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2064-F03 ----- Fudge (candy)-mfg
5169-F02 ----- Fuel additives-wholesale
2999-F02 ----- Fuel briquettes or boulets, made with petroleum binder-mfg
2679-F05 ----- Fuel cell forms, cardboard-mfpm-mfg
2296-F02 ----- Fuel cell reinforcement, cord and fabric-mfg
3629-F01 ----- Fuel cells, electrochemical generators-mfg
3069-F08 ----- Fuel cells, rubber-mfg
3674-F01 ----- Fuel cells, solid-state-mfg
5052-F01 ----- Fuel: coal and coke-wholesale
5984-F01 ----- Fuel dealers, bottled liquefied petroleum gas-retail
5989-000 ----- Fuel dealers, n.e.c.-retail
3829-F04 ----- Fuel densitometers, aircraft engine-mfg
3829-F05 ----- Fuel mixture indicators, aircraft engine-mfg
1711-F01 ----- Fuel oil burner installation and servicing contractors
5983-F01 ----- Fuel oil dealers-retail
5172-F01 ----- Fuel oil, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2819-F07 ----- Fuel propellants, solid: inorganic-mfg
2869-F08 ----- Fuel propellants, solid: organic-mfg
3714-F04 ----- Fuel pumps, motor vehicle-mfg
7539-F03 ----- Fuel system conversion, automotive
3829-F06 ----- Fuel system instruments, aircraft-mfg
7539-F04 ----- Fuel system repair, automotive
3714-F05 ----- Fuel systems and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
2899-F15 ----- Fuel tank and engine cleaning chemicals, automotive and aircraft-mfg
3728-F03 ----- Fuel tanks, aircraft: including self-sealing-mfg
3069-F09 ----- Fuel tanks, collapsible: rubberized fabric-mfg
3443-F08 ----- Fuel tanks, metal plate-mfg
3829-F07 ----- Fuel totalizers, aircraft engine-mfg
2411-F01 ----- Fuel wood harvesting-mfg
5989-F01 ----- Fuel wood-retail
5172-F02 ----- Fueling services, aircraft-wholesale
2819-F08 ----- Fuels, high energy: inorganic-mfg
2869-F09 ----- Fuels, high energy: organic-mfg
2911-F02 ----- Fuels, jet-mfg
2421-F03 ----- Fuelwood, from mill waste-mfg
3295-F05 ----- Fuller, s earth, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1459-F04 ----- Fuller, s earth mining
2892-F01 ----- Fulminate of mercury (explosive compounds)-mfg
3821-F02 ----- Fume hoods, chemical-mfg
3443-F09 ----- Fumigating chambers, metal plate-mfg
7342-F01 ----- Fumigating service
6099-000 ----- Functions closely related to banking
3825-F04 ----- Function generators-mfg
7389-F08 ----- Fundraising on a contract or fee basis
8399-F01 ----- Fundraising organizations, except on contract or fee basis
3578-F01 ----- Funds transfer devices-mfg
7261-F01 ----- Funeral directors
7261-F02 ----- Funeral homes or parlors
6311-F03 ----- Funeral insurance
7261-000 ----- Funeral service and crematories
2879-F02 ----- Fungicides-mfg
3069-F10 ----- Funnels, rubber-mfg
2371-F01 ----- Fur apparel: capes, coats, hats, jackets, and neckpieces-mfg
5632-F02 ----- Fur apparel made to custom order-retail
7219-F01 ----- Fur cleaning
5137-F01 ----- Fur clothing-wholesale
5093-F01 ----- Fur cuttings and scraps-wholesale
0271-F01 ----- Fur farms
2371-F02 ----- Fur finishers and liners for the fur goods trade: buttonhole making-mfg
7219-F02 ----- Fur garments: cleaning, repairing, and storage
2371-000 ----- Fur goods-mfg
2371-F03 ----- Fur plates and trimmings-mfg
3559-F03 ----- Fur sewing machines-mfg
5632-F03 ----- Fur shops-retail
4226-F02 ----- Fur storage for the trade
3999-F18 ----- Fur stripping-mfg
2221-F06 ----- Fur-type fabrics, manmade fiber-mfg
0271-000 ----- Fur-bearing animals and rabbits
7699-F05 ----- Furnace and chimney cleaning
2895-F01 ----- Furnace black-mfg
3564-F03 ----- Furnace blowers (blower filter units)-mfg
3444-F06 ----- Furnace casings, sheet metal-mfg
7699-F06 ----- Furnace cleaning service
1629-F02 ----- Furnace construction for industrial plants-general contractors
3444-F07 ----- Furnace flues, sheet metal-mfg
1711-F02 ----- Furnace repair-contractors
3433-F02 ----- Furnaces, domestic: steam or hot water-mfg
5074-F03 ----- Furnaces, except electric and warm air-wholesale
3585-F03 ----- Furnaces: gravity air flow-mfg
5075-F01 ----- Furnaces, heating: electric-wholesale
3567-F01 ----- Furnaces, industrial process-mfg
3843-F02 ----- furnaces, laboratory: dental-mfg
3821-F03 ----- Furnaces, laboratory: except dental-mfg
5075-F02 ----- Furnaces, warm air-wholesale
7021-F01 ----- Furnished rooms, rental of
5137-F02 ----- Furnishings, clothing except shoes: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
