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0259-Q01 ----- Quail farms
3253-Q01 ----- Quarry tile, clay-mfg
5082-Q01 ----- Quarrying machinery and equipment-wholesale
3131-Q01 ----- Quarters (shoe cut stock)-mfg
1499-Q01 ----- Quartz crystal mining (pure)
3679-Q01 ----- Quartz crystals for electronic application-mfg
1429-Q01 ----- Quartzite, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-Q01 ----- Quartzite, dimension-quarrying
2861-Q01 ----- Quebracho extract-mfg
2861-Q02 ----- Quercitron extract-mfg
2752-Q01 ----- Quick printing, except photocopy service-mfg
3274-Q01 ----- Quicklime-mfg
1099-Q01 ----- Quicksilver (mercury) ore mining
2299-Q01 ----- Quilt filling: curled hair (e.g., cotton waste, moss, hemp tow, kapok)-mfg
2395-Q01 ----- Quilted fabrics or cloth-mfg
7299-Q01 ----- Quilting for individuals
2395-Q02 ----- Quilting, for the trade-mfg
6949-Q01 ----- Quilting materials and supplies-retail
2221-Q01 ----- Quilts, manmade fiber and silk-mitse-mfg
2392-Q01 ----- Quilts-mfpm-mfg
0175-Q01 ----- Quince orchards and farms
2833-Q01 ----- Quinine and derivatives-mfg
2865-Q01 ----- Quinoline dyes-mfg
2869-Q01 ----- Quinuclidinol ester of benzylic acid-mfg
6289-Q01 ----- Quotation service, stock

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