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2451-M01 ----- Mobile buildings for commercial use (e.g., offices, banks)-mfg
2451-M02 ----- Mobile classrooms-mfg
3663-M03 ----- Mobile communications equipment-mfg
2451-M03 ----- Mobile dwellings-mfg
5271-000 ----- Mobile home dealers-retail
5271-M01 ----- Mobile home equipment-retail
5271-M02 ----- Mobile home parts and accessories-retail
7519-M01 ----- Mobile home rental, except on site
1521-M01 ----- Mobile home repair, on site-general contractors
6515-000 ----- Mobile home site operators
1799-M01 ----- Mobile home site setup and tie down contractors
2451-M04 ----- Mobile homes, except recreational-mfg
5271-M03 ----- Mobile homes, new and used-retail
5039-M02 ----- Mobile homes-wholesale
3711-M01 ----- Mobile lounges (motor vehicle)-mfg
3537-M01 ----- Mobile straddle carriers-mfg
3149-M01 ----- Moccasins-mfg
2221-M02 ----- Modacrylic broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2824-M01 ----- Modacrylic fibers-mfg
2281-M02 ----- Modacrylic yarn, made from purchased staple: spun-mfg
5092-M01 ----- Model kits-wholesale
7361-M02 ----- Model registries
3952-M02 ----- Modeling clay-mfg
8299-M01 ----- Modeling schools, clothes
7363-M02 ----- Modeling service
3842-M01 ----- Models, anatomical-mfg
3999-M06 ----- Models, except toy and hobby-mfg
3944-M02 ----- Models, toy and hobby: e.g., airplane, boat, ship, railroad equipment-mfg
3661-M02 ----- Modems-mfg
5065-M02 ----- Modems-wholesale
2522-M01 ----- Modular furniture systems, office: except wood-mfg
2521-M01 ----- Modular furniture systems, office, wood-mfg
1521-M02 ----- Modular housing, single-family (assembled on site)-general contractors
3674-M07 ----- Modules, solid-state-mfg
0214-M02 ----- Mohair production
5159-M02 ----- Mohair, raw-wholesale
2282-M01 ----- Mohair yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling-mfg
3579-M03 ----- Moisteners, gummed tape: for store and office use-mfg
3826-M06 ----- Moisture analysers, laboratory type-mfg
3823-M03 ----- Moisture meters, industrial process type-mfg
2063-M01 ----- Molasses beet pulp-mfg
2062-M01 ----- Molasses, blackstrap: made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup-mfg
2061-M01 ----- Molasses, blackstrap: made from sugarcane-mfg
5149-M06 ----- Molasses, industrial-wholesale
2063-M02 ----- Molasses, made from sugar beets-mfg
2061-M02 ----- Molasses, made from sugarcane-mfg
2099-M03 ----- Molasses, mixed or blended-mfpm-mfg
5031-M05 ----- Molding, all materials-wholesale
2821-M05 ----- Molding compounds, plastics-mfg
3089-M03 ----- Molding of plastics for the trade, except foam-mfg
1446-M01 ----- Molding sand mining
3465-M01 ----- Moldings and trim, automotive: stamped-mfg
3442-M01 ----- Moldings and trim, metal: except automobile-mfg
3299-M04 ----- Moldings, architectural: plaster of paris-factory production only-mfg
2499-M07 ----- Moldings, picture frame: finished-mfg
2431-M02 ----- Moldings, wood and covered wood: unfinished and prefinished-mfg
3544-M01 ----- Molds, industrial-mfg
3674-M08 ----- Molecular devices, solid-state-mfg
2211-M04 ----- Moleskins-mitse-mfg
0273-M02 ----- Mollusk farms
1061-M03 ----- Molybdenite mining
1061-M04 ----- Molybdenum ore mining
3313-M02 ----- Molybdenum silicon-mfg
1061-M05 ----- Molybdite mining
2211-M05 ----- Momie crepe, cotton-mfg
8661-M01 ----- Monasteries
1099-M03 ----- Monazite mining
3499-M04 ----- Money chests, metal-mfg
6722-M02 ----- Money market mutual funds
6099-M01 ----- Money order issuance
2869-M10 ----- Monochlorodifluoromethane-mfg
3826-M07 ----- Monochrometers, laboratory type mfg
