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2899-F11 ----- Foam charge mixtures-mfg
3069-F05 ----- Foam rubber-mfg
5199-F03 ----- Foam rubber-wholesale
3086-F01 ----- Foamed plastics products-mfg
3647-F02 ----- Fog lights, motor vehicle-mfg
2679-F04 ----- Foil board-mfpm-mfg
3497-F01 ----- Foil containers for bakery goods and frozen foods, except bags and liners-mfg
3497-F02 ----- Foil, except aluminum: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3497-F03 ----- Foil, laminated to paper or other materials-mfg
3353-F01 ----- Foil, plain aluminum-mfg
1389-F02 ----- Folding and refolding service: textiles and apparel
2631-F01 ----- Folding boxboards-mitse-mfg
2657-F01 ----- Folding cartons, except milk cartons: paperboard-mfpm-mfg
1751-F01 ----- Folding door installation-contractors
3089-F07 ----- Folding doors: plastic or plastic coated fabric, metal frame-mfg
3554-F01 ----- Folding machines, paper: except office machines-mfg
2657-000 ----- Folding paperboard boxes
5113-F02 ----- Folding paperboard boxes-wholesale
3999-F10 ----- Foliage, artificial and preserved: except glass-mfg
0181-F04 ----- Foliage, growing of
3231-F03 ----- Foliage, made from purchased glass-mfg
5169-F01 ----- Food additives, chemical-wholesale
5421-F02 ----- Food and freezer plans, meat-retail
5812-F03 ----- Food bars
5141-F01 ----- Food brokers, general line-wholesale
3089-F08 ----- Food casings, plastics-mfg
3556-F04 ----- Food choppers, grinders, mixers, and slicers: commercial type-mfg
2087-F03 ----- Food colorings, except synthetic-mfg
3411-F01 ----- Food containers, metal-mfg
2656-F01 ----- Food containers, nonfolding paperboard, sanitary-mfpm-mfg
2656-F02 ----- Food containers, sanitary: except folding-mfpm-mfg
2899-F12 ----- Food contamination testing and screening kits-mfg
0182-000 ----- Food crops grown under cover
2865-F01 ----- Food dyes and colors, synthetic-mfg
2087-F04 ----- Food glace, for glazing foods-mfg
9641-F01 ----- Food inspection agencies-government
4222-F01 ----- Food lockers, rental
5961-F01 ----- Food, mail-order-retail
5411-F01 ----- Food markets-retail
3634-F04 ----- Food mixers, household: electric-mfg
2099-000 ----- Food preparations, n.e.c.
3556-000 ----- Food products machinery
5084-F02 ----- Food product manufacturing machinery-wholesale
1541-F02 ----- Food products manufacturing or packing plant c onstruction-general contractors
8731-F01 ----- Food research, commercial
5812-F04 ----- Food service, institutional
5963-F01 ----- Food service, mobile-retail
2032-F01 ----- Food specialties, canned-mfg
5199-F05 ----- Food supplies-wholesale
8734-F02 ----- Food testing services
2599-F02 ----- Food trucks, restaurant-mfg
2599-F03 ----- Food wagons, restaurant-mfg
3589-F02 ----- Food warming equipment, commercial-mfg
5046-F02 ----- Food warming equipment, commercial-wholesale
3639-F02 ----- Food waste disposal units, household-mfg
3842-F02 ----- Foot appliances, orthopedic-mfg
7997-F02 ----- Football clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7941-F01 ----- Football clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7999-F06 ----- Football related services
3949-F05 ----- Footballs and football equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear-mfg
3021-F01 ----- Footholds, rubber-mfg
2389-F01 ----- Footlets-mfpm-mfg
3149-F01 ----- Footwear, children's: house slippers and vulcanized rubber footwear-mfg
3149-F02 ----- Footwear, children's: leather or vinyl with molded or vulcanized shoes-mfg
3131-000 ----- Footwear cut stock
3149-000 ----- Footwear, (except rubber, n.e.c.)
