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3661-P01 ----- PBX equipment, manual and automatic-mfg
3714-P01 ----- PCV valves-mfg
0119-P01 ----- Pea farms, dry field and seed
0161-P01 ----- Pea farms, except dry peas
0175-P01 ----- Peach orchards and farms
2865-P02 ----- Peacock blue lake-mfg
2099-P04 ----- Peanut butter-mfg
3523-P01 ----- Peanut combines, diggers, packers, and threshers (agricultural equipment)-mfg
2079-P01 ----- Peanut cooking and salad oil-mfg
0139-P01 ----- Peanut farms
2076-P02 ----- Peanut oil, cake, and meal-mfg
3556-P02 ----- Peanut roasting machines-mfg
0723-P03 ----- Peanut shelling, custom
5159-P01 ----- Peanuts, bulk: unprocessed or shelled only-wholesale
0722-P01 ----- Peanuts, machine harvesting of
0175-P02 ----- Pear orchards and farms
2816-P02 ----- Pearl essence-mfg
7631-P01 ----- Pearl restringing for the trade
3322-P01 ----- Pearlitic castings, malleable iron-mfg
3961-P01 ----- Pearls, artificial-mfg
0919-P01 ----- Pearls, cultured: production of
3915-P01 ----- Pearls: drilling, sawing, or peeling of-mfg
5944-P01 ----- Pearls-retail
5094-P01 ----- Pearls-wholesale
1499-P01 ----- Peat grinding
1499-P02 ----- Peat humus mining
1499-P03 ----- Peat mining
3423-P01 ----- Peavies (handtools)-mfg
1442-P01 ----- Pebble mining
0173-P01 ----- Pecan groves and farms
0723-P04 ----- Pecan hulling and shelling
5159-P02 ----- Pecan-wholesale
2099-P05 ----- Pectin-mfg
3281-P02 ----- Pedestals, marble-mfg
3299-P02 ----- Pedestals, statuary: plaster of paris or papier mache-factory production only-mfg
2541-P02 ----- Pedestals, statuary: wood-mfg
3669-P01 ----- Pedestrian traffic control equipment-mfg
8011-P02 ----- Pediatricians, offices of
0751-P01 ----- Pedigree record services for cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry
0752-P01 ----- Pedigree record services for pets and other animal specialties
3824-P02 ----- Pedometers-mfg
2411-P01 ----- Peeler logs-mfg
1459-P01 ----- Pegmatite (feldspar) mining
3131-P01 ----- Pegs, shoe-mfg
3532-P01 ----- Pellet mills (mining machinery)-mfg
2892-P01 ----- Pellet powder (explosives)-mfg
3482-P02 ----- Pellets, ammunition: pistol and air rifle-mfg
3999-P05 ----- Pelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing-mfg
5159-P03 ----- Pelts-wholesale
3841-P01 ----- Pelvimeters-mfg
5943-P01 ----- Pen and pencil shops-retail
3951-000 ----- Pens and mechanical pencils-mfg
3952-P09 ----- Pencil holders-mfg
3952-P10 ----- Pencil lead: black, indelible, or colored-mfg
3579-P03 ----- Pencil sharpeners-mfg
2499-P05 ----- Pencil slats-mfg
3951-P01 ----- Pencils and pencil parts, mechanical-mfg
3952-P11 ----- Pencils, except mechanical-mfg
3991-P03 ----- Pencils, hair (artists, brushes)-mfg
5112-P01 ----- Pencils-wholesale
3646-P01 ----- Pendant lamps: commercial, industrial, and institutional-mfg
2899-P04 ----- Penetrants, inspection-mfg
2843-P01 ----- Penetrants-mfg
3951-P02 ----- Penholders and parts-mfg
2833-P01 ----- Penicillin: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2834-P02 ----- Penicillin preparations-mfg
9223-P01 ----- Penitentiaries-government
2399-P02 ----- Pennants-mfg
3951-P03 ----- Penpoints: gold, steel, or other metal-mfg
3951-P04 ----- Pens and pen parts: fountain, stylographic, and ballpoint-mfg
5112-P02 ----- Pens, writing-wholesale
6411-P01 ----- Pension and retirement plan consultants
