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2493-M01 ----- MDF (medium density fiberboard)-mfg
5031-M01 ----- MDF (Medium density fiberboard)-wholesale
2077-M01 ----- Meal, blood-mfg
2048-M01 ----- Meal, bone: prepared as feed for animals and fowls-mfg
2041-M01 ----- Meal, corn-mfg
8322-M02 ----- Meal delivery programs
2046-M01 ----- Meal, gluten-mfg
2077-M02 ----- Meal, meat and bone: not prepared as feed-mfg
2038-M01 ----- Meals, frozen-mfg
3829-000 ----- Measuring & controlling devices, n.e.c.-mfg
7699-M03 ----- Measuring and controlling instrument repair, mechanical
3586-000 ----- Measuring and dispensing pumps-mfg
5084-M05 ----- Measuring and testing equipment, electrical, except automotive-wholesale
3825-M01 ----- Measuring equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment-mfg
3825-M02 ----- Measuring instruments and meters, electric-mfg
3545-M04 ----- Measuring tools and machines, machinists, metalworking type-mfg
3824-M02 ----- Measuring wheels-mfg
2077-M03 ----- Meat and bone meal and tankage-mfg
5421-000 ----- Meat and fish (seafood) markets-retail
3556-M03 ----- Meat and poultry processing machinery-mfg
2259-M01 ----- Meat bagging-mitse-mfg
2013-M01 ----- Meat extracts-mfpm-mfg
2011-M01 ----- Meat extracts-mitse-mfg
5142-M01 ----- Meat, frozen: packaged-wholesale
3556-M04 ----- Meat grinders-mfg
5421-M01 ----- Meat markets-retai
2011-M02 ----- Meat-mitse-mfg
2011-000 ----- Meat packing plants-mfg
2011-M03 ----- Meat packing plants-mfg
5142-M02 ----- Meat pies, frozen-wholesale
2013-M02 ----- Meat products: cooked, cured, frozen, smoked, and spiced-mfpm-mfg
2099-M02 ----- Meat seasonings, except sauces-mfg
5147-000 ----- Meats and meat products-wholesale
5147-M01 ----- Meats, cured or smoked-wholesale
5147-M02 ----- Meats, fresh-wholesale
1711-M01 ----- Mechanical contractors
7993-M01 ----- Mechanical games, coin-operated: operation of
3111-M01 ----- Mechanical leather-mfg
3462-M02 ----- Mechanical power transmission forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463-M02 ----- Mechanical power transmission forgings, non-ferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3061-M01 ----- Mechanical rubber goods: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
3495-M01 ----- Mechanical springs, precision: made from purchased wire-mfg
3542-M03 ----- Mechanical-pneumatic or hydraulic metal forming machines-mfg
3423-M07 ----- Mechanics, handtools-mfg
2841-M01 ----- Mechanics, paste-mfg
3873-M01 ----- Mechanisms for clockwork operated devices-mfg
3581-M01 ----- Mechanisms for coin-operated machines-mfg
5094-M01 ----- Medallions-wholesale
3911-M01 ----- Medals of precious or semiprecious metals-mfg
7319-M01 ----- Media buying service
3577-M02 ----- Media-to-media data conversion equipment, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5047-000 ----- Medical and hospital equipment-wholesale
9441-M01 ----- Medical assistance program administration-government
8621-M01 ----- Medical associations
7352-000 ----- Medical equipment rental
7352-M01 ----- Medical equipment rental and leasing
7629-M01 ----- Medical equipment repair, electrical
7699-M04 ----- Medical equipment repair, except electric
3999-M11 ----- Medial equipment-mfg
5047-M01 ----- Medical equipment-wholesale
5047-M02 ----- Medical glass-wholesale
6411-M01 ----- Medical insurance claims, processing of: contract or fee basis
8071-M01 ----- Medical laboratories, clinical
8071-M01 ----- Medical laboratories
8099-M01 ----- Medical photography and art
8733-M01 ----- Medical research, noncommercial
5122-M01 ----- Medical rubber goods-wholesale
6324-M01 ----- Medical service plans
3069-M05 ----- Medical sundries, rubber-mfg
2326-M01 ----- Medical uniforms, men's-mfpm-mfg
2833-000 ----- Medicinals and botanicals-mfg
5122-M02 ----- Medicinals and botanicals-wholesale
3221-M01 ----- Medicine bottles, glass-mfg
5122-M03 ----- Medicine cabinet sundries-wholesale
3231-M01 ----- Medicine droppers, made from purchased glass-mfg
2834-M01 ----- Medicines, capsuled or ampuled-mfg
5812-M03 ----- Mediterranean restaurants
2493-M02 ----- Medium density fiberboard (MDF)-mfg
5031-M02 ----- Medium density fiberboard-wholesale
1499-M01 ----- Meerschaum mining or quarrying
2821-M01 ----- Melamine resins-mfg
2024-M01 ----- Mellorine-mfg
0161-M02 ----- Melon farms
3821-M01 ----- Melting point apparatus, laboratory-mfg
3443-M01 ----- Melting pots, for metal-mfg
3255-M01 ----- Melting pots, glasshouse: clay-mfg
2329-M02 ----- Melton jackets: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
8699-000 ----- Membership organizations, n.e.c.
