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2211-G01 ----- Gabardine, cotton-mfg
1429-G01 ----- Gabbro, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-G01 ----- Gabbro, dimension-quarrying
3021-G01 ----- Gaiters, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
2211-G02 ----- Galatea, cotton-mfg
1031-G01 ----- Galena mining
2834-G01 ----- Galenical preparations-mfg
3555-G01 ----- Galleys and chases, printers,-mfg
2258-G01 ----- Galloons, lace-mfg
3021-G02 ----- Galoshes, plastics-mfg
3021-G03 ----- Galoshes, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
3312-G01 ----- Galvanized hoops, pipes, plates, sheets, and strips: iron and steel-mfg
2899-G01 ----- Galvanizing fluxes-mfg
3547-G01 ----- Galvanizing lines (rolling mill equipment)-mfg
3479-G01 ----- Galvanizing of iron and steel and end formed products, for the trade-mfg
3825-G01 ----- Galvanometers, except geophysical-mfg
2861-G01 ----- Gambier extract-mfg
9311-G01 ----- Gambling control boards-government
7999-G01 ----- Gambling establishments not primarily operating coin-operated machines
7993-G01 ----- Gambling establishments primarily operating coin-operated machines
7993-G02 ----- Gambling machines, coin-operated: operation of
7999-G02 ----- Gambling machines, except coin-operated: operation of
7371-G01 ----- Gambling software
9512-G01 ----- Game and inland fish agencies-government
3949-G01 ----- Game calls-mfg
0271-G01 ----- Game farms (fur-bearing animals)
5099-G01 ----- Game machines, coin-operated-wholesale
0971-G01 ----- Game management
7999-G03 ----- Game parlors, except coin-operated
0971-G02 ----- Game preserves
0971-G03 ----- Game propagation
0971-G04 ----- Game retreats, operation of
5945-G01 ----- Game shops-retail
2015-G01 ----- Game, small: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015-G02 ----- Game, small: slaughtering and dressing-mfg
3999-G01 ----- Games, coin-operated: pinball and other-mfg
7372-G01 ----- Games, computer software: prepackaged
3944-G01 ----- Games for children and adults: puzzles, bingo, marbles, poker chips, and chess-mfg
5092-G01 ----- Games (including electronic), except coin-operated-wholesale
7999-G13 ----- Games, on-line
7999-G04 ----- Games, teaching of
3944-000 ----- Games, toys, and children's vehicles-mfg
3844-G01 ----- Gamma ray irradiation equipment-mfg
1429-G02 ----- Ganister, crushed and broken-quarrying
1542-G01 ----- Garage construction-general contractors
1751-G01 ----- Garage door installation-contractors
3442-G01 ----- Garage doors, overhead: metal-mfg
2431-G01 ----- Garage doors, overhead: wood-mfg
5211-G01 ----- Garage doors-retail
5013-G01 ----- Garage service equipment-wholesale
7521-G01 ----- Garages, automobile parking
7549-G01 ----- Garages, do-it-yourself
7538-G01 ----- Garages, general automotive repair and service
3448-G01 ----- Garages, prefabricated: metal-mfg
3272-G01 ----- Garbage boxes, concrete-mfg
3469-G01 ----- Garbage cans, stamped and pressed metal-mfg
4953-G01 ----- Garbage: collecting, destroying, and processing
3089-G01 ----- Garbage containers, plastics-mfg
3639-G01 ----- Garbage disposal units, household-mfg
5064-G01 ----- Garbage disposals, electric-wholesale
3589-G01 ----- Garbage disposers, commercial-mfg
5722-G01 ----- Garbage disposers, electric-retail
4212-G01 ----- Garbage, local collecting and transporting: without disposal
2519-G01 ----- Garden furniture: except wood, metal, stone, and concrete-mfg
2514-G01 ----- Garden furniture, metal-mfg
2511-G01 ----- Garden furniture, wood-mfg
3423-G01 ----- Garden handtools-mfg
3052-G01 ----- Garden hose, plastics or rubber-mfg
5083-G01 ----- Garden machinery and equipment-wholesale
