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3944-H01 ----- Hobby horses-mfg
5092-H01 ----- Hobby kits-wholesale
5945-H01 ----- Hobby shops-retail
5945-000 ----- Hobby, toy, and game shops
3545-H01 ----- Hobs-mfg
5084-H02 ----- Hobs-wholesale
7997-H02 ----- Hockey clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
3949-H02 ----- Hockey equipment, except uniforms and footwear-mfg
0721-H01 ----- Hoeing
3423-H05 ----- Hoes, garden and masons'-mfg
0213-H01 ----- Hog farms
3523-H07 ----- Hog feeding, handling, and watering equipment-mfg
3496-H03 ----- Hog rings, made from purchased wire-mfg
2011-H03 ----- Hog slaughtering plants-mfg
0213-000 ----- Hogs
5154-H01 ----- Hogs-wholesale
2449-H02 ----- Hogsheads, wood: coopered-mfg
3537-H01 ----- Hoists, aircraft loading-mfg
3536-000 ----- Hoists, cranes, and monorails-mfg
3536-H01 ----- Hoists, except aircraft loading and automobile wrecker hoists-mfg
3536-H02 ----- Hoists, hand-mfg
3536-H03 ----- Hoists, overhead-mfg
5084-H03 ----- Hoists-wholesale
3999-H12 ----- Holders, cigar and cigarette-mfg
3952-H01 ----- Holders, pencil-mfg
3861-H03 ----- Holders: photographic film, plate, and paper-mfg
3089-H04 ----- Holders, plastics: paper towel, grocery bag, dust mop and broom-mfg
3841-H02 ----- Holders, surgical needle-mfg
6719-H01 ----- Holding companies, except bank
6719-000 ----- Holding offices, n.e.c.
3914-H01 ----- Hollowware, silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated-mfg
3199-H06 ----- Holsters, leather-mfg
5999-H05 ----- Home brewing products-retail
5023-000 ----- Home furnishings-wholesale
8082-H01 ----- Home health care services
1522-H01 ----- Home improvements, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521-H01 ----- Home improvements, single-family-general contractors
2844-H04 ----- Home permanent kits-mfg
7221-H01 ----- Home photographers
3651-H01 ----- Home tape recorders: cassette, cartridge, and reel-mfg
3541-H01 ----- Home workshop machine tools, metalworking-mfg
5932-H01 ----- Homefurnishing stores, secondhand-retail
5932-H02 ----- Homefurnishings, antique-retail
5023-H01 ----- Homefurnishings-wholesale
8322-H02 ----- Homemaker's service, primarily nonmedical
8641-H01 ----- Homeowner associations, except property management
8361-H03 ----- Homes for children, with health care incidental
8361-H04 ----- Homes for destitute men and women
8361-H05 ----- Homes for the aged, with health care incidental
8361-H06 ----- Homes for the deaf or blind, with healthcare incidental
8361-H07 ----- Homes for the emotionally disturbed, with health care incidental
8361-H08 ----- Homes for the mentally handicapped, with health care incidental
8059-H01 ----- Homes for the mentally retarded with health care, except 8killed and intermediate care facilities
8361-H09 ----- Homes for the physically handicapped, with health care incidental
2033-H01 ----- Hominy, canned-mfg
2041-H01 ----- Hominy grits, except breakfast food-mfg
2043-H01 ----- Hominy grits prepared as cereal breakfast food-mfg
3556-H01 ----- Homogenizing machinery: dairy, fruit, vegetable, and other foods-mfg
3291-H01 ----- Hones-mfg
0279-H01 ----- Honey production
2099-H01 ----- Honey, strained and bottled-mfg
0752-H01 ----- Honey straining on the farm
5149-H02 ----- Honey-wholesale