6371-P01 ----- Pension funds
6371-000 ----- Pension, health, and welfare funds
3443-P01 ----- Penstocks, metal plate-mfg
2865-P03 ----- Pentachlorophenol-mfg
2869-P01 ----- Pentaerythriyol-mfg
2892-P02 ----- Penyolite (explosives)-mfg
8322-P04 ----- People searching services
0161-P02 ----- Pepper farms, sweet and hot (vegetables)
2099-P06 ----- Pepper-mfg
2899-P05 ----- Peppermint oil-mfg
2211-P02 ----- Percale-mfg
2211-P03 ----- Percaline, cotton-mfg
3827-P02 ----- Percentage correctors-mfg
2819-P01 ----- Perchloric acid-mfg
2869-P02 ----- Perchloroethylene-mfg
3634-P01 ----- Percolators, electric-mfg
5064-P01 ----- Percolators, electric-wholesale
3482-P03 ----- Percussion caps, for ammunition of 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3931-P01 ----- Percussion musical instruments-mfg
3469-P04 ----- Perforated metal, stamped-mfg
3443-P02 ----- Perforating on heavy metal-mfg
3469-P05 ----- Perforating on light metal-mfg
1389-P01 ----- Perforating well casings on a contract basis
3579-P04 ----- Perforators (office machines)-mfg
6794-P03 ----- Performance rights, publishing and licensing of
7929-P01 ----- Performing artists
7922-P01 ----- Performing arts center productions
2844-P01 ----- Perfume bases, blending and compounding-mfg
2869-P03 ----- Perfume materials, synthetic-mfg
2844-000 ----- Perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet preparations-mfg
2844-P02 ----- Perfumes, natural and synthetic-mfg
5122-P02 ----- Perfumes-wholesale
2754-P01 ----- Periodicals, gravure printing (not publishing)
2752-P01 ----- Periodicals lithographed: not published-mfg
2721-000 ----- Periodicals, paper-mfg
2759-P01 ----- Periodicals, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)-mfg
2721-P01 ----- Periodicals: publishing and printing or publishing only-mfg
5192-P01 ----- Periodicals-wholesale
8021-P02 ----- Periodontists, offices of
5734-P01 ----- Peripheral equipment, computer stores-retail
5045-P01 ----- Peripheral equipment, computer-wholesale
3827-P03 ----- Periscapes-mfg
3295-P01 ----- Perlite aggregate-mfg
3295-P02 ----- Perlite, expanded-mfg
1499-P04 ----- Perlite mining
2395-P01 ----- Permanent pleating and pressing, for the trade-mfg
3999-P06 ----- Permanent wave equipment and machines-mfg
2892-P03 ----- Permissible explosives-mfg
2819-P02 ----- Peroxides, inorganic-mfg
2865-P04 ----- Persian orange lake-mfg
0175-P03 ----- Persimmon orchards and farms
8811-P01 ----- Personal affairs management
8059-P01 ----- Personal care facilities with health care
8059-P02 ----- Personal care homes with health care
3571-P01 ----- Personal computers-mfg
6141-000 ----- Personal credit institutions
8299-P01 ----- Personal development schools
6141-P01 ----- Personal finance companies, small loan: licensed
6719-P01 ----- Personal holding companies, except bank
6733-P01 ----- Personal investment trusts, management of
3172-000 ----- Personal leather goods, n.e.c.-mfg
3172-P01 ----- Personal leather goods, small-mfg
3842-P02 ----- Personal safety appliances and equipment-mfg
7299-P02 ----- Personal shopping service
9199-P01 ----- Personnel agencies-government
3711-P03 ----- Personnel carriers, for highway use-mfg
3829-P01 ----- Personnel dosimetry devices-mfg
8742-P01 ----- Personnel management consultants, except employment service
7369-000 ----- Personnel supply services, n.e.c.
