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2389-P01 ----- Prayer shawls-mfpm-mfg
4813-P01 ----- Pre-paid phone card services
2796-P09 ----- Pre-press services
5094-P02 ----- Precious metal mill shapes-wholesale
3339-P04 ----- Precious metal refining, primary-mfg
3341-P02 ----- Precious metal smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
5094-P03 ----- Precious metals-wholesale
5094-P04 ----- Precious stones (gems)-wholesale
1499-P08 ----- Precious stones mining
3564-P01 ----- Precipitators, electrostatic-mfg
3443-P08 ----- Precipitators (process vessels), metal plate-mfg
7699-P05 ----- Precision instrument repair
3545-P01 ----- Precision tools, machinists-mfg
5084-P05 ----- Precision tools machinists-wholesale
4741-P01 ----- Precooling of fruits and vegetables in connection with transportation
3824-P04 ----- Predetermined counters-mfg
1541-P03 ----- Prefabricated building erection, industrial-general contractors
1542-P03 ----- Prefabricated building erection, nonresidential: except industrial and ware-houses-general contractors
1522-P01 ----- Prefabricated building erection, residential: except single-family-general contractors
3448-P03 ----- Prefabricated buildings, metal-mfg
5211-P03 ----- Prefabricated buildings-retail
5039-P02 ----- Prefabricated buildings-wholesale
2452-P03 ----- Prefabricated buildings, wood-mfg
3448-000 ----- Prefabricated metal buildings
1521-P01 ----- Prefabricated single-family houses erection-general contractors
2452-000 ----- Prefabricated wood buildings-mfg
2435-P03 ----- Prefinished hardwood plywood-mfg
2835-P01 ----- Pregnancy test kits-mfg
1521-P02 ----- Premanufactured housing, single-family(assembled on site)-general contractors
7372-000 ----- Prepackaged software
3999-P14 ----- Preparation of slides and exhibits, for classroom use-mfg
1231-P01 ----- Preparation plants, anthracite
1221-P01 ----- Preparation plants, bituminous coal or lignite
8211-P02 ----- Preparatory schools
2048-000 ----- Prepared feeds, n.e.c.-mfg
2299-P08 ----- Preparing textile fibers for spinning(scouring and combing)-mfg
3652-P03 ----- Prerecorded audio magnetic tape-mfg
8351-P01 ----- Preschool centers
2033-P02 ----- Preserves, including imitation-mfg
2491-P06 ----- Preserving of wood (creosoting)-mfg
2261-P02 ----- Preshrinking cotton broadwoven fabrics for the trade-mfg
2262-P02 ----- Preshrinking manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics for the trade-mfg
2231-P03 ----- Preshrinking wool broad woven fabrics for the trade-mfg
9111-P01 ----- President, s office
2841-P01 ----- Presoaks-mfg
7389-P12 ----- Presorting mail service
3542-P02 ----- Press brakes-mfg
7389-P13 ----- Press clipping service
2211-P16 ----- Press cloth-mfg
3462-P03 ----- Press forgings, iron and steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
7383-P01 ----- Press services (news syndicates)
7212-P02 ----- Press shops for garments
2631-P04 ----- Pressboard-mitse-mfg
3229-000 ----- Pressed and blown glass, n.e.c.-mfg
5113-P08 ----- Pressed and molded pulp goods-wholesale
2299-P09 ----- Pressed felts-mfg
2499-P13 ----- Pressed logs of sawdust and other wood particles, nonpetroleum binder-mfg
3469-P06 ----- Pressed metal products (stampings)-mfg
2679-P09 ----- Pressed products from wood pulp-mfpm-mfg
3523-P07 ----- Presses and balers, farm: hay, cotton, etc.-mfg
3542-P03 ----- Presses, arbor-mfg
3556-P04 ----- Presses: cheese, beet, cider, and sugarcane-mfg
3582-P01 ----- Presses, finishing: commercial laundry and drycleaning-mfg
3542-P04 ----- Presses: forming, stamping, punching, and shearing (machine tools)-mfg
3542-P05 ----- Presses: hydraulic and pneumatic, mechanical and manual-mfg
3569-P02 ----- Presses, metal baling-mfg
3555-P06 ----- Presses, printing-mfg
3553-P04 ----- Presses, woodworking: particleboard, hardboard, medium density fiberboard(MDF), and plywood-mfg
2499-P14 ----- Pressing blocks, tailors,: wood-mfg
3582-P02 ----- Pressing machines, commercial laundry and drycleaning-mfg
3829-P06 ----- Pressure and vacuum indicators, aircraft engine-mfg
3492-P03 ----- Pressure control valves, fluid power: metal-mfg
3822-P02 ----- Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system type-mfg
3365-P01 ----- Pressure cookers, domestic: cast aluminum, except die-castings-mfg
3469-P07 ----- Pressure cookers, stamped or drawn-mfg
3589-P01 ----- Pressure cookers, steam: commercial-mfg
3823-P05 ----- Pressure gauges, dial and digital-mfg
3823-P06 ----- Pressure instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3321-P02 ----- Pressure pipe, cast iron-mfg
3272-P09 ----- Pressure pipe, reinforced concrete-mfg
2672-P02 ----- Pressure sensitive paper and tape, except rubber backed-mfpm-mfg
5113-P09 ----- Pressure sensitive tape-wholesale
3829-P07 ----- Pressure transducers-mfg
3491-P02 ----- Pressure valves, industrial: except power transfer-mfg
3443-P09 ----- Pressure vessels, industrial: metal plate made in boiler shops-mfg
3443-P10 ----- Pressurizers and auxiliary equipment, nuclear: metal plate mfg
3272-P10 ----- Prestressed concrete products-mfg
5461-P01 ----- Pretzel stores and stands-retail
2052-P01 ----- Pretzels-mfg
5149-P03 ----- Pretzels-wholesale
9651-P01 ----- Price control agencies-government
3334-000 ----- Primary aluminum-mfg
3692-P01 ----- Primary batteries, dry and wet-mfg
8011-P05 ----- Primary care medical (M.D.) clinics
3331-000 ----- Primary copper
3823-P07 ----- Primary elements for process flow measurement: orifice plates-mfg
3399-000 ----- Primary metal products, n.e.c.