2679-H03 ----- Honeycomb core and board-mfpm-mfg
3999-H13 ----- Honeycomb foundations (beekeepers, supplies)-mfg
3469-H02 ----- Honeycombed metal-mfg
3541-H02 ----- Honing and lapping machines-mfg
3545-H02 ----- Honing heads-mfg
9223-H01 ----- Honor camps-government
3443-H04 ----- Hoods, industrial: metal plate-mfg
3714-H02 ----- Hoods, motor vehicle-mfg
3444-H02 ----- Hoods, range: sheet metal-mfg
2273-H01 ----- Hooked rugs-mfg
3965-H03 ----- Hooks and eyes-mfg
3423-H06 ----- Hooks: bush, grass, baling, and husking-mfg
3443-H05 ----- Hooks, crane: laminated plate-mfg
3965-H04 ----- Hooks, crochet-mfg
3949-H03 ----- Hooks, fishing-mfg
3452-H01 ----- Hooks, gate-mfg
3452-H02 ----- Hooks, screw-mfg
3312-H01 ----- Hoops, galvanized iron and steel-mfg
3312-H02 ----- Hoops, iron and steel: made in steel works or hot-rolling mills-mfg
3499-H01 ----- Hoops, metal: other than wire-mfg
2429-H02 ----- Hoops, wood: for tight or slack cooperage-sawed or split-mfg
5149-H03 ----- Hop extract-wholesale
0139-H02 ----- Hop farms
3545-H03 ----- Hopper feed devices-mfg
3537-H02 ----- Hoppers, end dump-mfg
3443-H06 ----- Hoppers, metal plate-mfg
3444-H03 ----- Hoppers, sheet metal-mfg
5159-H03 ----- Hops-wholesale
3812-H02 ----- Horizon situation instrumentation-mfg
2834-H01 ----- Hormone preparations, except diagnostics-mfg
2833-H02 ----- Hormones and derivatives-mfg
2879-H02 ----- Hormones, plant-mfg
3714-H03 ----- Horns, motor vehicle-mfg
3944-H02 ----- Horns, toy-mfg
3429-H05 ----- Horse bits-mfg
2399-H02 ----- Horse blankets-mfpm-mfg
3199-H07 ----- Horse boots and muzzles-mfg
0272-H01 ----- Horse farms
7999-H02 ----- Horse shows
2824-H01 ----- Horsehair, artificial: nylon-mfg
2823-H01 ----- Horsehair, artificial: rayon-mfg
2048-H02 ----- Horsemeat, except for human consumption-mfg
2011-H04 ----- Horsemeat for human consumption-misc-mfg
2035-H01 ----- Horseradish, prepared-mfg
0272-000 ----- Horses and other equines
0752-H02 ----- Horses, boarding or training (except racehorses)
7948-H01 ----- Horses, race: owners of
7948-H02 ----- Horses, race: training
7948-H03 ----- Horses, racing of
5159-H04 ----- Horses-wholesale
3462-H02 ----- Horseshoe calks, forged: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3315-H01 ----- Horseshoe nails-mfg
7699-H02 ----- Horseshoeing
3462-H03 ----- Horseshoes, not made in rolling mills-mfg
0781-H01 ----- Horticultural advisory or counseling services
5085-H01 ----- Hose, belting, and packing: industrial-wholesale
3429-H06 ----- Hose clamps-mfg
3052-H02 ----- Hose: cotton fabric, rubber lined-mfg
3429-H07 ----- Hose couplings-mfg
2241-H02 ----- Hose fabrics, tubular-mfg
3569-H02 ----- Hose, fire: except rubber-mfg
3492-H01 ----- Hose fittings and assemblies, fluid power: metal-mfg
3599-H01 ----- Hose, flexible metallic-mfg
3052-H03 ----- Hose, plastics or rubber-mfg
3842-H03 ----- Hosiery, elastic: orthopedic-mfg
2252-H01 ----- Hosiery, except women's and misses, full length and knee-length-mfg
3999-H14 ----- Hosiery kits, sewing and mending-mfg
3552-H02 ----- Hosiery machines-mfg
5136-H03 ----- Hosiery, men's and boys'-wholesale
2252-000 ----- Hosiery, n.e.c.-mfg
7389-H03 ----- Hosiery pairing on a contract or fee basis
5632-H02 ----- Hosiery stores-retail
3842-H04 ----- Hosiery, support-mfg
