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[Ice - Ins]

3069-I01 ----- Ice bags, rubber or rubberized fabric-mfg
3822-I01 ----- Ice bank controls-mfg
3632-I01 ----- Ice boxes, household-mfg
3585-I01 ----- Ice boxes, industrial-mfg
3089-I01 ----- Ice buckets, plastics: except foam-mfg
3429-I01 ----- Ice chests or coolers, portable, except insulated foam plastics-mfg
3086-I01 ----- Ice chests or coolers, portable: foamed plastics-mfg
3089-I02 ----- Ice chests or coolers, portable, plastics: except insulated or foam plastics-mfg
2024-000 ----- Ice cream and frozen desserts
5143-I01 ----- Ice cream and ices-wholesale
5078-I01 ----- Ice cream cabinets-wholesale
3411-I01 ----- Ice cream cans, metal-mfg
2052-I01 ----- Ice cream cones and wafers-mfg
2657-I01 ----- Ice cream containers, folding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2656-I01 ----- Ice cream containers, nonfolding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
3469-I01 ----- Ice cream dippers-mfg
2024-I01 ----- Ice cream: e.g., bulk, packaged, molded, on sticks-mfg
3499-I01 ----- Ice cream freezers, household, nonelectric: metal-mfg
3556-I01 ----- Ice cream manufacturing machinery-mfg
2023-I01 ----- Ice cream mix, unfrozen: liquid or dry-mfg
5451-I01 ----- Ice cream (packaged) stores-retail
5812-I01 ----- Ice cream stands
5963-I01 ----- Ice cream wagons-retail
3634-I01 ----- Ice crushers, electric-mfg
3569-I01 ----- Ice crushers, except household-mfg
2097-I01 ----- Ice cubes-mfg
5999-I01 ----- Ice dealers-retail
7941-I01 ----- Ice hockey clubs, professional or semiprofessional
3822-I02 ----- Ice maker controls-mfg
3585-I02 ----- Ice making machinery-mfg
5078-I02 ----- Ice making machines-wholesale
2097-I02 ----- Ice, manufactured or artificial: except dry ice-mfg
5199-I01 ----- Ice, manufactured or natural-wholesale
2024-I02 ----- Ice milk: e.g., bulk, packaged, molded, on sticks-mfg
2023-I02 ----- Ice milk mix, unfrozen: liquid or dry-mfg
2097-I03 ----- Ice plants, operated by public utilities-mfg
3949-I01 ----- Ice skates-mfg
7999-I01 ----- Ice skating rink operation
2086-I01 ----- Iced tea, bottled or canned-mfg
1499-I01 ----- Iceland spar mining (optical grade calcite)
2024-I03 ----- Ices and sherbets-mfg
4741-I01 ----- Icing of railroad cars
7389-I01 ----- Identification engraving service
3999-I01 ----- Identification plates-mfg
3999-I02 ----- Identification tags, except paper-mfg
5043-I01 ----- Identity recorders for photographing checks and fingerprints-wholesale
2899-I01 ----- Igniter grains, boron potassium nitrate-mfg
3483-I01 ----- Igniters, tracer: for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3694-I01 ----- Ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines-mfg
3694-I02 ----- Ignition cable sets or wire assemblies for internal combustion engines-mfg
3822-I03 ----- Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic-mfg
7539-I01 ----- Ignition service, automotive
3694-I03 ----- Ignition systems, high frequency-mfg
3825-I01 ----- Ignition testing instruments-mfg
3612-I01 ----- Ignition transformers-mfg
1099-L01 ----- Ilmenite mining
3229-I01 ----- Illuminating glass: light shades, reflectors, lamp chimneys, and globes-mfg
2911-I01 ----- Illuminating oil, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
7336-A02 ----- Illustration, commercial
3299-I01 ----- Images, small: gypsum, clay, or papier mache-factory production only-mfg
7231-I01 ----- Image and color consultants
3634-L01 ----- Immersion heaters, household: electric-mfg
8111-I01 ----- Immigration, legal services
9121-I01 ----- Immigration services-government
9431-I01 ----- Immunization program administration-government
3679-I01 ----- Impedance conversion units, high frequency-mfg
3825-I02 ----- Impedance measuring equipment-mfg
3824-I01 ----- Impeller and counter driven flow meters-mfg
3842-I01 ----- Implants, surgical-mfg
7389-I06 ----- Import and export trading information
1389-I01 ----- Impounding and storing salt water in connection with petroleum production
4971-I01 ----- Impounding reservoirs, irrigation
2295-I01 ----- Impregnating and coating of fabrics, except rubberizing-mfg
