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3429-P03 ----- Piano hardware-mfg
3931-P02 ----- Piano parts and materials, except piano hardware-mfg
7359-P02 ----- Piano rental and leasing
5736-P01 ----- Piano stores-retail
7699-P01 ----- Piano tuning and repair
3931-P03 ----- Pianos, all types: e.g., vertical, grand, spinet, player, coin-operated-mfg
3931-P04 ----- Piccolos and parts-mfg
3552-P01 ----- Picker machines (textile machinery)-mfg
2426-P02 ----- Picker stick blanks-mfg
3552-P02 ----- Picker sticks for looms-mfg
2411-P02 ----- Pickets and paling: round or split-mfg
2092-P01 ----- Picking of crab meat-mfg
3547-P01 ----- Picklers and pickling lines, sheet and strip(rolling mill equipment)-mfg
2035-P01 ----- Pickles and pickle salting-mfg
5149-P02 ----- Pickles, preserves, jellies, jams, and sauces-wholesale
2035-000 ----- Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings-mfg
3423-P02 ----- Picks (handtools)-mfg
7212-P01 ----- Pickup and delivery station laundry not operated by laundries
3792-P01 ----- Pickup coaches (campers), for mounting on pickup trucks-mfg
3792-P02 ----- Pickup covers, canopies or caps-mfg
3651-P04 ----- Pickup heads, phonograph-mfg
5511-P01 ----- Pickups and vans, new and used-retail
5521-P01 ----- Pickups and vans, used only-retail
7999-P04 ----- Picnic grounds operation
3089-P02 ----- Picnic jugs, plastics-mfg
2892-P04 ----- Picric acid (explosives)-mfg
3812-P01 ----- Pictorial situation instrumentation-mfg
2499-P07 ----- Picture frame moldings, finished-mfg
5999-P04 ----- Picture frames, ready-made-retail
2499-P08 ----- Picture frames, wood or metal-mfg
7699-P02 ----- Picture framing, custom
7699-P03 ----- Picture framing to individual order, not connected with retail art stores
3211-P01 ----- Picture glass-mfg
3999-P07 ----- Picture plaques, laminated-mfg
2759-P02 ----- Picture post cards: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2752-P04 ----- Picture postcards, lithographed-mfg
3671-P02 ----- Picture tube reprocessing-mfg
2099-P07 ----- Pie fillings, except fruits, vegetables and meat-mfg
5131-000 ----- Piece goods & notions-wholesale
5949-P01 ----- Piece goods-retail
5131-P01 ----- Piece goods-wholesale
1629-P03 ----- Pier construction-general contractors
3272-P03 ----- Pier footings, prefabricated concrete-mfg
7996-P01 ----- Piers, amusement
4491-P01 ----- Piers, including buildings and facilities: operation and maintenance
2051-P02 ----- Pies, bakery, except frozen-mfg
2053-P01 ----- Pies, bakery, frozen-mfg
5142-P01 ----- Pies, fruit: frozen-wholesale
2032-P02 ----- Pies, meat: canned-mfg
3679-P05 ----- Piezoelectric crystals-mfg
3312-P01 ----- Pig iron-mfg
5051-P01 ----- Pig iron-wholesale
0259-P02 ----- Pigeon farms
3949-P02 ----- Pigeons, clay (targets)-mfg
2865-P11 ----- Pigment scarlet lake-mfg
5198-P03 ----- Pigments and colors-wholesale
2816-P03 ----- Pigments, inorganic-mfg
2865-P12 ----- Pigments, organic: except animal black and bone black-mfg
3334-P01 ----- Pigs, aluminum-mfg
3331-P01 ----- Pigs, copper-mfg
2013-P02 ----- Pigs, feet, cooked and pickled-mfpm-mfg
3339-P01 ----- Pigs, lead-mfg
3339-P02 ----- Pigs, primary: nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum-mfg
0912-P01 ----- Pilchard, catching of
1629-P04 ----- Pile driving-contractors
2257-P01 ----- Pile fabrics, circular knit-mfg
2211-P04 ----- Pile fabrics, cotton-mfg
2221-P03 ----- Pile fabrics, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
2258-P01 ----- Pile fabrics, warp knit-mfg
3443-P03 ----- Pile shells, metal plate-mfg
3444-P01 ----- Pile shells, sheet metal-mfg
3531-P03 ----- Pile-driving equipment-mfg