3143-F01 ----- Footwear, men's: except house slippers, athletic, and vulcanized rubber footwear-mfg
3143-F02 ----- Footwear, men's: leather or vinyl with molded or vulcanized soles-mfg
3021-F02 ----- Footwear, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
5661-F01 ----- Footwear stores-retail
5139-F01 ----- Footwear-wholesale
3144-F01 ----- Footwear, women's: except house slippers, athletic, and vulcanized rubber footwear-mfg
3144-F02 ----- Footwear, women's: leather or vinyl with molded or vulcanized soles-mfg
3523-F10 ----- Forage blowers-mfg
3523-F11 ----- Forage harvesters-mfg
3843-F01 ----- Forceps, dental-mfg
3841-F02 ----- Forceps, surgical-mfg
6081-000 ----- Foreign bank & branches & agencies
6099-F02 ----- Foreign currency exchanges
4731-F01 ----- Foreign forwarding
9721-F01 ----- Foreign missions
6082-000 ----- Foreign trade & international banking institutions
4226-F01 ----- Foreign trade zone warehousing, and storage
8734-F03 ----- Forensic laboratories
0851-F03 ----- Forest management plans, preparation of
0831-F01 ----- Forest nurseries
0831-000 ----- Forest products
6519-F01 ----- Forest properties, lessors of
5082-F01 ----- Forestry equipment-wholesale
0851-000 ----- Forestry services
0851-F04 ----- Forestry services
3599-F04 ----- Forges, fan-mfg
3542-F01 ----- Forging machinery and hammers-mfg
5051-F02 ----- Forgings, ferrous-wholesale
3312-F03 ----- Forgings, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3462-F02 ----- Forgings, iron and steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463-N01 ----- Forgings, nonferrous metal: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3483-F03 ----- Forgings, projectile: machined-for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1 18 inch)-mfg
3537-F01 ----- Forklift trucks-mfg
3423-F03 ----- Forks: garden, hay and manure, stone and ballast-mfg
3914-F02 ----- Forks, table: all metal-mfg
3421-F02 ----- Forks, table: except all metal-mfg
3315-F02 ----- Form ties, made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
2311-F02 ----- Formal jackets, men's and boys'-mfg
2869-F05 ----- Formaldehyde (formalin)-mfg
2869-F06 ----- Formalin-mfg
2869-F07 ----- Formic acid and metallic salts-mfg
3444-F04 ----- Forming machine work for the trade, except stampings: sheet metal-mfg
3542-F02 ----- Forming machines-mfg
2782-F02 ----- Forms and fillers, looseleaf: pen ruled or printed only-mfg
2761-F02 ----- Forms, business: manifold or continuous-mfg
3443-F05 ----- Forms, collapsible: for tunnels-mfg
5051-F03 ----- Forms, concrete construction: steel-wholesale
3999-F11 ----- Forms: display, dress, and show-except shoe display forms-mfg
2499-F07 ----- Forms, display: for boots and shoes-regardless of material-mfg
3444-F05 ----- Forms for concrete, sheet metal-mfg
3269-F06 ----- Forms for dipped rubber products, pottery-mfg
1799-F04 ----- Forms for poured concrete, erection and dismantling-contractors
3579-F01 ----- Forms handling equipment for store and office use-mfg
3544-F01 ----- Forms, metal (molds): for foundry and plastics working machinery-mfg
7999-F05 ----- Fortune tellers
4731-F02 ----- Forwarding, domestic
4731-F03 ----- Forwarding, foreign
8361-F01 ----- Foster homes, group
1794-F01 ----- Foundation digging (excavation)-contractors
5632-F01 ----- Foundation garments-retail