3822-P03 ----- Primary oil burner controls, including stack controls and cadmium cells-mfg
3339-000 ----- Primary nonferrous metals, n.e.c.-mfg
3334-P02 ----- Primary production of aluminum-mfg
3339-P05 ----- Primary refining of nonferrous metal: except copper and aluminum-mfg
3331-P02 ----- Primary smelting and refining of copper-mfg
3339-P06 ----- Primary smelting of nonferrous metal: except copper and aluminum-mfg
3351-P03 ----- Primer cups, copper and copper alloy-mfg
3483-P02 ----- Primers for ammunition, more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
2851-P13 ----- Primers, paint-mfg
2211-P17 ----- Print cloths, cotton-mfg
3672-P01 ----- Printed circuit boards-mfg
7389-P14 ----- Printed circuitry graphic layout
3672-P02 ----- Printed circuits-mfg
3089-P08 ----- Printer acoustic covers, plastics-mfg
3069-P10 ----- Printers, blankets, rubber-mfg
3577-P03 ----- Printers, computer-mfg
5045-P02 ----- Printers, computer-wholesale
3577-P04 ----- Printers, including strip (computer peripheral equipment)-mfg
3555-P07 ----- Printers, machines and equipment-mfg
3069-P11 ----- Printers, rolls, rubber-mfg
2396-P05 ----- Printing and embossing on fabric articles-mfg
2261-P03 ----- Printing and finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
5111-000 ----- Printing and writing paper-wholesale
5043-P02 ----- Printing apparatus, photographic-wholesale
2759-P08 ----- Printing, commercial or job: engraved plate-mfg
2759-P09 ----- Printing, commercial or job: except lithographic or gravure-mfg
2754-P06 ----- Printing, commercial or job: gravure-mfg
2752-P09 ----- Printing, commercial or job: lithographic and offset-mfg
3953-P03 ----- Printing dies, rubber-mfg
5046-P03 ----- Printing equipment-wholesale
3861-P14 ----- Printing equipment, photographic-mfg
3999-P15 ----- Printing eyeglass frames for the trade-mfg
2759-P10 ----- Printing, flexographic-mfg
3861-P15 ----- Printing frames, photographic-mfg
2759-P11 ----- Printing from engraved and etched plates-mfg
2752-P10 ----- Printing from lithographic or offset plates-mfg
2754-P07 ----- Printing: gravure, photogravure, rotary photogravure, and rotogravure-mfg
2893-P01 ----- Printing ink: base or finished-mfg
2759-P12 ----- Printing, letterpress-mfg
2752-P11 ----- Printing, lithographic-mfg
3552-P03 ----- Printing machinery, textile-mfg
2262-P03 ----- Printing manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269-P01 ----- Printing narrow fabrics, except knit and wool-mfg
2396-P06 ----- Printing on fabric articles-mfg
2732-B02 ----- Printing only, books-mfg
2732-P01 ----- Printing only, pamphlets-mfg
2672-P03 ----- Printing paper, coated-mfpm-mfg
2621-P06 ----- Printing paper-mitse-mfg
5111-P02 ----- Printing paper-wholesale
2752-P12 ----- Printing, photo offset-mfg
2796-P08 ----- Printing plates and cylinders, rotogravure: preparation of-mfg
3555-P08 ----- Printing presses-mfg
2759-P13 ----- Printing, screen: except on textiles or finished fabric articles-mfg
3555-000 ----- Printing trades machinery-mfg
5084-P06 ----- Printing trades machinery, equipment, and supplies-wholesale
3827-P07 ----- Prisms, optical-mfg
9223-P02 ----- Prison farms-government
9223-P03 ----- Prisons-government
8811-000 ----- Private households
8322-P02 ----- Probation offices
3845-P05 ----- Probe, electric, medical-mfg
1474-P03 ----- Probertite mining
3841-P04 ----- Probes, surgical-mfg
2833-P04 ----- Procaine and derivatives: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2834-P08 ----- Procaine pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
3823-P08 ----- Process control instruments, industrial-mfg
7389-P15 ----- Process serving service
2294-000 ----- Processed textile waste-mfg
3443-P11 ----- Process vessels, industrial: metal plate-mfg
2099-P12 ----- Processed butter-mfg
2022-P01 ----- Processed cheese-mfg
3861-P16 ----- Processing equipment, photographic-mfg
2299-P10 ----- Processing of textile mill waste and recovering fibers-mfg
5431-P01 ----- Produce markets and stands-retail