0782-G01 ----- Garden maintenance
0781-G01 ----- Garden planning
0782-G02 ----- Garden planting
3269-G01 ----- Garden pottery-mfg
5261-G01 ----- Garden supplies and tools-retail
3999-G02 ----- Garden umbrellas-mfg
3999-G03 ----- Garlands, wreaths and sprays; made from tree boughs, cones, etc.-mfg
7219-G01 ----- Garment alteration and repair shops
3496-G01 ----- Garment hangers, made from purchased wire-mfg
2499-G01 ----- Garment hangers, wood-mfg
3111-G01 ----- Garment leather-mfg
7212-000 ----- Garment pressing & cleaners' agents
7212-G01 ----- Garment pressing shops
2542-G01 ----- Garment racks, except wood-mfg
2541-G01 ----- Garment racks, wood-mfg
2673-G01 ----- Garment storage bags, coated paper or plastics film-mfpm-mfg
2392-G01 ----- Garment storage bags made of materials, except paper or plastics film-mfg
2386-G01 ----- Garments, leather or sheep-lined-mfg
3291-G01 ----- Garnet abrasives-mfg
1499-G01 ----- Garnet mining
3291-G02 ----- Garnet paper-mfg
3552-G01 ----- Garnetting machines, textile-mfg
2299-G01 ----- Garnetting of textile waste and rags-mfg
2389-G01 ----- Garter belts-mfpm-mfg
2389-G02 ----- Garters-mfpm-mfg
3443-G01 ----- Gas absorbers-mfg
3826-G01 ----- Gas analyzers, laboratory type-mfg
3519-G01 ----- Gas and diesel engine rebuilding, on a factory basis-mfg
3823-G01 ----- Gas and liquid analysis instruments, industrial process type-mfg
4932-G01 ----- Gas and other services combined (gas less than 95 percent of total)
3671-G01 ----- Gas and vapor tubes-mfg
7699-G01 ----- Gas appliance repair service
3822-G01 ----- Gas burner automatic controls, except valves-mfg
3433-G01 ----- Gas burners, domestic-mfg
3842-G01 ----- Gas capes (cold climate individual protective covers)-mfg
3826-G02 ----- Gas chromatographic instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3312-G02 ----- Gas, coal: derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
1389-G01 ----- Gas compressing, natural gas at the field on a contract basis
1382-G01 ----- Gas field exploration: on a contract basis
3823-G02 ----- Gas flow computers, industrial process type-mfg
3433-G02 ----- Gas heaters, room-mfg
3443-G02 ----- Gas holders, metal plate-mfg
5722-G02 ----- Gas household appliance stores-retail
3433-G03 ----- Gas infrared heating units-mfg
1799-G01 ----- Gas leakage detection-contractors
3648-G01 ----- Gas lighting fixtures-mfg
5099-G02 ----- Gas lighting fixtures-wholesale
5984-G01 ----- Gas, liquefied petroleum: bottled-retail
4925-G01 ----- Gas, liquefied petroleum: distribution through mains
1623-G01 ----- Gas main construction-general contractors
4925-G02 ----- Gas, manufactured: production and distribution
3842-G02 ----- Gas masks-mfg
4925-G03 ----- Gas, mixed natural and manufactured:production and distribution
1623-G02 ----- Gas (natural) compressing station construction-general contractors
4924-G01 ----- Gas, natural: distribution
1311-G01 ----- Gas (natural) production
4922-G01 ----- Gas, natural: transmission
4923-G01 ----- Gas, natural: transmission and distribution
3321-G01 ----- Gas pipe, cast iron-mfg
3569-G01 ----- Gas producers (machinery)-mfg
4925-000 ----- Gas production and/or distribution
3631-G01 ----- Gas ranges, domestic-mfg
2911-G01 ----- Gas, refinery or still oil: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3569-G02 ----- Gas separators (machinery)-mfg
7389-G01 ----- Gas systems, contract conversion from manufactured to natural gas
3443-G03 ----- Gas tanks, metal plate-mfg
3714-G01 ----- Gas tanks, motor vehicle-mfg
4923-000 ----- Gas transmission and distribution
3511-G01 ----- Gas turbine generator set units, complete-mfg
3511-G02 ----- Gas turbines and parts, except aircraft type-mfg