3089-M05 ----- Monofilaments, plastics: not suited for textile use-mfg
3674-M09 ----- Monolithic integrated circuits (solid-state)-mfg
2869-M11 ----- Monomethylparaminophenol sulfate-mfg
3536-M01 ----- Monorail systems-mfg
4111-M01 ----- Monorails, regular route: except amusement and scenic
2869-M12 ----- Monosodium glutamate-mfg
3555-M02 ----- Monotype machines-mfg
5099-M02 ----- Monuments and grave markers-wholesale
3272-M05 ----- Monuments, concrete-mfg
3281-M02 ----- Monuments, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering to order-mfg
5999-M01 ----- Monuments, finished to custom order-retail
3589-M01 ----- Mop wringers-mfg
7999-M01 ----- Moped rental
3751-M01 ----- Mopeds and parts-mfg
5571-M01 ----- Mopeds-retail
5012-M01 ----- Mopeds-wholesale
2392-M03 ----- Mops, floor and dust-mfg
2843-M01 ----- Mordants-mfg
5812-M05 ----- Moroccan restaurants
2833-M03 ----- Morphine and derivatives-mfg
6141-M01 ----- Morris plans not engaged in deposit banking
3531-M02 ----- Mortar mixers-mfg
3483-M03 ----- Mortar shells, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3255-M02 ----- Mortars, clay refractory-mfg
3489-M02 ----- Mortars, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
6162-M01 ----- Mortgage bankers
6163-M01 ----- Mortgage brokers arranging for loans but using money of others
6162-M02 ----- Mortgage brokers, using own money
6162-M03 ----- Mortgage companies, urban
6351-M01 ----- Mortgage guaranty insurance
6798-M01 ----- Mortgage investment trusts
7372-M01 ----- Mortgage payment managment software
6798-M02 ----- Mortgage trusts
6211-M04 ----- Mortgages, buying and selling (rediscounting)
7261-M01 ----- Morticians
5087-M01 ----- Morticians, goods-wholesale
3553-M01 ----- Mortisers (woodworking machines)-mfg
3253-M01 ----- Mosaic tile, ceramic-mfg
1743-M03 ----- Mosaic work-contractors
3999-M07 ----- Mosaics: ivory, shell, horn, and bone-mfg
4959-M02 ----- Mosquito eradication
9631-M01 ----- Mosquito eradication districts
2211-M06 ----- Mosquito netting-mitse-mfg
2258-M01 ----- Mosquito netting, warp knit-misc-mfg
0831-M02 ----- Moss, gathering of
0723-M01 ----- Moss ginning
5159-M03 ----- Moss-wholesale
1522-M01 ----- Motel construction-general contractors
8741-M01 ----- Motel management services
7011-M01 ----- Motels
2879-M01 ----- Moth repellants-mfg
7822-000 ----- Motion picture and tape distribution
3861-M05 ----- Motion picture apparatus and equipment-mfg
5043-M01 ----- Motion picture cameras, equipment, and supplies-wholesale
7819-M01 ----- Motion picture consultants
7822-M01 ----- Motion picture distribution, exclusive of production
7829-000 ----- Motion picture distribution services
7832-M01 ----- Motion picture exhibitors for airlines
7832-M02 ----- Motion picture exhibitors, itinerant
7823-000 ----- Motion picture film exchanges
3861-M06 ----- Motion picture film-mfg
7841-M01 ----- Motion picture film or tape rental to the general public
7812-M01 ----- Motion picture production and distribution
7819-M02 ----- Motion picture reproduction
5043-M02 ----- Motion picture studio and theater equipment-wholesale
7832-000 ----- Motion picture theaters, ex drive-in
7833-M01 ----- Motion picture theaters, drive in
7812-000 ----- Motion picture & video production
3711-M02 ----- Motor buses, except trackless trolley-mfg
9621-M01 ----- Motor carrier licensing and inspection offices-government
3625-M02 ----- Motor control accessories, including overload relays-mfg
3625-M03 ----- Motor control centers-mfg
3625-M04 ----- Motor controls, electric-mfg
5063-M01 ----- Motor controls, electric-wholesale