5812-P01 ----- Peruvian restaurants
0851-P01 ----- Pest control, forest
7342-P01 ----- Pest control in structures
2879-P02 ----- Pesticides, agricultural-mfg
2879-P03 ----- Pesticides, household-mfg
5191-P01 ----- Pesticides-wholesale
2048-P01 ----- Pet food, except dog and cat: canned, frozen, and dry-mfg
5999-P01 ----- Pet food stores-retail
5149-P01 ----- Pet food-wholesale
0742-P01 ----- Pet hospitals
5999-P07 ----- Pet products-retail
5999-P02 ----- Pet shops-retail
5199-P01 ----- Pet supplies, except pet food-wholesale
1629-P01 ----- Petrochemical plant construction-general contractors
2911-P02 ----- Petrolatums, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
4226-P01 ----- Petroleum and chemical bulk stations and terminals for hire
2999-000 ----- Petroleum and coal products, n.e.c.-mfg
5172-P01 ----- Petroleum and its products, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
5172-P02 ----- Petroleum brokers-wholesale
5171-P01 ----- Petroleum bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2911-P03 ----- Petroleum coke, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
8711-P01 ----- Petroleum engineering services
4612-000 ----- Petroleum pipelines, crude
4613-P01 ----- Petroleum pipelines, refined
2821-P01 ----- Petroleum polymer resins-mfg
1311-P01 ----- Petroleum production-crude
5172-000 ----- Petroleum products, n.e.c.-wholesale
1629-P02 ----- Petroleum refinery construction-general contractors
3559-P03 ----- Petroleum refinery equipment-mfg
2911-000 ----- Petroleum refining
2911-P04 ----- Petroleum refining-mfg
2531-P01 ----- Pews, church-mfg
3914-P01 ----- Pewter ware-mfg
3823-P02 ----- PH instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3826-P02 ----- PH measuring equipment-mfg
3559-P04 ----- Pharmaceutical machinery-mfg
1541-P02 ----- Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction-general contractors
2834-000 ----- Pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
2834-P03 ----- Pharmaceuticals-mfg
5912-P01 ----- Pharmacies-retail
5122-P03 ----- Pharrnaceuticals-wholesale
3825-P01 ----- Phase angle meters-mfg
3621-P01 ----- Phase converters (electrical equipment)-mfg
0259-P01 ----- Pheasant farms
2851-P09 ----- Phenol formaldehyde coatings, baking and air curing-mfg
2865-P05 ----- Phenol-mfg
2821-P02 ----- Phenol-furfural resins-mfg
2821-P03 ----- Phenolic resins-mfg
2821-P04 ----- Phenoxy resins-mfg
5999-P03 ----- Philatelist and autograph supply stores-retail
1499-P05 ----- Phlogopite mining
2865-P06 ----- Phloxine toners-mfg
3845-P03 ----- Phonocardiographs-mfg
5932-P02 ----- Phonograph and phonograph record stores, second hand-retail
3651-P01 ----- Phonograph and radio combinations-mfg
2517-P01 ----- Phonograph cabinets and cases, wood-mfg
3679-P03 ----- Phonograph needle cartridges-mfg
3679-P04 ----- Phonograph needles-mfg
3652-P01 ----- Phonograph record blanks-mfg
5735-P01 ----- Phonograph record stores-retail
3652-P02 ----- Phonograph records (including preparation of the master)-mfg
5099-P01 ----- Phonograph records-wholesale
7622-P01 ----- Phonograph repair: stereo, hi-fi, and tape recorder
5731-P01 ----- Phonograph stores-retail
3651-P02 ----- Phonograph turntables-mfg
5046-P02 ----- Phonographs, coin-operated-wholesale'
5064-P02 ----- Phonographs, except coin-operated-wholesale
3651-P03 ----- Phonographs, including coin-operated-mfg
2869-P04 ----- Phosgene-mfg
3479-P04 ----- Phosphate coating of metal and metal products, for the trade-mfg
1475-000 ----- Phosphate rock
5191-P02 ----- Phosphate rock, ground-wholesale
1475-P01 ----- Phosphate rock mining
2819-P03 ----- Phosphates, except defluorinated and ammoniated-mfg
2874-000 ----- Phosphatic fertilizers-mfg
2865-P07 ----- Phosphomolybdic acid lakes and toners-mfg
2869-P05 ----- Phosphoric acid esters-mfg
2874-P01 ----- Phosphoric acid-mfg
2819-P04 ----- Phosphorus and phosphorus oxychloride-mfg
2865-P08 ----- Phosphotungstic acid lakes and toners-mfg
