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3523-L03 ----- Loaders, farm type (general utility)-mfg
3524-L04 ----- Loaders (garden tractor equipment)-mfg
3531-L03 ----- Loaders, shovel-mfg
3483-L01 ----- Loading and assembling bombs, powder bags, and shells: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3532-L01 ----- Loading machines, underground: mobile-mfg
1629-L07 ----- Loading station construction, mine-general contractors
4491-L01 ----- Loading vessels
3679-L02 ----- Loads, electronic-mfg
6163-L01 ----- Loan agents
6163-L02 ----- Loan brokers
6141-L01 ----- Loan companies, small: licensed
6162-L01 ----- Loan correspondents
6159-L02 ----- Loan institutions, general and industrial
6141-L02 ----- Loan societies, remedial
8743-L01 ----- Lobbyists
0913-L01 ----- Lobsters, catching of
4111-000 ----- Local and suburban transit
7373-L01 ----- Local area network (LAN) systems intergrators
4141-000 ----- Local bus charter service
4119-000 ----- Local passenger transportation, n.e.c.
4111-L01 ----- Local railway passenger operation
4813-L01 ----- Local telephone communications, except radio telephone
4214-000 ----- Local trucking and storage
4212-L01 ----- Local trucking, without storage
1629-L08 ----- Lock and waterway construction-general contractors
7699-L04 ----- Lock parts made to individual order
3452-L01 ----- Lock washers-mfg
3089-L08 ----- Lock washers, plastics-mfg
7299-L01 ----- Locker rental, except cold storage
2542-L01 ----- Lockers, not refrigerated: except wood-mfg
5046-L01 ----- Lockers, not refrigerated-wholesale
2541-L01 ----- Lockers, not refrigerated: wood-mfg
3585-L01 ----- Lockers, refrigerated-mfg
3429-L02 ----- Locks and lock sets: except safe, vault, and coin-operated-mfg
5072-L01 ----- Locks and related materials-wholesale
3581-L01 ----- Locks, coin-operated-mfg
3499-L04 ----- Locks, safe and vault: metal-mfg
3429-L03 ----- Locks, trigger, for guns-mfg
7699-L05 ----- Locksmith shops
3647-L04 ----- Locomotive and railroad car lights-mfg
3531-L04 ----- Locomotive cranes-mfg
3462-L01 ----- Locomotive wheels, forged: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3743-L01 ----- Locomotives, locomotive frames, and parts-mfg
1041-L01 ----- Lode gold mining
7021-L01 ----- Lodging houses, except organization
7041-L01 ----- Lodging houses operated by organizations for members only
2452-L01 ----- Log cabins, prefabricated: wood-mfg
4449-L02 ----- Log rafting and towing
3531-L05 ----- Log splitters-mfg
4212-L02 ----- Log trucking
0171-L01 ----- Loganberry farms
2411-000 ----- Logging camps & logging contractors-mfg
2411-L02 ----- Logging contractors-mfg
3531-L06 ----- Logging equipment-mfg
5082-L01 ----- Logging equipment-wholesale
4013-L01 ----- Logging railroads
1389-L02 ----- Logging wells on a contract basis
3825-L05 ----- Logic circuit testers-mfg
3699-L04 ----- Logs, fireplace: electric-mfg
3433-L01 ----- Logs, fireplace: gas-mfg
5099-L01 ----- Logs, hewn ties, posts, and poles-wholesale
2411-L03 ----- Logs-mfg
2861-L01 ----- Logwood extract-mfg
2211-L05 ----- Long cloth, cotton-mfg
4813-L02 ----- Long distance telephone communications
4213-L01 ----- Long-distance trucking
3552-L03 ----- Loom bobbins, wood or metal-mfg
3552-L04 ----- Looms (textile machinery)-mfg
3552-L05 ----- Loopers (textile machinery)-mfg
2395-L03 ----- Looping, for the trade-mfg
5112-L01 ----- Looseleaf binders-wholesale
2782-L03 ----- Looseleaf devices and binders-mfg