3621-M01 ----- Motor generator sets, except automotive and turbogenerators-mfg
5561-M01 ----- Motor home dealers-retail
7519-M02 ----- Motor home rental
3716-M01 ----- Motor homes, self-contained: made on purchased chassis-mfg
3711-M03 ----- Motor homes, self-contained-misc-mfg
5012-M02 ----- Motor homes-wholesale
3621-M02 ----- Motor housings-mfg
7538-M01 ----- Motor repair, automotive
3751-M02 ----- Motor scooters and parts-mfg
5571-M02 ----- Motor scooters-retail
5012-M03 ----- Motor scooters-wholesale
3625-M05 ----- Motor starters, contactors, and controllers, industrial-mfg
3596-M01 ----- Motor truck scales-mfg
3715-M01 ----- Motor truck trailers-mfg
3711-M04 ----- Motor trucks, except off-highway-mfg
5511-M01 ----- Motor vehicle dealers, new and used cars-retail
5521-M01 ----- Motor vehicle dealers, used cars only-retail
3714-M02 ----- Motor vehicle gasoline engine rebuilding on a factory basis-mfg
3429-M03 ----- Motor vehicle hardware-mfg
9621-M02 ----- Motor vehicle licensing and inspection offices-government
3714-000 ----- Motor vehicle parts and accessories-mfg
5015-M01 ----- Motor vehicle parts, used-wholesale
5064-M02 ----- Motor vehicle radios-wholesale
5014-M01 ----- Motor vehicle tires and tubes-wholesale
3711-000 ----- Motor vehicles and car bodies-mfg
5012-M04 ----- Motor vehicles, commercial-wholesale
3711-M05 ----- Motor vehicles, including amphibian-mfg
3751-M03 ----- Motorbikes and parts-mfg
5551-M02 ----- Motorboat dealers-retail
3732-M01 ----- Motorboats, inboard and outboard: building and repairing-mfg
5571-M03 ----- Motorcycle dealers-retail
3647-M02 ----- Motorcycle lamps-mfg
5571-M04 ----- Motorcycle parts-retail
5013-M01 ----- Motorcycle parts-wholesale
7948-M01 ----- Motorcycle racing
7999-M02 ----- Motorcycle rental
7699-M08 ----- Motorcycle repair service
3751-M04 ----- Motorcycles and parts-mfg
3751-000 ----- Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts
5012-M05 ----- Motorcycles-wholesale
3621-000 ----- Motors and generators
3594-M01 ----- Motors, air or hydraulic (fluid power)-mfg
3594-M02 ----- Motors, air or hydraulic fluid power-mfg
3621-M03 ----- Motors, electric: except engine starting motors and gear motors-mfg
5063-M02 ----- Motors, electric-wholesale
3566-M01 ----- Motors, gear-mfg
3594-M03 ----- Motors, pneumatic-mfg
3694-M01 ----- Motors, starting: motor vehicle and aircraft-mfg
2371-M01 ----- Mounting heads on fur neckpieces-mfg
7389-M08 ----- Mounting merchandise on cards on a contract or fee basis
2789-M02 ----- Mounting of maps and samples, for the trade-mfg
3999-M08 ----- Mountings, comb and hairpin: except precious metal-mfg
3851-M02 ----- Mountings, eyeglass and spectacle-mfg
3911-M02 ----- Mountings, gold and silver: for pens, leather goods, and umbrellas-mfg
3484-M04 ----- Mounts for guns, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3931-M03 ----- Mouthpieces for musical instruments-mfg
3069-M07 ----- Mouthpieces for pipes and cigarette holders, rubber-mfg
2844-M02 ----- Mouthwashes-mfg
7389-M10 ----- Moving services
3873-M02 ----- Movements, watch or clock-mfg
3523-M02 ----- Mowers and mower-conditioners, hay-mfg
5083-M02 ----- Mowers, power-wholesale
0782-M01 ----- Mowing highway center strips and edges
2891-M01 ----- Mucilage-mfg
3531-M03 ----- Mud jacks-mfg
1389-M01 ----- Mud service, oil field drilling: on a contract basis
7533-M01 ----- Mufflers, automotive: installation, repair, or sales and installation
3714-M04 ----- Mufflers, exhaust: motor vehicle-mfg
2323-M01 ----- Mufflers: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5136-M02 ----- Mufflers, men's and boys'-wholesale
2253-M01 ----- Mufflers-mitse-mfg
