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5611-H01 ----- Haberdashery stores-retail
0912-H01 ----- Haddock, catching of
5131-H01 ----- Hair accessories-wholesale
5159-H01 ----- Hair, animal-wholesale
3523-H01 ----- Hair clippers for animal use, hand and electric-mfg
3999-H01 ----- Hair clippers for human use, hand and electric-mfg
2844-H01 ----- Hair coloring preparations-mfg
2299-H01 ----- Hair, curled: for upholstery, pillow, and quilt filling-mfg
3999-H02 ----- Hair curlers, designed for beauty parlors-mfg
3634-H01 ----- Hair curlers, electric-mfg
3965-H01 ----- Hair curlers, except equipment designed for beauty parlor use-mfg
3069-H01 ----- Hair curlers, rubber-mfg
3999-H03 ----- Hair, dressing of, for the trade-mfg
3999-H04 ----- Hair dryers, designed for beauty parlors-mfg
3634-H02 ----- Hair dryers, electric: except equipment designed for beauty parlor use-mfg
3999-H05 ----- Hair goods: braids, nets, switches, toupees, and wigs-mfg
3999-H06 ----- Hair nets-mfg
3991-H01 ----- Hair pencils (artists, brushes)-mfg
2844-H02 ----- Hair preparations: dressings, rinses, tonics, and scalp conditioners-mfg
5122-H01 ----- Hair preparations-wholesale
5999-H04 ----- Hair related products-retail
7299-H01 ----- Hair removal (electrolysis)
7241-H01 ----- Hair stylists, men's
7299-H02 ----- Hair weaving or replacement service
5199-H01 ----- Hairbrushes-wholesale
2231-H01 ----- Haircloth: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
7231-H01 ----- Hairdressers
2844-H03 ----- Hairdressings, dyes, bleaches, tonics, and removers-mfg
3999-H07 ----- Hairpin mountings-mfg
3965-H02 ----- Hairpins, except rubber-mfg
3069-H02 ----- Hairpins, rubber-mfg
3495-H01 ----- Hairsprings, made from purchased wire-mfg
2026-H01 ----- Half and half-mfg
2759-H01 ----- Halftones, engraved-mfg
8361-H01 ----- Halfway group homes for persons with social or personal problems
8361-H02 ----- Halfway homes for delinquents and offenders
3674-H01 ----- Hall effect devices-mfg
2679-H01 ----- Halloween lanterns,
3199-H01 ----- Halters (harness)-mfg
2064-H01 ----- Halvah (candy)-mfg
2015-H01 ----- Ham, poultry-mfg
5812-H01 ----- Hamburger stands
3523-H02 ----- Hammer and roughage mills (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3462-H01 ----- Hammer forgings, not made in rolling mills-mfg
3531-H01 ----- Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), portable-mfg
3532-H01 ----- Hammer mills (rock and ore crushing machines), stationary-mfg
3542-H01 ----- Hammers, drop: for forging and shaping metal-mfg
3423-H01 ----- Hammers (handtools)-mfg
2499-H01 ----- Hammers, meat: wood-mfg
3931-H01 ----- Hammers, piano-mfg
3531-H02 ----- Hammers, pile driving-mfg
3546-H01 ----- Hammers: portable electric and pneumatic: e.g., chipping, riveting, caulking-mfg
3542-H02 ----- Hammers, power (forging machinery)-mfg
2399-H01 ----- Hammocks, fabric-mfpm-mfg
2514-H01 ----- Hammocks, metal or fabric and metal combination-mfg
2449-H01 ----- Hampers, fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint-mfg
2499-H02 ----- Hampers, laundry: rattan, reed, splint, veneer, and willow-mfg
3444-H01 ----- Hampers, laundry: sheet metal-mfg
2653-H01 ----- Hampers, shipping: paperboard and solid fiber-mfpm-mfg
2655-H01 ----- Hampers, shipping: vulcanized fiber-mfpm-mfg
2013-H01 ----- Hams, except poultry-mfpm-mfg
2011-H01 ----- Hams, except poultry-misc-mfg
3423-000 ----- Hand and edge tools, n.e.c.
