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3531-G01 ----- Grader attachments, elevating-mfg
5082-G01 ----- Graders, motor-wholesale
3531-G02 ----- Graders, road (construction machinery-mfg
3523-G02 ----- Grading, cleaning, and sorting machines: fruit, grain, and vegetable-mfg
1794-G01 ----- Grading: except for highways, streets, and airport runways-contractors
1611-G01 ----- Grading for highways, streets, and airport runways-contractors
2833-G04 ----- Grading of drugs and herbs-mfg-
1389-G03 ----- Grading oil and gas well foundations on a contract basis
3822-G02 ----- Gradual switches, pneumatic-mfg
3842-G05 ----- Grafts, artificial: for surgery-made of braided or mesh artificial fibers-mfg
2041-G01 ----- Graham flour-mfg
1499-G04 ----- Grahamite mining
5153-000 ----- Grain-wholesale
2085-G02 ----- Grain alcohol for medicinal and beverage purposes-mfg
2869-G05 ----- Grain alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)-mfg
2082-G01 ----- Grain, brewers-mfg
2041-G02 ----- Grain cereals, cracked-mitse-mfg
0723-G02 ----- Grain cleaning
3523-G03 ----- Grain drills, including legume planters(agricultural machinery)-mfg
1541-G01 ----- Grain elevator construction-general contractors
5153-G01 ----- Grain elevators, except storage only-wholesale
4221-G01 ----- Grain elevators, storage only
0119-G01 ----- Grain farms: except wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans
0723-G03 ----- Grain fumigation
3523-G04 ----- Grain grading, cleaning, and sorting machines-mfg
0723-G04 ----- Grain grinding, custom
4741-G01 ----- Grain leveling in railroad cars
0722-G01 ----- Grain, machine harvesting of
2499-G03 ----- Grain measures, wood: turned and shaped-mfg
3556-G01 ----- Grain mill machinery-mfg
3523-G05 ----- Grain stackers-mfg
5039-G03 ----- Grain storage bins-wholesale
4741-G02 ----- Grain trimming service for railroad shipment
5153-G02 ----- Grain-wholesale
3291-G03 ----- Grains, abrasive: natural and artificial-mfg
5032-G01 ----- Granite building stone-wholesale
1423-G02 ----- Granite, crushed and broken-quarrying
3281-G01 ----- Granite, cut and shaped-mfg
1411-G03 ----- Granite, dimension-quarrying
2064-G02 ----- Granola bars and clusters-mfg
2043-G01 ----- Granola, except bars and clusters-mfg
2041-G03 ----- Granular wheat flour-mfg
2063-G01 ----- Granulated beet sugar-mfg
3821-G01 ----- Granulators, laboratory-mfg
0172-G01 ----- Grape farms
0174-G01 ----- Grapefruit groves and farms
2899-G05 ----- Grapefruit oil-mfg
0172-000 ----- Grapes
2782-G01 ----- Graph paper, ruled-mfg
7336-G01 ----- Graphic arts and related design
3861-G01 ----- Graphic arts plates, sensitized-mfg
3577-G01 ----- Graphic displays, except graphic terminals: computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3825-G02 ----- Graphic recording meters-electric-mfg
3624-G01 ----- Graphite electrodes and contacts, electric-mfg
1499-G05 ----- Graphite mining
3295-G01 ----- Graphite, natural: ground, pulverized, refined, or blended-mfg
3531-G03 ----- Grapples: rock, wood, etc.-mfg
3524-G01 ----- Grass catchers, lawnmower-mfg
3423-G05 ----- Grass hooks-mfg
0139-G01 ----- Grass seed farms
3999-G06 ----- Grasses, artificial and preserved: except glass-mfg
3231-G07 ----- Grasses, artificial: made from purchased glass-mfg
3827-G02 ----- Gratings, diffraction-mfg
3446-G02 ----- Gratings (open steel flooring)-mfg
3446-G03 ----- Gratings, tread: fabricated metal-mfg
1799-G04 ----- Grave excavation-contractors
3272-G02 ----- Grave markers, concrete-mfg
3272-G03 ----- Grave vaults, concrete-mfg
3995-G01 ----- Grave vaults, metal-mfg
1442-G01 ----- Gravel mining
3299-G01 ----- Gravel painting-mfg
5032-G02 ----- Gravel-wholesale
5999-G02 ----- Gravestones, finished-retail
2893-G02 ----- Gravure ink-mfg
2796-G01 ----- Gravure plates and cylinders, preparation of-mfg