3524-M01 ----- Mulchers, residential lawn and garden-mfg
0272-M01 ----- Mule farms
5159-M04 ----- Mules-wholesale
7334-M02 ----- Multigraphing service
7334-M03 ----- Multilithing service
7389-M11 ----- Multi-Level marketing
2749-M01 ----- Multimedia, publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
7812-M03 ----- Multimedia and digital video production
2741-M03 ----- Multimedia educational kits: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3825-M06 ----- Multimeters-mfg
6531-M02 ----- Multiple listing services, real estate
3231-M04 ----- Multiple-glazed insulating units, made from purchased glass-mfg
3211-M01 ----- Multiple-glazed insulating units-mitse-mfg
3663-M04 ----- Multiplex equipment, radio-mfg
3661-M03 ----- Multiplex equipment, telephone and telegraph-mfg
4841-M01 ----- Multipoint distribution systems (MDS)services
8322-M03 ----- Multiservice centers, neighborhood
3575-M01 ----- Multistation CRT/teleprinters-mfg
2674-M02 ----- Multiwall bags, paper-mfpm-mfg
2819-M11 ----- Muriate of potash, not produced at mines-mfg
3841-M02 ----- Muscle exercise apparatus, ophthalmic-mfg
1499-M04 ----- Muscovite mining
1542-M02 ----- Museum construction-general contractors
8412-M01 ----- Museums
8412-M01 ----- Museums and art galleries
0182-M01 ----- Mushroom spawn, production of
2033-M02 ----- Mushrooms, canned-mfg
0182-M02 ----- Mushrooms, growing of
7922-M01 ----- Music agents
8999-M01 ----- Music arrangers
2732-M01 ----- Music books: printing or printing and binding, not publishing-mfg
2731-M01 ----- Music books: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3999-M09 ----- Music boxes-mfg
5961-M03 ----- Music CD clubs-retail
3651-M02 ----- Music distribution apparatus, except records or tape-mfg
7993-M02 ----- Music distribution systems, coin-operated
7389-M09 ----- Music distribution systems, except coin-operated
8299-M03 ----- Music educational services
6794-M01 ----- Music licensing to radio stations
8641-M01 ----- Music related associations
3931-M04 ----- Music rolls, perforated-mfg
6794-M02 ----- Music royalties, sheet and record
8299-M02 ----- Music schools
2759-M05 ----- Music, sheet: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)-mfg
2754-M04 ----- Music, sheet: gravure printing (not publishing)-mfg
2741-M04 ----- Music, sheet: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3931-M05 ----- Music stands-mfg
7812-M02 ----- Music video production
3999-M10 ----- Musical chests-mfg
3931-M06 ----- Musical instrument accessories: e.g., reeds, mouth pieces, stands, traps-mfg
3651-M03 ----- Musical instrument amplifiers-mfg
3161-M01 ----- Musical instrument cases-mfg
7699-M09 ----- Musical instrument repair shops
5736-M01 ----- Musical instrument stores-retail
5932-M02 ----- Musical instrument stores, second hand-retail
3931-M07 ----- Musical instruments, including electric and electronic-mfg
3944-M03 ----- Musical instruments, toy-mfg
5099-M03 ----- Musical instruments-wholesale
7929-M02 ----- Musicians
2211-M07 ----- Muslin, cotton-mfg
0913-M01 ----- Mussels, taking of
2869-M13 ----- Mustard gas-mfg
2035-M02 ----- Mustard, prepared (wet)-mfg
0119-M02 ----- Mustard seed farms
2011-M04 ----- Mutton-mitse-mfg
6321-M01 ----- Mutual accident associations
6141-M02 ----- Mutual benefit associations
6331-M01 ----- Mutual fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6211-M05 ----- Mutual fund agents
6722-M03 ----- Mutual fund sales on own account
6211-M06 ----- Mutual funds, selling by independent sales person
2861-M05 ----- Myrobalans extract-mfg

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