7219-H01 ----- Hand laundries
3843-H01 ----- Hand pieces and parts, dental-mfg
3425-000 ----- Hand saws and saw blades
3953-H01 ----- Hand stamps, stencils, and brands-mfg
3999-H08 ----- Handbag frames-mfg
3111-H01 ----- Handbag leather-mfg
5632-H01 ----- Handbag stores-retail
3172-H01 ----- Handbags, men's: regardless of material-mfg
3911-H01 ----- Handbags, precious metal-mfg
5137-H01 ----- Handbags-wholesale
3171-H01 ----- Handbags, women's: of all materials, except precious metal-mfg
7997-H01 ----- Handball clubs, membership
7999-H01 ----- Handball courts, except membership clubs
7319-H01 ----- Handbill distribution service
3429-H01 ----- Handcuffs-mfg
2211-H01 ----- Handkerchief fabrics, cotton-mfg
2389-H01 ----- Handkerchiefs, except paper-mfpm-mfg
5136-H01 ----- Handkerchiefs, men's and boys'-wholesale
2676-H01 ----- Handkerchiefs, paper-mfpm-mfg
5137-H02 ----- Handkerchiefs: women's and children's-wholesale
2284-H01 ----- Handknitting thread: cotton, silk, man-made fibers, and wool-mfg
3751-H01 ----- Handle bars, motorcycle and bicycle-mfg
2426-H01 ----- Handle blanks, wood-mfg
2411-H01 ----- Handle bolts, wood: hewn-mfg
2426-H02 ----- Handle stock, sawed or planed-mfg
3089-H01 ----- Handles, brush and tool: plastics-mfg
3261-H01 ----- Handles, faucet: vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3069-H03 ----- Handles, rubber-mfg
3999-H09 ----- Handles, umbrella and parasol: except precious metal-mfg
3911-H02 ----- Handles, umbrella and parasol: gold and silver-mfg
3199-H02 ----- Handles, whip and luggage: leather-mfg
2499-H03 ----- Handles, wood: turned and shaped-mfg
5072-H01 ----- Handsaws-wholesale
7389-H01 ----- Handtool designers
5072-H02 ----- Handtools, except automotive and machinists, precision-wholesale
3546-H02 ----- Handtools, power-driven: woodworking or metalworking-mfg
5251-H01 ----- Handtools-retail
2299-H02 ----- Handwoven fabrics-mfg
7389-H02 ----- Handwriting analysis
3721-H01 ----- Hang gliders-mfg
3442-H01 ----- Hangar doors, sheet metal-mfg
4581-H01 ----- Hangar operation
3496-H01 ----- Hangers, garment: made from purchased wire-mfg
2499-H04 ----- Hangers, garment: wood-mfg
3861-H01 ----- Hangers: photographic film, plate, and paper-mfg
5063-H01 ----- Hanging and fastening devices, electrical-wholesale
2621-H01 ----- Hanging paper (wallpaper stock)-misc-mfg
1629-H01 ----- Harbor construction-general contractors
1389-H01 ----- Hard banding service: on a contract basis
1221-H01 ----- Hard coal surface mining, except Pennsylvania anthracite
1222-H01 ----- Hard coal underground mining, except Pennsylvania anthracite
2298-H01 ----- Hard fiber cordage and twine-mfg
3069-H04 ----- Hard rubber products-mfg
3996-000 ----- Hard surface floor coverings
3069-H05 ----- Hard surface floor coverings: rubber-mfg
3996-H01 ----- Hard surfaced floor coverings, except rubber and cork-mfg
2493-H01 ----- Hardboard-mfg
5031-H01 ----- Hardboard-wholesale
2899-H01 ----- Hardening compounds, concrete-mfg
3398-H01 ----- Hardening of metal for the trade-mfg
3829-H01 ----- Hardness testing equipment-mfg
5072-000 ----- Hardware
5013-H01 ----- Hardware, automotive-wholesale
3496-H02 ----- Hardware cloth, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
5072-H03 ----- Hardware, heavy-wholesale
3429-000 ----- Hardware, n.e.c.
