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0271-R01 ----- Rabbit farms
2015-R01 ----- Rabbits, processed: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015-R02 ----- Rabbits, slaughtering and dressing-mfg
7948-R01 ----- Race car drivers and owners
2741-R01 ----- Race track programs: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3562-R01 ----- Races, ball and roller bearing-mfg
7389-R01 ----- Racetrack cleaning, except buildings
7948-R02 ----- Racetrack operation: e.g., horse, dog, auto
3644-R01 ----- Raceways-mfg
2741-R02 ----- Racing forms: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
7948-000 ----- Racing, including track operation
7948-R03 ----- Racing stables, operation of
3949-R01 ----- Rackets and frames, 8ports: e.g., tennis, badminton, squash, racketball, lacrosse-mfg
2511-R01 ----- Racks, book and magazine: wood-mfg
2499-R01 ----- Racks, for drying clothes: wood-mfg
2542-R01 ----- Racks: mail pouch, mailing, mail sorting, etc., except wood-mfg
2542-R02 ----- Racks, merchandise display and storage: except wood-mfg
2541-R01 ----- Racks, merchandise display: wood-mfg
3443-R01 ----- Racks, trash: metal plate-mfg
3496-R01 ----- Racks without rigid framework, made from purchased wire-mfg
7997-R01 ----- Racquetball clubs, membership
7999-R01 ----- Racquetball courts, except membership clubs
4899-R01 ----- Radar station operation
3812-R01 ----- Radar systems and equipment-mfg
3825-R01 ----- Radar testing instruments, electric-mfg
3731-R01 ----- Radar towers, floating-mfg
3829-R01 ----- Radiac equipment (radiation measuring and detecting)-mfg
3567-R01 ----- Radiant heating systems, industrial process: e.g., dryers, cookers'-mfg
8734-R01 ----- Radiation dosimetry laboratories
3829-R02 ----- Radiation measuring and detecting(radiac) equipment-mfg
7218-R01 ----- Radiation protective garments supply service
3842-R01 ----- Radiation shielding aprons, gloves, and sheeting-mfg
7539-R01 ----- Radiator repair shops, automotive
3444-R01 ----- Radiator shields and enclosures, sheet metal-mfg
5074-R01 ----- Radiators and parts, heating: nonelectric-wholesale
3714-R01 ----- Radiators and radiator shells and cores, motor vehicle-mfg
3634-R01 ----- Radiators, electric-mfg
3433-R01 ----- Radiators, except electric-mfg
3651-R01 ----- Radio and phonograph combinations-mfg
3469-R01 ----- Radio and television chassis, stamped-mfg
7622-R01 ----- Radio and television receiver installation
7622-000 ----- Radio and television repair
3663-R01 ----- Radio and television switching equipment-mfg
3441-R01 ----- Radio and television tower sections, prefabricated metal-mfg
1623-R01 ----- Radio and television transmitting tower construction-general contractors
3825-R02 ----- Radio apparatus analyzers for testing electrical characteristics-mfg
4832-000 ----- Radio broadcasting
7389-R02 ----- Radio broadcasting music checkers
4899-R02 ----- Radio broadcasting operated by cab companies
4832-R01 ----- Radio broadcasting stations
2517-R01 ----- Radio cabinets and cases, wood-mfg
2519-R01 ----- Radio cabinets, plastics-mfg
8999-R01 ----- Radio commentators
8748-R01 ----- Radio consultants
3671-R01 ----- Radio electron tubes-mfg
3812-R02 ----- Radio magnetic instrumentation (RMI)-mfg
5065-R01 ----- Radio parts and accessories-wholesale
5731-R01 ----- Radio-phonograph stores-retail
7922-R01 ----- Radio programs, including commercials: producers of
3663-R02 ----- Radio receiver networks-mfg
5065-R02 ----- Radio receiving and transmitting tubes-wholesale
3651-R02 ----- Radio receiving sets-mfg
7622-R02 ----- Radio repair shops
7313-R01 ----- Radio representatives, advertising: not auxiliary to radio broadcasting
3825-R03 ----- Radio set analyzers, electrical-mfg
5731-R02 ----- Radio stores-retail
4822-R01 ----- Radio telegraph services