2678-L01 ----- Looseleaf fillers and ream paper in filler sizes, except printed-mfpm-mfg
2782-L04 ----- Looseleaf forms and fillers, pen ruled or printed only-mfg
3851-L04 ----- Lorgnettes-mfg
7299-L02 ----- Lost and found
7999-L02 ----- Lotteries, operation of
7999-L03 ----- Lottery clubs and ticket sales to individuals
9311-L01 ----- Lottery control boards-government
3651-L01 ----- Loudspeakers, electrodynamic and magnetic-mfg
5813-L01 ----- Lounges, cocktail
2384-L01 ----- Lounging robes and dressing gowns, men's, boys' and women's-mfpm-mfg
2369-L03 ----- Lounging robes: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2253-L02 ----- Lounging robes-mitse-mfg
3442-L01 ----- Louver windows, all metal or metal frame-mfg
2431-L01 ----- Louver windows and doors, glass with wood frame-mfg
3444-L02 ----- Louvers, sheet metal-mfg
3914-L01 ----- Loving cups, silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
2064-L02 ----- Lozenges, candy: nonmedicated-mfg
2834-L04 ----- Lozenges, pharmaceutical-mfg
3399-L02 ----- lron, powdered-mfg
2819-L07 ----- lron sulphate-mfg
2992-L01 ----- Lubricating greases and oils-mfpm-mfg
5172-L01 ----- Lubricating oils and greases-wholesale
2992-L02 ----- Lubricating oils, re-refining-mfpm-mfg
7549-L01 ----- Lubricating service, automotive
3724-L01 ----- Lubricating systems, aircraft-mfg
3569-L01 ----- Lubricating systems, centralized-mfg
3569-L02 ----- Lubrication equipment, industrial-mfg
3569-L03 ----- Lubrication machinery, automatic-mfg
3711-L01 ----- Lubrication systems and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
3743-L02 ----- Lubrication systems, locomotive-mfg
3161-000 ----- Luggage-mfg
5948-L02 ----- Luggage and leather goods stores-retail
2211-L06 ----- Luggage fabrics, cotton-mfg
3429-L04 ----- Luggage hardware-mfg
2396-L05 ----- Luggage linings-mfg
3429-L05 ----- Luggage racks, car top-mfg
3161-L01 ----- Luggage, regardless of material-mfg
7699-L06 ----- Luggage repair shops
5099-L02 ----- Luggage-wholesale
5063-L04 ----- Lugs and connectors, electrical-wholesale
5211-L02 ----- Lumber and building materials dealers-retail
5211 -000 ----- Lumber and other building materials
5211-L03 ----- Lumber and planing mill product dealers-retail
2426-L03 ----- Lumber, hardwood dimension-mfg
2421-L02 ----- Lumber, kiln drying of-mfg
5031-000 ----- Lumber, plywood and millwork-wholesale
5031-L01 ----- Lumber: rough, dressed, and finished-wholesale
2421-L03 ----- Lumber: rough, sawed, or planed-mfg
2421-L04 ----- Lumber stacking or sticking-mfg
4226-L01 ----- Lumber terminals, storage for hire
2329-L01 ----- Lumberjackets: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2819-L08 ----- Luminous compounds, radium-mfg
3646-L03 ----- Luminous panel ceilings-mfg
3612-L04 ----- Luminous tube transformers-mfg
5812-L02 ----- Lunch bars
3469-L01 ----- Lunch boxes, stamped metal-mfg
2392-L02 ----- Lunch cloths-mfpm-mfg
5812-L03 ----- Lunch counters
5963-L01 ----- Lunch wagons, mobile-retail
2013-L03 ----- Luncheon meat, except poultry-mfpm-mfg
2011-L03 ----- Luncheon meat, except poultry-mitse-mfg
2015-L01 ----- Luncheon meat, poultry-mfg
5812-L01 ----- Luncheonettes
2542-L02 ----- Lunchroom fixtures, except wood-mfg
2541-L02 ----- Lunchroom fixtures, wood-mfg
5812-L04 ----- Lunchrooms
3827-L06 ----- Lupes magnifying instruments, optical-mfg
2842-L03 ----- Lye, household-mfg

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