2342-F01 ----- Foundation garments, women's-mfpm-mfg
2515-F01 ----- Foundations, bed: spring, foam, and platform-mfg
1741-F01 ----- Foundations, building of: block, stone, or brick-contractors
1771-F01 ----- Foundations, building of: poured concrete-contractors
2675-F03 ----- Foundations, cardboard-mfpm-mfg
3999-F12 ----- Foundations, honeycomb (bookkeepers, supplies)-mfg
3365-F01 ----- Foundries, aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3366-F01 ----- Foundries: brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base alloy-except die-castings-mfg
3321-F02 ----- Foundries, gray iron and semisteel-mfg
3322-F01 ----- Foundries, malleable iron-mfg
3325-F01 ----- Foundries, steel: except investment-mfg
3543-F01 ----- Foundry cores-mfg
3295-F04 ----- Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
3559-F01 ----- Foundry machinery and equipment-mfg
3543-F02 ----- Foundry patternmaking-mfg
5051-F04 ----- Foundry products-wholesale
3255-F04 ----- Foundry refractories, clay-mfg
1446-F02 ----- Foundry sand mining
2899-F13 ----- Foundry supplies, chemical preparations-mfg
3555-F01 ----- Foundry type for printing-mfg
5145-F01 ----- Fountain fruits and syrups-wholesale
3648-F03 ----- Fountain lighting fixtures-mfg
3951-F02 ----- Fountain pens and fountain pen desk sets-mfg
3069-F06 ----- Fountain syringes, rubber-mfg
3585-F01 ----- Fountain syrup dispensing equipment-mfg
3272-F05 ----- Fountains, concrete-mfg
3431-F02 ----- Fountains, drinking: except mechanically refrigerated-mfg
3585-F02 ----- Fountains, drinking: mechanically refrigerated-mfg
3499-F02 ----- Fountains, metal (except drinking)-mfg
3299-F03 ----- Fountains, plaster of paris: factory production only-mfg
3272-F06 ----- Fountains, wash: precast terrazzo mfg
3554-F02 ----- Fourdrinier machines (paper manufacturing machinery)-mfg
3496-F06 ----- Fourdrinier wire cloth, made from purchased wire-mfg
1271-F01 ----- Fox farms
3443-F06 ----- Fractionating columns, metal plate-mfg
1321-F01 ----- Fractionating natural gas liquids
3443-F07 ----- Fractionating towers, metal plate-mfg
2911-F01 ----- Fractionation products of crude petroleum, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3842-F03 ----- Fracture appliances, surgical-mfg
7539-F01 ----- Frame repair shops, automotive
3559-F02 ----- Frame straighteners, automotive (garage equipment)-mfg
3999-F13 ----- Frames and handles, handbag and luggage: except precious metal-mfg
3851-F01 ----- Frames and parts, eyeglass and spectacle-mfg
3499-F03 ----- Frames, chair: metal-mfg
2499-F08 ----- Frames, clothes drying: wood-mfg
3442-F02 ----- Frames, door and window: metal-mfg
2431-F02 ----- Frames, door and window: wood-mfg
3552-F02 ----- Frames, doubling and twisting (textile machinery)-mfg
3952-F01 ----- Frames for artists canVases-mfg
2511-F01 ----- Frames for box springs, bedsprings, or water beds: wood-mfg
2514-F01 ----- Frames for box springs or bedsprings, metal-mfg
2426-F02 ----- Frames for upholstered furniture, wood-mfg
3999-F14 ----- Frames, lamp shade-mfg
2499-F09 ----- Frames: medallion, mirror, photograph, and picture-wood or metal-mfg
3714-F03 ----- Frames, motor vehicle-mfg
3751-F01 ----- Frames, motorcycle and bicycle-mfg
5048-F01 ----- Frames, ophthalmic-wholesale
3931-F02 ----- Frames, piano-back-mfg
