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3565-L01 ----- Label moisteners, industrial type-mfg
7389-L01 ----- Labeling bottles, cans, cartons, etc. for the trade: not printing
3565-L02 ----- Labeling machinery, industrial type-mfg
3579-L01 ----- Labeling machines, address-mfg
2269-L01 ----- Labels, cotton: printed-mfg
2754-L01 ----- Labels: gravure printing-mfg
2752-L01 ----- Labels, lithographed-mfg
2759-L01 ----- Labels, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2241-L01 ----- Labels, woven-mfg
5131-L01 ----- Labels, woven-wholesale
7361-L01 ----- Labor contractors (employment agencies), except farm labor
8631-L01 ----- Labor organizations
7363-L01 ----- Labor pools
8631-L02 ----- Labor unions
9651-L01 ----- Labor-management negotiations boards-government
8071-L01 ----- Laboratories: biological, medical, and X-ray (picture and treatment)
8071-L02 ----- Laboratories, dental-X-ray
8731-L01 ----- Laboratories, industrial: commercial research, except testing
7819-L01 ----- Laboratories, motion picture
8734-L01 ----- Laboratories, product testing: not manufacturing auxiliaries
8731-L02 ----- Laboratories, research: commercial
0279-L01 ----- Laboratory animal farms (e.g., rats, mice, guinea pigs)
3821-000 ----- Laboratory apparatus and furniture
2819-L01 ----- Laboratory chemicals, inorganic-mfg
2869-L01 ----- Laboratory chemicals, organic-mfg
2326-L01 ----- Laboratory coats: men's-mfpm-mfg
5047-L01 ----- Laboratory equipment, dental and medical-wholesale
5049-L01 ----- Laboratory equipment, except medical or dental-wholesale
3821-L01 ----- Laboratory equipment: fume hoods, distillation racks, benches, and cabinets-mfg
3231-L01 ----- Laboratory glassware, made from purchased glass-mfg
7699-L01 ----- Laboratory instrument repair, except electric
8731-L03 ----- Laboratory (physical) research and development
3825-L01 ----- Laboratory standards, electric: resistance, inductance, and capacitance-mfg
3069-L01 ----- Laboratory sundries: e.g., cases, covers, funnels, cups, bottles-rubber-mfg
3089-L01 ----- Laboratoryware, plastics-mfg
0831-L01 ----- Lac production
3552-L01 ----- Lace and net machines-mfg
2241-L02 ----- Lace, auto wind-mfg
2395-L01 ----- Lace, burnt-out-mfg
5131-L02 ----- Lace fabrics-wholesale
2292-000 ----- Lace goods-mfg
2258-L01 ----- Lace goods: curtains, bedspreads, table covers, flouncings, and insertions-mfg
2258-L02 ----- Lace, knit-mfg
3111-L01 ----- Lace leather-mfg
3552-L02 ----- Lace machine bobbins, wood or metal-mfg
2675-L01 ----- Lace, paper: die cut from purchased materials-mfg
2258-000 ----- Lace & warp knit fabric mills-mfg
2258-L03 ----- Laces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham-mfg
3131-L01 ----- Laces, boot and shoe: leather-mfg
2241-L03 ----- Laces, corset and shoe: textile-mfg
2241-L04 ----- Lacings-mitse-mfg
2851-L01 ----- Lacquer bases and dopes-mfg
2851-L02 ----- Lacquer, clear and pigmented-mfg
2851-L03 ----- Lacquer thinner-mfg
3479-L01 ----- Lacquering of metal products, for the trade-mfg
3567-L01 ----- Lacquering ovens-mfg
2851-L04 ----- Lacquers, plastics-mfg
5198-L01 ----- Lacquers-wholesale
3949-L01 ----- Lacrosse equipment-mfg
2023-L01 ----- Lactose, edible-mfg
3499-L01 ----- Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metal-mfg
3531-L01 ----- Ladder ditchers, vertical boom or wheel-mfg
3429-L01 ----- Ladder jacks, metal-mfg
2499-L01 ----- Ladder jacks, wood-mfg
2426-L01 ----- Ladder round-mfg
2426-L02 ----- Ladder rounds or rungs, hardwood-mfg
3446-L01 ----- Ladders, chain: metal-mfg
3446-L02 ----- Ladders, for permanent installation: metal-mfg