3843-I01 ----- Impression material, dental-mfg
2759-I01 ----- Imprinting, except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754-I01 ----- Imprinting: gravure-mfg
2835-I01 ----- In vitro diagnostics-mfg
2835-I02 ----- In vivo diagnostics-mfg
2835-I03 ----- In vivo radioactive reagents-mfg
3822-I04 ----- In-built thermostats, filled system and bi-metal types-mfg
3641-I01 ----- Incandescent filament lamp bulbs, complete-mfg
3559-I01 ----- Incandescent lamp making machinery-mfg
5999-I02 ----- Incense and aromatics-retail
2899-I02 ----- Incense-mfg
3822-I05 ----- Incinerator control systems, residential and commercial types-mfg
1796-I01 ----- Incinerator installation, small-contractors
4953-I01 ----- Incinerator operation
3272-I01 ----- Incinerators, concrete-mfg
3567-L02 ----- Incinerators, metal: domestic and commercial-mfg
7291-I01 ----- Income tax return preparation services without accounting, auditing, or bookkeeping services
3523-I01 ----- Incubators, except laboratory and infant-mfg
3842-I02 ----- Incubators, infant-mfg
3821-I01 ----- Incubators, laboratory-mfg
2675-I01 ----- Index and other cut cards-mfpm-mfg
3952-I01 ----- India ink-mfg
3949-L02 ----- Indian clubs-mfg
5812-I02 ----- Indian restaurants
5084-L03 ----- Indicating instruments and accessories-wholesale
3825-I03 ----- Indicating instruments, electric-mfg
3829-I01 ----- Indicator testers, turntable-mfg
2865-I01 ----- Indicators, chemical-mfg
2819-I01 ----- Indium chloride-mfg
8322-000 ----- Individual and family services
5812-I03 ----- Indonesian restaurants
3567-I01 ----- Induction heating equipment-mfg
3677-I01 ----- Inductors, electronic-mfg
2869-I01 ----- Industrial alcohol denatured (nonbeverage)-mfg
6512-I01 ----- Industrial and commercial buildings, operators of
2296-I01 ----- Industrial belting reinforcement, cord and fabric-mfg
3991-I01 ----- Industrial brooms and brushes-mfg
1541-I01 ----- Industrial building construction-general contractors
5169-I03 ----- Industrial chemicals-wholesale
3625-I01 ----- Industrial controls: pushbutton, selector switches, and pilot-mfg
8748-I01 ----- Industrial development planning service, commercial
7699-I02 ----- Industrial electronic repair
1796-I02 ----- Industrial equipment installation-contractors
5812-I04 ----- Industrial feeding
5085-I01 ----- Industrial fittings-wholesale
3567-000 ----- Industrial furnaces and ovens-mfg
2326-I01 ----- Industrial garments: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2813-G01 ----- Industrial gases-mfg
5169-I01 ----- Industrial gases-wholesale
3229-I02 ----- Industrial glassware and glass products, pressed or blown-mfg
3231-I01 ----- Industrial glassware, made from purchased glass-mfg
1629-I01 ----- Industrial incinerator construction-general contractors
2819-000 ----- Industrial inorganic chemicals, n.e.c.-mfg
8731-I01 ----- Industrial laboratories, commercial research: except testing
7218-L03 ----- Industrial launderers
3646-I01 ----- Industrial lighting fixtures-mfg
6141-I01 ----- Industrial loan banks,, not engaged in deposit banking
6141-I02 ----- Industrial loan companies, not engaged in deposit banking
3743-I01 ----- Industrial locomotives and parts-mfg
5084-000 ----- Industrial machinery and equipment-wholesale
3599-000 ----- Industrial machinery, n.e.c.-mfg
3646-L02 ----- Industrial mercury lighting fixtures-mfg
3544-I01 ----- Industrial molds-mfg
7812-I01 ----- Industrial motion picture production
5063-I01 ----- Industrial motor controls-wholesale
2869-000 ----- Industrial organic chemicals, n.e.c.-mfg
2869-I02 ----- Industrial organic cyclic compounds-mfg
3543-000 ----- Industrial patterns-mfg
5113-000 ----- Industrial & personal service paper
1629-I02 ----- Industrial plant appurtenance construction-general contractors
1541-L01 ----- Industrial plant construction-general contractors
2842-L02 ----- Industrial plant disinfectants and deodorants-mfg
3823-L05 ----- Industrial process control instruments-mfg
3567-I02 ----- Industrial process furnaces and ovens, except bakery ovens-mfg