3555-G03 ----- Gravure presses-mfg
2754-G01 ----- Gravure printing-mfg
2099-G02 ----- Gravy mixes, dry-mfg
3321-000 ----- Gray and ductile iron foundries-mfg
3321-G02 ----- Gray iron castings-mfg
3321-G03 ----- Gray iron foundries-mfg
3599-G02 ----- Grease cups, metal-mfg
3586-G01 ----- Grease guns (lubricators)-mfg
2077-G01 ----- Grease rendering, inedible-mfg
3053-G02 ----- Grease retainers, leather-mfg
3053-G03 ----- Grease seals, asbestos-mfg
3272-G04 ----- Grease traps, concrete-mfg
2299-G02 ----- Grease, wool-mfg
2621-G02 ----- Greaseproof wrapping paper-mitse-mfg
5199-G03 ----- Greases, animal and vegetable-wholesale
2992-G01 ----- Greases, lubricating-mfpm-mfg
2911-G05 ----- Greases, lubricating: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2843-G01 ----- Greases, sulfonated-mfg
4432-G01 ----- Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway freight transportation
4432-000 ----- Great lakes transportation
5812-G02 ----- Greek restaurants
0161-G01 ----- Green lima bean farms
0161-G02 ----- Green pea farms
0181-G01 ----- Greenhouses for floral products
0182-G01 ----- Greenhouses for food crops
3448-G02 ----- Greenhouses, prefabricated: metal-mfg
3523-G06 ----- Greens mowing equipment-mfg
1499-G06 ----- Greensand mining
1411-G04 ----- Greenstone, dimension-quarrying
2771-000 ----- Greeting card publishing-mfg
5947-G02 ----- Greeting card shops-retail
2771-G01 ----- Greeting cards, except hand painted-mfg
8999-G03 ----- Greeting cards, hand painting of
5112-G01 ----- Greeting cards-wholesale
3484-G01 ----- Grenade launchers-mfg
3483-G01 ----- Grenades and parts-mfg
3999-G07 ----- Grenades, hand (fire extinguishers)-mfg
3634-G01 ----- Griddles and grills, household: electric-mfg
3699-G02 ----- Grids, electric-mfg
3496-G04 ----- Grilles and grillework, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3446-G04 ----- Grillework, ornamental metal-mfg
5812-G03 ----- Grills (eating places)
3523-G07 ----- Grinders and crushers, feed (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3556-G02 ----- Grinders, food: commercial types-mfg
3546-G01 ----- Grinders, pneumatic and electric: portable(metalworking machinery)-mfg
3546-G02 ----- Grinders, snagging-mfg
3531-G04 ----- Grinders, stone: portable-mfg
3532-G01 ----- Grinders, stone: stationary-mfg
3291-G04 ----- Grinding balls, ceramic-mfg
3599-G03 ----- Grinding castings for the trade-mfg
3541-G04 ----- Grinding machines, metalworking-mfg
3269-G02 ----- Grinding media, pottery-mfg
2833-G05 ----- Grinding of drugs and herbs-mfg
1499-G07 ----- Grinding peat
3999-G08 ----- Grinding purchased nut shells-mfg
1446-G02 ----- Grinding sand mining
1499-G08 ----- Grindstone quarrying
3291-G05 ----- Grindstones, artificial-mfg
3069-G02 ----- Grips and handles, rubber-mfg
3291-G06 ----- Grit, steel-mfg
2041-G04 ----- Grits and flakes, corn: for brewers, use-mfg
1429-G03 ----- Grits mining (crushed stone)
5149-000 ----- Groceries and related products, n.e.c.-wholesale
5141-G01 ----- Groceries, general line-wholesale
2674-G02 ----- Grocers, bags and sacks, uncoated paper-mfpm-mfg
3496-G05 ----- Grocery carts, made from purchased wire-mfg
5411-G01 ----- Grocery stores, with or without fresh meat-retail
3069-G03 ----- Grommets, rubber-mfg
5085-G04 ----- Grommets-wholesale
3541-G05 ----- Grooving machines (machine tools)-mfg
2211-G07 ----- Grosgrain, cotton-mfg
3643-G01 ----- Ground clamps (electric wiring devices)-mfg
3231-G08 ----- Ground glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3523-G08 ----- Grounds mowing equipment-mfg
2621-G03 ----- Groundwood paper-mitse-mfg
8351-G01 ----- Group day care centers, child
8361-G01 ----- Group foster homes
6324-G01 ----- Group hospitalization plans
2899-G06 ----- Grouting material (concrete mending compound)-mfg
1771-G01 ----- Grouting work-contractors