2752-P02 ----- Photo-offset printing-mfg
2791-P01 ----- Photocomposition-mfg
3674-P02 ----- Photoconductive cells-mfg
3861-P03 ----- Photocopy machines-mfg
5044-P01 ----- Photocopy machines-wholesale
7334-000 ----- Photocopying & duplicating services
7334-P01 ----- Photocopying service
5112-P03 ----- Photocopying supplies-wholesale
3674-P03 ----- Photoelectric cells, solid-state (electronic eye)-mfg
3674-P04 ----- Photoelectric magnetic devices-mfg
2796-P01 ----- Photoengraving for the trade-mfg
3555-P02 ----- Photoengraving machines-mfg
2796-P02 ----- Photoengraving plates (halftones and linecuts)-mfg
7384-P01 ----- Photofinishing laboratories, except for the motion picture industry
3641-P01 ----- Photoflash and photoflood lamp bulbs and tubes-mfg
3861-P04 ----- Photoflash equipment, except lamp bulbs-mfg
8713-P01 ----- Photogrammetric engineering
7389-P06 ----- Photogrammetric mapping service (not professional engineers)
3829-P02 ----- Photogrammetrical instruments-mfg
1384-P01 ----- Photograph developing and retouching
2675-P05 ----- Photograph folders, mats, and mounts-mfpm-mfg
2499-P06 ----- Photograph frames, wood or metal-mfg
4822-P01 ----- Photograph transmission services
7221-P02 ----- Photographers, portrait: still
7221-P03 ----- Photographers, school
5043-P01 ----- Photographic cameras, projectors, equipment and supplies-wholesale
3861-P05 ----- Photographic chemicals, packaged-mfg
3861-000 ----- Photographic equipment and supplies-mfg
5043-000 ----- Photographic equipment and supplies-wholesale
3861-P07 ----- Photographic instruments, electronic-mfg
7384-P02 ----- Photographic laboratories, except for the motion picture industry
3827-P04 ----- Photographic lenses-mfg
7389-P07 ----- Photographic library service, still
3081-P01 ----- Photographic, micrographic, and X-ray plastics, sheet, and film: unsupported-mfg
3861-P08 ----- Photographic paper and cloth, sensitized-mfg
3861-P09 ----- Photographic sensitized goods-mfg
7221-P04 ----- Photographic studios, portrait
5946-P01 ----- Photographic supply stores-retail
7335-P03 ----- Photography, aerial: except map making
7389-P08 ----- Photography brokers
7335-C01 ----- Photography, commercial
2754-P02 ----- Photogravure printing-mfg
2752-P03 ----- Photolithographing-mfg
3229-P01 ----- Photomask blanks, glass-mfg
3826-P03 ----- Photometers, except photographic exposure meters-mfg
3671-P01 ----- Photomultiplier tubes-mfg
3829-P03 ----- Photopitometers-mfg
3861-P10 ----- Photoreconnaissance systems-mfg
3861-P11 ----- Photosensitized paper-mfg
3827-P05 ----- Phototheodolites-mfg
3663-P02 ----- Phototransmission equipment-mfg
2791-P02 ----- Phototypesetting-mfg
3674-P05 ----- Photovoltaic devices, solid-state-mfg
7999-P03 ----- Phrenologists
2869-P06 ----- Phthalates-mfg
2821-P05 ----- Phthalic alkyd resins-mfg
2865-P09 ----- Phthalic anhydride-mfg
2821-P06 ----- Phthalic anhydride resins-mfg
2865-P10 ----- Phthalocyanine toners-mfg
8742-P02 ----- Physical distribution consultants
8099-P01 ----- Physical examination service, except by physicians
7991-P01 ----- Physical fitness centers
7991-000 ----- Physical fitness facilities
3829-P04 ----- Physical properties testing and inspection equipment-mfg
8731-P01 ----- Physical research, commercial
8733-P01 ----- Physical research, noncommercial
8049-P02 ----- Physical therapists, offices of
8049-P03 ----- Physicians, assistants, offices of
5047-P02 ----- Physicians, equipment-wholesale
8011-P03 ----- Physicians (M.D.), including specialists: offices and clinics of
8031-P01 ----- Physicians, osteopathic: offices and clinics of
5047-P03 ----- Physicians, supplies-wholesale
8999-P01 ----- Physicists, consulting: not connected with business service laboratories
3841-P02 ----- Physiotherapy equipment, electrical-mfg
2833-P02 ----- Physostigmine and derivatives-mfg
2879-P04 ----- Phytoactin-mfg

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