7389-R03 ----- Radio transcription service
3663-R03 ----- Radio transmitting and communications antennas and ground equipment-mfg
1623-R02 ----- Radio transmitting tower construction-general contractors
3825-R04 ----- Radio tube checkers, electrical-mfg
3663-000 ----- Radio & TV communications equipment
5731-000 ----- Radio, TV, & electronic stores
7313-000 ----- Radio, TV, publisher representatives
2835-R01 ----- Radioactive diagnostic substances-mfg
2819-R01 ----- Radioactive isotopes-mfg
4953-R01 ----- Radioactive waste materials, disposal of
3825-R05 ----- Radiofrequency measuring equipment-mfg
3825-R06 ----- Radiofrequency oscillators-mfg
3844-R01 ----- Radiographic X-ray apparatus and tubes: medical, industrial, and research-mfg
8734-R02 ----- Radiographing welded joints on pipes and fittings
8011-R01 ----- Radiologists, offices of
5064-R01 ----- Radios, receiving only, household and automotive-wholesale
4812-000 ----- Radiotelephone communications
4812-R01 ----- Radiotelephone communications
4812-R02 ----- Radiotelephone services
2819-R02 ----- Radium chloride-mfg
3844-R02 ----- Radium equipment-mfg
2819-R03 ----- Radium luminous compounds-mfg
1094-R01 ----- Radium ore mining
3089-R01 ----- Rafts, life: nonrigid-plastics-mfg
3069-R01 ----- Rafts, life: rubber-mfg
2273-R01 ----- Rag rugs-mfg
2299-R01 ----- Rags, carbonized-mfg
5093-R01 ----- Rags-wholesale
3643-R01 ----- Rail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuits-mfg
3312-R01 ----- Rail joints and fastenings, made in steelworks or rolling mills-mfg
3531-R01 ----- Rail laying and tamping equipment-mfg
3446-R01 ----- Railings, bannisters, guards, etc.: made from metal pipe-mfg
3446-R02 ----- Railings, prefabricated metal-mfg
2431-R01 ----- Railings, stair: wood-mfg
9621-R01 ----- Railroad and warehouse commissions-nonoperating
3321-R01 ----- Railroad brake shoes, cast iron-mfg
3462-R01 ----- Railroad bumping posts, forged: not made in rolling mills-mfg
4741-R01 ----- Railroad car cleaning, icing, ventilating, and heating
3568-R01 ----- Railroad car journal bearings, plain-mfg
3743-R01 ----- Railroad car rebuilding-mfg
4741-R02 ----- Railroad car rental-without care of loading
4789-R01 ----- Railroad car repair, on a contract or fee basis
3321-R02 ----- Railroad car wheels, chilled cast iron-mfg
3743-R02 ----- Railroad cars and car equipment-mfg
1629-R01 ----- Railroad construction-general contractors
2491-R01 ----- Railroad cross bridge and switch ties, treated-mfg
3312-R02 ----- Railroad crossings, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3743-000 ----- Railroad equipment
5088-R01 ----- Railroad equipment and supplies-wholesale
3493-R01 ----- Railroad equipment springs-mfg
4482-R01 ----- Railroad ferries
4731-R01 ----- Railroad freight agencies, not operated by railroad companies
2899-R01 ----- Railroad fusees-mfg
3429-R01 ----- Railroad hardware-mfg
3743-R03 ----- Railroad locomotives and parts-mfg
3999-R01 ----- Railroad models, except toy and hobby models-mfg
3944-R01 ----- Railroad models: toy and hobby-mfg
6517-000 ----- Railroad property lessors
6517-R01 ----- Railroad property, lessors of
2531-R01 ----- Railroad seats-mfg
3669-R01 ----- Railroad signaling devices, electric-mfg
4013-R01 ----- Railroad switching
4013-R02 ----- Railroad terminals
4729-R01 ----- Railroad ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
2421-R01 ----- Railroad ties, sawed-mfg
2899-R02 ----- Railroad torpedoes-mfg
3596-R01 ----- Railroad track scales-mfg
3462-R02 ----- Railroad wheels, axles, frogs, and related equipment: forged-mfpm-mfg
4013-R03 ----- Railroads, belt line
4011-R01 ----- Railroads, electric: line-haul
4011-000 ----- Railroads, line-haul operating
4011-R02 ----- Railroads, line-haul operating
4013-R04 ----- Railroads, logging
3355-R01 ----- Rails, aluminum: rolled and drawn-mfg