3089-G05 ----- Grower pots, plastics-mfg
8611-G01 ----- Growers, associations, not engaged in contract buying or selling
8611-G02 ----- Growers, marketing advisory services
2879-G01 ----- Growth regulants, agricultural-mfg
1479-G01 ----- Guano mining
6361-G01 ----- Guaranty of titles
7381-G01 ----- Guard service
1611-G02 ----- Guardrail construction on highways-contractors
3444-G01 ----- Guardrails, highway: sheet metal-mfg
3446-G05 ----- Guards, bannisters, railings, etc.: made from metal pipe-mfg
3949-G05 ----- Guards: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse-mfg
3496-G06 ----- Guards, made from purchased wire-mfg
3761-000 ----- Guided missiles and space vehicles-mfg
5088-G02 ----- Guided missiles and space vehicles.wholesale
3761-G01 ----- Guided missiles, complete-mfg
2741-G02 ----- Guides: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
7999-G10 ----- Guides, hunting
7999-G11 ----- Guides, tourist
3931-G01 ----- Guitars and parts, electric and nonelectric-mfg
2861-000 ----- Gum and wood chemicals-mfg
5169-G04 ----- Gum and wood chemicals-wholesale
2861-G02 ----- Gum naval stores, processing but not gathering or warehousing-mfg
2899-G07 ----- Gum sizes-mfg
2759-G01 ----- Gummed labels and seals, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2672-G01 ----- Gummed paper-mfpm-mfg
2672-G02 ----- Gummed tape, cloth and paper base-mfpm-mfg
3579-G01 ----- Gummed tape moisteners for store and office use mfg
0831-G04 ----- Gums, gathering of
3484-G02 ----- Gun barrels, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3949-G06 ----- Gun cases (sporting equipment)-mfg
7997-G02 ----- Gun clubs, membership
3312-G03 ----- Gun forgings, iron and steel: made in steelworks or rolling mills-mfg
3489-G02 ----- Gun limbers-mfg-
3484-G03 ----- Gun magazines, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
7699-G03 ----- Gun parts made to individual order
3484-G04 ----- Gun sights, except optical: 30 mm. (or 1.18inch) or less-mfg
3827-G03 ----- Gun sights, optical-mfg
2899-G08 ----- Gun slushing compounds-mfg
3495-G01 ----- Gun springs, precision: made from purchased wire-mfg
2426-G01 ----- Gun stocks, wood-mfg
3429-G01 ----- Gun trigger locks-mfg
3489-G03 ----- Gun turrets and parts for artillery more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
1771-G02 ----- Gunite work-contractors
3674-G01 ----- Gunn effect devices-mfg
3297-G01 ----- Gunning mixes, nonclay-mfg
2892-G01 ----- Gunpowder-mfg
3484-G05 ----- Guns, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3484-G06 ----- Guns: BB and pellet-mfg
3489-G04 ----- Guns, catapult-mfg
3423-G06 ----- Guns, caulking-mfg
3484-G07 ----- Guns, dart: except toy-mfg
3586-G02 ----- Guns, grease (lubricators)-mfg
3489-G05 ----- Guns, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch-mfg
3546-G03 ----- Guns, pneumatic: chip removal-mfg
3944-G03 ----- Guns, toy-mfg
7699-G04 ----- Gunsmith shops
3842-G06 ----- Gut sutures, surgical-mfg
3069-G04 ----- Gutta percha compounds-mfg
1761-G01 ----- Gutter installation, metal-contractors
3089-G06 ----- Gutters, plastics: glass fiber reinforced-mfg
3444-G02 ----- Gutters, sheet metal-mfg
3949-G07 ----- Gymnasium and playground equipment-mfg
2329-G01 ----- Gymnasium clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5941-G03 ----- Gymnasium equipment-retail
7991-G01 ----- Gymnasiums
7999-G12 ----- Gymnastics instruction
3842-G07 ----- Gynecological supplies and appliances-mfg
8011-G01 ----- Gynecologists, offices of
1499-G09 ----- Gypsite mining
1499-G10 ----- Gypsum mining
3275-000 ----- Gypsum products-mfg
3275-G01 ----- Gypsum products: e.g., block, board, plaster, lath, rock, tile-mfg
3812-G02 ----- Gyrocompasses-mfg
3812-G03 ----- Gyrogimbals-mfg
3812-G04 ----- Gyropilots-mfg
3812-G05 ----- Gyroscopes-mfg

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