R02 ----- Retaining wall construction: block, stone, or brick-contractors
3479-R01 ----- Retinning of cans and utensils, not done in rolling mills-mfg
3845-R02 ----- Retinoscopes, electromedical-mfg
3841-R01 ----- Retinoscopes, except electromedical-mfg
6513-R02 ----- Retirement hotels, operators of
3297-R06 ----- Retorts, graphite-mfg
3443-R04 ----- Retorts, industrial-mfg
3443-R05 ----- Retorts, smelting-mfg
3841-R02 ----- Retractors-mfg
3011-R01 ----- Retreading materials, tire-mfg
7534-R04 ----- Retreading tires
0723-R01 ----- Retting flax
7641-000 ----- Reupholstery and furniture repair
7641-R03 ----- Reupholstery shops
1629-R05 ----- Revetment construction-general contractors
3484-R02 ----- Revolvers and parts-mfg
1796-R01 ----- Revolving door installation contractors
7219-R02 ----- Reweaving textiles (mending service)
2282-R02 ----- Rewinding of yarn-mfg
7694-R02 ----- Rewinding stators
3861-R04 ----- Rewinds, motion picture film-mfg
1381-R02 ----- Reworking oil and gas wells on a contract basis

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