5051-R01 ----- Rails and accessories-wholesale
2411-R01 ----- Rails, fence: round or split-mfg
3312-R03 ----- Rails, iron and steel-mfg
3312-R04 ----- Rails, rerolled or renewed-mfg
3351-R01 ----- Rails, rolled and drawn: brass, bronze, and copper-mfg
3441-R02 ----- Railway bridge sections, prefabricated metal-mfg
2491-R02 ----- Railway crossties, wood: treated-mfg
3743-R04 ----- Railway maintenance cars-mfg
3743-R05 ----- Railway motor cars-mfg
4111-R01 ----- Railway operation, local
1629-R02 ----- Railway roadbed construction-general contractors
3531-R02 ----- Railway track equipment: e.g., rail layers, ballast distributors-mfg
3621-R01 ----- Railway, x motors and control equipment, electric-mfg
4011-R03 ----- Railways, interurban
3829-R03 ----- Rain gauges-mfg
5699-R01 ----- Raincoat stores-retail
2385-R01 ----- Raincoats, except vulcanized rubber-mfpm-mfg
5136-R01 ----- Raincoats, men's and boys'-wholesale
5137-R01 ----- Raincoats: women's and children, s-wholesale
2034-R01 ----- Raisins-mfg
3423-R01 ----- Rakes, handtools-mfg
3523-R01 ----- Rakes, hay (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3531-R03 ----- Rakes, land clearing: mechanical-mfg
2299-R02 ----- Ramie yarn, thread, roving, and textiles-mfg
3297-R01 ----- Ramming mixes, nonclay-mfg
3537-R01 ----- Ramps, aircraft-loading-mfg
3537-R02 ----- Ramps, loading: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic-mfg
3448-R01 ----- Ramps, prefabricated: metal-mfg
3674-R01 ----- Random access memories (RAMS)-mfg
3131-R01 ----- Rands (shoe cut stock)-mfg
3433-R02 ----- Range boilers, galvanized iron and nonferrous metal-mfg
3861-R01 ----- Range finders, photographic-mfg
3589-R01 ----- Ranges, cooking: commercial-mfg
3631-R01 ----- Ranges, cooking: household-mfg
5064-R02 ----- Ranges, electric-wholesale
5074-R02 ----- Ranges, except electric-wholesale
5722-R01 ----- Ranges, gas and electric-retail
3631-R02 ----- Ranges, household cooking: electric and gas-mfg
3743-R06 ----- Rapid transit cars and equipment-mfg
5932-R01 ----- Rare book stores-retail
2819-R04 ----- Rare earth metal salts-mfg
1099-R01 ----- Rare-earths ore mining
0171-R01 ----- Raspberry farms
3423-R02 ----- Rasps, including recutting and resharpening-mfg
2879-R01 ----- Rat poisons-mfg
6411-R01 ----- Rate making organizations, insurance
4731-R02 ----- Rate services, transportation
3812-R03 ----- Rate-of-climb instrumentation-mfg
2211-R01 ----- Ratine, cotton-mfg
3612-R01 ----- Ratio transformers-mfg
2499-R02 ----- Rattan ware, except furniture-mfg
0279-R01 ----- Rattlesnake farms
2032-R01 ----- Ravioli, canned-mfg
2061-000 ----- Raw cane sugar
2231-R01 ----- Raw stock dyeing and finishing: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2269-R01 ----- Raw stock dyeing and other finishing, except wool-mfg
3111-R01 ----- Rawhide-mfg
2221-R01 ----- Rayon broadwoven fabrics-mfg
5131-R01 ----- Rayon piece goods-wholesale
2823-R01 ----- Rayon primary products: fibers, straw, strips, and yarn-mfg
2611-R01 ----- Rayon pulp-mfg
2284-R01 ----- Rayon thread-mfg
2299-R03 ----- Rayon tops, combing and converting-mfg
2282-R01 ----- Rayon yarn, filament: throwing, twisting, winding-mfg
2281-R01 ----- Rayon yarn, made from purchased staple: spun-mfg
2823-R02 ----- Rayon yarn, made in chemical plants-mfg
5199-R01 ----- Rayon yarns-wholesale
0912-R01 ----- Rays, catching of
3316-R01 ----- Razor blade strip steel, cold-rolled: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3421-R01 ----- Razor blades-mfg
5122-R01 ----- Razor blades-wholesale
3199-R01 ----- Razor strops-mfg
3634-R02 ----- Razors, electric-mfg
5064-R03 ----- Razors, electric-wholesale
5122-R02 ----- Razors, nonelectric-wholesale
3421-R02 ----- Razors: safety and straight-mfg

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