7997-000 ----- Membership sports & recreation clubs
7041-000 ----- Membership-basis organization hotels
2678-M01 ----- Memorandum books, except printed-mfpm-mfg
2782-M01 ----- Memorandum books, printed-mfg
3674-M03 ----- Memories, solid-state-mfg
5136-000 ----- Men's and boys' clothing-wholesale
2329-000 ----- Men's and boys' clothing, n.e.c.-mfg
2323-000 ----- Men's and boys' neckwear-mfg
2321-000 ----- Men's and boys' shirts-mfg
2311-000 ----- Men's and boys' suits and coats-mfg
2325-000 ----- Men's and boys' trousers and slacks-mfg
2326-000 ----- Men's and boys' work clothing-mfg
5611-000 ----- Men's & boys' clothing & furnishings-retail
2322-000 ----- Men's & boys' underwear & nightwear-mfg
3143-000 ----- Men's footwear, (except athletic)-mfg
2252-M01 ----- Men's hosiery-mfg
5611-M01 ----- Men's wearing apparel-retail
0912-M02 ----- Menhaden, catching of
9431-M02 ----- Mental health agencies-government
8063-M01 ----- Mental hospitals, (except for the mentally retarded)
8051-M01 ----- Mental retardation hospitals
2759-M04 ----- Menus, except lithographed or gravure printed-mfg
2754-M03 ----- Menus: gravure printing-mfg
2752-M02 ----- Menus, lithographed-mfg
7323-M01 ----- Mercantile credit reporting bureaus
6153-M01 ----- Mercantile financing
2261-M01 ----- Mercerizing cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3552-M01 ----- Mercerizing machinery-mfg
2269-M01 ----- Mercerizing yarn, braided goods, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool-mfg
2673-M01 ----- Merchandise bags, plastics-mfpm-mfg
2674-M01 ----- Merchandise bags, uncoated paper-mfpm-mfg
5962-M01 ----- Merchandising, automatic (sale of products through vending machines)
5962-000 ----- Merchandising machine operators-retail
3581-M02 ----- Merchandising machines, automatic-mfg
5046-M02 ----- Merchandising machines, automatic-wholesale
5699-M01 ----- Merchant tailors-retail
8611-M02 ----- Merchants, associations, not engaged in credit investigations
5159-M01 ----- Merchants of raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock-wholesale
3629-M01 ----- Mercury arc rectifiers (electrical apparatus)-mfg
2892-M01 ----- Mercury azide (explosives)-mfg
2819-M05 ----- Mercury chlorides (calomel, corrosive sublimate), except U.S.P.-mfg
2833-M01 ----- Mercury chlorides, U.S.P.-mfg
2819-M06 ----- Mercury compounds, inorganic-mfg
2833-M02 ----- Mercury compounds, medicinal: organic and inorganic-mfg
1099-M01 ----- Mercury ore mining
2819-M07 ----- Mercury oxides-mfg
2819-M08 ----- Mercury, redistilled-mfg
5051-M01 ----- Mercury-wholesale
3496-M02 ----- Mesh, made from purchased wire-mfg
3661-M01 ----- Message concentrators-mfg
7389-M04 ----- Message service, telephone answering: except beeper service
3841-M01 ----- Metabolism apparatus-mfg
2835-M01 ----- Metabolite diagnostic reagents-mfg
3412-000 ----- Metal barrels, drums, and pails-mfg
5039-M01 ----- Metal buildings-wholesale
3411-000 ----- Metal cans-mfg
3479-000 ----- Metal coating and allied services-mfg
5169-M02 ----- Metal cyanides-wholesale
3542-M04 ----- Metal deposit forming machines-mfg
3442-000 ----- Metal doors, sash, and trim-mfg
5031-M03 ----- Metal doors, sash and trim-wholesale
2899-M03 ----- Metal drawing compound lubricants-mfg
3429-M02 ----- Metal fasteners, spring and cold rolled steel, not made in rolling mills-mfg
3559-M01 ----- Metal finishing equipment for plating, except rolling mill lines-mfg
3497-000 ----- Metal foil and leaf-mfg
1791-M01 ----- Metal furring-contractors
3398-000 ----- Metal heat treating-mfg
2514-000 ----- Metal household furniture-mfg
3567-M01 ----- Metal melting furnaces, industrial-mfg
1081-000 ----- Metal mining services
2522-000 ----- Metal office furniture-mfg
1099-000 ----- Metal ores, n.e.c.