3999-F15 ----- Frames, umbrella and parasol-mfg
1751-F02 ----- Framing-contractors
6794-F01 ----- Franchises, selling or licensing
5812-F05 ----- Frankfurter (hot dog) stands
2013-F01 ----- Frankfurters, except poultry-mfpm-mfg
2011-F01 ----- Frankfurters, except poultry-mitse-mfg
2015-F01 ----- Frankfurters, poultry-mfg
6321-F01 ----- Fraternal accident and health insurance organizations
8641-F01 ----- Fraternal associations, other than insurance offices
6311-F01 ----- Fraternal life insurance organizations
8641-F02 ----- Fraternal lodges
6311-F02 ----- Fraternal protective associations
8641-F03 ----- Fraternities and sororities, except residential
7041-F01 ----- Fraternity residential houses
8011-F01 ----- Freestanding emergency medical (M.D.) centers
2095-F01 ----- Freeze-dried coffee-mfg
5421-F03 ----- Freezer food plans, meat-retail
5421-F04 ----- Freezer provisioners, meat-retail
3632-F01 ----- Freezers, home and farm-mfg
5722-F01 ----- Freezers, household-retail
5064-F01 ----- Freezers, household-wholesale
3556-F05 ----- Freezers, ice cream: commercial-mfg
3499-F04 ----- Freezers, ice cream: household-metal-mfg
3821-F01 ----- Freezers, laboratory-mfg
4731-F04 ----- Freight agencies, railroad: not operated by railroad companies
4789-F01 ----- Freight car loading and unloading, not trucking
3743-F01 ----- Freight cars and car equipment-mfg
4731-F05 ----- Freight consolidation
4731-F06 ----- Freight forwarding
1783-F01 ----- Freight packing and crating
1731-F02 ----- Freight rate auditors
1731-F03 ----- Freight rate information service
4731-000 ----- Freight transportation arrangement
1231-F01 ----- Freight trucking terminals, with or without maintenance facilities
2221-F05 ----- French crepes-mfg
2035-F01 ----- French dressing-mfg
5812-F06 ----- French restaurants
2038-F01 ----- French toast, frozen-mfg
5812-F07 ----- French-Asian restaurants
3621-F01 ----- Frequency converters (electric generators)-mfg
3825-F02 ----- Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronic-mfg
3825-F03 ----- Frequency synthesizers-mfg
1743-F01 ----- Fresco work contractors
5148-000 ----- Fresh fruits and vegatables
2092-000 ----- Fresh or frozen packaged fish
3931-F03 ----- Fretted instruments and parts-mfg
3499-F05 ----- Friction material, made from powdered metal-mfg
3292-F04 ----- Friction materials, asbestos: woven-mfg
3069-F07 ----- Friction tape, rubber-mfg
2241-F02 ----- Fringes, weaving-mfg
3952-F02 ----- Frisket paper (artists' material)-mfg
2899-F14 ----- Frit-mfg
0279-F01 ----- Frog farms
0919-F01 ----- Frogs, catching of
3312-F04 ----- Frogs, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3462-F03 ----- Frogs, railroad: forgings not made in rolling mills-mfg
7539-F02 ----- Front end repair, automotive
5082-F02 ----- Front-end loaders-wholesale
3851-F02 ----- Fronts and temples, ophthalmic-mfg
2541-F03 ----- Fronts, store: prefabricated-wood-mfg
2099-F02 ----- Frosting, prepared-mfg
2053-000 ----- Frozen bakery products, (except bread)
2051-F01 ----- Frozen bread and bread-type rolls-mfg
2024-F01 ----- Frozen custard-mfg
5812-F08 ----- Frozen custard stands
5143-F01 ----- Frozen dairy desserts-wholesale
2024-F02 ----- Frozen desserts, except bakery-mfg
2038-F02 ----- Frozen dinners, packaged-mfg
2045-F02 ----- Frozen doughs-mfpm-mfg