5047-L02 ----- Industrial safety devices: first-aid kits, face and eye masks-wholesale
5085-I05 ----- Industrial safety equipment-wholesale
5169-I02 ----- Industrial salts-wholesale
1446-I01 ----- Industrial sand mining
3596-I01 ----- Industrial scales-mfg
5085-I02 ----- Industrial sewing thread-wholesale
2899-I03 ----- Industrial sizes-mfg
8611-I01 ----- Industrial standards committees
5085-000 ----- Industrial supplies
3537-000 ----- Industrial trucks and tractors-mfg
3537-I01 ----- Industrial truck cranes-mfg
7359-I01 ----- Industrial truck rental and leasing
7699-I01 ----- Industrial truck repair
3537-I02 ----- Industrial trucks and tractors-mfg
7218-I01 ----- Industrial uniform supply service
3491-000 ----- Industrial valves
5085-I03 ----- Industrial wheels-wholesale
5199-I02 ----- Industrial yarn-wholesale
3812-I01 ----- Inertial navigation systems, aeronautical-mfg
3842-I03 ----- Infant incubators-mfg
2043-I01 ----- Infants, foods, cereal type-mfg
5641-I01 ----- Infants, wear stores-retail
5137-I01 ----- Infants, wear-wholesale
7375-000 ----- Information retrieval services
7375-I01 ----- Information retrieval services, on-line
4731-I01 ----- Information service, freight rate
3812-I02 ----- Infrared homing systems, aeronautical-mfg
3823-I01 ----- Infrared instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3641-I02 ----- Infrared lamp bulbs-mfg
3648-I02 ----- Infrared lamp fixtures-mfg
3567-I03 ----- Infrared ovens, industrial-mfg
3674-I01 ----- Infrared sensors, solid-state-mfg
3826-I01 ----- Infrared type analytical instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3355-I01 ----- Ingot, aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
3321-I01 ----- Ingot molds and stools-mfg
3334-I01 ----- Ingots, aluminum: primary-mfg
3331-I01 ----- Ingots, copper: primary-mfg
3339-I01 ----- Ingots, lead-mfg
3341-I01 ----- Ingots, nonferrous: smelting and refining-secondary-mfg
3339-I02 ----- Ingots, primary: nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum-mfg
3312-I01 ----- Ingots, steel-mfg
5051-I01 ----- Ingots-wholesale
8049-I01 ----- Inhalation therapists, registered
3841-I01 ----- Inhalation therapy equipment-mfg
3841-I02 ----- Inhalators, surgical and medical-mfg
2899-I04 ----- Ink and writing fluids, except printing and drawing-mfg
2842-I01 ----- Ink, burnishing-mfg
3952-I02 ----- Ink, drawing: black and colored-mfg
2893-I01 ----- Ink, duplicating-mfg
2842-I02 ----- Ink eradicators-mfg
2899-I05 ----- Ink, indelible-mfg
5085-I04 ----- Ink, printers-wholesale
2893-I02 ----- Ink, printing: base or finished-mfg
2899-I06 ----- Ink, stamp pad-mfg
5112-I01 ----- Ink, writing-wholesale
5112-I02 ----- Inked ribbons-wholesale
3229-I03 ----- Inkwells, glass-mfg
2499-I01 ----- Inlays for furniture (veneers)-mfg
3131-I01 ----- Inner soles, leather-mfg
3011-I01 ----- Inner tubes: airplane, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, and tractor-mfg
7011-I01 ----- Inns, furnishing food and lodging
2819-I02 ----- Inorganic acids, except nitric or phosphoric-mfg
2833-I01 ----- Inorganic medicinal chemicals: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2816-I01 ----- Inorganic pigments-mfg
3577-I01 ----- Input/output equipment, computer: except terminals-mfg
0721-I01 ----- Insect control for crops, with or without fertilizing
2879-I01 ----- Insect powder, household-mfg
3496-I01 ----- Insect screening, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
2879-I02 ----- Insecticides, agricultural-mfg
2879-I03 ----- Insecticides, household-mfg
5191-I01 ----- Insecticides-wholesale
3545-I01 ----- Inserts, cutting tool-mfg
3999-I03 ----- Insignia, military: except textile-mfg
2399-I01 ----- Insignia, military: textile-mfg
9651-I01 ----- Inspection for labor standards-government
7389-I02 ----- Inspection of commodities, not connected with transportation
2899-I07 ----- Inspection oil, fluorescent-mfg
7549-I01 ----- Inspection service, automotive
4785-I01 ----- Inspection services connected with transportation
1796-I03 ----- Installation of machinery and other industrial equipment contractors
1796-000 ----- Installing building equipment, n.e.c.