2491-P01 ----- Piles, foundation and marine construction: treated-mfg
1629-P05 ----- Piling, driving-general contractors
3531-P04 ----- Piling extractors-mfg
5051-P02 ----- Piling, iron and steel-wholesale
3272-P04 ----- Piling, prefabricated concrete-mfg
2491-P02 ----- Piling, wood: treated-mfg
2411-P03 ----- Piling, wood: untreated-mfg
3312-P02 ----- Pilings, sheet, plain: iron and steel-mfg
3562-P01 ----- Pillow block units for ball or roller bearings-mfg
3562-P02 ----- Pillow blocks, with ball or roller bearings-mfg
3568-P01 ----- Pillow blocks, with plain bearings-mfg
7219-P01 ----- Pillow cleaning and renovating
2299-P05 ----- Pillow filling: curled hair (e.g., cotton waste, moss, hemp tow, kapok)-mfg
2211-P05 ----- Pillow tubing-mitse-mfg
2392-P02 ----- Pillowcases-mfpm-mfg
2211-P06 ----- Pillowcases-mitse-mfg
5023-P01 ----- Pillowcases-wholesale
2392-P03 ----- Pillows, bed-mfpm-mfg
3069-P04 ----- Pillows, sponge rubber-mfg
3651-P05 ----- Pillows, stereo-mfg
2834-P04 ----- Pills, pharmaceutical-mfg
4499-P01 ----- Piloting vessels in and out of harbors
3812-P02 ----- Pilots, automatic, aircraft-mfg
2211-P07 ----- Pin checks, cotton-mfg
3915-P02 ----- Pin stems (jewelry findings)-mfg
2211-P08 ----- Pin stripes, cotton-mfg
2679-P06 ----- Pin tickets, paper-mfpm-mfg
3999-P08 ----- Pinball machines-mfg
7993-P01 ----- Pinball machines, operation of
0831-P01 ----- Pine gum, extraction of
2861-P01 ----- Pine oil, produced by distillation of pine gum or pine wood-mfg
0179-P01 ----- Pineapple farms
7999-P05 ----- Ping pong parlors
1459-P02 ----- Pinite mining
3961-P02 ----- Pins, costume jewelry: except precious metal and gems-mfg
3965-P01 ----- Pins, except jewelry: toilet, safety, hatpins, and hairpins steel or brass-mfg
3911-P01 ----- Pins, precious metal-mfg
3949-P03 ----- Pinsetters for bowling, automatic-mfg
3354-P01 ----- Pipe, aluminum: extruded-mfg
3292-P01 ----- Pipe and boiler covering, except felt-mfg
2299-P06 ----- Pipe and boiler covering, felt-mfg
5074-P01 ----- Pipe and boiler covering-wholesale
1799-P02 ----- Pipe and boilers, insulation of: contractors
3498-P01 ----- Pipe and fittings, fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
2679-P07 ----- Pipe and fittings, molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
3321-P01 ----- Pipe and fittings, soil and pressure: cast iron-mfg
3547-P02 ----- Pipe and tube mills-mfg
5051-P03 ----- Pipe and tubing, steel-wholesale
3446-P02 ----- Pipe bannisters, railings, and guards-mfg
5051-P04 ----- Pipe, cast iron-wholesale
3259-P01 ----- Pipe, chimney: clay-mfg
3999-P09 ----- Pipe cleaners-mfg
3272-P05 ----- Pipe, concrete-mfg
3498-P02 ----- Pipe couplings: fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
1799-P03 ----- Pipe covering-contractors
3292-P02 ----- Pipe covering (insulation), laminated asbestos paper-mfg
3541-P01 ----- Pipe cutting and threading machines (machine tools)-mfg
3351-P01 ----- Pipe, extruded and drawn: brass, bronze, and copper-mfg
3498-P03 ----- Pipe, fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
3494-P01 ----- Pipe fittings, except plumbers, brass goods: metal-mfg
3494-P02 ----- Pipe hangers, metal-mfg
3498-P04 ----- Pipe headers, welded: fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
3312-P03 ----- Pipe, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3443-P04 ----- Pipe, large diameter: metal plate-made by plate fabricators-mfg
3356-P01 ----- Pipe: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, zinc, and their alloys-mfg
3272-P06 ----- Pipe, lined with concrete-mfg
4619-000 ----- Pipe lines, n.e.c.