2041-F06 ----- Frozen doughs-mitse-mfg
2092-F06 ----- Frozen fish, packaged-mfg
5142-000 ----- Frozen foods
5411-F02 ----- Frozen food and freezer plans, except meat-retail
5421-F05 ----- Frozen food and freezer plans, meat-retail
2673-F02 ----- Frozen food bags-mfpm-mfg
2657-F02 ----- Frozen food containers, folding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2656-F03 ----- Frozen food containers, nonfolding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
4222-F02 ----- Frozen food locker rental
5142-F02 ----- Frozen foods, packaged-wholesale
2037-000 ----- Frozen fruits and vegetables
2037-F01 ----- Frozen fruits, fruit juices, and vegetables-mfg
2092-F07 ----- Frozen prepared fish-mfg
2038-F03 ----- Frozen soups, except seafood-mfg
2038-000 ----- Frozen specialties
5142-F03 ----- Frozen vegetables-wholesale
2046-F02 ----- Fructose-mfg
3231-F04 ----- Fruit, artificial: made from purchased gl ass-mfg
2449-F02 ----- Fruit baskets, veneer and splint-mfg
2033-F01 ----- Fruit butters-mfg
2449-F03 ----- Fruit crates, wood: wirebound-mfg
0723-F03 ----- Fruit drying
2034-F01 ----- Fruit flour, meal, and powders-mfg
2086-F01 ----- Fruit (fresh) drinks, bottled or canned-mfg
3523-F12 ----- Fruit grading, cleaning, and sorting machines-mfg
3221-F01 ----- Fruit jars, glass-mfg
2037-F02 ----- Fruit juice concentrates, frozen-mfg
2033-F02 ----- Fruit juices: canned-mfg
2087-F05 ----- Fruit juices, concentrated: for fountain use-mfg
2037-F03 ----- Fruit juices, frozen-mfg
5142-F04 ----- Fruit juices, frozen-wholesale
5961-F02 ----- Fruit, mail-order-retail
5431-F01 ----- Fruit markets and stands-retail
2064-F01 ----- Fruit peel products: candied, glazed, glace, and crystallized-mfg
5149-F03 ----- Fruit peel-wholesale
2033-F03 ----- Fruit pie mixes-mfg
2024-F03 ----- Fruit pops, frozen-mfg
4741-F01 ----- Fruit precooling, in connection with railroad transportation
0723-F04 ----- Fruit precooling, not in connection with transportation
2033-F04 ----- Fruit purees-mfg
0723-F05 ----- Fruit sorting, grading, and packing
0181-F05 ----- Fruit stocks, growing of
5431-000 ----- Fruit stores and vegetable markets
5431-F02 ----- Fruit stores-retail
0723-F06 ----- Fruit vacuum cooling
3523-F13 ----- Fruit, vegetable, berry, and grape harvesting machines-mfg
0179-000 ----- Fruits and tree nuts, n.e.c.
3999-F16 ----- Fruits, artificial and preserved: except glass-mfg
3999-F17 ----- Fruits, artificial, except glass-mfg
2064-F02 ----- Fruits: candied, glazed, and crystallized-mfg
2033-F05 ----- Fruits, canned-mfg
2087-F06 ----- Fruits, crushed: for soda fountain use-mfg
2034-F02 ----- Fruits, dried or dehydrated-mfg
5149-F04 ----- Fruits, dried-wholesale
5145-F02 ----- Fruits, fountain-wholesale
5431-F03 ----- Fruits, fresh-retail
5148-F01 ----- Fruits, fresh-wholesale
5142-F05 ----- Fruits, frozen-wholesale
0182-F01 ----- Fruits grown under cover
0722-F01 ----- Fruits, machine harvesting of
2035-F02 ----- Fruits, pickled and brined-mfg
2037-F04 ----- Fruits, quick frozen and coldpack (frozen)-mfg
2034-F03 ----- Fruits, sulphured-mfg
3589-F03 ----- Fryers, commercial-mfg
3634-F05 ----- Fryers, household: electric-mfg
0251-F01 ----- Frying chickens, raising of
3229-F04 ----- Frying pans, glass and glass ceramic-mfg

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