5136-F01 ----- Furnishings, except shoes: mens' and boys'-wholesale
5021-000 ----- Furniture-wholesale
2599-000 ----- Furniture and fixtures, n.e.c.-mfg
5932-F01 ----- Furniture, antique-retail
3999-F19 ----- Furniture, beauty shop and barber shop-mfg
2531-F01 ----- Furniture: church, library, school, theater, and other public buildings-mfg
7217-F01 ----- Furniture cleaning on customers, premises
2514-F02 ----- Furniture, clubroom: metal-mfg
3469-F03 ----- Furniture components, porcelain enameled-mfg
5712-F01 ----- Furniture, custom made-retail
3281-F02 ----- Furniture, cut stone-mfg
2211-F05 ----- Furniture denim-mfg
2426-F03 ----- Furniture dimension stock, hardwood-mfg
2421-F04 ----- Furniture dimension stock, softwood-mfg
2599-F04 ----- Furniture, factory: stools, work benches, tool stands, and cabinets-mfg
2426-F04 ----- Furniture frames for upholstering, wood-mfg
3272-F07 ----- Furniture, garden: concrete-mfg
3429-F02 ----- Furniture hardware, including casters-mfg
2511-F02 ----- Furniture: household, clubroom, novelty-wood, except upholstered-mfg
2519-F02 ----- Furniture, household: glass and plastics (including fiberglass)-mfg
2514-F03 ----- Furniture, household: metal-mfg
5021-F01 ----- Furniture: household, office, restaurant, and public building-wholesale
2519-F03 ----- Furniture, household: rattan, reed, malacca, fiber, willow, and wicker-mfg
2514-F04 ----- Furniture, household: upholstered on metal frames, except dual purpose sleep furniture-mfg
2512-F01 ----- Furniture, household: upholstered on wood frames, except convertible beds-mfg
5712-F02 ----- Furniture, household, with or without furnishings and appliances-retail
2511-F03 ----- Furniture, household, wood: porch, lawn, garden, and beach-mfg
2511-F04 ----- Furniture, household, wood: unassembled or knockdown-mfg
2511-F05 ----- Furniture, household, wood: unfinished-mfg
2499-F10 ----- Furniture inlays (veneers)-mfg
5021-F02 ----- Furniture, juvenile-wholesale
3821-F04 ----- Furniture, laboratory-mfg
5712-F03 ----- Furniture made on a custom basis to individual order-retail
3553-F01 ----- Furniture makers, machinery (woodworking)-mfg
4214-F01 ----- Furniture moving, local: combined with storage
4212-F02 ----- Furniture moving, local: without storage
2522-F03 ----- Furniture, office: except wood-mfg
2521-F02 ----- Furniture, office: wood-mfg
3499-F06 ----- Furniture parts, metal-mfg
2842-F04 ----- Furniture polish and wax-mfg
7641-F01 ----- Furniture refinishing
7359-F01 ----- Furniture rental and leasing
7641-F02 ----- Furniture repairing, redecorating, and remodeling shops
2599-F05 ----- Furniture, restaurant-mfg
1641-F01 ----- Furniture restoration, antique
3495-F01 ----- Furniture springs, unassembled: made from purchased wire-mfg
2426-F05 ----- Furniture squares, hardwood-mfg
4226-F03 ----- Furniture storage, without local trucking
5712-F04 ----- Furniture stores, household-retail
5932-F02 ----- Furniture stores, secondhand-retail
3231-F05 ----- Furniture tops, glass: cut, beveled, and polished-mfg
2396-F02 ----- Furniture trimmings, fabric-mfpm-mfg
2426-F06 ----- Furniture turnings and carvings, wood-mfg
5021-F03 ----- Furniture, unfinished-wholesale
5681-000 ----- Furriers and fur shops-retail
5632-F04 ----- Furriers-retail
3446-F05 ----- Furring channels-mfg
3251-F05 ----- Furring tile, clay-mfg
3999-F20 ----- Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, and dyed-mfg
5199-F04 ----- Furs, dressed-wholesale
5159-F03 ----- Furs, raw-wholesale
3613-F01 ----- Fuse clips and blocks, electric-mfg
3643-F02 ----- Fuse cutouts-mfg
3613-F02 ----- Fuse devices, power: 600 volts and over-mfg
3613-F03 ----- Fuse mountings, electric power-mfg
2892-F02 ----- Fuse powder-mfg
3827-F01 ----- Fuse setters (fire control equipment)-mfg
2899-F16 ----- Fusees: highway, marine, and railroad-mfg
3728-F04 ----- Fuselage assemblies, aircraft-mfg
5063-F02 ----- Fuses and accessories-wholesale
3613-F04 ----- Fuses, electric-mfg
3483-F04 ----- Fuses for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3483-F05 ----- Fuses: mine, torpedo, bomb, depth charge, and chemical warfare projectile-mfg
2892-F03 ----- Fuses, safety-mfg
2861-F01 ----- Fustic wood extract-mfg
6282-F02 ----- Futures advisory service
6221-F02 ----- Futures brokers, commodity
6221-F03 ----- Futures dealers, commodity
6231-F01 ----- Futures exchanges, contract

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