3499-L02 ----- Ladders, metal: portable-mfg
3089-L02 ----- Ladders, plastics-mfg
5084-L01 ----- Ladders-wholesale
2499-L02 ----- Ladders, wood-mfg
5137-L01 ----- Ladies, handkerchiefs-wholesale
5137-L02 ----- Ladies, purses-wholesale
3443-L01 ----- Ladle bails-mfg
3255-L01 ----- Ladle brick, clay-mfg
3443-L02 ----- Ladles, metal plate-mfg
4449-L01 ----- Lake freight transportation, except on the Great Lakes
2865-L01 ----- Lake red C toners-mfg
2865-L02 ----- Lakes, color-mfg
2011-L01 ----- Lamb-mitse-mfg
2013-L01 ----- Lamb stew, mfpm-mfg
2679-L01 ----- Laminated building paper-mfpm-mfg
2675-L02 ----- Laminated cardboard-mfpm-mfg
3211-L01 ----- Laminated glass, made from glass produced in the same establishment-mfg
3231-L02 ----- Laminated glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3083-000 ----- Laminated plastics plate & sheet-mfg
2891-L01 ----- Laminating compounds-mfg
2295-L01 ----- Laminating of fabrics-mfg
7389-L02 ----- Laminating of photographs (coating photographs nth plastics)
3399-L01 ----- Laminating steel for the trade-mfg
5719-L01 ----- Lamp and shade shops-retail
3281-L01 ----- Lamp bases, onyx-mfg
3089-L03 ----- Lamp bases, plastics-mfg
3269-L01 ----- Lamp bases, pottery-mfg
2816-L01 ----- Lamp black-mfg
3641-L01 ----- lamp (bulb) parts, electric-mfg
3641-L02 ----- Lamp bulbs and tubes, electric: incandescent filament, fluorescent, and vapor-mfg
3641-L03 ----- Lamp bulbs and tubes, health: infrared and ultraviolet radiation-mfg
5063-L01 ----- Lamp bulbs-wholesale
3648-L04 ----- Lamp fixtures, infrared-mfg
3496-L01 ----- Lamp frames, wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3559-L01 ----- Lamp making machinery, incandescent-mfg
3229-L01 ----- Lamp parts, glass-mfg
3446-L03 ----- Lamp posts, metal-mfg
3999-L01 ----- Lamp shade frames-mfg
3999-L02 ----- Lamp shades: except metal and glass-mfg
3229-L02 ----- Lamp shades, glass-mfg
3645-L01 ----- Lamp shades, metal-mfg
3089-L04 ----- Lamp shades, plastics-mfg
3643-L01 ----- Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)-mfg
5023-L01 ----- Lamps: floor, boudoir, desk-wholesale
3641-L04 ----- Lamps, glow-mfg
3699-L01 ----- Lamps, insect: electric-mfg
3645-L02 ----- Lamps (lighting fixtures), residential: electric-mfg
3647-L01 ----- Lamps, marker and clearance: motor vehicle-mfg
3641-L05 ----- Lamps, sealed beam-mfg
3841-L01 ----- Lamps, slit (ophthalmic goods)-mfg
3844-L01 ----- Lamps, X-ray-mfg
1629-L01 ----- Land clearing-contractors
1629-L02 ----- Land drainage-contractors
1629-L03 ----- Land leveling (irrigation)-contractors
9512-L01 ----- Land management agencies-government
9512-000 ----- Land, mineral, wildlife conservation
5083-L01 ----- Land preparation machinery, agricultural-wholesale
1629-L04 ----- Land reclamation-contractors
3523-L01 ----- Land rollers and levelers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
8713-L01 ----- Land surveying
4953-L01 ----- Landfill, sanitary: operation of
6519-L01 ----- Landholding offices
3728-L01 ----- Landing gear, aircraft-mfg
3449-L01 ----- Landing mats, aircraft: metal-mfg
3731-L01 ----- Landing ships, building and repairing-mfg
3728-L02 ----- Landing skis and tracks, aircraft-mfg
0781-L01 ----- Landscape architects
0781-L02 ----- Landscape counseling
0781-000 ----- Landscape counseling and planning
0781-L03 ----- Landscape planning
8299-L01 ----- Language schools
3229-L03 ----- Lantern globes, glass: pressed or blown-mfg
3861-L01 ----- Lantern slide plates, sensitized-mfg
3648-L01 ----- Lanterns: electric, gas, carbide, kerosene, and gasoline-mfg
2679-L02 ----- Lanterns, halloween: papier mach-mfpm-mfg
5085-L01 ----- Lapidary equipment-wholesale