5137-H04 ----- Hosiery: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
2251-H01 ----- Hosiery, women's full-length and knee-length, except socks-mfg
6324-H01 ----- Hospital and medical service plans
2599-H01 ----- Hospital beds-mfg
1542-H01 ----- Hospital construction-general contractors
3537-H03 ----- Hospital dollies-mfg
5047-H02 ----- Hospital equipment-wholesale
5047-H03 ----- Hospital furniture-wholesale
5137-H05 ----- Hospital gowns: women's and children's-wholesale
2326-H01 ----- Hospital service apparel, washable: men's-mfg
2392-H02 ----- Hospital sheets, nonwoven textiles-mfg
3365-H01 ----- Hospital utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3469-H03 ----- Hospital utensils, porcelain enameled-mfg
8069-H01 ----- Hospitals, specialty: except psychiatric
3089-H05 ----- Hospitalware, plastics: except foam-mfg
7011-H01 ----- Hostels
3479-H01 ----- Hot dip coating of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
5812-H02 ----- Hot dog (frankfurter) stands
1389-H02 ----- Hot oil treating of oil field tanks: on a contract basis
1389-H03 ----- Hot shot service: on a contract basis
3547-H01 ----- Hot strip mill machinery-mfg
3255-H02 ----- Hot top refractories, clay-mfg
3297-H02 ----- Hot top refractories, nonclay-mfg
2449-H03 ----- Hot tubs, coopered-mfg
3088-H01 ----- Hot tubs, plastics or fiberglass-mfg
5999-H02 ----- Hot tubs-retail
5091-H01 ----- Hot tubs-wholesale
3639-H01 ----- Hot water heaters, household: including nonelectric-mfg
3493-H02 ----- Hot wound springs, except wire springs-mfg
3312-H03 ----- Hot-rolled iron and steel products-mfg
1522-H02 ----- Hotel construction-general contractors
7389-H04 ----- Hotel reservation service
3262-H01 ----- Hotel tableware and kitchen articles, vitreous china-mfg
7011-H02 ----- Hotels, except residential
7011-000 ----- Hotels, motels, and tourist courts
7041-H01 ----- Hotels operated by organizations for members only
6513-H01 ----- Hotels, residential: operators
7011-H03 ----- Hotels, seasonal
8322-H03 ----- Hotlines
3634-H10 ----- Hotplates, electric-mfg
3821-H01 ----- Hotplates, laboratory-mfg
1521-H02 ----- House construction, single-family-general contractors
5963-H01 ----- House delivery of purchased milk-retail
8712-H01 ----- House designers
2392-000 ----- House furnishings, n.e.c.-mfg
1799-H01 ----- House moving-contractors
1721-H01 ----- House painting contractors
1521-H03 ----- House: shell erection, single-family-general contractors
3142-H01 ----- House slippers-mfg
7519-H01 ----- House trailer rental
5963-H02 ----- House-to-house selling of coffee, soda, beer, bottled water, or other products-retail
7999-H03 ----- Houseboat rentals
3732-H01 ----- Houseboats, building and repairing-mfg
2384-H01 ----- Housecoats, except children's and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2369-H02 ----- Housecoats: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2253-H03 ----- Housecoats-misc-mfg
2335-H01 ----- Housedresses: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2392-H03 ----- Housefurnishings, except curtains and draperies-mfg
5722-000 ----- Household appliance stores
5722-H01 ----- Household appliance stores, electric or gas-retail
3639-000 ----- Household appliances, n.e.c.-mfg