3511-G03 ----- Gas turbines, mechanical drive-mfg
3491-G01 ----- Gas valves and parts, industrial-mfg
3548-G01 ----- Gas welding equipment-mfg
3496-G02 ----- Gas welding rods, made from purchased wire-mfg
1381-G01 ----- Gas well drilling: on a contract basis
3533-G01 ----- Gas well machinery and equipment-mfg
1389-G02 ----- Gas well rig building, repairing, and dismantling on a contract basis
3433-G04 ----- Gas-oil burners, combination-mfg
2869-G01 ----- Gases, chemical warfare-mfg
5169-G01 ----- Gases, compressed and liquefied: except liquefied petroleum gas-wholesale
2869-G02 ----- Gases, fluorinated hydrocarbon-mfg
2813-G01 ----- Gases, industrial: compressed, liquefied, or solid-mfg
5172-G01 ----- Gases, liquefied petroleum: except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2911-G02 ----- Gases, liquefied petroleum: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3053-000 ----- Gaskets, packing and sealing devices-mfg
3053-G01 ----- Gaskets, regardless of material-mfg
5085-G01 ----- Gaskets-wholesale
1711-G01 ----- Gasline hookup-contractors
3824-G01 ----- Gasmeters: domestic, large capacity, and industrial-mfg
5541-G01 ----- Gasoline and oil-retail
2911-G03 ----- Gasoline blending plants-mfg
5172-G02 ----- Gasoline: buying in bulk and selling to farmers-wholesale
3824-G02 ----- Gasoline dispensing meters (except pumps)-mfg
5172-G03 ----- Gasoline, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2911-G04 ----- Gasoline, except natural gasoline-mfg
5541-G02 ----- Gasoline filling stations-retail
3599-G01 ----- Gasoline filters, internal combustion engine: except motor vehicle-mfg
3586-G03 ----- Gasoline measuring and dispensing pumps-mfg
1321-G01 ----- Gasoline (natural) production
4613-G01 ----- Gasoline pipelines, common carriers
1799-G02 ----- Gasoline pump installation-contractors
5541-000 ----- Gasoline service stations-retail
2269-G01 ----- Gassing yarn-mfg
3845-G01 ----- Gastroscopes, electromedical-mfg
3841-G01 ----- Gastroscopes, except electromedical-mfg
3569-G03 ----- Gate and bridge machinery, hydraulic-mfg
3452-G01 ----- Gate hooks-mfg
3089-G02 ----- Gate hooks, plastics-mfg
5039-G01 ----- Gates and accessories, wire-wholesale
3441-G01 ----- Gates, dam: metal plate-mfg
3496-G03 ----- Gates, fence: made from purchased wire-mfg
3523-G01 ----- Gates, holding (farm equipment)-mfg
3446-G01 ----- Gates, ornamental metal-mfg
0831-G01 ----- Gathering, extracting, and selling of tree seeds
0831-G02 ----- Gathering of forest products: (e.g., gums, barks, seeds)
3545-G01 ----- Gauge blocks-mfg
3829-G01 ----- Gauges except electric, motor vehicle: oil pressure and water temperature-mfg
3545-G02 ----- Gauges, except optical (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3824-G03 ----- Gauges for computing pressure-temperature corrections-mfg
3829-G02 ----- Gauging instruments, thickness: ultrasonic-mfg
2211-G03 ----- Gauze-mitse-mfg
3842-G03 ----- Gauze, surgical: not made in weaving mills-mfg
2499-G02 ----- Gavels, wood-mfg
3541-G01 ----- Gear chamfering machines (machine tools)-mfg
3541-G02 ----- Gear cutting and finishing machines-mfg
3423-G02 ----- Gear pullers, handtools-mfg
3542-G01 ----- Gear rolling machines-mfg
3541-G03 ----- Gear tooth grinding machines (machine tools)-mfg
3566-G01 ----- Gearmotors (power transmission equipment)-mfg
3462-G01 ----- Gears, forged steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3714-G02 ----- Gears, motor vehicle-mfg
3751-G01 ----- Gears, motorcycle and bicycle-mfg
3728-G01 ----- Gears, power transmission: aircraft-mfg
3566-G02 ----- Gears, power transmission: except motor vehicle and aircraft-mfg