3915-L01 ----- Lapidary work, contract and other-mfg
3541-L01 ----- Lapping machines-mfg
2013-L02 ----- Lard-mfpm-mfg
2011-L02 ----- Lard-mitse-mfg
5147-L01 ----- Lard-wholesale
3674-L01 ----- Laser diodes-mfg
3845-L01 ----- Laser systems and equipment, medical-mfg
3699-L02 ----- Laser welding, drilling and cutting equipment-mfg
3199-L01 ----- Lashes (whips)-mfg
2411-L01 ----- Last blocks, wood: hewn or riven-mfg
2499-L03 ----- Last sole patterns, regardless of material-mfg
2499-L04 ----- Lasts, boot and shoe: regardless of material-mfg
3069-L02 ----- Latex, foamed-mfg
3449-L02 ----- Lath, expanded metal-mfg
2493-L01 ----- Lath, fiber-mfg
3275-L01 ----- Lath, gypsum-mfg
2421-L01 ----- Lath, made in sawmills and lath mills-mfg
3496-L02 ----- Lath, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3545-L01 ----- Lathe attachments and cutting tools (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3541-L02 ----- Lathes, metal cutting-mfg
3541-L03 ----- Lathes, metal polishing-mfg
3542-L01 ----- Lathes, spinning-mfg
3553-L01 ----- Lathes, wood turning: including accessories-mfg
1742-L01 ----- Lathing-contractors
3111-L02 ----- Latigo leather-mfg
7218-L01 ----- Laundered mat and rug supply service
7218-L02 ----- Launderers, industrial
2399-L01 ----- Launderers, nets-mfg
7215-L01 ----- Launderettes
7542-L01 ----- Laundries, automotive
7219-L01 ----- Laundries, except power and coin-operated
7211-L01 ----- Laundries, power: family and commercial
7215-L02 ----- Laundromats
7219-000 ----- Laundry and garment services, n.e.c.
7211-L02 ----- Laundry collecting and distributing outlets operated by power laundries
3537-L01 ----- Laundry containers on wheels-mfg
5087-L01 ----- Laundry equipment and supplies-wholesale
2211-L01 ----- Laundry fabrics, cotton-mfg
3444-L01 ----- Laundry hampers, sheet metal-mfg
7215-L03 ----- Laundry machine routes, coin-operated
3582-L01 ----- Laundry machinery and equipment, commercial, including coin-operated-mfg
3633-L01 ----- Laundry machinery, household, including coin-operated-mfg
2211-L02 ----- Laundry nets-mitse-mfg
5169-L01 ----- Laundry soap, chips, and powder-wholesale
2899-L01 ----- Laundry sours-mfg
3272-L01 ----- Laundry trays, concrete-mfg
3261-L01 ----- Laundry trays, vitreous china-mfg
3431-L01 ----- Laundry tubs, enameled iron and other metal-mfg
3088-L01 ----- Laundry tubs, plastics-mfg
2869-L02 ----- Lauric acid esters-mfg
3431-L02 ----- Lavatories, enameled iron and other metal-mfg
3088-L02 ----- Lavatories, plastics-mfg
3261-L02 ----- Lavatories, vitreous china-mfg
9229-L01 ----- Law enforcement statistics centers-government
8111-L01 ----- Law offices
3524-000 ----- Lawn and garden equipment
0782-000 ----- Lawn and garden services
0782-L01 ----- Lawn care
3524-L01 ----- Lawn edgers, power-mfg
0782-L02 ----- Lawn fertilizing services
2519-L01 ----- Lawn furniture: except wood, metal, stone, and concrete-mfg
2514-L01 ----- Lawn furniture, metal-mfg
5021-L01 ----- Lawn furniture-wholesale
5083-L02 ----- Lawn machinery and equipment-wholesale
0782-L03 ----- Lawn mowing services
0782-L04 ----- Lawn mulching services
3524-L02 ----- Lawn rollers, residential-mfg
0782-L05 ----- Lawn seeding services
0782-L06 ----- Lawn spraying services
0782-L07 ----- Lawn sprigging services
1711-L01 ----- Lawn sprinkler system installation-contractors
7699-L02 ----- Lawnmower repair shops
3524-L03 ----- Lawnmowers, hand and power: residential-mfg
5261-L01 ----- Lawnmowers-retail
2211-L03 ----- Lawns, cotton-mfg
8111-L02 ----- Lawyers
2834-L01 ----- Laxatives-mfg

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