3651-000 ----- Household audio and video equipment-mfg
2842-H02 ----- Household bleaches, dry or liquid-mfg
3991-H02 ----- Household brooms and brushes-mfg
3631-000 ----- Household cooking equipment
3263-H01 ----- Household earthenware, semivitreous-mfg
2519-H01 ----- Household furniture, glass and plastics-mfg
2519-000 ----- Household furniture, n.e.c.-mfg
2519-H02 ----- Household furniture: rattan, reed, malacca, fiber, willow, and wicker-mfg
5712-H01 ----- Household furniture-retail
2512-H01 ----- Household furniture upholstered on wood frames, except dual-purpose sleep furniture-mfg
5021-H01 ----- Household furniture-wholesale
2511-H03 ----- Household furniture, wood: except upholstered-mfg
3069-H07 ----- Household gloves, rubber-mfg
4214-H01 ----- Household goods moving, local: combined with storage
4226-H01 ----- Household goods warehousing and storage, without local trucking
2879-H03 ----- Household insecticides-mfg
3633-000 ----- Household laundry equipment-mfg
3632-000 ----- Household refrigerators and freezers-mfg
3262-H02 ----- Household tableware and kitchen articles, vitreous china-mfg
2899-H05 ----- Household tints and dyes-mfg
3365-H02 ----- Household utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3469-H04 ----- Household utensils, porcelain enameled-mfg
3469-H05 ----- Household utensils, stamped and pressed metal-mfg
3635-000 ----- Household vacuum cleaners-mfg
2499-H05 ----- Household woodenware-mfg
8811-H01 ----- Households, private: employing cooks, maids, chauffeurs, gardeners, etc.
7349-H01 ----- Housekeeping (cleaning service) on a contract or fee basis
9223-H02 ----- Houses of correction-government
2452-H01 ----- Houses, portable: prefabricated wood-except mobile homes-mfg
3448-H01 ----- Houses, prefabricated: metal-mfg
3792-H01 ----- Housetrailers, except as permanent dwellings-mfg
5963-H03 ----- Housewares: house-to house, telephone or party plan selling-retail
5719-H01 ----- Housewares stores-retail
9531-H01 ----- Housing agencies, nonoperating-government
9531-H02 ----- Housing authorities, nonoperating-government
6531-H01 ----- Housing authorities, operating
3443-H07 ----- Housing cabinets for radium, metal plate-mfg
3272-H01 ----- Housing components, prefabricated: concrete-mfg
9531-000 ----- Housing programs
3444-H04 ----- Housings for business machines, sheet metal: except stamped-mfg
3469-H06 ----- Housings for business machines, stamped metal-mfg
3443-H08 ----- Housings, pressure-mfg
3711-H02 ----- Hovercraft (motor vehicles)-mfg
3489-H01 ----- Howitzers, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3559-H02 ----- Hub and die-cutting machines (jewelers)-mfg
3465-H01 ----- Hub caps, automotive: stamped-mfg
3728-H01 ----- Hubs, aircraft propeller-mfg
2499-H06 ----- Hubs, wood-mfg
2211-H03 ----- Huck toweling-mfg
0831-H02 ----- Huckleberry greens, gathering of
5963-H04 ----- Hucksters-retail
1061-H01 ----- Huebnerite mining
0723-H01 ----- Hulling and shelling of tree nuts
3523-H08 ----- Hulling machinery, agricultural-mfg
8742-H01 ----- Human resource consultants
8699-H02 ----- Humane societies, animal
5075-H01 ----- Humidifiers and dehumidifiers, except portable-wholesale
5064-H02 ----- Humidifiers and dehumidifiers, portable-wholesale
3634-H11 ----- Humidifiers, electric: portable-mfg