3674-M04 ----- Metal oxide silicon (MOS) devices-mfg
2542-000 ----- Metal partitions and fixtures-mfg
3559-M02 ----- Metal pickling equipment, except rolling mill lines-mfg
5169-M03 ----- Metal polishes-wholesale
3541-M03 ----- Metal polishing lathes-mfg
5084-M06 ----- Metal refining machinery and equipment-wholesale
5169-M04 ----- Metal salts-wholesale
3431-000 ----- Metal sanitary ware-mfg
6074-M01 ----- Metal sanitary ware-wholesale
7389-M05 ----- Metal slitting and shearing on a contractor fee basis
3559-M03 ----- Metal smelting and refining machinery, except furnaces and ovens-mfg
3469-000 ----- Metal stampings, n.e.c.-mfg
2899-M04 ----- Metal treating compounds-mfg
5093-M01 ----- Metal waste and scrap-wholesale
3291-M01 ----- Metallic abrasives-mfg
5052-M01 ----- Metallic concentrates-wholesale
2672-M02 ----- Metallic covered paper, except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2671-M01 ----- Metallic covered paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
3861-M01 ----- Metallic emulsion sensitized paper and cloth, photographic-mfg
5052-M02 ----- Metallic ores-wholesale
2816-M01 ----- Metallic pigments, inorganic-mfg
2869-M02 ----- Metallic salts of acyclic organic chemicals-mfg
5051-000 ----- Metals service centers and offices-wholesale
2869-M03 ----- Metallic stearate-mfg
2295-M02 ----- Metallizing of fabrics-mfg
3827-M02 ----- Metallographs-mfg
8734-M01 ----- Metallurgical testing laboratories
5051-M02 ----- Metals, except precious-wholesale
2819-M09 ----- Metals, liquid-mfg
5094-M02 ----- Metals, precious-wholesale
5719-M01 ----- Metalware stores-retail
3549-000 ----- Metalworking machinery, n.e.c.-mfg
5084-M07 ----- Metalworking machinery-wholesale
5084-M09 ----- Metalworking tools: drills, taps, dies, grinding wheels, and files-wholesale
3829-M03 ----- Meteorogic tracking systems-mfg
7699-M05 ----- Meteorological instrument repair
3829-M04 ----- Meteorological instruments-mfg
3272-M04 ----- Meter boxes, concrete-mfg
3951-M02 ----- Meter pens-mfg
7389-M06 ----- Meter readers, remote
3613-M01 ----- Metering panels, electric-mfg
3825-M03 ----- Meters, electric: pocket, portable, panelboard, and graphic recording-mfg
3824-M03 ----- Meters: gas, liquid, tallying, and mechanical measuring-except electrical-mfg
3825-M04 ----- Meters, power factor and phase angle-mfg
2861-M02 ----- Methanol, natural (wood alcohol)-mfg
2869-M04 ----- Methanol, synthetic (methyl alcohol)-mfg
2861-M03 ----- Methyl acetone-mfg
2821-M02 ----- Methyl acrylate resins-mfg
2861-M04 ----- Methyl alcohol, natural (wood alcohol)-mfg
2821-M03 ----- Methyl cellulose plastics-mfg
2869-M05 ----- Methyl chloride-mfg
2821-M04 ----- Methyl methacrylate resins-mfg
2869-M06 ----- Methyl perhydrofluorine-mfg
2869-M07 ----- Methyl salicylate-mfg
2865-M02 ----- Methyl violet toners-mfg
2869-M08 ----- Methylamine-mfg
2869-M09 ----- Methylene chloride-mfg
2032-M02 ----- Mexican foods, canned-mfg
5812-M04 ----- Mexican restaurants

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