3089-H02 ----- Hardware, plastics-mfg
3644-H01 ----- Hardware, pole line-mfg
5063-H02 ----- Hardware, pole line-wholesale
5072-H04 ----- Hardware, shelf or light-wholesale
3999-H10 ----- Hardware, stage-mfg
5251-000 ----- Hardware stores
5251-H02 ----- Hardware stores-retail
2426-000 ----- Hardwood dimension & flooring mills
2426-H03 ----- Hardwood dimension-mfg
2861-H01 ----- Hardwood distillates-mfg
1752-H01 ----- Hardwood flooring-contractors
2435-H01 ----- Hardwood plywood composites-mfg
2435-000 ----- Hardwood veneer and plywood
2435-H02 ----- Hardwood veneer or plywood-mfg
3931-H02 ----- Harmonicas-mfg
3679-H01 ----- Harness assemblies for electronic use: wire and cable-mfg
3199-H03 ----- Harness, dog-mfg
2842-H01 ----- Harness dressing-mfg
5191-H01 ----- Harness equipment-wholesale
3429-H02 ----- Harness hardware-mfg
3111-H02 ----- Harness leather-mfg
5191-H02 ----- Harness made to individual order-wholesale
7699-H01 ----- Harness repair shops
3694-H01 ----- Harness wiring sets for internal combustion engines-mfg
3199-H04 ----- Harnesses and harness parts-mfg
3931-H03 ----- Harps and parts-mfg
3931-H04 ----- Harpsichords-mfg
3523-H03 ----- Harrows: disc, spring, and tine-mfg
2353-H01 ----- Harvest hats, straw-mfg
5083-H01 ----- Harvesting machinery and equipment-wholesale
3523-H04 ----- Harvesting machines-mfg
3634-H03 ----- Hassock fans, electric-mfg
2392-H01 ----- Hassocks, textile-mfg
5131-H02 ----- Hat and cap material-wholesale
2241-H01 ----- Hat band fabrics-mfg
3999-H11 ----- Hat blocks and display forms-mfg
2353-H02 ----- Hat bodies: fur-felt, straw, and wool-felt-mfg
3161-H01 ----- Hat boxes, except paper or paperboard-mfg
2396-H01 ----- Hat findings, men's-mfg
2396-H02 ----- Hat linings and trimmings, men's-mfg
3559-H01 ----- Hat making and hat renovating machinery-mfg
5611-H02 ----- Hat stores, men's and boys'-retail
0921-H01 ----- Hatcheries, fish
0254-H01 ----- Hatcheries, poultry
3423-H02 ----- Hatchets-mfg
7251-H01 ----- Hatcleaning and blocking shops
3942-H01 ----- Hats, doll-mfg
2371-H01 ----- Hats, fur-mfg
2386-H01 ----- Hats, leather-mfg
5136-H02 ----- Hats, men's and boys'-wholesale
2253-H01 ----- Hats-misc-mfg
5699-H01 ----- Hats-retail
2679-H02 ----- Hats, paper-mfpm-mfg
2353-H04 ----- Hats: textiles, straw, fur-felt, and wool-felt-mfg
2353-H05 ----- Hats, trimmed-mfg
5137-H03 ----- Hats: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
2396-H03 ----- Hatters, fur-mfg
4212-H01 ----- Hauling, by dump truck
4212-H02 ----- Hauling, farm to market
4212-H03 ----- Hauling live animals, local
3523-H05 ----- Hay balers and presses, farm-mfg
2048-H01 ----- Hay, cubed-mfg
0139-H01 ----- Hay farms
3423-H03 ----- Hay forks-mfg
3423-H04 ----- Hay knives-mfg
0722-H01 ----- Hay mowing, raking, baling, and chopping
5191-H03 ----- Hay-wholesale
5083-H02 ----- Haying machinery-wholesale
3523-H06 ----- Haying machines: mowers, rakes, loaders, stackers, balers, presses, etc.-mfg
4953-H01 ----- Hazardous waste material disposal sites

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