3585-H03 ----- Humidifying equipment, except portable-mfg
3822-H01 ----- Humidistats: wall, duct, and skeleton-mfg
3822-H02 ----- Humidity controls, air-conditioning types-mfg
3829-H02 ----- Humidity instruments, except industrial process and air-conditioning type-mfg
3823-H01 ----- Humidity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
7997-H03 ----- Hunt clubs, membership
5941-H01 ----- Hunters, equipment
7032-H01 ----- Hunting camps
0971-H01 ----- Hunting carried on as a business enterprise
2329-H01 ----- Hunting coats and vests, men's-mfpm-mfg
7999-H04 ----- Hunting guides
3421-H02 ----- Hunting knives-mfg
0971-H02 ----- Hunting preserves, operation of
0971-000 ----- Hunting, trapping, game propagation
3423-H07 ----- Husking hooks-mfg
3674-H02 ----- Hybrid integrated circuits-mfg
2819-H03 ----- Hydrated alumina silicate powder-mfg
3274-H01 ----- Hydrated lime-mfg
5085-H02 ----- Hydraulic and pneumatic pistons and valves-wholesale
3593-H01 ----- Hydraulic cylinders, fluid power-mfg
3714-H04 ----- Hydraulic fluid power pumps for automotive steering mechanisms-mfg
2992-H01 ----- Hydraulic fluids-mfpm-mfg
2869-H04 ----- Hydraulic fluids, synthetic base-mfg
1389-H04 ----- Hydraulic fracturing wells on a contract basis
3492-H02 ----- Hydraulic hose assemblies-mfg
3594-H01 ----- Hydraulic pumps, aircraft-mfg
3511-H01 ----- Hydraulic turbine generator set units, complete-mfg
3511-H02 ----- Hydraulic turbines-mfg
3492-H03 ----- Hydraulic valves, including aircraft: fluid power-metal-mfg
2819-H04 ----- Hydrazine-mfg
2911-H01 ----- Hydrocarbon fluid, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2869-H05 ----- Hydrocarbon gases, fluorinated-mfg
2819-H05 ----- Hydrochloric acid-mfg
2819-H06 ----- Hydrocyanic acid-mfg
1629-H02 ----- Hydroelectric plant construction-general contractors
2899-H06 ----- Hydrofluoric acid compound, for etching and polishing glass-mfg
2819-H07 ----- Hydrofluoric acid-mfg
3732-H02 ----- Hydrofoil boats-mfg
3731-H01 ----- Hydrofoil vessels-mfg
2813-H02 ----- Hydrogen-mfg
2819-H08 ----- Hydrogen peroxide-mfg
2819-H09 ----- Hydrogen sulfide-mfg
3561-H01 ----- Hydrojet marine engine units-mfg
2046-H02 ----- Hydrol-mfg
3829-H03 ----- Hydrometers, except industrial process type-mfg
3823-H02 ----- Hydrometers, industrial process type-mfg
3822-H03 ----- Hydronic circulator control, automatic-mfg
5074-H01 ----- Hydronic heating equipment and supplies-wholesale
3822-H04 ----- Hydronic limit control-mfg
3822-H05 ----- Hydronic pressure and temperature controls-mfg
3812-H03 ----- Hydrophones-mfg
3443-H09 ----- Hydropneumatic tanks, metal plate-mfg
0182-H01 ----- Hydroponic crops, grown under cover
2865-H01 ----- Hydroquinone-mfg
3594-H02 ----- Hydrostatic drives (transmissions)-mfg
8734-H01 ----- Hydrostatic testing laboratories
3594-H03 ----- Hydrostatic transmissions-mfg
2819-H10 ----- Hydrosulfites-mfg
3842-H05 ----- Hydrotherapy equipment-mfg
3829-H04 ----- Hygrometers, except industrial process type-mfg
3829-H05 ----- Hygrothermographs-mfg
2822-H01 ----- Hypalon-mfg
8299-H01 ----- Hypnosis schools
8049-H01 ----- Hypnotists, offices of
3841-H03 ----- Hypodermic needles and syringes-mfg
2819-H11 ----- Hypophosphites-mfg

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