7389-P16 ----- Produce weighing service, not connected with transportation
3569-P03 ----- Producers, gas (machinery)-mfg
7389-P17 ----- Product sterilization service
8734-P02 ----- Product testing services
3824-P05 ----- Production counters-mfg
6159-P02 ----- Production credit association, agricultural
3231-000 ----- Products of purchased glass-mfg
7911-P01 ----- Professional dancing schools
5049-000 ----- Professional equipment, n.e.c.-wholesale
8621-P01 ----- Professional membership organizations
7941-P01 ----- Professional or semiprofessional sports clubs
8221-P01 ----- Professional schools: e.g., dental, engineering, law, medical
2326-P02 ----- Professional service apparel, washable: men's-mfg
7999-P07 ----- Professional sports instructors for golf, skiing, and swimming
8621-P02 ----- Professional standards renew boards
3082-P01 ----- Profiles, unsupported plastics-mfg
3823-P09 ----- Programmers, process type-mfg
7371-P01 ----- Programming services, computer: custom
3483-P03 ----- Projectile forgings, machined: for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3483-P04 ----- Projectiles, chemical warfare-mfg
3483-P05 ----- Projectiles, jet propulsion: complete-mfg
5043-P03 ----- Projection apparatus, motion picture and slide: photographic-wholesale
3827-P08 ----- Projection lenses-mfg
3489-P02 ----- Projectors: antisub, depth charge release, grenade, livens, and rocket-mfg
3861-P17 ----- Projectors, microfilm-mfg
3861-P18 ----- Projectors, still and motion picture: silent and sound-mfg
3253-P01 ----- Promenade tile, clay-mfg
7389-P18 ----- Promoters of home shows and flower shows
7941-P02 ----- Promoters, sports events
7389-P19 ----- Promotional offers
7338-P01 ----- Proofreading service
5984-P01 ----- Propane gas, bottled-retail
1321-P01 ----- Propane (natural) production
2819-P18 ----- Propellants for missiles, solid: inorganic-mfg
2869-P11 ----- Propellants for missiles, solid: organic-mfg
3728-P04 ----- Propeller adapter assemblies, hydromatic-mfg
3728-P05 ----- Propeller alining tables-mfg
3634-P03 ----- Propeller fans, window-type (household)-mfg
3549-P02 ----- Propeller straightening presses-mfg
3824-P06 ----- Propeller type meters with registers-mfg
3599-P01 ----- Propellers, ship and boat: machined-mfg
3366-P01 ----- Propellers, ship and screw: cast brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base except die-castings-mfg
3728-P06 ----- Propellers, variable and fixed pitch and parts-aircraft-mfg
6331-P02 ----- Property damage insurance
9311-P01 ----- Property tax assessors, offices
3069-P12 ----- Prophylactics, rubber-mfg
2834-P09 ----- Proprietary drug products-mfg
5912-P02 ----- Proprietary (nonprescripsion medicines)stores
5122-P04 ----- Proprietary (patent) medicines-wholesale
3764-P01 ----- Propulsion units for guided missiles and pace vehicles-mfg
2869-P12 ----- Propylene glycol-mfg
2869-P13 ----- Propylene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2911-P05 ----- Propylene, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
1081-P01 ----- Prospect drilling for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481-P01 ----- Prospect drilling for nonmetallic minerals except fuels: on a contract basis
3842-P05 ----- Prosthetic appliances and supplies-mfg
8021-P03 ----- Prosthodontists, offices of
6289-P01 ----- Protective committees, security holders
7381-P02 ----- Protective service, guard
3579-P07 ----- Protectors, check (machine)-mfg
3851-P01 ----- Protectors, eye-mfg
3949-P07 ----- Protectors, sports: e.g., baseball, basketball, hockey-mfg
3826-P07 ----- Protein analyzers, laboratory type-mfg
2824-P04 ----- Protein fibers-mfg
2821-P22 ----- Protein plastics-mfg
0175-P06 ----- Prune orchards and farms
2034-P02 ----- Prunes, dried-mfg
0721-P03 ----- Pruning of orchard trees and vines
3423-P07 ----- Pruning tools-mfg
2816-P04 ----- Prussian blue pigments-mfg
3423-P08 ----- Prying bars (handtools)-mfg

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