5085-G02 ----- Gears-wholesale
0259-G01 ----- Geese farms
2015-G03 ----- Geese, processed: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015-G04 ----- Geese: slaughtering and dressing-mfg
3829-G03 ----- Geiger counters-mfg
3671-G02 ----- Geiger Mueller tubes-mfg
2899-G02 ----- Gelatin capsules, empty-mfg
2099-G01 ----- Gelatin dessert preparations-mfg
2899-G03 ----- Gelatin: edible, technical, photographic, and pharmaceutical-mfg
3555-G02 ----- Gelatin rolls used in printing-mfg
2833-G01 ----- Gelatin, vegetable (agar-agar)-mfg
5169-G02 ----- Gelatin-wholesale
1499-G02 ----- Gem stone mining
5999-G01 ----- Gem stones, rough-retail
5094-G01 ----- Gem stones-wholesale
3915-G01 ----- Gems, real and imitation: preparation for setting-mfg
7299-G01 ----- Genealogical investigation service
9199-G01 ----- General accounting offices-government
6159-G01 ----- General and industrial loan institutions
7538-000 ----- General automotive repair shops
0729-000 ----- General crop services
9611-G01 ----- General economic statistics agencies government
0291-000 ----- General farms, primarily animal
0191-000 ----- General farms, primarily crop
9199-000 ----- General government n.e.c.
3569-000 ----- General industrial machinery, n.e.c.-mfg
3411-G01 ----- General line cans, metal-mfg
0219-000 ----- General livestock, n.e.c.
8742-G01 ----- General management consultants
8062-000 ----- General medical and surgical hospitals
5399-G01 ----- General merchandise stores-retail
9199-G02 ----- General services departments-government
5399-G02 ----- General stores-retail
4225-G01 ----- General warehousing and storage
3621-G01 ----- Generating apparatus and parts, electrical: except internal combustion engine and arc-welding-mfg
4911-G01 ----- Generation of electric power
7539-G01 ----- Generator and starter repair, automotive
3613-G01 ----- Generator control and metering panels-mfg
3511-G04 ----- Generator set units, turbine: complete-steam, gas, and hydraulic-mfg
3621-G02 ----- Generator sets: gasoline, diesel, and dual fuel-mfg
3612-G01 ----- Generator voltage regulators, electric induction and step type-mfg
3694-G01 ----- Generators, aircraft and motor vehicle-mfg
3621-G03 ----- Generators and sets, electric: except internal combustion engine, welding, and turbogenerators-mfg
5063-G01 ----- Generators, electrical-wholesale
3621-G04 ----- Generators for gas-electric and oil-electric vehicles-mfg
3621-G05 ----- Generators for storage battery chargers, except internal combustion engine and aircraft-mfg
3569-G04 ----- Generators, gas-mfg
3548-G02 ----- Generators (separate) for arc-welders-mfg
3489-G01 ----- Generators, smoke (ordnance)-mfg
3569-G05 ----- Generators: steam, liquid oxygen, and nitrogen-mfg
3844-G02 ----- Generators, X-ray-mfg
2452-G01 ----- Geodesic domes, prefabricated: wood-mfg
1382-G02 ----- Geological exploration, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
8999-G01 ----- Geologists, consulting: not connected with business service laboratories
1382-G03 ----- Geophysical exploration, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
1081-G01 ----- Geophysical exploration services, for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481-G01 ----- Geophysical exploration services, for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
2221-G01 ----- Georgettes-mfg
1781-G01 ----- Geothermal drilling-contractors
4961-G01 ----- Geothermal steam production
2869-G03 ----- Geraniol, synthetic-mfg
5812-G01 ----- German restaurants
3339-G01 ----- Germanium refining, primary-mfg
3341-G01 ----- Germanium refining, secondary-mfg
8999-G02 ----- Ghost writing

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