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1061-P01 ----- Psilomelane mining
8063-P01 ----- Psychiatric hospitals
8059-P03 ----- Psychiatric patient's convalescent homes
8049-P04 ----- Psychiatric social workers, offices of health practitioners
8011-P06 ----- Psychiatrists, offices of
7929-P03 ----- Psychics
8011-P07 ----- Psychoanalysts, offices of
8049-P05 ----- Psychologists, clinical: offices of health practitioners
8999-P02 ----- Psychologists, industrial
8049-P06 ----- Psychotherapists, except M.D.: offices of health practitioners
8721-P02 ----- Public accountants, certified
5065-P01 ----- Public address equipment-wholesale
7622-P02 ----- Public address system repair
3651-P06 ----- Public address systems-mfg
2531-P02 ----- Public building fixtures-mfg
5021-P01 ----- Public building furniture-wholesale
2531-000 ----- Public building & related furniture-mfg
9222-P01 ----- Public defenders, offices
7992-000 ----- Public golf courses
9431-P01 ----- Public health agencies-nonoperating
8732-P01 ----- Public opinion research
9229-000 ----- Public order and safety, n.e.c.
9222-P02 ----- Public prosecutors, offices
8743-P01 ----- Public relations services
9229-P01 ----- Public safety bureaus-government
9229-P02 ----- Public safety statistics centers-government
9631-P01 ----- Public service commissions, except transportation
8299-P02 ----- Public speaking schools
8611-P01 ----- Public utility associations
9631-P02 ----- Public utility commissions
6719-P02 ----- Public utility holding companies
6519-P01 ----- Public utility property, lessors of
9441-P01 ----- Public welfare administration, nonoperating
8322-P03 ----- Public welfare centers, offices of
2621-P07 ----- Publication paper-mitse-mfg
7313-P01 ----- Publishers representatives, advertising
2731-B03 ----- Publishing and printing, books and pamphlets-mfg
2741-P02 ----- Publishing and printing maps, guides, directories, atlases, and sheet music-mfg
2749-C01 ----- Publishing and printing, or publishing only: CD-ROM-mfg
2711-P01 ----- Publishing and printing, or publishing only: newspapers-mfg
2721-P02 ----- Publishing and printing, or publishing only: periodicals-mfg
2749-I01 ----- Publishing and printing, or publishing only: Internet-mfg
2749-O01 ----- Publishing and printing, or publishing only: Online-mfg
2731-P04 ----- Publishing only, books and pamphlets-mfg
2741-P03 ----- Publishing without printing: maps-mfg
2024-P03 ----- Pudding pops, frozen-mfg
2032-P05 ----- Puddings, except meat: canned-mfg
2013-P05 ----- Puddings, meat-mfpm-mfg
3423-P09 ----- Pullers: wheel, gear, and bearing (handtools)-mfg
3429-P04 ----- Pulleys, metal: except power transmission equipment-mfg
3568-P03 ----- Pulleys, power transmission-mfg
2499-P15 ----- Pulleys, wood-mfg
1389-P04 ----- Pulling oil well casing: on a contract basis
2865-P14 ----- Pulp colors, organic-mfg
2611-P01 ----- Pulp, fiber: made from wood, rags, wastepaper, linters, straw, and bagasse-mfg
3554-P03 ----- Pulp mill machinery-mfg
2611-P02 ----- Pulp mills-mfg
2679-P10 ----- Pulp products, pressed and molded: except statuary-mfpm-mfg
2611-P03 ----- Pulp: soda, sulfate, sulfite, ground wood, rayon, and semichemical-mfg
5084-P07 ----- Pulp (wood) manufacturing machinery-wholesale
3281-P03 ----- Pulpits, cut stone-mfg
2531-P03 ----- Pulpits, except stone-mfg
1499-P09 ----- Pulpstone quarrying
2411-P07 ----- Pulpwood camps-mfg
2411-P08 ----- Pulpwood contractors engaged in cutting-mfg
5099-P03 ----- Pulpwood-wholesale
3829-P08 ----- Pulse analyzers, nuclear monitoring-mfg
3679-P07 ----- Pulse forming networks-mfg
3825-P06 ----- Pulse (signal) generators-mfg
3295-P04 ----- Pulverized earth-mfg
3523-P08 ----- Pulverizers, soil (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3531-P10 ----- Pulverizers, stone: portable-mfg
3532-P03 ----- Pulverizers, stone: stationary-mfg