6153-L01 ----- Installment notes, buying of
6153-I01 ----- Installment paper dealer
6141-I03 ----- Installment sales finance, other than banks
2095-I01 ----- Instant coffee-mfg
2752-I01 ----- Instant printing, except photocopy service-mfg
1542-I01 ----- Institutional building construction, nonresidential-general contractors
3646-I02 ----- Institutional lighting fixtures-mfg
3714-I01 ----- Instrument board assemblies, motor vehicle-mfg
3812-I03 ----- Instrument landing system instrumentation, airborne or airport-mfg
3827-I01 ----- Instrument lenses-mfg
3728-I01 ----- Instrument panel mockups: aircraft training units-mfg
3825-I04 ----- Instrument relays, all types-mfg
3825-I05 ----- Instrument shunts-mfg
3495-I01 ----- Instrument springs, precision: made from purchased wire-mfg
3612-I02 ----- Instrument transformers, except portable-mfg
3829-I02 ----- Instrumentation for reactor controls, auxiliary-mfg
3695-I01 ----- Instrumentation type tape, blank-mfg
3841-I03 ----- Instruments and apparatus, except electromedical: medical, surgical, ophthalmic, and veterinary-mfg
3825-I06 ----- Instruments, electric: for testing electrical characteristics-mfg
3823-I02 ----- Instruments for industrial process control-mfg
3825-I07 ----- Instruments for measuring electrical quantities-mfg
3952-I03 ----- Instruments, lettering: artists-mfg
3841-I04 ----- Instruments, microsurgical: except electromedical-mfg
3931-I01 ----- Instruments, musical-mfg
3861-I01 ----- Instruments, photographic-mfg
3825-000 ----- Instruments to measure electricity
3357-I01 ----- Insulated wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
2679-I01 ----- Insulating batts, fills, and blankets:paper-mfpm-mfg
2899-I08 ----- Insulating compounds-mfg
5033-I02 ----- Insulating ceramic paint - wholesale
3255-I01 ----- Insulating firebrick and shapes, clay-mfg
3211-I01 ----- Insulating glass, sealed units-mitse-mfg
2499-I02 ----- Insulating materials, cork-mfg
3292-I01 ----- Insulating materials for covering boilers and pipes-mfg
3275-I01 ----- Insulating plaster, gypsum-mfg
2493-I01 ----- Insulating siding, board-mitse-mfg
2952-I01 ----- Insulating siding, impregnated-mfpm-mfg
2241-I01 ----- Insulating tapes and braids, electric, except plastics-mfg
3086-I02 ----- Insulation and cushioning: foamed plastics-mfg
2493-I02 ----- Insulation board, cellular fiber or hard pressed (without gypsum)-misc-mfg
2679-I02 ----- Insulation, cellulose-mfpm-mfg
1742-I01 ----- Insulation installation, buildings-contractors
5211-I01 ----- Insulation material, building-retail
3292-I02 ----- Insulation, molded asbestos-mfg
1799-I01 ----- Insulation of pipes and boilers-contractors
3296-I01 ----- Insulation: rock wool, fiberglass, slag, and silica minerals-mfg
5033-I01 ----- Insulation, thermal-wholesale
2298-L01 ----- Insulator pads, cordage-mfg
3644-I01 ----- Insulators, electrical: except glass and ceramic-mfg
3229-I04 ----- Insulators, electrical: glass-mfg
5063-I02 ----- Insulators, electrical-wholesale
3264-I01 ----- Insulators, porcelain-mfg
2833-I02 ----- Insulin: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2834-I01 ----- Insulin preparations-mfg
3299-I02 ----- Insulsleeves (foundry materials)-mfg
6321-I01 ----- Insurance, accident and health
6411-I01 ----- Insurance adjusters
6411-I02 ----- Insurance advisory services
6411-I03 ----- Insurance agents
6399-I01 ----- Insurance, bank deposit or share
6411-I04 ----- Insurance brokers
6512-I02 ----- Insurance buildings, operation of
6321-I02 ----- Insurance carriers, accident
6331-I01 ----- Insurance carriers: fire, marine, and casualty
6321-I03 ----- Insurance carriers, health
6311-I01 ----- Insurance carriers, life
6399-000 ----- Insurance carriers, n.e.c.
6411-I05 ----- Insurance claim adjusters, not employed by insurance companies
9651-I02 ----- Insurance commissions-government
6351-I01 ----- Insurance, credit or other financial responsibility
6411-I06 ----- Insurance educational services
6351-I02 ----- Insurance, fidelity
6331-L01 ----- Insurance: fire, marine, and casualty
6411-I07 ----- Insurance information bureaus
6411-I08 ----- Insurance inspection and investigation services
6311-I02 ----- Insurance, life
6411-I09 ----- Insurance loss prevention services
6411-I10 ----- Insurance patrol services
8099-I01 ----- Insurance physical examination service, except by physicians
6411-I11 ----- Insurance professional standards services
6411-I12 ----- Insurance rate making services
6411-I13 ----- Insurance reporting services
6411-I14 ----- Insurance research services
6411-I15 ----- Insurance services
6351-I03 ----- Insurance, surety
6361-L01 ----- Insurance, title protection

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