3069-P05 ----- Pipe mouthpieces, molded rubber-mfg
3084-P01 ----- Pipe, plastics-mfg
3292-P03 ----- Pipe, pressure: asbestos cement-mfg
2891-P02 ----- Pipe sealing compounds-mfg
3317-P01 ----- Pipe, seamless steel-mfpm-mfg
3259-P02 ----- Pipe, sewer: clay-mfg
3444-P02 ----- Pipe, sheet metal-mfg
3069-P06 ----- Pipe stems and bits, tobacco: hard rubber-mfg
1389-P02 ----- Pipe testing service, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
3317-P02 ----- Pipe, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
1623-P01 ----- Pipelaying-general contractors
1799-P06 ----- Pipeline-auger-boring contractors
7389-P09 ----- Pipeline and power line inspection services
1623-P02 ----- Pipeline construction-general contractors
4619-P01 ----- Pipeline operation, except petroleum and natural gas pipelines
4789-P02 ----- Pipeline terminal facilities independently operated- -
1623-P03 ----- Pipeline wrapping-contractors
4613-P02 ----- Pipelines (common carriers), gasoline
4612-000 ----- Pipelines, crude petroleum
4922-P01 ----- Pipelines, natural gas
4613-P01 ----- Pipelines, refined petroleum
3714-P02 ----- Pipes, fuel: motor vehicle-mfg
3931-P05 ----- Pipes, organ-mfg
3999-P10 ----- Pipes, pipestems, and bits: tobacco, except hard rubber-mfg
5199-P02 ----- Pipes, smokers-wholesale
1499-P06 ----- Pipestone mining
3821-P02 ----- Pipettes, hemocytometer-mfg
1711-P01 ----- Piping, plumbing-contractors
3498-P05 ----- Piping systems, metal: for pulp, paper, and chemical industries-mfg
2211-P09 ----- Piques, cotton-mfg
0173-P02 ----- Pistachio groves and farms
3484-P01 ----- Pistols and parts, except toy-mfg
3489-P01 ----- Pistols, depth charge release-mfg
3944-P02 ----- Pistols, toy-mfg
3592-P01 ----- Pistons and piston rings-mfg
5085-P03 ----- Pistons and valves, industrial-wholesale
2861-P02 ----- Pit charcoal-mfg
2865-P13 ----- Pitch, product of coal tar distillation-mfg
2952-P01 ----- Pitch, roofing-mfpm-mfg
2861-P03 ----- Pitch, wood-mfg
1094-P01 ----- Pitchblende mining
3829-P05 ----- Pitometers-mfg
2833-P03 ----- Pituitary gland derivatives: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2834-P05 ----- Pituitary gland pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
3568-P02 ----- Pivots, power transmission-mfg
2038-P01 ----- Pizza, frozen-mfg
2045-P03 ----- Pizza mixes and doughs-mfpm-mfg
2041-P02 ----- Pizza mixes and prepared dough-mitse-mfg
5812-P02 ----- Pizza parlors
2099-P08 ----- Pizza, refrigerated: not frozen-mfg
5812-P03 ----- Pizzerias

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