5084-P08 ----- Pulverizing machinery and equipment, industrial-wholesale
3291-P06 ----- Pumice and pumicite abrasives-mfg
3295-P05 ----- Pumice, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1499-P10 ----- Pumice mining
1499-P11 ----- Pumicite mining
3462-P04 ----- Pump and compressor forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463-P03 ----- Pump and compressor forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3561-P01 ----- Pump jacks-mfg
3069-P13 ----- Pump sleeves, rubber-mfg
1389-P05 ----- Pumping of oil and gas wells on a contract basis
1241-P01 ----- Pumping or draining of anthracite mines: on a contract basis
1241-P02 ----- Pumping or draining of bituminous coal or lignite mines: on a contract basis
1081-P02 ----- Pumping or draining of metal mines: on a contract basis
1481-P02 ----- Pumping or draining of nonmetallic mineral (except fuels) mines: on a contract basis
1623-P06 ----- Pumping station construction-general contractors
3724-P01 ----- Pumps, aircraft engine-mfg
3561-000 ----- Pumps and pumping equipment-mfg
5084-P09 ----- Pumps and pumping equipment, industrial-wholesale
3561-P02 ----- Pumps, domestic: water or sump-mfg
3594-P01 ----- Pumps for fluid power systems-mfg
3561-P03 ----- Pumps, general industrial type-mfg
3714-P04 ----- Pumps, hydraulic fluid power: for automotive steering mechanisms-mfg
3594-P02 ----- Pumps, hydraulic power transfer-mfg
3586-P01 ----- Pumps, measuring and dispensing: gasoline and oil-mfg
5013-P01 ----- Pumps, measuring and dispensing: gasoline and oil-wholesale
3714-P05 ----- Pumps, motor vehicle: oil, water, fuel, and power steering-mfg
3561-P04 ----- Pumps, oil well and oil field-mfg
3728-P07 ----- Pumps, propeller feathering-mfg
3144-P01 ----- Pumps (shoes)-mfg
3577-P05 ----- Punch card equipment: card readers, tabulators, collators, sorters, and interpreters-mfg
7374-P01 ----- Punch card services, punching and processing
3577-P06 ----- Punched card readers, sorters, and tabulators-mfg
2299-P11 ----- Punched felts-mfg
3544-P01 ----- Punches, forming and stamping-mfg
3423-P10 ----- Punches (handtools)-mfg
3579-P08 ----- Punches, paper: hand-mfg
3542-P06 ----- Punching and shearing machines-mfg
3577-P07 ----- Punching machines, card-mfg
3999-P16 ----- Puppets-mfg
6153-P01 ----- Purchasers of accounts receivable and commercial paper
9199-P02 ----- Purchasing and supply agencies-government
2033-P03 ----- Purees, fruit and vegetable-mfg
3569-P04 ----- Purifiers, centrifugal-mfg
3446-P03 ----- Purlins, light gauge steel-mfg
3172-P04 ----- Purses, men's: regardless of material-mfg
5137-P01 ----- Purses: women's and children's-wholesale
3171-P02 ----- Purses, women's: of all materials, except precious metal-mfg
3991-P04 ----- Push brooms-mfg
3799-P01 ----- Pushcarts-mfg
3545-P02 ----- Pushers-mfg
3199-P01 ----- Puttees, canvas and leather-mfg
3423-P11 ----- Putty knives-mfg
2851-P14 ----- Putty-mfg
2879-P07 ----- Pyrethrin bearing preparations-mfg
2879-P08 ----- Pyrethrin concentrates-mfg
3829-P09 ----- Pyrheliometers-mfg
2822-P07 ----- Pyridine-butadiene copolymers-mfg
2822-P08 ----- Pyridine-butadiene rubbers-mfg
1479-P01 ----- Pyrites mining
3952-P12 ----- Pyrography materials-mfg
2861-P04 ----- Pyroligrieous acid-mfg
1061-P02 ----- Pyrolusite mining
3297-P02 ----- Pyrolytic graphite-mfg
3269-P03 ----- Pyrometer tubes-mfg
3823-P10 ----- Pyrometers, industrial process type mfg
3269-P04 ----- Pyrometric cones: earthenware-mfg
3295-P06 ----- Pyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1499-P12 ----- Pyrophyllite mining
2899-P08 ----- Pyrotechnic ammunition: flares, signals, flashlight bombs, and rockets-mfg
3484-P02 ----- Pyrotechnic pistols and projectors-mfg
2295-P02 ----- Pyroxylin coated fabrics-mfg
2821-P23 ----- Pyroxylin-mfg
1479-P02 ----- Pyrrhotite mining

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